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Case Number 2720: Correction of Breast Asymmetry

This 34-year old patient from Chula Vista, California was interested in breast augmentation surgery after having children. She was unhappy with her breasts after breast-feeding and pregnancy, she felt like her breasts lost fullness and were now different sizes.

DSC06041 front

DSC06042 left

During her consultation, Dr. Pousti and the patient discussed improving symmetry and in order to achieve her desired look, a limited breast lift would be needed on the right breast.  To perform a benelli lift, Dr. Pousti would place the incision around the areola (with time, this incision heals beautifully and is barely visible).

DSC04318 before surgery front

Measurements and markings were performed before surgery, the larger breast is clearly marked and the patient is prepared for correction of breast asymmetry surgery with breast implants.

DSC04324 dr surgery down

DSC04326 dr. surgery

Dr. Pousti checks for symmetry during and throughout surgery. He also sits the patient in the upright position in order to make sure he achieve as much symmetry as possible for the patient.  This technique of sitting the patient upright in the operating room is performed 3-5 times through out the surgery and it helps Dr. Pousti achieve the goals of the patient with more accuracy.

DSC04328 done front

Immediately after surgery.

With the limited breast lift on the right side you can see that the nipple and areola complexes on the right and left breast are at the same position/level.

Saline breast implants were used and filled to 355cc in the right breast and 370cc in the left breast placed submuscularly.








Case of the Week Home

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