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Case Number 854: Upper and Lower Eyelid Surgery

This is a 42 year old patient from La Jolla, California who had been interested in eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) for many years. She was looking for a La Jolla Plastic Surgeon. She felt that she always looked tired and many of her friends commented about her “tired looking” eyes. Her eyes felt heavy on top and had the bags on the bottom. No matter how well rested she was, she was unable to get rid of the “bags” under her eyes.

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She met with Dr. Pousti several times to discuss the procedure and the potential risks and complications of blepharoplasty surgery. Markings were performed and the patient underwent upper and lower blepharoplasty surgery with no complications.

As you can see from the photos, the “fat pockets” were removed from the lower eyelid area as well as the upper medial area (close to her nose). By removing these “fat pockets”, the patient has now achieved a nicer, flatter appearance around the eyes. She no longer looks “tired”.

She is now 3 months post-op eyelid surgery and very happy with her results.


After 3 months
Patient Testimonial: 
I have had 'bags' under my eyes most of my life, and for some reason was hesitant to do any kind of surgery, because I had a fear of not looking natural. So finally at age 42, I decided to look into it cause I knew I would look a lot younger and fresher if the puffiness was gone. I consulted 2 other doctors in La Jolla first, but decided to look into it more and after hearing about Dr. Pousti, decided to also see him, even though his office was way further than the other doctors, and from my home in La Jolla. From the first visit I found him an extremely honest, knowledgable and trusting man just the kind of good feeling you hope to get when you're going for such a big decision. His office staff aslo gave me a very positive feeling, where you could see everyone was involved in some part of the patient care, and acted like one big family. The other great thing that helped me choose him was his website. I needed to see before and after pictures of other patients with my situation, and his pictures and explanations were very helpful in making my decision firmer. The staff and the doctor explained the pre-op and surgery procedure very clearly, and the surgery itself was probably the most 'painless', easy part I basically just said 'hello' and 'goodbye' to the doctor, not remembering any pain or discomfort during, or, after the surgery, to the point that I did NOT even take an advil or tylenol, let alone the strong pain meds that I had bought That part was amazing I have taken more pain meds from a dental procedure I did the procedure a few months ago, and I have not been happier about my decision except regretting why I didnt do it sooner . I look a lot fresher and younger, and I get compliments from everyone whose seen me even those who didnt want me to go through it, saying that I looked fine anyways . They cant help but be pleased with the results and have to admit its the best thing I've done. They're so happy with Dr. Pousti's job they keep telling me I have to get him a big gift And of course now that I'm done with the surgery, I hear that he's opening a new office in La Jolla I wish he'd done that a few months ago But he was worth all the long drives, and I would have gone even further to see him. Some things just have to be done with the best doctor, and whom you trust the most. Dr. Pousti proved to be above and beyond all that I had heard about him .


Case of the Week Home

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