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Arizona Patient Testimonials for Dr. Tom Pousti of San Diego and La Jolla

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Arizona Testimonial: By far the most kind, polite and professional office staff I have met in a long time. I felt a genuine welcome and kindness when I walked in the door and was treated with the same friendliness by everyone I saw that day. I was able to calm my nerves right away and concentrate on the many questions I had regarding my recent saline leak. Dr Pousti and his staff never ever rushed me and in fact, made me feel as if I was the only person with an appointment that day. My consultation consisted of talking to Jessica about my reason for my visit, looking over pictures, trying on sizers and also meeting real patients of Dr Pousti. I met 4 of his patients that day. They ranged from 1 month post surgery, 1 year post surgery and several years post surgery. I was impressed with how soft and natural they all looked and felt. Yes, Dr Pousti ‘s patients advised me to feel their breast since I was considering exchanging my saline for silicone. I have to say it made it easier for me than having to go up to friends and ask if I could touch theirs. I’m just not a touchy-touchy person I guess. My consultation lasted more than 2 hours and Dr Pousti blew me away with his mannerism and expertise. I had breast augmentation about 10 years ago by another surgeon; saline, under the muscle, and the recovery was rough or maybe I should say, highly inconvenient because it takes the body quite some time to heal. I am recently separated so I had pulled out money from my retirement to help me get situated…and then one day I look down and see my left breast is deflated. One breast is obviously smaller than the other. Initially I am very disappointed and frustrated that it couldn’t have happened at a more inconvenient time but after talking to Dr Pousti, I feel a sense of relief that I found him online (after sleepless nights of research) and he will be doing my surgery. Testimonial: To preface my post i am 20 years old, Height is 5’1 and about 100 pounds. My natural size was a 32AAA. My goal look was a very high profile, round, and bimbo/fake looking implants. I had my first surgery with Dr. Pousti when i was 19 and i just had my second a few days ago which i don’t have any pictures of right now. The second surgery was for bigger implants since my implant size/goal was much bigger then one surgery could do. My first consult was great, they have a lot of tools at his office to play around with to decide on the look you’re going for and i was able to take my time with doing that. Getting prepped for surgery was a breeze. You’re surrounded by very personable and upbeat women that get you all comfortable for surgery, then they take you back to the operating room and a few coughs later you’re out like a light bulb. Both surgeries i had no complications and my breasts looked great! Dr. Pousti accomplished getting me close to my goal look as much has he could every surgery…. (safely 🙂 ) I appreciate how thorough and knowledgeable his entire team was. I was extremely impressed by the after care his office took to make sure that everything after my surgery was going smoothly. I drove from another state to have my procedures done and i could always count on a call from his office every few days then every few weeks to check up on me. 10/10 would do again…… Testimonial: If you are seriously considering a plastic surgeon to have work, after my experience with Dr. Pousti and his staff, there isn’t another surgeon I would choose and I have been to others that were very good. My experience has been so positive that I’m almost waiting for something to happen. After having my 700cc silicone implants since 2003, I decided that they looked like they were bottoming out and since I was going through with a surgery, why not go bigger as well. My last doctor doesn’t practice anymore so I needed to find another doctor. I was very nervous because I looked at so many before and after photos online from different doctors and to be honest I found myself not liking a lot of them and there were even some that looked better before just in my opinion. I also needed to find a doctor who was open minded and able to get me to my goal. I came across Dr. Pousti in San Diego even though I live in AZ. I found some before and after photos that I thought were amazing and what I was looking for. I decided to e-mail Dr. Pousti with some photos and what I was looking to do. I got a quick response which was refreshing. We exchanged emails and I felt comfortable with what he thought was the best option for me. Dr. Pousti was always timely in responding with questions I have/had or one of his staff would always return emails. I had a hiccup before surgery as my mammogram that I decided to get came back inconclusive. It became a waiting game for results and then more tests. Through all of this, the staff at Dr. Pousti’s office was always there for me. They were compassionate and caring. They knew I was frustrated too because I just wanted to go ahead with surgery. After the radiologist confirmed I was alright and gave me clearance to get my breast implant surgery, she emailed Dr. Pousti. I was so surprised when I got a call