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Oregon Patient Testimonials – San Diego Plastic Surgeon Dr. Tom Pousti

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Oregon: My Personal Decision: I’ve contemplated having this surgery for years. Now in my mid 20’s and loving who I am becoming, I decided to treat myself well and have the courage to change the things I can! As I am able to invest more love and care in myself, I will be able to radiate and share even more love and care to others. Decision on the Physician: From all my research it was apparent, one physician kept coming up: Pousti Plastic Surgery. With Dr. Pousti’s extensive and impressive portfolio with numerous positive reviews via Real Self, You Tube, and his website (and beyond with Pinterest, Twitter), the Pousti Team’s practice was portrayed to be caring, knowledgable, and professional. From what I found, many of Dr. Pousti’s team members have been working with him for many years, which suggests the strength of the team and it’s leader. Ultimately I knew, if I were to undergo any type of surgery or medical procedure, I would only choose a reputable and trusted physician, no matter the distance. Outcome (as of 5/23/2015): Completely satisfied with the care and service of the Pousti Team! Responsive, knowledgable, professional, and they truly care for their patients and team members! As for my results, everything has gone well! There have been times I have questioned if I chose the right size for me. Then I recall the main reason I chose Dr. Pousti and his team is because they are the experts and I trust them to have my best interests in mind. For my goal photos, his portfolio was filled with excellent outcomes and I was able to compile my preferred photos together in a pdf file to send to them. Either way, this experience was great! The Pousti Team have been very kind. Personally, this is a reminder to myself, I am capable of anything and I deserve the best! …and so do you! Do your due diligence and research enough to satisfy your standards and choose the best physician for you! All the happiness to you! From the first contact via the phone all the way through the surgery and even now, Dr. Pousti and his team has shown great kindness! Dr. Pousti is a great model in interpersonal skills. He displayed kind interactions, spoke highly of each person on his team as well as his patients. When he introduced me to some of his team and patients, he gave short introductions highlighting the individual and how valuable they are. In his manner in which he spoke, it alluded to his professionalism and expertise. He was able to establish rapport and was very respectful. Even prior to officially meeting with him, my mother (whom accompanied me) and I, while sitting in the waiting room he would pass by and mentioned how he was appreciative of our patience. Furthermore, a woman entered his office and appeared to be looking for another practitioner. He informed her where she was looking to go and even went to open the door for her and stepped out to offer directions. As for testimonials (aside from the numerous ones posted online), the Pousti Team offered, if I wished, to connect with past patients I may receive their contact info. Also, while at the office I had the opportunity to meet with other patients. In fact, they encouraged it! Once they obtained permission from the patient, Dr. Pousti (or a team member) would offer a quick introduction and then would allow the patient, my mother and myself to speak freely and independent of any Pousti representative. Following the surgery for about 2 weeks or so, Daisy (an excellent team member), checked in via a daily phone call to ensure all was well and if I had any questions. She also was very kind and when questions would arise, was well informed. From my observation and conversations with him, his team, and his patients, it truly reinforces how Dr. Pousti and his team are passionate about their patients, their happiness and wellbeing. Wishing the Pousti Team continued success!! Thank you, I am grateful for the positive experience! Thank you for your kindness! Oregon: 2 stage breast revision: I found Dr Pousti through two different clients of mine. The first Gal I had met had the most amazing boobs I had ever seen and I knew they were not local boobs. She told me it was a doctor in California and when she told me his name Dr Pousti I didn’t think much of it because I knew I probably couldn’t fly to California to get my boobs redone. And plus because he was a doctor in California and her boobs were so perfect I probably could never afford to have him do mine. A few months later a different client had came in with the most fabulous boobs and again I knew right away those boobs were not done in my local area. So of course I just had to ask her who did her boobs and it blew me away when she told me Dr Pousti from California!! I see thousands of boobs with the type of work that I do and I’ve never seen better boobs than these two girls. Okay