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Case Number 776: Breast Revision Surgery – Strattice

This 23-year old patient from San Diego, California who was status post breast augmentation surgery in 2004 and then revision breast surgery 2005 (both surgeries performed by another surgeon).



As a result of encapsulation and an unsuccessful attempt to revise the complications form her first surgery, the patient decided to research a Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon who is experienced in breast revision surgery and found Dr. Pousti on the Internet.


During her consultation, the patient explained in detail, she was unhappy with the results of her previous surgery she experienced rippling and you can see in the pictures above how thin the skin is (you can see the valve of the breast implant). The patient also expressed that she was interested in significantly increasing her breast size.

Picture 021

Picture 023

Due to very little breast tissue and thin skin, her saline breast implants were removed and Strattice (Dermis) was inserted for more support.

Picture 024

In order to achieve her desired look, Strattice was used to reconstruct the skin under the nipple and areola.

Stratticeis an acellular dermal matrix derived from donated human skin tissue. Collagen structure (fiber-like proteins) and other proteins naturally found in skin. This structure acts as a frame for your tissue to grow into and around.

600cc silicone-gel breast implants were used to limit complications of rippling.


5 months




Patient Testimonial: 
Hi to Dr. Pousti and Staff : I could go on and on, but I tried to make this testimonial as concise as possible for future patients. First let me thank all of you from the bottom of my heart Thank you for caring the way that you have : I'm writing this for anyone considering breast augmentation surgery, or anyone who is coming to Dr. Pousti for revision surgery. I moved to San Diego in August of '06 and new that finding a doctor to do my revision surgery was a main priority for me. I had lived with a previous complication for two years with increasing difficulty as it kept getting worse and worse. The hardest part of the process for me was learning to trust a surgeon again after my past experience. I'm 23 and had already had two surgeries, and the amount of emotional stress I had for the past two+ years had worn me down. I found Dr. Pousti online and came in for a consultation within a couple weeks of moving here. After meeting with him, looking at pictures online, and reading patients testimonials, I knew he was the man for me Not to mention his wonderful staff I had a pretty serious complicated issue take a look at the before and after pics I was pretty much hopeless that I would ever be anything but deformed... and yet Dr. Pousti. didn't turn me away, instead he worked with me and did research on new techniques in breast revision surgery. He went out of his way to help me, and treated me like and individual person instead of a paying customer. I will be forever grateful for the extra effort he put into my case : It's now Feb '07 and I am more than a month out of surgery, the revision surgery went better than I could ever have imagined. He did an amazing job One thing I would like to add because I think it is a common misconception with female patients, is about male surgeons. I know that after having a male doctor for my first two surgeries I was frustrated because I felt like men didn't take the time to listen to me, and with my young appearance treated me like a child. So before meeting Pousti I had consulted with a female surgeon in the area thinking maybe that was the answer... I was wrong, she was actually worse than my previous surgeon, and made assumptions about what I wanted and didn't want without asking me. In short, It's not about a male doctor or a female doctor, it's about the person. I would strongly recommend him to anyone considering cosmetic surgery, honestly he is a very talented surgeon. If you are consulting with him because you are facing a revisionary surgery, he is someone you can trust, he's completely honest, and he really does care about his patients. Best of luck with your future surgery :


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