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Breast Augmentation San Diego & La Jolla Specialist – Breast Enlargement & Breast Implants – Dr. Tom Pousti

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Breast Augmentation is performed to increase the size and fullness of the breast. Women whose breasts are disproportionately small, or whose breasts have sagged or “deflated” after childbirth, or who have unevenly-shaped or sized breasts, are candidates for the procedure. At times, it is necessary to lower the inframammary fold to achieve the results we are looking for. If the breasts droop too much, a “lifting” procedure may be required in addition to, or instead of the augmentation.

The location of the incisions, under/over the muscle, breast size, choice of implant type and shape are custom designed for each patient based on their needs and their body and breast types.



Before & After Photos: Breast Augmentation

See your new body in 3D - Sculpt My Dream

Dr. Tom Pousti now offers Vectra 3D simulations so patients can see what specific implant types, sizes and profiles would look like on their body.


Dr. Tom Pousti now uses The Keller Funnel Method during Breast Augmentation Procedures for Silicone Gel Implants.

The Surgical Procedure

The breast augmentation procedure takes approximately 1-1.5 hours. Placement of the implant is usually centered on the nipple-areola. Often, placement above or below the muscle is decided on an individual basis. Likewise, the incisions used to place the implant vary with patient preference and anatomy. The surgery is performed in a state of the art outpatient surgical center under general anesthesia. The size and type of implant to be used, along with their relative advantages will be discussed with your doctor at the pre-operative appointment.

What To Expect After The Surgery

Rest in bed is the order of the day, along with plenty of fluids and little activity. Initially, the breasts will appear to be slightly higher than normal. Over three to six weeks the implant will descend to a more natural position. Also, the chest will feel somewhat sore or tight for the first few days/week. This should abate very quickly, and by the end of the first week you should be comfortable. No driving until you are off of the medication and can respond to an emergency. The steri strips will remain on the incision for 4-6 weeks and need to be kept clean and dry. No showering until Dr. Pousti gives the “green light” to do so.

Resumption of Physical Activities

After one week of resting at home, “normal activities” such as driving, working, socializing may be resumed, except NO exercise or sports for two to six weeks. It is very important to follow these guidelines, since it is possible to shift the implants to an abnormal position if exercise or physical activity is resumed too soon. Do not do anything that will raise your heart rate for the first 2 weeks.

Post op Downward Massage Videos


Steri Strip Removal Video


Use of Silicone Sheeting Video


Breast Implant Settling

One of the most frequent questions from patients is regarding breast implant settling. Patients are interested in understanding implant settling expectations immediately post-op, and then over time. Click on the button below to view two cases over time what these patient’s implants looked like immediately post-op, and then how they settled over time.


Clothes Fit Better with Breast Augmentation Surgery

Dr. Pousti Marking Patient Before Surgery

Breast Augmentation with Silicone Gel Breast Implants

Watch patient’s journey from start to finish undergoing breast augmentation surgery.


Note that incision lines that are “puckered” heal smooth.
San Diego Breast Augmentation







Patient above before breast augmentation and 1 month after breast augmentation.





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Patient Progression


See & Hear Taylor’s Experience with her Breast Implant Surgery


Mommy Makeover Patient Just 6-Weeks Post-Op


From above patient: “My operation was amazing and the care I’ve gotten even past the initial pre-op is something I never expected! The care I’ve received has been the ultimate best and I couldn’t be happier with my results and care! A THANK YOU TO DR. POUSTI AND HIS AMAZING/LOVING STAFF will NEVER BE ENOUGH!!! HOWEVER, THANK YOU WITH ALL MY HEART!!!!”



Patient 13 Years Post-Op and STILL Looking AMAZING!











“Thank you for the confidence it has brought back into my life”

Patient Testimonial:

I reviewed and interviewed many doctors in orange county, and San Diego. I found Dr. POUSTI to be the one. Went for my consultation and was very pleased with the staff and doctor and also was able to meet with other Patents to talk about their experiences and outcome. My husband and I knew after meeting with Dr. POUSTI that he was the one. Also told him about my right implant that I was concerned about possible problem that occurred a year ago that did not show up on any Mammogram. I scheduled my surgery the following week. I’m so pleased with outcome and how Dr. POUSTI listened to both my husband and I desires for the perfect shape and size. My new twins look amazing. Going from 550 cc to 800 cc silicone under muscle. As it turned out the right side had ruptured and he was able to clean it up. Anyone who wants the best of care should setup a consultation.

Dr. POUSTI is one of the best surgeons in San Diego, Ca. He is very Knowledgeable and talented in his work and truly listens to you. Also his staff is very caring and the follow up is fantastic. Also has patients flying in from all over the world. He is dedicated to his work and clients.

Patient Testimonial:

In Love With My New Boobies! – I couldn’t be happier with my results Dr. Pousti did an excellent job and over exceeded my expectations. I did a lot of research before I went trough with my surgery and I am sure when i say that Dr. Pousti is the best, at what he does. His office staff is also very helpful and they make you feel comfortable.
Thank You Dr. Pousti and Staff.







