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Breast Augmentation Testimonials From Dr. Pousti’s La Jolla, San Diego and Temecula Cosmetic Surgery Patients

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Testimonial: Dr. Pousti and his staff are beyond excellent…! From my consultation to surgery day, Dr. Pousti and has staff were beyond welcoming, helpful and kind. Dr. Pousti and his staff took all the time I needed to address my desired size, look and questions regarding the implants along with my concerns for the nipple correction surgery. Having such confidence in Dr. Pousti I allowed him to determine my final breast size and profile. Surgery went very well and I ended up with a 350cc (left breast) and 375cc (right breast). My nipple correction surgery also went smoothly and looks beautifully so far. The staff make an ongoing effort to stay in touch with you during your entire recovery ensuring all your questions are answered and helping in any way they possible can. I say with COMPLETE satisfaction I could not be more happy with my end results and that fact that i choose Dr. Pousti as my surgeon..!!! One happy girl Testimonial: Looking for a surgeon for a breast augmentation can be very overwhelming considering all the factors to take into consideration. I am 21 so I had lots of questions regarding the surgery and Dr Pousti was able to reassure me and was very straightforward with his answers as he elaborated on my many questions. What sold me was his commitment to safety, extensive experience and knowledge. Additionally, it was difficult to pinpoint what type of size, profile, etc I wanted, but he was able to pick the perfect implants based on the pictures I provided. I couldn’t give enough praise to Dr. Pousti and his entire staff. Do not hesitate to choose Dr. Pousti! Testimonial: I went to Dr. Pousti for my breast augmentation and I can’t say enough good things about him and all of his staff. I would recommend this office time and time again. Dr. Pousti is truly an artist, he really is amazing at what he does. Dr. Pousti truly listens to your wants/needs, throughout the whole process he made me feel very comfortable and extremely confident in myself. After my surgery I received a call every day from a staff member to check up on how I was doing, they went above and beyond to make sure I was taken care of. Dr. Pousti truly cares about his patients and I will forever be thankful to him for my perfect boobs. He even held my hand when I was put under anesthesia and gave me flowers on my one week check up — talk about a wonderful/caring doctor. I sincerely adore him and his office! Since I am only 1 week post op I am going to wait to post a photo till around 4 weeks to show how perfect they are. 🙂   Testimonial: “First of all. It took me about a year to decide that I wanted to have a breast augmentation done. Once I decided that yes, this is what I want. It took me some time to figure out who I wanted to preform my operation. My husband helped me look for a doctor and he suggested Dr. Pousti. I looked over his site and saw that he worked to accommodate out of state patients. I also saw that he worked with women wanting XL implants; something that is not done too much around my area. I submitted my photos in an email to his staff, and was able to have a virtual consult with Dr. Pousti. I knew from the consult, reading reviews, and calling his office that Dr. Pousti was the doctor for me. So my family and I headed out days before my procedure for sunny San Diego (which is not as sunny as ABQ, but that’s neither here nor there). *Excuse my lackluster humor, back to the story* For my pre op appointment I filled out all the paperwork and was lead back into the room to test out some sizes and take my pre op photos. Being a dancer I was not unaccustomed to showing my breasts, but this experience felt more raw to me because I wasn’t hiding behind a stage name…I was just me. I went in with my email consult having said I wanted saline, but in reality I had always thought I was getting silicone. *Sidenote: I have a bit of anxiety when it comes to a decision being completely in my hands with no right or wrong answer* After trying on the different sizers and taking some 3-D pictures I got to meet Dr. Pousti and aside from his very relaxed nature the first thing I noticed were how soft his hands were and the strong but gentle handshake he had. It’s kind of cheesy, but I’m a big believer in the character of a person being stored in a handshake, and I knew from that moment that if I had ever had any doubts I was truly in good hands. He mentioned that my goal photos were going to be very useful to him as he still could not promise a cc # until surgery. I had provided him ample goal photos and discussed what would be too small. I also made it clear that I would rather go “too big” than “too small”. I ended up going for a silicone implant after talking with Dr. Pousti and his staff (some took time from what they were doing to talk to me about their implant experiences and talked me through my anxiety about the choices). With