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Case Number 856: Patients Journey Through Augmentation, Deflation, and Revision Breast Surgery

This 28 year old patient from San Diego, California was interested in getting breast augmentation surgery to help her achieve a more proportional body. She is 5’10” tall and weighs 150 lbs and felt that her upper body didn’t match the rest of her body. After having children and breast feeling, she had lost the fullness in her breasts and wanted to have the volume on top restored.




After meeting with Dr. Pousti, discussing her goals and going through albums of before and after photos, she decided that larger implants would help her achieve her goals. In the operating room, Dr. Pousti and his team work to get the best results for this patient. Temporary sizers are placed prior to placement of the permanent implants so that Dr. Pousti knows exactly what size implant will achieve this patients’ goals.


The patient received 700 cc saline implants placed under the muscle and is extremely happy with her results. She has a natural result with the fullness on top that she was looking for.



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Patient Testimonial: 
Dr. Pousti is an Artist. From the day I went in for my consultation, I have found him to be an expert in his field. He goes out of his way to make you feel comfortable and to get an understanding for what he can accomplish After my consultation, there was really nothing left to do, than to schedule the first available appointment. We never really went into deep discussion as to how many cc's we were going to do, I simply had the confidence in him to tell him to make me proportioned'. He did an amazing job with my breast implants. Not only did he put them back to the size that they were before my son was born, but he gave them that extra lift' that gravity takes away with age. Dr. Pousti is by far, one of my favorite people and I would recommend him to anyone looking to improve their outer look Its officially been one year since my surgery. There are so many things that I would like to say to thank Dr. Pousti and his staff for all that they have done for me. Getting my breast procedure has changed my life in so many ways. Since I hit puberty, I have never liked my breasts. They have never sat perky or looked like a young woman's breast should. Having children effected them that much more. I used to feel that my breasts looked like they belonged on a much older woman. I now feel as though they match my age and my body. Dr. Pousti has completely changed my views on my breasts. They are now one of my favorite parts of my body. They have given me that little bit of feeling complete'. I have so much more self confidence and feel much better about myself and my body. I really want to thank Dr. Pousti and his girls for making me feel so comfortable with each visit. They made me feel like a friend or part of their family. I often get asked if having the procedure done was worth it . Before the women can complete the question, I jump in with, YES, it can change your life I cant speak for the other doctors in the area, but I can say that Dr. Pousti and his staff rank, by far, at the top of the list for professionalism, kindness, skill, understanding and support. Dr. Pousti and I never really discussed a size that would be right for me. Upon my first few meetings with him, I was comfortable knowing that he understood what I was looking for and what I needed, therefore, left the size in his hands. I am 100 satisfied with my results and would suggest him to anyone that needed a referral THANK YOU SO MUCH TO EVERYONE AT THE POUSTI COSMETIC CENTER


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