from the office after hours even to say we got your results and we are happy you are okay. I just didn’t expect them to go beyond what they needed to do. My pre-op appt. went smooth. Expect to wait a little as the office does get busy. The wait is worth it. Dr. Pousti spent one on one time with my husband and I. He was very detailed oriented and even gave us background info on himself which other doctors haven’t done that I have gone to. He listened to what I wanted and emphasized that he would be able to go bigger as long as it was done safely. He has a great sense of humor that eases your mind. At least for me, humor always relaxes me. My experience at the surgery center carried on the same way too. It went smooth. I was soooo nervous but I’m one of those girls that tries not to show it. My husband was terrified and the staff and Dr. Pousti dealt with him in a caring way which I appreciated. Make sure you tell the surgery center and Dr. if you are sensitive to anesthesia and/or if pain medicines upset you stomach easily. I have this problem and they can do things so you are more comfortable. I will say that no matter what though, I still got nausea and I did get sick after surgery. The staff when I returned home helped me with what to do and if you need anything at all, they are there. The office and the Dr. called afterwards to check in many times in the week after. I never had an experience where a doctor’s office keeps in touch so much. I am one month post op now and just today I got a call from the office to check in. I am healing well and am super happy with my results. I will say to make sure you listen to the instructions they give you afterwards. I have to wear a bolster and surgical bra for six weeks which is not fun but I did try to take it off and I realized they are telling me this for good reason. 🙂 I did expect my pain to be much more because I got internal stitches and overfilled saline and I’m happy to say its much less than I thought. I have had days where I have cried and it has not been easy so don’t expect for everyday to be the same. Just take one day at a time and choose a great Dr. and staff to go through all this with. It has made all the difference for me. I can’t thank them all enough for all the time and effort! Testimonial: Had my first BA in 2005 after breast feeding two kids, was a 34C prior to kids and like many, my breasts totally changed after breast feeding. Goal of first BA was simply to get back what I had. Went for the natural look and did mentor moderate profile saline implants filled to 390cc. I’m 5’9, weigh 115, athletic small frame. I should wear a 32D, but hate tight bands so I’m more comfortable in a 34D bra. Absolutely loved my boobs, over time with a few complications, find myself with rippling, bottoming out and need of a revision. I’m very active and love that high, full, round look so will go bigger this time to find that perfect balance. Not bothered by “fake look”, it’s my body 😉 I am traveling to San Diego to have Dr. Pousti perform my revision with Strattice. All the research and comments out there about Dr. Pousti and his staff are so true. Absolutely loved him and the staff, very patient, informative, and truly listen!! I drove out for the consult and they called me enroute to make sure I was okay, offer directional help, offered to alter my appointment time based upon my drive out – WOW, such a feeling of caring. Still finalizing size, thinking 650/700cc silicone and getting excited but nervous for the recovery and staying still…. Testimonial: When I was growing up, I was not one of the girls blessed with big boobs. I always felt self-conscience about it and started to wonder why I hadn’t developed like some girls. I guess Filipinas and Asians are not blessed with big boobs. As I got older, during high school, I started to wonder about Breast Augmentation. I began doing my research on the Internet for Board Certified Doctor’s in California when I came across Doctor Pousti’s website. Based on all of the information on his site and having not met the doctor in person, I knew I wanted him to be my surgeon. But at the time, I was not ready, so I put it aside and kept Dr. Pousti’s information. Years later, I felt ready. I was tired of being insecure about my breasts. February 29th 2008, I scheduled my consultation at the La Mesa office. I can still remember how nervous I was walking in the office. The person at the front desk greeted me with a smile and in a professional manner. I filled out the necessary paperwork and waited till I was ready to be seen. I was then called and brought to a room. I met with Daisy, one of Dr. Pousti’s assistants, who was very informative, helpful, and made me feel comfortable. We talked about my desired look I wanted to achieve as well as my concerns. We looked over some before and after photos and I showed her some photos from a magazine of what I liked. I was finally able to meet Dr. Pousti, who was very kind, calm, and knowledgeable. I could not believe I was actually meeting with a surgeon. He examined me, talked about my desired look, I asked my questions, showed him photos of my dream boobs, and listened to his suggestions. After having my consult with Dr. Pousti, I trusted his work and experience. I left that day with my surgery scheduled for April 