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Case Number 2786: Revision Mommy Makeover

This 30 year old mother from Montana was very unhappy with her previous cosmetic surgery and wanted to have revisionary surgery.  Because of her previous experience, she was going to be “very careful” with the surgeon she chose.  She decided that this was a very important decision and that she would be willing to “fly in for surgery” if she found the “right” plastic surgeon who had experience with this type of surgery.


She had previously had a breast lift operation and tummy tuck performed by a different plastic surgeon in her home state but was not satisfied with the cosmetic result.  She searched online for mommy makeover surgeons, revisionary surgery specialists, breast augmentation specialist, and kept finding Dr. Pousti’s website.  She saw that he was a board certified plastic surgeon with an expertise in breast and body work.  She decided to fly in for a consultation to make sure she was comfortable with Dr. Pousti.  After meeting the doctor and speaking with other patients who had undergone similar procedures, she scheduled Revision Tummy Tuck surgery as well as Breast Augmentation Surgery.


The patient fly back to San Diego the day prior to surgery to go over everything once again with Dr. Pousti.  At that time, Dr. Pousti also performed “markings” and measurements on this patient to ensure a smooth operation.


The markings are checked again in the operating room (above).  Below you can see the red arrows that show where the patient wanted more fullness on top.


Below shows the areas of the abdomen that will be removed. Most of the damaged skin will be removed and the little bit remaining around the belly button area will be pulled down to below her bikini line.




Here are immediate post op photos showing the results in the operating room.  The previous mastopexy incisions were used for the breast augmentation so as not to place more scars on the patients’ breasts.


She is very happy with her results and is keeping in touch via email.


2 months




Patient Testimonial: 
Please let everyone know that I am VERY HAPPY with my results thus far. Of course, the swelling could go down, but I have to take that up with my own body. I am astonished at how well my breasts look. The incision that Dr. Pousti made is healing up very nicely hardly noticeable. And the sizing is PERFECT. Not too big, not too small just right for my body frame. How does he do it My tummy is healing very nicely as well, and is 1000 times better then where I started from. In all honesty, I am amazed at what I see. I could almost get away with a bikini. I could never say that before. Thanks so much to all of you, especially you, Anna, Daisy, I think it was Kelso at the recovery center she is totally awesome and of course, Dr. Pousti. A big hug from Montana. D.P


Case of the Week Home

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