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A New Deal for Silicone Breast Implants in La Jolla, Temecula and San Diego: The FDA Approved silicone gel implants!

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For years even the mention of silicone breast implants caused women in Temecula, San Diego and everywhere to cringe. Many women may still remember when the FDA pulled silicone breast implants off the market because of their tendency to rupture. Now, after more than a decade, the FDA has APPROVED the use of gel filled silicone implants.



Breast Enhancement

This is an actual patient of Dr. Pousti



Breast Implant Settling

One of the most frequent questions from patients is regarding breast implant settling. Patients are interested in understanding implant settling expectations immediately post-op, and then over time. Click on the button below to view two cases over time what these patient’s implants looked like immediately post-op, and then how they settled over time.


See your new body in 3D - Sculpt My Dream

Dr. Tom Pousti now offers Vectra 3D simulations so patients can see what specific implant types, sizes and profiles would look like on their body.

The FDA’s reasons for studying the new high strength gel silicone breast implants was purely for reasons of safety. Plastic surgeons like silicone gel implants, not only because they are safe, but because silicone breast enhancements feel and look completely natural. Dr. Pousti has been involved with two studies for Mentor Silicone Implants and Inamed Silicone Implants for the past 10 years and therefore has experience with using these silicone gel implants on many patients. These studies were in place to give the FDA the additional data they require before they would approve silicone breast implants for general use. Women who qualified for participation in these studies had to meet the following criteria:

  • You are a mastectomy patient and are undergoing reconstructive surgery.
  • You are having revisionary surgery and already have saline implants.
  • You are having a breast lift (mastopexy), in addition to breast augmentation.
  • You have a chest wall deformity (pectus excavatum, pectus carinatum, possibly scoliosis).

At this time, you do not need to meet the above criteria.

After rigorous scientific review, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the marketing of silicone gel-filled breast implants made by two companies for breast reconstruction in women of all ages and breast augmentation in women ages 22 and older. The products are made by Allergan Corp. (Formerly Inamed Corp.) and Mentor Corporation. Mentor Corp.’s silicone gel implants are called the Memory Gel Breast implants.

In the past decade, many independent studies have been performed to examine whether silicone gel-filled breast implants are associated with connective tissue disease or any cancers. These studies have concluded that there is no convincing evidence that breast implants are associated with either of these diseases.

Patient Testimonial:

I was thinking about breast augmentation for several years before I finally made the appointment to see Dr. Pousti.  Dr. Pousti was recommended to me from a friend.  I made the consultation appointment and after meeting the staff, immediately decided this office was perfect for me.  All of my concerns were addressed before I had to ask any questions.  Dr. Pousti suggested silicone implants because of my body size and type.  I followed his advice and I am happier the ever.  The results of my surgery were exactly what I was hoping for.  I was amazed at how quickly my breasts softened and at how natural they look and feel.  Throughout this whole process, Dr. Pousti and his staff have been wonderful.  I have recommended Dr. Pousti’s office to several of my friends.

Now that the products have been determined to be safe, the FDA will continue to monitor them by requiring each company to follow about 40,000 women for 10 years after receiving the breast implants. This is normal practice for the FDA so that they will be able to answer important questions that could only be answered once the product is in broader use. The post-approval studies will be closely monitored by the FDA.

If you would like to discuss your options regarding using silicone gel-filled breast implants, it is required that you schedule a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon who has been approved to perform silicone breast enhancements with these implants. Dr. Pousti is one such plastic surgeon.

To schedule a consultation at our La Jolla/San Diego office, please call (619) 466-8851. If you live outside of San Diego and would like to participate in this study, please visit Fly in for Surgery for information about travel, accommodations and scheduling information.

Silicone Breast Augmentation

This is an actual patient of Dr. Pousti

Silicone gel breast implants are pre-filled, unlike the saline implants that are filled once they are placed under the muscle of the patient. Surgeons order them in the requested size and they cannot be changed. Plastic surgeons have to make longer incisions in most cases to place a silicone gel filled breast implant than a saline filled breast implant, all other things being equal.

Patient Vision Boards Help Achieve the Perfect Look & Results!