Pousti Plastic Surgery Proudly Offers the Following FDA Approved Breast Implants To Our Patients Including Allergan and Mentor!







A patient of Pousti Plastic Surgery got creative with paper mache sculptures of her breasts before breast augmentation surgery and after breast augmentation surgery.


San Diego Breast Augmentation

San Diego Breast Enlargement
This is an actual patient of Dr. Pousti.





Breast Augmentation San Diego

This is an actual patient of Dr. Pousti


Patient Testimonial:

Dr. Pousti was referred to me by my friend who had her breasts done by him 10+ years ago. I love how her breasts look and when I decided to take the plunge and get mine done, I asked her who she went to. I had gotten a referral from another friend as well. I reached out to both practices over the weekend (I don’t know why I did through email over the weekend, I guess I was excited) and Dr. Pousti responded to me personally within 24 hours. That right there gave him a leg up on the other referral I had gotten. It took over a week for the other office to contact me. Now, I realize I could have been proactive and called them myself but I am a mother of 2 little girls (4 & 2) and I work part time so sometimes things get put on the back burner more than they should. When I called to schedule my consult with Dr. Pousti, I expressed that I had a specific time frame as I am an avid runner and am registered for 3 half marathons this year. I wanted to have the procedure done right after my first one so I could recover and jump right back into training asap. Dr. Pousti’s staff was more than accommodating whereas the other practice I finally got in contact with was not. That’s not to say that they weren’t trying to squeeze me in where they could but Dr. Pousti’s office DID have more availability.

Within 2 weeks, I had my consultation and surgery scheduled. I didn’t even have to MEET Dr. Pousti to know he was the doc for me. I spent hours upon hours looking at his website and reading countless reviews on him and had zero doubts he was the one. When I did meet him, my decision was solidified even more.

Dr. Pousti and his staff are truly amazing. Professional, warm and friendly. I sent them all my goal photos and they responded to any and all of my questions promptly. I just can’t say enough good things about them.

Now, about my results: I am 13 days post op and I am already IN LOVE with my new breasts. I’m a petite woman (5’3″, 107lb) and breast fed both my daughters. My once small but just full and perky enough breasts WERE super deflated and just…ugh…horrible. I was so self-conscious and insecure, even around my husband. I wanted to get my nursing boobies back! I didn’t want to look too top heavy and wanted a natural full look. And that ladies, is exactly what I got. They are still settling into place but like I said, I am already in love.

Look no further for your plastic surgeon, ladies. Dr. Pousti is your guy!!!! Thank you to Dr. Pousti and his entire staff for making this HUGE life changing experience super wonderful.

Patient Testimonial:

Before Surgery

After 2 kids and years of research and a lot of thought I decided I wanted to go ahead and proceed with a breast augmentation. I’ve heard a lot about Dr. Pousti from a friend who is getting the same procedure done in which whom was referred as well from women who have already had the breast augmentation surgery by Dr. Pousti and are very happy with their results. With this said, I set up a consultation with the Doctor and his staff, all were wonderful answering most of my questions prior to even having to ask them.  Dr. Pousti is extremely easy to talk to and the staff are warm and welcoming.  He is EXTREMELY PATIENT as I had many concerns and asked the same questions quite a few times and assured me every time I would be 100% okay.  He put my mind at ease!   I look forward to having my surgery and even more excited to see the end result!

Immediately After Surgery

Dr. Pousti,
I just had surgery today,  and I can’t begin to explain to you the amazing staff at the clinic.  There are NO words good enough to describe them ALL so ill say they were simply wonderful, so caring and EXTREMELY attentive. Honestly one of the best hospital experiences I’ve EVER had.  And thank you so much for being so patient with me and so caring.  I could go on and on about how calm and peaceful recovery was, checking on me FREQUENTLY and just an amazing group and overall experience.  Couldn’t have been this way without you and your surgical staff. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

Breast Augmentation San Diego

“This is an actual patient of Dr. Pousti”

Breast augmentation and breast lift are not the same procedures. Dr. Pousti has also treated many San Diego and La Jolla breast lift patients. Pousti Plastic Surgery also now has a breast lift La Jolla office where he sees La Jolla cosmetic surgery patients.

In addition to San Diego breast enhancement procedures, Dr. Pousti also performs liposuction and tummy tuck. Many San Diego and La Jolla breast augmentation patients have chosen to undergo liposuction and tummy tuck, along with the breast enlargement procedure. Please visit the liposuction and tummy tuck pages of this website to learn more about these procedures. Dr. Pousti is a La Jolla plastic surgery specialist who has treated many San Diego and La Jolla liposuction patients.

Breast Augmentation

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Click here to learn more about San Diego Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Tom Pousti. To schedule your cosmetic surgery consultation in our San Diego office, call (619) 466-8851 or email appointments@pousti.com. Getting breast augmentation is a big decision and it’s important to become fully informed. Dr. Tom Pousti, a breast implant specialist, will answer any questions you may have about breast augmentation surgery. Click here to contact Dr. Pousti and setup a consultation today!

Medically reviewed by Tom Pousti, MD, FACS, and written by The Pousti Plastic Surgery Team.

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