15, 2008. March 31, 2008, I had scheduled a 2nd consultation because I was unsure of my decisions with getting Silicone vs. Saline and the incision placement. Dr. Pousti recommended that I go with Saline implants with the areola incision instead of crease. He had advised me that due to my nationality and skin type, I was prone to getting keloid scar and with an areola incision it would heal up better. My big concern with getting Saline was the ripples and the unnatural feel. Because I wanted the natural look and feel, I decided to go with Silicone. I took the chance of getting keloid scars and went with crease incision. Also since I have small areolas, I had no choice but to go with the crease incision anyway. As far as the size goes, I really didn’t know what size CC’s I wanted, so I told Dr. Pousti I wanted a natural C cup. I trusted him with the cc amount. I was happy with my choice and knew I made the right decisions and trusted my doctor. The weeks, days, and night before the surgery, I was full of mixed emotions. I wondered if I was making the right decision, if I really wanted to do this, if I was able to handle all the ups and downs that came along with surgery, and thinking about what people would think. I knew I really wanted this, but I had cold feet. Day of surgery, April 15th, I woke up early in the morning, got ready, took a shower, brush my teeth, made sure I didn’t drink anything. My husband drove and I remember the ride to the hospital being quiet with just a few short conversations because we were both anxious that it was already the day of surgery. When we got to Alvarado Hospital, I met Mike, the RN, who prepared me for surgery. He was very nice. He made me really comfortable and even gave me heated blankets while I was waiting to meet with the Anesthesiologist and Dr. Pousti. I want to say THANK YOU to all the Alvarado staff that helped out with my surgery! They were all very sweet and caring. Right before surgery, I saw Dr. Pousti. He made his markings and made sure we were both on the same page. At that point, I was very nervous! I couldn’t believe this was it and no more turning back. It was time to say, “See you later!” to my husband, and I gave him a big hug and a kiss. They brought me to the surgery room and next thing I knew, I was waking up to my new, BIG boobs! I remember mumbling, “That’s it, and it’s over, that was fast!” The whole thing was only an hour and a half. The first 3 days were a blur. My husband took care of me and was the one who fed me, gave me my medicine, and helped me walk to the bathroom. I remember waking up because of being uncomfortable, taking my meds, and eating. Like I said, it was a blur. I slept for the first 3 days. The 4th day, I was feeling much better. I had a Post-op appointment with Dr. Pousti and I was able to see my boobs. To say that I was very happy with the results would be an understatement. Words can’t describe how I felt. Dr. Pousti did such an amazing job! It has been 9 months now and I am so happy with my surgery. I had a wonderful recovery that went very smoothly. I am so happy with the decisions I made. I don’t regret anything at all. The BA has increased my confidence; I am able to wear clothes that I was not able to before. At 9 months, my boobs are soft, look, feel almost like real breast. The crease is healing up very nicely. I have 375CC’s Mentor Silicone, under the muscle, I fit a 32D bra. I love my boobs! Dr. Pousti has been a wonderful surgeon and I appreciate everything he has done for me. He has not only improved my life but others as well. I recommend Dr. Pousti to anyone who is considering getting plastic surgery. He is a Double Board Certified and beyond talented. He has an amazing staff that is very knowledgeable and helpful. Thank you girls for all the help you have given me. THANK YOU Dr. Pousti for changing my life! Best wishes, Anonymous Testimonial: My experience with Dr. Pousti and his staff has been nothing but positive. After several surgeries left my chest wall somewhat disfigured, I began searching for an alternative and less invasive way to correct the cosmetic appearance of my chest. Along with the welcoming kindness from the doctor and staff, it was evident upon my first visit that Dr. Pousti’s primary concern is the health and safety of his patients. He takes the time to listen thoroughly to all questions and answers them in great detail. He was very honest in explaining the procedure and the necessary restrictions on my part for a successful recovery. Dr. Pousti was also very meticulous in the creation of the moulage, making sure every angle would reach desirable results. We spent several visits creating the moulage until we were both satisfied with the result. The surgical staff were all very professional and comforting. Dr. Pousti spent plenty of time with me prior to the surgery reviewing the plan and calming my nerves. The recovery from surgery was quite uneventful and the pain was adequately controlled with the prescribed medications. By the third day after the procedure, my pain was controlled with Tylenol alone. I’m very pleased with the results of the surgery and am very happy I went through with it. Dr. Pousti and his staff have been very supportive and caring throughout the whole experience. They are superb and second to none.