so right away I jump on the computer and I start doing some more homework. I made a phone call and they ask me to send in pictures so that’s what I did. I was mortified and extremely nervous and scared because I had been screwed over so bad and spent so much money trying to have my boobs done the right way. My boobs looked terrible and that is the The most embarrassing part. I needed help desperately Or at least Needed to find someone who could fix the mess that was made From my last surgeon who actually performed two breast surgeries on me three months apart. I swear all he wanted was my money. Because he certainly didn’t care about what he had done to me. All he said to me was that he was sorry I didn’t like the outcome. After he did the second surgery on me He also told me that I would never be able to have that upper pole round volume look that I was looking for. And he said that it sounded like what I wanted Was capsular contracture! And then he and his office nurse kind of giggled laughed at me. At this point I’ve already had five surgeries on my breasts and they look absolutely terrible like big fat saggy water balloons. Of course the last doctor Before we went to surgery promised me this wonderful outcome And “Apple tight tits” is what he called it… He said I would just have to trust him during surgery and that he would have to do what he needed to do to give me the look I was looking for. He said a bunch of other things to me to try to make me comfortable so he could perform the second surgery on me and make more money off me and make my implants smaller since he put 800 cc’s in me the first time and 500 cc’s in me the second time but as you can tell from my before pictures all I was left with was a disaster, Boobs saggier than they were when I first went in there And lots of ridiculous unnecessary scarring!! Words can not even describe what I’ve gone through! After Dr Pousti reviewed my photos he requested that I wait at least 8 months before he would perform the surgery on me because my previous surgery was so recent. I totally respected that And at that moment I actually felt like maybe I was in the right hands. So months and months go by and I’m looking online reading all of his reviews looking at all of his pictures and trying to make a final decision. I pretty much knew that My case was going to be the two-stage procedure. I’ve done this so many times and I just didn’t want to set myself up for failure again. Since spring break was coming I decided to fly to San Diego and do a consultation with Dr. Pousti. I was impressed right off the bat when his staff worked their magic to get me in for a consultation since the time that I was going to be in California Dr Pousti was going to be out of the office. I’ve been in a lot of different plastic surgeon’s offices with the type of work that I do and Dr Pousti’s office was packed solid. I mean usually when you go in to a plastic surgeons office there might be one maybe two other people in the lobby or waiting area. So again that’s going to tell you something about his work And reputation. Needless to say, none of the patient’s waited more than a few minutes to get taken back. And finally it’s my turn to meet the world famous Dr Pousti!!!! Yeahhhhh! We took photos we talked about my wants and desires and the look that I wanted. We talked about reality and expectations . His staff had asked me to bring photos of all the boobs that I wanted mine to look like and bring a few photos of the boobs that I didn’t want to look like. I’m so glad I did that because it gave Dr Pousti a realization of the look that I was going for. At this point Dr Pousti is pretty confident that he can help me and give me the look that I want and help reduce some of the scarring that was done previously. But he also was very honest and upfront with his expectations of me, so that I could get the best results. He also told me that I would definitely need to do the two-stage procedure to get the best long lasting results. Okay so now I’m starting to get super Duper excited and starting to feel more confident just by talking to him, the feeling that was in the room was so overwhelming. (Tears) I knew for a fact that I had finally found a doctor that knew what he was doing, And that he was confident enough to perform my surgery. By the time I left the office that day I actually scheduled and had paid for my first stage operation. The communication has been great and there’s never been a time that I have not been able to get a hold of somebody if I had a question or concern. During my pre-op appointment Dr Pousti drew his little diagram on me which was actually pretty cute. He told me I was going to have an internal bra and He went over exactly what he was going to do with me again and then the next thing I knew I woke up and had no booby’s!! It’s a dang good thing I was prepared for that because man oh my there was nothing there. Hahaha. Today I am 3 1/2 weeks out of surgery for my first stage. I have so much to say I