Silicone Breast Enhancement Procedures

The surgical technique used for silicone gel implants will be discussed with you when you meet with Dr. Pousti. Silicone breast enhancement procedures take approximately two hours. Silicone gel implants are pre-filled and so the incision may be a little longer than those of saline filled implants. The pocket is made for the implant just as for the saline implant—with Dr. Pousti’s fingers so that the risk of severing nerves is decreased. During your consultation at our office and after a thorough examination, Dr. Pousti will discuss every detail of your silicone breast enhancement, including the exact size and type of silicone breast implants he will use and their relative advantages. Silicone breast enhancements are performed on an outpatient basis at our surgical center in San Diego under general anesthesia.

What to Expect After Silicone Breast Enhancement Procedures

Rest in bed is the order of the day, along with plenty of fluids and no aggravation. During the first week, a brassiere will be fitted and you will be permitted to shower, perhaps as quickly as two to three days post-op. Initially, the breasts will appear to be slightly higher than normal and swollen. Over three to six weeks the implant will descend to a more natural position. Also, the chest will feel somewhat sore for the first few days. This should abate very quickly, and by the end of the first week you should be very comfortable.

You may expect to be swollen for a few weeks. This is why it will also take time for the breast to reach their final shape and size. It takes time for the implants to settle into their pockets. We will show you some breast massage that will help the implants settle. Normally patients will start their breast massages around 1 week post surgery.

Patient Testimonial:

Dear Dr. Pousti and Staff,

I cannot begin to tell you how pleasant and truly life-changing my experience has been with all of you. I am so blessed to have found the best surgical team in San Diego by far!

I have always been very apprehensive about having a breast augmentation or any surgery for that matter. But through all my nerves, doubts, and uncertainties, I made it through comfortably and confidently because of Dr. Pousti and his amazing staff, who were there for me absolutely any time I needed them. There was never a time they did not express genuine care and concern for my well being, and I truly appreciate that.

When I consulted with Dr. Pousti about having breast augmentation surgery, I came out feeling great about myself and my decision. I felt supported and informed. Most of all, I knew immediately that I can trust Dr. Pousti with this important procedure. I felt that I was being looked out for my best interest and well being first and foremost.

His staff has been truly supportive and uplifting with every encounter. In the days prior to surgery, I was very anxious and had a lot of questions. All my questions have been answered, all my worries have been suppressed, and on the day of surgery I felt more prepared than ever! My nerves were gone, because I knew that I had no doubts ahead of me. Even as I lay on the operating room table, I see Dr. Pousti there watching over me before I go to sleep, and the nurses holding my hand. It was the most comforting thing to feel cared for like that in the moments before the procedure. When I woke up, the nurses came to check on me and make sure I was comfortable. I looked down to see my new breasts and immediately got a huge smile on my face! I had finally done it!

As soon as I got home, I got a call from Dr. Pousti’s staff to see how I am doing. Indeed I was impressed with that kind of personal follow-up! I got a call for the next several days thereafter to check on me and make sure I was recovering smoothly. Again, I felt truly cared for and it made the few days of recovery so much better than I could expect.

I now come in to visit Dr. Pousti and his staff periodically, and I always look forward to my follow-ups! This entire team is exceptional. They are always so excited to see how I am doing and I feel more like we have made friends of each other since the first day I walked in. They even surprised me with flowers on one of my visits!! I was speechless at their level of care and thoughtfulness.Again, there are no words to express my gratitude to you all!

I feel incredible about myself now. I have always felt a bit lacking in my self confidence, but now I feel so much happier with my decision. I have been modeling here and there before I got my procedure done, but I am seeking more and more modeling opportunities now that I have my breast augmentation. I can fit into my clothes so much better, and I can actually fill a bikini now!

Most of all, I have a renewed sense of confidence that I have never had before. Trusting Dr. Pousti with my experience was one of the best decisions I have ever made, and I would do it all over again without a second thought. I am forever grateful to you, Dr. Pousti, and your staff is one-of-a-kind. You have all made this life-changing experience one of the best I have ever had.

Very, very sincerely

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Medically reviewed by Tom Pousti, MD, FACS, and written by The Pousti Plastic Surgery Team.

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