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Motivation bigger boobs let me be honest always wanted them and after having two kids they had migrated further south though honestly i probably was always a bit lower than most. Speaking of having kids it does kind of give you an idea of what it might be like to have them if you have been there you know what i mean but they are soon deflated literally. Started researching this probably 2 years ago, knowing that i wanted to go much bigger than most people get I had to find a Dr. that really had the knowledge and experience to really achieve the look I want. So Travel had to be in the plan cause of course he wasn’t my neighborhood surgeon. Found there are basically 2 Doctors in the US that do these with results. I contacted both and went with my gut and my research Dr. Tom Pousti in San Diego, California area. I knew more than likely the girls needed a lift but I guess you don’t really think of where you really are at until you actually do the photo and it’s right in front of you….I got to be honest it is a bit of a blow to your self esteem but it is what it is mother nature, she gives and she takes and sometimes she just kicks your a$$. Wow i really needed a lift and the doctor could tell via email what kind I would need. (anchor) What he couldn’t say for sure if I would need to do the 2 Stage process or Single since he can’t really evaluate the skin and all that via email. He was honest about this fact and very clear of the risks with doing both at once but felt pretty certain that it could be done. He quoted both so we where on our way planned our trip, paid for surgery this is going to happen no more waiting. They did phone pre-op as far as what i needed to do to prep you know meds, alcohol things like that if you have had any surgery you know the drill if you don’t you need to really listen those things are very important. His staff is very friendly and always answering whatever question i might come up with and that’s important. Trip/Surgery time went for pre-op visit on monday (scheduled tues surgery) did all the work up with his surgical tech (i think that’s what they are called) she was great. Dr. Pousti came in to evaluate, it didn’t take him long he knew pretty fast and with a few words plans changed…. He says I don’t think you are going to like what I’m going to say… I think you should just have a lift this needs to be a 2 stage process…he had a big sigh.. (you can tell he has daughters and he was hating to tell a girl no but just like a dad you have to do what’s best right?) I didn’t wear mascara well that was a good thing cause hell no I didn’t like what he said but it had to be said he further explained the complication risk for me and the revisionary rate for this procedure combination both I had no desire to experience either one of those scenarios. He wanted me to think on it but I knew no way did I want to risk complications and more than likely i wouldn’t be left with the result i wanted. So 2 stage means is you have your lift heal and come back later for the augmentation/implant part.(3 to 6 months healed) So first it was a disappointment but then my emotions calmed i could see clearly this is definitely the way to go and I felt he was my dr. he was the one to make this happen for me, I felt confident in my decision not just with the procedure choice but my dr. choice. Everything was clearly explained and if I ever had a questions they where always available for me. (get your pain meds this day not surgery day) Surgery day was the next day early am, no drinks or food after 12 the night before just as I said before like most other surgery if you have had any (regular or otherwise) His Staff at the surgery center where also an amazing team. they got me all ready for him to come and do the markings for surgery, you stand in front of a mirror while he does this and he is very good at distracting you that you are standing there with your top off and he is drawing on them 🙂 his experience shows at every stage. They took me back after the drawing was over and i laid on the surgery table/bed i was soon in OZ. I had the best hands down best recovery ever, I have had some non-elective surgeries to date and I have never came to better, I was warm and no nausea…every other recovery I was cold shaking and so sick from drugs. Not here folks they have got there game down they don’t play around. Was super pleased and I was like yeah I definitely picked the right one. I didn’t see Dr. after surgery(handsome husband did) but i did talk to him later that day on the phone that was very nice he was very pleased with surgery and I could hear it in his voice. I might be leaving things out but this was a big day. After surgery appointments went great he was so pleased he has assured me that I will definitely be able to achieve the desired look (very large) I want without complication. Drains Removed by the nurse and everything looked great like i said he was very pleased. Now I go home to heal. He has encouraged me to call and email questions concerns and also photos reassuring I am not a bother or since I’m a travel patient any less important. I was off pain meds in under 5 days. I got to peak at them today too and I don’t think they have ever been so cute and pert, I see why he is pleased and the nipple health is looking good too. I will have more progress as I go but i thought i would start here. Once i Heal we will start plan for Stage 2. This being my first elective type surgery it was originally kind of intimidating, not sure why. But after this experience there is no reason it isn’t just as important as something you medically need it’s still a medical procedure and you really need to treat it as such and take care with your body and health as you only have the one body and you don’t want to make risky investments I am so happy I went with Dr. Pousti. I can’t say enough good things about this doctor. He is really caring and professional. I would recommend him to anyone, and I traveled to him from Texas. Honest and upfront did consulting via email answered any and all questions I had. Surgery went great, recovery is going great off pain meds under a week. He has an amazing staff of women they no doubt assist in his success thanks to all of his support I appreciate it very much.