don’t even know where to begin…First of all my boobs look amazing Dr Pousti has eliminated almost all of my scarring!!! Don’t even ask me how he did that because I have had many of surgeries before and I’ve never ever in my whole life seen such a beautiful job on skin. And I’m still in recovery so for my skin to look this good right now I can only imagine what time is going to do. I have full sensation back to my breasts and my nipples. Because my boobs look and feel so good right now I have been so tempted to just leave them alone!!!! Hahahaha I love having little boobies for a minute. It makes me feel so tiny and petite. As a matter of fact a lot of my clients keep commenting on how much weight I’ve lost and the funny thing is I haven’t lost any weight I lost boobs. Hahahaha. My next step is implant surgery and I wait 3 to 6 months to have that surgery done. I might milk it for a while though since I’m getting so many new looks and tons of complements. Plus I can fit into anything I wear. I went and bought a whole bunch of swimsuit tops and my little boobs are so cute in them. I look like a little girl in eighth grade. Hahahaha. All I can say right now is thank you so much Dr Pousti and team for helping me get my confidence back saving my life and renewing my self-confidence! I wish with all of my might and all of my heart that I would’ve found you first so that I didn’t have to go through all these other surgeries just to get to you. I guess that was just part of the plan so ill go with it. I’m just so thankful and feel so blessed to have Dr Pousti in my life finally. For all you readers out there or investigators trying to find and search out for the best plastic surgeon in the whole wide world you’ve come to the right place!!!! Please don’t make the same mistake I made by trying to save a few bucks, Or simply trusting the opinion of somebody who has not had multiple surgeries by multiple doctors. Please please please do not go anywhere else Especially if you have to have any kind of revision redo or reconstruction. You are in the right hands and care with Dr. Pousti and his unbelievably go out of their way helpful team! I am sending all of my friends, my employees, my family and clients to Dr Pousti for any Cosmetic procedures for the rest of my life. I’ll keep sending updates and photos and I’ll be looking very forward to my final stage!!! Thanks again. XL Breast Augmentation: Dear Dr. Pousti & Staff – I wanted to check in with you guys – it has been seven months since my surgery and things couldn’t be better.  My new body is amazing and I’ve managed to finally find some bras that fit.  Believe it or not – I’m a 32 J now and couldn’t be happier with the results of my breast augmentation.  Thank you Dr. Pousti. I had been looking and researching breast augmentation surgery for several years and was finally ready to find a surgeon who could accommodate my specific requests and needs.  I was very particular on who and how I wanted to be opened up for the very first time in my life.  I looked at more than five surgeons in my home town of Portland, Oregon.  But none would fill my breast to the size that I was seeking.  I was originally a 32C looking to go much bigger.  However, local Doctors in my area expressed to me that they would not fill over 600cc’s.  My boyfriend came across Dr. Tom Pousti Surgery online and we were both very impressed with the website and the testimonials from the patients right from the start.  Upon reviewing the website further I had no hesitations about whether or not Dr. Tom Pousti would perform my surgery – even though his office was located out of state. After sending a quick inquiry e-mail – I was amazed at the quick response time and how kind Dr. Pousti and his staff treated me.  Initially, I was a little worried to travel from out of state to have my breast surgery, but the staff made things so easy and even went as far to recommend hotel accommodations.  Along with providing me with all the information and knowledge needed to prepare oneself for such a life changing experience.  Upon my first consultation with Dr. Pousti I had several pictures of my ultimate goal and he assured me that he would have no problem achieving them in one surgery. It was very satisfying to me to feel like I finally found a doctor who not only listened to me but could also give me the body that I’ve always wanted.  My surgery was a breeze.  The staff made me feel so comfortable and confident in them that even though I was nervous I was still laughing up until the last seconds before my surgery.  Through out this whole experience Dr. Tom Pousti and his staff went beyond what was necessary to make sure I was comfortable – Dr. Pousti even answered the phone when my boyfriend called him the night after my surgery.  This really surprised both of us.  It was kind of the cherry on top of the ice cream sundae … in a matter of speaking! 🙂 Beyond exceeding all my expectations Dr. Tom Pousti and Staff definitely made my first breast augmentation surgery a success!  They gave me the breast I’ve always desired – I was a 32C and now I’m a 32J and loving every minute of it.  Thank you so much Dr. Pousti and Staff. Thank you