Testimonial: I wanted to send you an overview of what it has meant to me to have you as my surgeon, and your staff taking such excellent care of me. I’ve written an overview of where I started, and how my breasts got so beautiful!! Thank you, sincerely, for helping me. For years, I’ve been disappointed by the lack of “oomph” my looks got from my breasts. I thought and weighed and analyzed and thought again….FINALLY, it was time to get my breast augmentation! I had read about the different techniques, the pros and cons, and asked every one I could think of for their recommendation for THE BEST SURGEON. I boiled it down to 7 local surgeons in the Phoenix/Scottsdale Arizona area. On line, the long-distance option was discovered by visiting dozens of breast-augmentation web sites….informative, referral and support-group sites consistently and frequently pointed back to Dr. Pousti as being the best surgeon in southern California. I spent the better part of a month doing interview/consultations with six local surgeons, and finally got to the long-awaited in-person consultation with Dr. Pousti. Without a doubt, Dr. Pousti is THE BEST choice for plastic surgeon I could have. His staff was accommodating, warm and supportive from the start. Dr. Pousti’s personal style is calming, and inspires confidence. I was most impressed when he asked recent post-operative patients to share with me their experiences and results, without having examined them yet! He knew his results would speak for themselves. They do. I was so impressed with Dr. Pousti and his staff, that I canceled my seventh and final local consultation and signed up for my San Diego surgery. The surgical experience with Dr. Pousti was exceptional. The surgical facility and its staff were welcoming, professional and thorough. My boyfriend and I are both in the health field; he is an owner of a busy surgery center. We were both very impressed with the quality and attentiveness of the care I received. Each step of my experience was explained thoroughly in advance, no surprises. I’m normally reserved, and didn’t expect to be comfortable sharing my healing breasts with prospective patients. But, when the opportunity to counsel new prospective Pousti patients has arisen, I’ve been eager to help them understand, see and touch their future. 🙂 As for the results, I am happy to say that Dr. Pousti’s explanation of the roller-coaster of post-op feelings was accurate and reassuring. As I first recuperated from the surgery, I wondered if it was all worth it….now with healed, beautiful full breasts, I can say the surgery IS worth it, and traveling to San Diego to have my work done by Dr. Pousti is the best decision I’ve made. K.J. ~Scottsdale, Arizona
Testimonial: Dr. Pousti did an amazing job. Having to go through 2 prior breast surgeries, I was so pleased with Dr. Pousti’s work. Since my last reconstructive surgery was 10 years ago, turning 30, and nursing 3 babies, I needed my breast fixed very badly. I had total confidence in Dr. Pousti, because he said, “If I didn’t think I could do this surgery, and make you happy, I would turn you away”. His staff was always so nice and checked on me numerous times after my surgery. At my 3 week appointment when I saw my before pictures, I was completely amazed at the difference. I had cleavage, and my nipples were back to where they were supposed to be. I would recommend Dr. Pousti to any of my friends and family! Thank you Dr. Pousti and Staff H.L.


I decided to look into plastic surgery once I had reached my goal weight. After having Gastric Bypass at the end of 2006, I had lost over 200 pounds and had a lot of extra skin. I felt as though to feel like the total process was completed that I needed to remove the extra skin that followed the loss of the extra pounds. I decided that I would need to have my arms lifted, my breast lift, breast augmentation to achieve the full look that I had prior to weight loss, tummy tuck, and a thigh lift. Since money, time, and safety are a huge concern of mine I could only get so much at one time.

