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Dr. Tom Pousti is an Expert in Strattice / Allograft & Acellular Derman Matrix Used for Reconstruction Surgery

Double Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Tom Pousti is an expert in breast revision and reconstruction using Allograft and Strattice surgical applications. Derived from donated human skin tissue, it is regarded as minimally processed and not significantly changed in structure from the natural composition and the FDA has classified it as banked human tissue.

Note below some of our more popular patient case studies and testimonials with pre-op and post-op photos:

Case #4711 – Breast Revision With Use of Strattice for Rippling

This 28 year old patient from Oceanside, California, desired to correct the rippling she was experiencing caused from her saline breast implants from a previous surgery (performed by another surgeon). She desired larger and more full breasts. Her goal was to achieve more roundness…View Case.

Case #776 – Breast Revision Surgery – Strattice

This 23-year old patient from San Diego, California who was status post breast augmentation surgery in 2004 and then revision breast surgery 2005 (both surgeries performed by another surgeon)…View Case.

Case #2351 – Implant Exchange with AlloGraft

This 21-year old patient wanted revisionary breast surgery to correct the mal-position of her right breast and to remove her saline breast implants and replace them with larger breast implants….View Case.

Case #1042 – Revisionary Breast Surgery – Strattice

This 53-year-old patient from Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas was post breast augmentation surgery in 2001, performed in Newport Beach by another doctor. The patient was unhappy with the results of her previous surgery, which left her with significant complications. She had scar tissue present and the left pectoralis muscle was damaged resulting in feeling and seeing the breast implant. She wanted revisionary breast augmentation surgery…..View Case.

Case #4667 – Use of Strattice for Patient with Encapsulation

This 40 year old patient from San Diego, California, was interested in breast revision surgery to correct the encapsulation she was experiencing after her breast augmentation surgery as well as her revision breast augmentation performed by a different surgeon. She presented with bilateral capsular contracture after multiple breast surgeries……View Case.

Case #1974 – Revisionary Breast Augmentation Surgery – Strattice

This 26-year old patient was interested in breast implant revision surgery and breast reconstruction with the use of Strattice dermis for increased coverage and support. The patient’s surgical history was extensive. She had injections of silicone gel into the breast in 2001 –this procedure is still experimental and not FDA approved in the United States. In January 2009, the patient had the silicone, which was previously injected, removed from her breasts, which required that almost 95% of her breast tissue be removed as well. She was left with no breast tissue and very thin skin. In the same month, the patient had breast augmentation surgery with saline breast implants performed by a surgeon in Los Angeles, which left her with rippling and other complications. Within the same week, she had breast augmentation revision surgery with the same surgeon; at this time the surgeon overfilled the saline implants to attempt minimizing of the rippling. The patient complained that her breasts didn’t “look like breasts” and were round, fake and asymmetric….View Case.

Case #2312 – Revisionary Breast Surgery With Use of AlloGraft and XL Breast Implants

This 36-year old patient from San Juan Capistrano, California was interested in extra large breast implants for several years. She is post breast augmentation surgery in 2002 performed by another surgeon and revisionary breast surgery in early 2010…..View Case.

Case #4810 – Mommy Makeover with Use of Strattice

This 35 year old patient from Canyon Lake, California, desired breast revision surgery and an abdominoplasty to achieve better proportions and feel more comfortable in her skin. She was referred to Dr. Pousti through a good friend of hers who is also a very satisfied previous patient. At her consultation, the patient received the opportunity to meet with Dr. Pousti, discuss the procedures of interest, and see hundreds of before and after photos from the double board certified surgeon…..View Case.

Case #2617 – Revisionary Breast Surgery-Internal Bra with Strattice

This 33 year old patient from Abbotsford, Canada was post-op breast augmentation surgery performed by a surgeon in Canada in 2008. She was left unhappy with the size and appearance of her breasts and decided to do some research to find a surgeon that was not only board certified but also experienced in revisionary breast surgery. The patient contacted Dr. Pousti via email and after several correspondence and reviewing his work she decided that he was the right surgeon for her breast implant revision….View Case.

Case #4439 – Sub-Glandular Breast Augmentation Revision with Strattice

This 33-year old patient from Glendora, California was interested in breast implant revision surgery. The patient currently had a subglandular (over the muscle) breast augmentation and had already had a revision breast augmentation (subglandular) both preformed by another surgeon. Due to several complications, including encapsulation, the patient had been looking into revisionary breast surgery with a more experienced board certified plastic surgeon….View Case.

Case #4725 – Breast Revision Lift with Internal Bra and Use of Strattice

This 32 year old patient from Bakersfield, California was very unhappy with the results of her breast augmentation and lift performed by another surgeon. She was interested in breast revision surgery to achieve more perky and round breasts while reaching better symmetry….View Case.

Case #4195 – Revision Breast Surgery / Correction of Bottoming out with Allograft

This 23 year old female from Napa, California was interested in a breast revision surgery after 4 previous breast surgeries left her unsatisfied with her breast. She was unhappy with her breast asymmetry, size, and shape and began researching for an experienced plastic surgeon who specialized in breast revision surgery. She found Dr. Pousti online and was impressed with his credentials and previous breast patient’s results…View Case.

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Medically reviewed by Tom Pousti, MD, FACS, and written by The Pousti Plastic Surgery Team.

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