I just want you to know how much I love my Breasts, you did an incredible job!! I never imagined they could look so good, Every surgery and I think there was 7 I was never really happy, I just thought that’s as good as it gets, until you stepped in the picture. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, I’m so happy with the outcome. It has all been worth it, there is no short cuts to getting a beautiful outcome, I’m blessed and grateful I found you!!! All and all they are awesome. 🙂 Dr Pousti it’s really hard to even put into words how well you and your staff treated me, all the wonderful care, calls, everything, our great conversations, you all made Allee and I feel right at home, the whole experience, after 7 surgeries I really had lost faith in a good outcome, and was very afraid, but you with your calm strong confidence diminished those fears, I shocked myself when I told you going into the operating room, do what ever you think will look best, did I really say that? lol I did because that’s how much trust I had in you, and I am so glad I did, I thought I would wake up with a total lift and ugly incisions, instead I woke up with perfect big beautiful breasts like I’d never had before, and no incisions. I am sooooo glad you gave me the size you did, you are a expert, and they look so much better larger. Good eye Dr Pousti!!! 🙂


After having surgery with a Dr. out of state, I went onto this sight for advice re: drain removal. Not only did Dr. Pousti respond immediately discouraging me from removing my own drains, [Now I realize just how STUPID that thought was!] but, also spoke with me directly when I called his office to inquire if he could help me. Fate was definitely at work here! It was worth taking most of a day to drive 130 each way. He and all his staff made me realize the difference between my Dr. and Dr. Pousti. Let’s just say it was worth the drive, in more ways than one! If you want an attentive, knowledgeable surgeon that’s also a “good guy”, look no further. Additionally, Dr. Pousti is skilled in his field…. all this with a kind, welcoming staff. What more can a person ask for?? Thank you all for your help and compassion from another happy client! Head and shoulders above the norm!


I live in Texas, I flew in for a consultation in San Deigo after making several calls and emails. I decided to take the plunge. I researched him UP and DOWN. Nothing but good results. Even the bad ones he even offered to fix for free!! (He told me if anything goes wrong with mine Ill only have to pay for the materials) THATS ALL YOU CAN EVER ASK FOR, if you think somone should do more than your unreasonable… (look at my history). Anyways Hes friendly his staff is friendly!!! Im terrible with names… But literally his staff goes ABOVE AND BEYOND ANY STAFF. I’ve ever MET. I went into surgery that friday. They Gave me socks and stuff so I would be comfortable. I forgot to wear panties that day (OPPPSS) the nurse told me that was one less thing we need to worry about. Dr pousti asked me to act like we never met and tell me exactly what I wanted again. Just to make sure my opinion didnt change and I knew exactly what I was getting into and he started drawing… YES DRAWING!!! He drew where the implants where going to where the stiches where going to go and WROTE SILICONE on my tummy. The lady who put my other was super sweet she was from louisana I belive, And she put me other while we where talking about food…. I woke up and there was another nurse waking me up. She told me I needed to eat somthing. I looked at her and said Give me chicken fried steak. She told my it was the dimerol talking. I ate the cracker and drank the soda. I was on my way back to the hotel room… On bed rest I had DRAINS… UGH they where Annoying but worth it to stay healthy and beautiful of course. I had to breath in and out really hard “even if it hurt” to keep from suffering any complications…. and wigle my feet every hour to keep from clotting. Went back to Dr pousti for the post op appointment. They told me my wraps where not ready to come off but showed me pictures of how my breast looked right after surgery…. They looked so prefect!!! So now im back in Texas its been 3 weeks of bathing from the waist down and im not allowed to remove my wraps STILL!!!! I have peaked SHHHH!!!! dont tell him and they still look prefect… I pretty much feel Normal. I mean this surgery was a BREEZE I feel some tightness but they gave me Diazpam and honey it make the muscles relax… TRUST. I cant wait to show your pictures, if you read my other reviews you know that I always post a ton of pictures however theres REALLY nothing to show there wraped up in his FAMOUS bulstering and im wearing a thong bra over that with a medial sports bra on…. But trust me there will be tons of pictures to come. One thing I also want to Mention is that they still call my daily to check on me. Great he was really awesome =)