I decided to have my plastic surgery performed by doctor Tom Pousti because he has a lot of experience with patients looking for body augmentation after massive weight loss. I was treated with the utmost respect during all of my visits by all the staff and doctor Pousti himself. I felt like I was entering a new family unit not just a plastic surgery center. The staff always made room for me in their appointment book. They were very flexible since I was from out-of-town. Although when I was in town there were very flexible as well. I felt truly important as I received numerous calls after my surgery from the staff at Pousti Plastic Surgery to follow up and see how I was feeling and if I had any questions or concerns. There was never a question unanswered or concern ignored. I was most concerned about how the scarring would turn out after surgery, I was anxious to see how my arms would look, and curious as to how painful the entire process might be. I found out quite quickly that I was kept very comfortably throughout the entire process. The procedure was not painful for myself. I experience slight discomfort. With the medication that was prescribed I quickly overcame the discomfort. A couple of weeks after surgery my arms were unwrapped and it was time for the big reveal. Even with the slight swelling that I experienced my arms looked beautiful! I began to cry when I saw the finished product. The scarring along my arms and breasts have become very minimal over the last two months. Some portions of the scar appear completely healed and normal. Although some portions are still healing and I am confident that with time the scars will become less and less visible. I am very happy with my experience at Pousti Plastic Surgery. When it is time to have my other procedures done to complete my brand new look I will definitely be returning to doctor Tom Pousti! I cannot wait for the package to be complete, although I am already on my way to feeling like a whole new person. I have no doubts as a patient and a registered nurse that doctor Tom Pousti is highly qualified and extremely skillful to be performing these procedures.
Testimonial: Dr. Pousti, Thank you so much for the incredible job you did with my breast augmentation. I was so happy to find a plastic surgeon who understood what I wanted. After my consultation I felt confident putting myself in you hands. I knew that you would do your best to achieve what I wanted without compromising my health. Your staff was so kind and helpful. They were very accommodating when we set up the surgery, because I was from out of state. You and your staff never made me feel uncomfortable because I wanted large breasts. My husband and I were so impressed with your kindness and the preventions taken on the day of surgery. At my other two surgeries, I didn’t have the compression socks and leg compression machine for the surgery. That was very comforting. The nurses and anesthesiologist were professional but very personable. I wish had found you the first time! I am so happy with my results! Thank you so much, K. Gilbert, Arizona
Testimonial: Wow! Where to begin! I came across Dr. Pousti after doing some extensive research over the Internet. I was very impressed with what I read on his website! I loved the fact that he is double board certified and specializes in extra large implants. I was very excited to get in contact with his office especially since there was a special area noted on the website for out of state patients……..since I live in Arizona. The office staff is so friendly and helpful and made it so easy to correspond with them and Dr. Pousti! It was as easy as sending some pics via internet and explaining my situation. Which had been a very long and depressing road up until coming across Dr. Pousti! I had four prior breast augs with two different doctors here in Arizona ALL resulting in my unhappiness, I never received the look I wanted which was the ” big,fake,round” look. I was even told by one of my doctors that I had to have my implants taken out completely because he said my body just couldn’t handle large implants! At that point I was so frustrated! But again I was reassured by Dr. Pousti’s credentials and felt very positive meeting with him. And let me tell you that couldn’t be more true! After the office staff worked with me on my schedule to plan a trip out there which was so easy to do! I was actually able to do my consult and surgery all in one trip which was great! When meeting Dr. Pousti at the consult I knew I had for sure chosen the right doctor, finally! He was so kind and reassured me that he could indeed give me the look I always wanted and fix my current problems that I was having. He treated me as if I was his only patient, so sincere and helpful! My husband and I felt very confident and comfortable proceeding with the surgery the next day. And I am so glad I did choose Dr. Pousti! Right now I am a little over three weeks past my surgery and I am FINALLY happy! I have the look I always wanted, but most of all I am happy and so pleased! And that is all thanks to Dr. Pousti and of course his wonderful staff! If you are reading this now…….know that this is the right doctor for you! He is amazing! Thanks again for all you have done! ~Tracey, Arizona
