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Case Number 4057: Breast Augmentation Revision Surgery

This 29-year old patient from Arkansas was unhappy with her previous breast augmentation, due to “bottoming out” and symmastia the patient was interested in breast revision surgery.  She was not happy with the right breast implant placement – as you can see, her right nipple/areola complex is pointing up and out.

9.21.09 152

9.21.09 156

9.21.09 154

The patient researched online for a Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon who is experienced in complex breast revision cases and after reading hundreds of outstanding reviews of Dr. Pousti, the patient and her husband knew that they had to fly into San Diego to have her revisionary breast surgery performed by Dr. Pousti.

O.R. 9.22.09 061

O.R. 9.22.09 058

Markings were made the morning of surgery. Dr. Pousti performs markings while the patient is in the sitting up position and laying position as a guide to achieve the most symmetry possible. The arrows show where the patient wanted more fullness.  The red marks on the bottom pole of the breasts show where Dr. Pousti would be correcting the pocket internally to correct the implant placement.

O.R. 9.22.09 066

In order to achieve her desired look, internal sutures were used to create an “internal bra” to correct the “bottoming out” for the new positions of the implants.  This is achieved with internal suturing of the breast implant pocket so that there are no additional scars on the patient’s breasts.

O.R. 9.22.09 069

The patient with implants removed.

O.R. 9.22.09 067

O.R. 9.22.09 068

Temporary in-sizers were used and filled to the desired size and shape before selecting silicone gel breast implants.

O.R. 9.22.09 071

500cc silicone-gel breast implants were used with submuscular placement made by Mentor Corporation. The patient is now back in Arkansas full healed and recovered and it extremely pleased with her results. The patient sent updated pictures via e-mail. She is 6-months post-op surgery.


6 months






Patient Testimonial: 
It has been ± 18 months since my procedure. As shown in the 18 month photographs, there has been some settling and swelling reduction since the 6 month photographs (as expected and predicted), and I have lost about 10 lbs. Implant placement seems to be holding in place (as was the intended purpose of Dr. Pousti’s procedure). Prior correction attempts were already showing signs of failure by 18 months, so I am still very pleased with my results at this point, and very optimistic of “long term” success provided by Dr. Pousti’s skills and knowledge. My surgery was in the fall of the year, so at this point I have enjoyed my “new look” for one summer/bikini season. I did not tell friends and family of my corrective surgery, however several friends have commented on “how great they look”, or even asked if I had a “re-do”, or asked “where did you get yours done” as shape, volume and overall workmanship display signs of true professional! I truly believe breast augmentation is an art. There is a difference in a surgeon who performs augmentations and a surgeon who display his talent in the augmentations he performs.


Case of the Week Home

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