I am 30 years old with my 4th breast augmentation. My previous 3 breast augmentations were done in Texas. My first one was at 21, of course I was way to young and not enough experience to choose the right doctor at my young age. After my first augmentation, I waited 6 months to find another doctor to correct my surgery. I went from an A cup to 525cc. 6 years past after my second child , I had lost tons of weight down to 103, started competing in fitness and figure, and thought I should get my boobs 1 cup smaller down to 425cc. I felt comfortable for a while, years past and gained weight, my body changed with other surgeries, so my lower body just looked way too small. By then I had gained 40 extra lbs , my boobs looked way too small and sagged. I felt like I needed a lift, bigger boobs to accentuate my waist, to feel proportionate to my lower body. I researched in Texas , looked at photos of different women and how their boobs looked according to having similar bodies as mine. Found nothing in Texas, so decided to research further, until I came across Dr. Tom Pousti’s website. I compared his other patients photos to the ones I had of how I wanted my boobs to look . I liked what I seen online, read patient reviews, seen patient videos on you tube, so I decided to consult with Dr. Pousti and his staff. His staff and him are very professional , answered all my questions I had through email. They responded to my email very quick in a professional and timely manner. I emailed them photos of how I wanted my boobs to look. Once I felt like they answered all my questions , especially me coming from Texas , made me feel comfortable traveling to San Diego to have my surgery. Sometime went by, to give me time to decided he would be the correct Doctor to finally give me the results I wanted all along. I booked my appointment. I wasn’t nervous because they made me feel really comfortable before visiting San Diego. The day of my consultation, the day before my surgery I went in and had another consultation in person . Dr. Pousti and his nurses assisted me and went through all the paper work with me, very thorough by the way. Also, answered all my questions, looked over the pics. I went in knowing exactly on the look I chose for myself. I felt that helped, me to decide on the size of implants I had in mind , after studying my own body and how I think the size of implant would look on my body. The day of surgery Dr. Pousti and his nurses were at the hospital and helped me with everything I needed. Dr. Pousti talked to me the morning before performing surgery went over the breast size I planned to achieve. I chose to go from a 425cc-1150cc . I am very happy of my results. What I like about Dr. Pousti is he is very professional, and loves his work, that’s important to me. Dr. Pousti listened and helped me achieve my look! I am super happy. I now have amazing boobs achieved the look. I am very helpful of Dr. Pousti and his nurses for taking care of me, I am very appreciative. My recommendation in choosing the correct Doctor to perform surgery on you is extremely important. When you are young, or its your first surgery , you have no clue of where to start, I do recommend doing your research for a long time, making sure of the look you want, and overall choosing the correct Doctor that’s going to help you accomplish your look. I have zero regrets of choosing Dr. Pousti. By the way, once I flew back to Texas , Dr. Pousti and his staff called me everyday to check up on me, that shows excellent bed side manners. I give Dr. Pousti and his staff a 10. I am again very happy and thankful for my results. I give Dr. Pousti a five star.


Dr. Pousti was very honest with what he could and would do to give me the best outcome. I am loving my result so far and can’t wait for it to get even better. He and his staff, especially Daisy are very nice and concerned about my well-being and they checked on me quite often. I only wish that I had gone to him for my thigh and calf lipo too.