Re-do Breast Augmentation: I had my first augmentation surgery in December, 2006. When I began looking into having a redo surgery, I knew that I wanted to find a top surgeon to address my concerns. Dr. Pousti’s name was mentioned on more than a few online resources and I found the reviews to be overwhelmingly positive. After doing even more research and reviewing his hundreds of online before-and-after photos, I decided to schedule a consult. I am a long-distance patient, so I followed the instructions for “flying in for surgery” and wrote an email containing my photos and concerns. Next, I had a phone consult scheduled with Dr. Pousti. He was incredibly genuine and caring on the phone. We discussed my problems and he gave me hope that my concerns could each be addressed. After I got off the phone with him, I began to cry because I just felt so comforted by his him and knew that I had chosen the perfect doctor. Dr. Pousti’s staff was very supportive and connected to me in the weeks before my surgery, helping arrange all the pre- and post-operative appointments, reminding me of things to bring and answering any questions that came up. My pre-op appointment was thorough and I felt like I was the only person in the office (even though I could tell Dr. Pousti is a busy man!). His staff was attentive, smart and supportive. When I met with Dr. Pousti, he again made me feel extremely comfortable in his capabilities as we made a plan for surgery the following day. He has an amazingly caring and patient demeanor both with his patients and his staff. My surgery was the following day. I was even more nervous than I had been for my first surgery, but I was confident in Dr. Pousti and knew that I was in good hands. Everyone from start to finish was professional and pleasant. I felt like I had a whole team standing by my side and holding my hand through each step. Once in the recovery room, I was surprised to have a lovely bouquet of flowers from Dr. Pousti and his staff on my bedside table. I truly felt cared for and even pampered throughout the entire procedure. Dr. Pousti did an amazing job on my surgery. He is obviously a master at his profession. I am happy with so many aspects of my new breasts, especially my cleavage which I was told by a previous doctor that I would never be able to attain due to my body structure. They are truly perfectly sculpted breasts and I thank Dr. Pousti and his amazing staff from the bottom of my heart. I would recommend Dr. Pousti to anyone considering a breast surgery, be it a first surgery or a subsequent. He is a master and in combination with his gentle spirit, you simply cannot go wrong in chosing him as your doctor.
Breast Augmentation: For several years I have been contemplating breast augmentation. I am a mother of 3 and have breast fed all the children so I lost a lot of fullness in my breasts. Not to mention i’m naturally thin and have little breast tissue. I finally decided that I was ready to have the procedure and so I started searching for a plastic surgeon. I searched on the internet through many and many plastic surgeons pictures and none were as impressive as Dr. Pousti. I knew from the start he was the one I was looking for. I immediately emailed him pictures and quickly received a phone call back. The staff was so welcoming and caring from the very beginning. I was nervous about traveling to have the surgery and coming home because I have a 2 year old. But I’m so happy I made the decision to travel to his office. Everyone at the office made sure that things went as smoothly as possible. Dr. Pousti was very caring and made me feel very comfortable and assured me that he would achieve the results I wanted. He gave me quality time in his office not like so many other doctors that just rush you out after a few minutes. He made sure all questions were answered and that I was confident and worry free going into surgery. Dr. Pousti told me what to expect after surgery. They called and checked on me after my surgery several times. My experience with his office was awesome. I have recommended Dr. Pousti to several of my friends who were looking for breast augmentation. I couldn’t ask for a better experience. If I ever want anymore procedures done I know exactly where to go. Anyone who is looking for a wonderful plastic surgeon should definitely call Dr. Pousti I promise your search will be over and you will be thrilled with your results. Love to all, Sarah
