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Case Number 1725: Liposculpture

This 24-year old female from Chicago, Illinois was interested in liposuction surgery on her lateral thighs, flanks, and lower back. She did some research for an experienced Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and found Dr. Pousti online. She flew into San Diego, California and requested a consultation at our La Jolla location. She decided to proceed with surgery. After speaking with Dr. Pousti, she knew that Dr. Pousti would be the best plastic surgeon for her.


The patient is now 2-months post-op surgery and is very happy with her improved body. She is back in Chicago and stays in touch via e-mail and phone.


After 2-months


Patient Testimonial: 
As for my testimonial, I must say, I did a lot of research when looking up surgeons who specialize in liposuction and had a library of pictures I was able to look at to see their work. I was disappointed with the surgeons in the Chicago area and decided to look elsewhere. Being that I've lived in San Diego and currently have my family located there, I decided to extend my research out of the Chicagoland area and into southern California. When I came across Dr Pousti's page, I was impressed with his work and how well maintained the website was. I read previous testimonials and felt even more comfortable with making an appointment for a consultation. I had already planned a trip to San Diego and had limited time to meet with the doctor. The staff was gracious enough to accommodate my schedule. When I met with Dr Pousti, he was professional, likeable, funny and welcoming. He also was happy to see my husband at my side as my support system. He explained the procedure and answered all of my questions all while being direct and upfront about the good and bad that comes with surgery. Dr Pousti also allowed me to meet with a patient who underwent a procedure with him so that she could share her experience with me. Later the next day my husband and I decided to make the decision to proceed with surgery. Since I really was wanting to look my best by my 25th birthday which was only weeks away, I extended my trip in San Diego and once again was accommodated with a surgery date that was able to work with my limited schedule. The day of surgery came and my mother this time was by my side. I was excited Dr Pousti greeted me and apologized for the slight delay because he was perfecting a prior surgery. Now I respect a doctor that completes his surgeries to the best of his abilities and does not try to cram as many surgeries in a day as possible. Dr Pousti held my hand while anesthesia was being administered. When I woke from surgery Dr Pousti was there to tell me that everything went smoothly and that I did great. When I went back for my post opt and saw the results I was ecstatic Even though I was swollen, I could see the amazing shape Dr Pousti gave me. I returned home to Chicago one week after surgery and followed all post-op directions and kept in touch with the friendly staff. Dr Pousti even called to check up on me and my progress which really touched me because I have had procedures done by other doctors in the past in which none of them cared as long as they got paid. I am extremely happy with not only my new sexy body, but with Dr Pousti's skills, kindness, respect and lovely staff. I would recommend Dr Pousti to anyone looking to improve themselves. Thank you Dr Pousti and staff


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Dr. Tom Pousti is a San Diego and La Jolla Plastic Surgery specialist. He has provided plastic surgery treatments to many San Diego and La Jolla facelift, tummy tuck, liposuction, breast augmentation, and rhinoplasty patients. His office is located in San Diego, and also serves the La Jolla, Riverside, Inland Empire and Temecula areas. Disclaimer

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