After many surgeries, complications, and many deflations, and my last implant rupture in July, I had to have yet another surgery, my confidence level was low, with all the surgeries I was never that happy, it was always fixing something. My hope was to find a surgeon like no other I had before. Through much searching, and I mean searching I found Dr Tom Pousti. I read everything I could find about him, then when I saw him, I knew he was the one. I traveled from Dallas Tx, the whole experience was awesome, Dr Pousti has a calm confidence that I felt all my worries, and fears disappear, he is truly amazing, and did a incredible job, my breasts look the best they ever have! His staff, all the girls in the office, Vanessa is a doll, she took wonderful care of me, checked on me everyday, I’m only 6 weeks out, and very happy!!! I highly recommend Dr Pousti, it was way worth the travel, and money spent, and I was in incredible hands for sure! Dr Pousti and I, went over many things about my surgery, after all I didn’t have room for more complications, I had one breast that was hard, and one ruptured, rippling in both, symmetry off, he took every thing into consideration what would be best, and the fact that I was out of state. I really had never felt so comfortable, I just told Dr Pousti do what you believe will give me the best results, and least complications. I thought I would wake up with a whole lift and incisions, to my SURPRISE, I didn’t just a small incision on my nipples, so amazing! Dr Pousti did everything internally, he went a little larger to get the best look for me, I’m only 6 weeks and they look awesome!! I’ve seen many Plastic Surgeons, none compare to Dr Pousti!!!


I had my first BA in November 2011 performed by another PS. I was satisfied with the “natural look” at the time but as time progressed I wanted something more. After 8 months of research and deliberation I decided on revisionary ba with capsuloraphy. Every review I found about Dr. Pousti led me to him. This made my decision even more difficult because I love in East Texas and he’s in California. All I can say is it was well worth the trip . From my initial email just inquiring for information to the scheduling, pre-op upon my arrival, surgery and post-op care. Everything was absolute top notch. Dr. Pousti listened to my goals and concerns and followed through to provide me with amazing results. My interest in BA revision was because I desired a more “perky”, round, full and more upper pole look. Dr. Pousti recommended the internal sutures (capsulorrhaphy) as well in order to support the larger breasts. I also went from silicone to saline on order to achieve the large and round breast I desired. My recovery so far has been fairly easy. Much easier than I expected. My BA was performed on Wednesday afternoon. When i awoke after the surgery I felt better than I did after my first BA procedure. After my first procedure I felt like there was an elephant sitting on my chest. It I didn’t feel that way at all this time. I was sore days 1 and 2. Day 2, my husband and I went out to dinner. By day 3, we went around town and out to lunch and dinner. By day 5, I felt good enough to spend most of the afternoon at the San Diego zoo. My recovery has been very smooth this far. Dr. Pousti and his staff are wonderful. It was comforting meeting the OR nurse that would be in the OR with me at my in office pre-op appointment. Dr. Pousti made me feel very comfortable and at ease. I am just now 1 week post-op and his office has called everyday except Sunday to check on me. I would highly recommend Dr. Pousti.