Testimonial: Prior to reading please note: “before” pictures were taken after nursing two children. My “before” pictures taken prior to nursing my children showed much more significant bottoming out and symmastia. My breasts “sagged” some after nursing and actually hid the full extent of the problem. I refused to give up hope! I knew there had to be a doctor somewhere that could achieve my desired results. I would not believe poor implant placement was a problem that could not be resolved. If I went bra-less, or if I was without a padded bra or padded swimsuit, you could easily see my implants were low and off center by my nipples being high. I also experienced my nipples coming out of the top of some bras and swimsuits because my nipples were too high and my volume was too low. At the gym, at the beach, at clubs,… even at church, you begin to notice nipples! Why are nipples even? Why aren’t they pointing out or to the side? and Why are mine?… it is because my implants aren’t in the correct place! How difficult is it to place and secure an implant in the correct position so my nipples will shine straight ahead? It wasn’t that I walked around trying to show off my nipples, but I sure didn’t like having to worry about them all the time! Then my secondary problems… as I nursed two children, I developed some “loose skin”. If I am going to have a correction… well… let’s correct this also! And,… during nursing, one areola became larger than the other, we’ll fix that while we are fixing. After five procedures (total procedures prior to Dr. Pousti) I knew #6 (my last attempt) had to be performed by the best revision doctor… as there would not be another correction attempt. After searching on the internet for years (really!!.. about 5 years I researched during which time I breast fed my two children), and consulting with surgeons all over the U.S (Florida, Chicago, Dallas, California), Dr. Pousti was by far the man for the job. My decision was based mainly on his “before and after” photographs on his website. Doctors told me what they would do. Doctors told me what my results would be. Doctors told me what their skills were. Doctors professed their revision expertise. When I asked these Doctors to show me photographs/results of their work… they might show one or two patient pictures. Dr. Pousti had many pictures to prove his words… and pictures speak a thousand words! His website displayed dozens of breasts that displayed similar symptoms as mine (both more and less extreme than mine), but were corrected by Pousti. This is what he does… he’s a “fixer”. It also helped that Pousti said I could go larger to fill my loose skin and that I didn’t need a “lift” as other doctors told me I might need to go with a smaller implant with a “lift” to achieve my desired results. Office staff, hospital staff, Dr. Pousti… they are all great, but I really wasn’t concerned about emotions and beside manner. I didn’t fly half way across the U.S. for a congeniality contest. I wanted results! In my opinion, the trip and procedure was expensive, but well worth the money spent!! I wish I had found Pousti years ago and saved several revision attempts and wasted money. This is being written 6 months post-op, and at this point I could not ask for better results. ~H.H.
Testimonial: I came to Dr. Pousti; a very small A cup with no breast line, in fact, I felt like my body, or breast looked like a 7-year old. My goal with breast augmentation was to look like a normal woman. I had always been self-conscious of my breasts from the get go. I was very comfortable in Dr. Pousti’s office and the outcome was spectacular! I am now a full C or Small D, and after having a child, I feel my breasts are better than ever; people don’t believe me when I tell them I had augmentation. It has been 7 years since my surgery and I always recommended Dr. Pousti to friends who are interested in any procedure. Thank you. ~P.M.
Testimonial: I never thought of getting a breast augmentation until i had my daughter in 2009. After nursing her for 13 months my chest just wasn’t the same and i wasn’t happy. Luckily my sister in law had went to Dr. Pousti a year before i had my daughter. She did years of research and found the Pousti team was suitable for her. I spoke to her when my husband and I decided it was time for a breast augmentation. I looked at his web site and read his reviews and we liked what we saw. We soon set up an appointment. We were please to hear of his military discount (my husband is in the Navy). We were also pleased by the Pousti team and his office. Everyone was very sweet and caring. After talking to Dr. Pousti we scheduled for the next day operation. So soon because we were from out of town.  We have drove from Tucson, AZ to San Diego, CA to see him. Right after my surgery i didn’t feel a thing. I felt GREAT! I healed nicely and it was very sweet to get follow up phone calls to see how i was doing. I recommend Dr. Pousti to everyone. My mother and sister are going to make an appointment with him when they are ready. Thank you Pousti team!” D.H. Tucson, AZ

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Medically reviewed by Tom Pousti, MD, FACS, and written by The Pousti Plastic Surgery Team.

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