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Case Number 4365: Breast Enhancement, Extra Large Breast Augmentation, Gender Reassignment, Saline Overfilled Breast Augmentation

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1 Month 1,780cc
A 39 Year old transgender patient from South Carolina was interested in Breast Revisionary Surgery to achieve XL Breasts. She researched online for a Board Certified Surgeon with experience in Breast Revision and XL Breast Augmentation and found Dr. Pousti and was very impressed with his credentials and before and after photos of his previous patients. She wanted her current implants removed and replaced. Since she was out of town, she had several consults via email and phone. Feeling confident that he would help her achieve her goal, she flew in to meet with Dr. Pousti. During her examination Dr. Pousti went over possible procedure plans, risks, and complications in great detail. He preformed Breast Revisionary Surgery- Implant Exchange Saline Overfilled 1780cc for each breast. She is now 1 month post-op.
Height (inches): 
Weight Before: 
Weight After: 
Skin Tone: 
Left Implant Size: 
Right Implant Size: 
Cup Size Before: 
Cup Size After: 
Patient Testimonial: 
I am a tall female with wide shoulders and large bone structure. My genetically supplied boobs were very small and when I would become overweight my belly would stick out past my boobs. Then 2011 I had 700cc round silicone Mentor implants put in by a very competent surgeon in Bangkok. I was not happy with the way my 700cc breasts looked. To be quite honest they looked like large pectoral muscles. I was very distraught and researched online to find the VERY BEST breast surgeon in the country. I was willing to pay whatever it took to fix my breast problem. As I found online, all the roads lead to Dr. Pousti. Dr. Pousti has extensive experience with implant revision as well as large implants. I booked a consultation with Dr. Pousti in November of 2012 and from the second he walked in the room I knew he was the surgeon for me. He is very confident but not at the expense of caring for the well being of his patients. Dr. Pousti said he would like me to lose some weight before he would operate on me and it was the most caring and best advise any doctor has ever given me. Understand that Dr. Pousti was willing to fargo a $7,000 payday to ensure that my health was not compromised. I promised I would lose the weight and he agreed to set a surgery date for March 22, 2013. I lost the weight and returned for surgery. Initially Dr. Pousti thought I would only be able to accommodate 1100cc implants but I begged him to push the envelope a little and go as big as possible. Dr, Pousti safely accommodated my wishes and I came out of the operating room with 1,780cc implant. What’s more they look GORGEOUS. I am the happiest girl on Earth and couldn’t recommend this doctor enough. He is one of the most caring men I have had the pleasure of meeting and is the skilled breast doctor on the planet. I also think his prices are more than reasonable. In fact I think he could and should charge more….but that’s my opinion. I also want to add that when surgery is over you are not booted out the door and left on your own…oh no…Dr. Pousti’s staff calls you on nearly a daily basis and many times Dr. Pousti himself wants to speak with you. You just don’t get that from other surgeons. I love this man and you will too….I said it above and I will say it again…he’s the best breast doctor on the planet.

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