Today I asked my husband to take a picture during my daily cross-fit training. The sunrise is a metaphor for my life since I met Dr. Pousti who performed cosmetic surgery that made every day a “sunrise” filled with hopes and dreams come true. Dr. Pousti helped me find solutions to my “middle age blues” brought on by aging and motherhood. His professionalism and understanding combined with an artistic grasp of a woman’s body inspired me immediately! Not just anyone could know the how’s and why’s of matching my “inside” hopes with my outside realities of middle age. We talked about my cross-fit training, mountain running (called fell running) and the artist who loved life and family. We realized together that my mirror image had to change. What a relief when he told me “I can help with this problem.” We immediately focused on my breasts. Since I had three prior augmentations in Texas, my concern would the size and weight of new implants hamper my strenuous training and lifestyle? Dr. Pousti suggested increasing my implants to 1220 cc’s, and an internal bra to stabilize my upper body. He also added that “I can heighten and tighten your cleavage.” Most women don’t want to hear about the results of gravity, so my husband and I said “Yes!” to his recommendations. Privately as an artist, Dr. Pousti must have the Michelangelo gene! During our consultation (my husband was cheering us on) about grounding our expectations with a dose of reality and patience about the healing process. He honestly and earnestly warned us that I must keep my bandages and surgical bra in place for four weeks, but just to make sure, I kept mine on for six. Finally, I was so grossed out, that I tore them off forever! One sobering thought was messing up a perfect surgery because of my impatience. I couldn’t imagine calling him about my stupid mistake. My recovery was nothing short of spectacular, and all my expectations–my husband’s too– were fulfilled. I must add that all of his staff, the surgical nurses, and the surgical suite were excellent–I was always in good hands, and all my fears were put to rest. No amount of praise is too much for the way they made me feel as I faced a new tomorrow. Thanks to you all. Well, all that was two years ago! Today, my husband and I are preparing for a return visit to San Diego with Dr. Pousti. I’m going to increase my implant size by 250 or 300 cc’s, and continue the dream of a better me, a better life, along with a bigger better sports bra! Wish me luck.


Oh WOW where do I start? I have been so blessed by having him and his staff come to my rescue! After such a long search for a doctor to perform my much needed breast reduction, Dr Pousti actually reached out to me by making a phone call to me. After a lengthy discussion several conversations with his staff, my husband and I drove 1500 miles to meet with him and had surgery the next day! God has truly blessed him with an amazing gift and talent. He and his staff made me feel so comfortle and like I was his most important patient. Never once was I rushed. Office waiting time is minimal but I would have waited all day! He is worth it. Every one basically held my hand and went out of their way to ease my anxiety. Dr. Pousti even offered to make a hotel call post opereativly…who does that??? Someone who’s patients are truly important! Dr Pousti and Staff, thank you, thank you, and God bless you!!! By the way the breast reduction turned out even better than I prayed for and healing is going so smoothly! I can’t thank you enough! Be looking at my chart and see what we should tackle next… In a year or so I will be the me I want to be.. I love all of you and can’t wait to see you again!!


