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Breast Augmentation:
Potential Risks and Complications

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Possible Risks and Compications of Breast Augmentation

Leakage: leakage of the implant sometimes happens. It may be because of trauma to the area or just for no reason. This can be fixed by returning to the operating room and replacing the implant.

Asymmetry: Almost everyone’s breasts are different to begin with and Dr. Pousti will do his best to make them as symmetric as possible — we can never guarantee that they will be perfect.

Capsular Contracture: It is a normal process for the body to cover the implant with a thin layer of scar tissue. Occasionally, an excessive amount of scar is formed and it contracts or shrinks around the implant making it feel unacceptably firm. If mild, the breast or breasts are moderately firm. If severe, the breasts can appear distorted and be hard and uncomfortable. This can be treated by a surgery to remove the scar tissue and replace the implants. It may or may not occur again.

Rippling: Being able to feel the implant due to a small amount of breast tissue to begin with OR losing weight after breast augmentation surgery.

Interference with mammography:
All implants interfere with mammography but the implants placed under the muscle and therefore interfere less with mammography than implants placed above the muscle. We recommend patients 38 years or older get a baseline mammogram prior to the surgery.

Bleeding: blood loss in this surgery is minimal. It is important after surgery, especially in the first 2 weeks, to avoid exercise and raising your heart rate and blood pressure. Also avoid aspirin, ibuprofen and many other medications that may affect your ability to clot your blood.

Infection: this is very rare but can be taken care of with antibiotics if it occurs.

Rupture/deflation: Breast implants do not last a lifetime. Some breast implants may rupture/deflate in the first few months after surgery and some after several years. Others may take 10 or more years to rupture/deflate.

Loss of nipple/areola sensation: Numbness may occur temporarily or permanently from traumatizing sensory nerves in the breast during the procedure.

Inability to breast feed: this is not exact because some patients cannot breast feed prior to the surgery.

Inability to predict exact cup size: we will discuss your goals and do our best to achieve them.

Need for Revisionary surgery: It is possible that you will need to have one or more re-operations over the course of your life because of local complications from breast implants. Reasons for re-operations could include any of the potential complications above.

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