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Case Number 1042: Revisionary Breast Surgery – Strattice

This 53-year-old patient from Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas was post breast augmentation surgery in 2001, performed in Newport Beach by another doctor. The patient was unhappy with the results of her previous surgery, which left her with significant complications.  She had scar tissue present and the left pectoralis muscle was damaged resulting in feeling and seeing the breast implant. She wanted revisionary breast augmentation surgery.


A scar on the lateral side of her left breast was causing tension and pulling of the skin causing an undesirable result and because of her very thin skin, rippling was highly visible.


After meeting Dr. Pousti and discussing the risk and complications of her surgery in detail, the patient decided to proceed.  Dr. Pousti recommended the use of Strattice tissue to help with the left breast.


Markings, map the surgery in detail…. where the patient had “rippling” (being able to feel the breast implant).

07-11-07 (2)

A skin reconstruction technique called “Z-Plasty” was used to release the high-tension in the skin adjacent to the scar of her left lateral breast.

07-11-07 (3)

Strattice (donated acelluar human tissue to provide a foundation for tissue regeneration.) was also used provide durable coverage between the implant and the breast to minimize rippling.

07-11-07 (6)

Previous breast implants were removed.

07-11-07 (11)

600cc silicone-gel breast implants were used in both breasts made by Mentor Corporation.

07-11-07 (12)

The tension on the left breast from the previous surgery is release and the skin is relaxed.

07-11-07 (13)

This patient is now 6 days post-op revisionary and reconstructive breast augmentation surgery. The patient is extremely happy with the results of her surgery.


After only 6 days


After only 6 days


After only 6 days


After only 6 days


After only 6 days
Patient Testimonial: 
Dr. Pousti and Staff, After suffering a serious injury to my pectoral muscle, I found myself in need of surgery and recognized after evaluation by several other plastic surgeons, that my case would be difficult with an unpredictable outcome. I began to search for the doctor to be found that is the best to do the repair- I finally located you after extensive research. Your familiarity of the use of alloderm as your replacement tissue and your amazing artistic ability has truly been my saving grace. My revisionary surgery has proven far superior and much more beautiful than my original augmentation. I wish I had found you years ago for the original implants, but I feel blessed to have you now. My trip from Arkansas was so worth while Wonderful staff- Awesome you S. O. Arkansas I am the significant other of this patient. I would like to express my sincere thank you for such a great job. The original augmentation was less than satisfactory and the injury sustained was drastic, as you well know and the results of your work outshine that tremendously. She is very happy and as a result has a much better outlook regarding her appearance.. She was always great to me regardless and still is. I thank you once again for your skill and judgment in regards to sizing, shape, etc. I feel that you have captured the perfect essence of her femininity with your work, I am sure in the month to come as she heals that your work will only become better as well.. once again thank you for your time, patience, skill, and personal attention to her when she first contacted your office and staff. At the very beginning she was so distraught and after talking to everyone there became much more relaxed and assured that she was in good hands.


Case of the Week Home

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