Never liked my breast from start. I’ve had 2 procedures. None to my satisfaction . Last doctor stated I didn’t have cores skin for it. I wanted big round full breast . I researched Dr on the internet. Looked for Dr who could do just that. All my information lead to Dr Pousti. I called for a consultation . Gave him photos of what I wanted to achieve . I told him I had been through a lot and could he give me what I wanted.  Dr. Pousti stated not only could he do it but safety was his 1st objective. I felt Dr. Pousti truly listened to me and my needs. I was so happy when I woke up saw my fullness.  He slammed it with a home run. could he give me what I wanted. Dr pousti stated not only could he do it but safety was hIs1st objective. I felt Dr pousti truely listened to me and my needs. I was so happy when I woke up saw my fullness . He slammed it with a home run. Testimonial: I’ve had asymmetric breast ever since I was a teenager. After our second child I decided it was time for me to become comfortable in my own skin. We were going to California for vacation in June so I figured I would do it in California. I researched doctors who specialize in asymmetry and found Dr. Pousti. From the moment I stepped into his office and met his staff I knew I had made the best decision. He’s an amazing person and a brilliant surgeon. I am so ecstatic with my breasts and breast lift outcome. My breasts are symmetrical and beautiful. I recall being very nervous the day of consult and day of surgery, but Dr. Pousti would come in and put me at ease. He took his time and made sure he knew my goals and went about the best way to achieve them. I had a breast lift on one breast and an implant in the other breast. Post-surgery for weeks after, Dr. Pousti’s staff kept in contact with me making sure I was taken care of and how I was feeling. They have been great at checking on me even when I returned home to Texas. Dr. Pousti has an amazing practice and the best staff. I would recommend him to anyone. Testimonial: I had developed symmastia after a breast augmentation a couple of years ago. I had undergone revisional surgery by another plastic surgeon in hopes of having this corrected unfortunately the surgeon was unable to repair it and informed me that this would be impossible to fix.  Fortunately, I came across Dr. Pousti’s name after searching the internet for physicians specialized in symmastia repair. I was very impressed by the amount of testimonials and high patient satisfaction rate along with his impressive photo gallery of before and after pictures of surgeries he had done in the past.  I lived out of state but knew it was going to be worth my time and money getting a consultation with him. When I met him for the first time it was clear from the very beginning not only that he is an experienced surgeon and certainly one of the best in his field but what really makes him amazing is his compassion, empathy and care for patients.  After my consultation I was very hopeful he was going to be able to repair my symmastia and provide the results I had been seeking for many years ago.  I have to confess at first I thought it would  be a challenge scheduling my surgery given I was out of state nevertheless he has an amazing staff that will work through your schedule and basically guide you every step of the way with regards to pre-op and post-op surgical care.  They were readily available either by phone or email making it a very pleasant experience. I was finally able to get my surgery and it has been a couple of months since I had it done. I am very happy and pleased with the end results. He surely exceeded my expectations and was able to correct what other surgeons in the past considered an impossible task.  I highly recommend Dr. Pousti not only because his vast experience will guarantee the best surgical outcome but his excellent work will allow you to start healing emotionally.
Testimonial: I was pleasantly surprised how often Dr Pousti and his team called after my surgery.  I had breast implants about 7 years ago.  I went in, had my surgery, and that was the last I heard from my surgeon or his staff.  Although my previous surgeon didn’t do a bad job, in fact they were nice, they were not what I had asked for (much smaller than I wanted) and if I had had any complications, he would never had known. After meeting with Dr. Pousti all my concerns and worries went away.  I had actually been keeping up with Dr Pousti and his practice for almost 6 years before I actually decided to fly to another state sight unseen to have a surgery like this.  The other concern I had was, previously I had tattoos to cover the scars from my previous surgery.  I was so worried how mutilated they would be after the surgery(especially when other doctors said they would be).  Dr. Pousti was so accurate not only does the tattoo look untouched, but the scar blends right in with the previous scar. My recovery was even more unbelievable.  I had taken 10 days off of work, but probably could have gotten away with 5 days (my work consist of sitting at a desk).  I had decided to get XL implants so wasn’t sure how quick I would recover or how bad I would feel.  I had recently had 2 friends who had breast implants about 3 months prior to mine and their bruises were so bad (rainbow bruising yellow, purple, black), I was not looking forward to it.  I had no bruising, no major soreness, and over all didn’t feel as bad as my previous surgery.  Overall my only complaint was Dr Pousti didn’t live closer and I wish I hadn’t waited so long, but it was a great excuse for a vacation and well worth the wait.  Thank you Dr Pousti and Team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  You all were amazing and am SO GLAD I didn’t settle with someone nearby