Labial Reduction : Having an extended labia minora always seemed like just one of those things I had to deal with in life. I didn’t know it was something I could change. I was a teenager when it first started to bother me. It extended the length of the outer labia, so it would rub on my underwear. This would often make me sore and obviously very uncomfortable. I was very self-concious about it. When I became sexually active it was not only embarrasing to have longer labia, but was also somewhat painful. I was searching online when I found that a procedure was available that could reduce the length of my inner labia. I gave it some thought and knew that it would be well worth it for me to rid myself of this issue. I had the procedure done and I can honestly say the pain wasn’t too bad. I’d compare it to having stiches after giving birth. Sure it’s sensitive for awhile, but very manageable. I am currently 2 months out of surgery and feel wonderful. I don’t have the embarrasment that I used to, or the discomfort from things like walking and riding a bike. Even though it was a sensitive subject to discuss at first, I am really glad I chose to have the procedure done. It’s not something that can bother me anymore! ~ Tera 27 year old from Portland Oregon I’ve had a wonderful experience so far with Dr. Pousti and his staff. I live in Portland, OR and was seeking out a plastic surgeon to perform a breast lift with augmentation. I found Dr. Pousti online and although he was out of state, he was exactly what I was looking for. I am a perfectionist and I could see that Dr. Pousti paid great attention to detail. The gallery of before and after photos was enormous. I spent hours browsing and I realized that I needed to meet him. I arranged a trip to California to meet the Dr. and his wonderful staff. I had all my questions answered and was very impressed. I returned home to Portland and knew I’d be back to California for Surgery. I had just had a baby so I had some weight to lose before I wanted the procedure done. The staff called me every few months to see how my progress was going. I loved that they were so supportive. When I was ready to commit to surgery they helped me sort out everything. I chose to have a breast lift w/ augmentation, as well as a labia reduction. I was back in California before I knew it! Both procedures went very well. I’m only 2 1/2 months out of surgery so I still have a lot of healing to do. I’m excited about my results and I feel so much better. It was definately worth it. I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat! Thank you Dr. Pousti for giving me my great new look. You have helped me to achieve a level of confidence I never thought I would have. This was something I’ve wanted for years and years. A huge thank you to your staff as well (especially Daisy)! They truly do treat your patients like friends. I appreciate all of you!
Testimonial: Dr. Pousti and his staff are the best! I found Dr. Pousti on the Internet after having had two consults with plastic surgeons in my area. I wanted a specific outcome with my results and thought I should try a consult with Dr. Pousti to see what his professional opinion was. Living in Oregon, deciding to make a trip to San Diego for a consult sounds crazy. There were times I wondered what I was doing! I called Dr. Pousti’s office and found everyone I spoke with VERY friendly and helpful. It isn’t often everyone you come in contact with in one office are ALL friendly and helpful. I felt totally at ease about my decision after speaking with Erica. She gave me all of the information I needed and even scheduled a consult appointment and a surgery day for me. I had more questions and was able to e-mail the office and Margie was always very prompt in returning with a response. It was SO EASY to set everything up with Dr. Pousti’s office. My husband flew down with me and we had the consult appointment and Dr. Pousti told me he would be able to give me the look I wanted. I had saline implants placed under the muscle in 2002 in Washington, and I wanted to replace them with larger silicone gel implants. I did not want to have a lift and the two previous surgeons said I would need a lift with the replacement. Dr. Pousti was able to assure me I would not need to have a lift and he would be able to give me cleavage! The surgical center where the surgery was performed was great. All of the staff there were friendly and calming. I came out of recovery very easily and felt great. Dr. Pousti spoke with my husband right after surgery and told him how everything went, and what to expect. It was the best surgical experience ever. Dr. Pousti is the best plastic surgeon I have met and he is a master at performing surgery. I wouldn’t hesitate to see him for any surgical procedure. Often times, you give up “bedside manner” in place of getting a good surgeon. Not in this case. He is a wonderful, caring, compassionate, attentive, patient man AND a great surgeon. I would highly recommend Dr. Pousti to anyone who is thinking about a plastic surgery procedure. It was WELL WORTH the trip to San Diego! Many thanks to Dr. Pousti and his great staff for a job well done! K.H. ~Forest Grove, Oregon

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Medically reviewed by Tom Pousti, MD, FACS, and written by The Pousti Plastic Surgery Team.

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