Dr. Pousti and his office and staff met every expectation I had, and ones I didn’t know about beforehand. I was referred by a friend on a support group message-board, and after researching online, called down to his office, and started the process. I had found that there were no local surgeons that were experienced in going even remotely “large”. I called the offices of at least 10 surgeons in the Austin area, and not one had much experience going over 500cc’s. When I said that I was looking for 1000+, none of them were even interested. And I’m glad they weren’t, or I would have never looked outside of my local area. Looking through Dr. Pousti’s before and after pictures for XL breast implants, I quickly came to realize that he had amazing skills, not only in the smaller sizes, but in making girls look great with well over 1000 cc’s. I asked to go with as many CCs as was safe in terms of my health, and to reduce or eliminate the gap between my breasts, which was especially bad when I would lay down. After my first breast enlargement with a different doctor, my left implant moved so badly to the side, I felt very self-conscious about it. After my surgery with Dr. Pousti, which included an internal bra procedure as well the 800cc implants overfilled to 1200cc, I have amazing cleavage! If you want a doctor who works well with out of state patients, and who has an incredibly helpful staff, and explain things in detail, then you need to seriously consider Dr. Pousti. I feel that I should have gone with him originally, and I would have been much happier with my results, and my self-image. He truly knows how to take your concerns and desires in mind, and try to give you as close to what you want as possible. There are so many doctors who want to talk you out of what you really want, because they don’t think like they can do it, but I never got that feeling with Dr. Pousti. He truly cares about making sure that you are happy, and that at the same time, he does the best job possible! There are a bunch of amazing hotels nearby to Dr. Pousti’s offices, from high end, to affordable, yet extremely comfortable and nice. His office was very helpful in making my decision on where to stay, as well as accommodating my more limited schedule, due to the amount of time I could spend in San Diego before flying back. J.S. Austin, Texas
Testimonial: My experience with Dr. Pousti and his staff was simply, remarkable. I found Dr. Pousti over the internet while doing research about breast revision surgery. I had my initial breast augmentation ten years earlier with a local doctor, but with time and weight loss, my breasts had simply began sagging and I lost so much volume that I was extremely unhappy. The doctor that I had my first surgery with moved his office out of state, so I started to check on other out of state surgeons. I knew I wanted someone I could trust. I knew I wanted to feel comfortable with not only the doctor but the staff as well. My husband was a bit aprehensive at first with the fact that Dr. Pousti was in San Diego and we were in Texas. But, I told him I wanted to fly out to his office for the initial consultation and I would make my decision after I met him and his staff. That’s all it took! Everyone in his office was wonderful. They answered all of my questions, they made me feel very confident and Dr. Pousti himself, really made me feel at ease with having a lift. Although at first we had discussed a partial lift, I ended up having a full lift and I am so thankful that I took that route. I had complete and total confidence in his ability to make my breasts look the way I wanted them to and he did exactly that! The shape of my breasts are exactly like the ones in the pictures I had brought to his office during the initial consultation. I knew that before, during and after the surgery I could contact his office at anytime with any questions or concerns and I would always get a quick response. He is a brilliant surgeon and it was well worth the trip! Dr. Pousti truly cares about his patients and wants to make certain that they are pleased with the results. His staff was amazing! I am so glad that I found his website and did my research. He is truly an artist!
Testimonial: I want to thank everyone who was involved in making this breast augmentation successful; from the office staff to the nurses and anesthesiologist who were in the operating room with Dr. Pousti. Dr. Pousti did a wonderful job before, during, and after the surgery! My husband and I were very pleased with his openness, honesty, fervor for his profession and his eagerness to balance what was best for me with the ultimate size that I was looking to accomplish. In our research prior to selecting Dr. Pousti, we found that many doctors are unwilling to meet the desires of those who are looking to go this big; however, Dr. Pousti was willing to meet my desires to go bigger than the average breast augmentation size. With this said, he was not just willing to put in bigger implants but was also extremely interested in doing what was best for me, overall, while providing the look I wanted. Instead of insisting on a specific cc amount, we were confident in Dr. Pousti’s experience and his genuine care for what was going to look best with my body type. I let him make the final decision in the operating room, as to the final size of the implants. He was able to fill both implants within the cc range I was hoping for, while staying away from the look that I did not want to have. We have to say, “They look great!” We are very thankful for the entire process and the end result. Thank you so much Dr. Pousti!
Testimonial: Dr. Pousti is the best of the best I wouldn’t have changed any of my previous decisions. Before and after pic’s say a lot!! Thanks Dr. Pousti M.R.

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XL Breast Implants
New High Strength Gel
Silicone Breast Implants
Breast Reduction
Breast Lift
Breast Lift (Mastopexy)
with Implants
2 Stage Breast

Breast Correction

Acellular Dermal Matrix
Bottoming Out
Breast Asymmetry
Breast Implant Downsizing
Breast Implant Removal
Capsular Contracture
Implant Rippling
Internal Bra
Lateral Displacement
Nipple-Areola Repair
Pectus Excavatum
Revision Breast Surgery
Tuberous Breasts

Skin Care

Scar Treatment
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Dr. Tom Pousti is a San Diego and La Jolla Plastic Surgery specialist. He has provided plastic surgery treatments to many San Diego and La Jolla facelift, tummy tuck, liposuction, breast augmentation, and rhinoplasty patients. His office is located in San Diego, serving the La Jolla, Riverside, Inland Empire and Temecula areas. Disclaimer

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