that the time was set for surgery the next day. After a night of fasting and a long day of waiting I was at the surgery center and ready to have my procedure. I had no fear getting the IV. Everyone was still super sweet. When Dr. Pousti came in to mark on my breasts he was very professional and asked if I had any questions before I went in to the surgery. When I entered the surgery room I laid on the table andwas told to paddle my feet for the anesthesia. Dr. Pousti held my hand as I fell asleep and I woke up to the most glorious food; graham crackers. After my operation Helen and other members of the staff have called me almost daily to see how I am and they even gave me flowers on my post op visit the day after. Having never undergone surgery (elective or otherwise) I had no idea what to expect, but I know that Dr. Pousti and staff have set the bar on fantastic care. *Writing this I am 3 weeks post op–I can say that I feel as if my breasts are now a reflection of what I always pictured them to be. **I’ll update with photos soon But I got 590cc silicone UHP under the muscle” Testimonial: I have had 350cc saline implants for 10 years and I was ready to replace them with a bigger size. I had one kid and breast fed, although my boobs still looked good my skin was thinner and I could see rippling. It bothered me for years so finally I decided to do something about it. I went to a few other cosmetic surgeons for consultations but I wasn’t decided. I booked a consult with Dr. Pousti and right away I knew he was my doctor. I immediately scheduled with him right away. I had a very small time window to be able to get get surgery and he bent over backwards to help me out! He fit me in his tight schedule and I’m so grateful! I went in with 350cc saline and got 800cc cohesive gel implants with an internal bra. They turned out AMAZING! My recovery was so easy and minimal pain, I’m 5 months post op and you can hardly see the scars, they’re so thin, my breast are just absolutely fantastic. Dr. Pousti is very kind, knowledgeable, very understandable and he’s not cocky some plastic surgeons. I had a few surgeries throughout the years and this one was by far the best on so many levels. The staff is super nice and professional too. I would recommend Dr. Pousti 100%, you won’t regret it! Testimonial: I have nothing but great things to say about Dr. Tom Pousti and his staff! Hopefully my story will help you make a great decision and choose Dr. Pousti as your surgeon. For about 8 years, I have been thinking about a having a breast augmentation, and about 2 years ago I got serious and decided I’m going to start saving money to have it done. After doing TONS and tons of research, I never really found a surgeon I felt comfortable booking a consultation with. One of my friends actually told me that she knew a few girls who got their breasts done by Dr. Pousti and they turned out beautifully, so I looked at his website and had a gut feeling that this was the surgeon for me. Dr. Pousti had the most exposure on his website with a plethora of information and videos, and tons and tons of beautiful before and after pictures, so I went ahead and scheduled a consult. On the day of my consultation, I was warmly welcomed by a girl at the front and didn’t have to wait more than 5 minutes before I was brought back. I met with Dr. Pousti right away, and he made me feel so comfortable right off the bat. Before we talked about anything technical, he started a real conversation with me about what I did and who I was as a person, which immediately put me at ease. He has a very warm and down to earth demeanor. He answered all of my questions without hesitation, and never made me feel uncomfortable or rushed. After speaking with him, I was turned to his assistants, Emily and Daisy, who are just the sweetest. They helped me with sizing and the 3D imaging and asked me more about my goals for a breast augmentation. They really listened to what I wanted, and never pressured me about a different size or shape. The best part about the consult was actually meeting with about 4 of his existing patients who were there for their post-op appointments, and all of them were in different stages of recovery. He allowed us to talk to them and ask them questions while he exited the room, and it made me realize how confident and proud he is of his work. Everyone had only positive things to say, and this reassured me that Dr. Pousti isn’t only a fantastic surgeon, but such a humble and good person as well. You can really tell he takes care of every one of his patients and treats them as individuals. At the end of my appointment there was no pressure from them, but I was the one pushing to book an appointment for surgery, and was able to book a date 3 weeks later. Surgery day was very easy, and again, very comfortable. Everyone knew that being nervous was normal, but the whole entire staff put me at ease and reassured that I was in good hands. Before the surgery, Dr. Pousti and I went over my goals one last time and he asked if I had any “magic” cc number or profile in mind, but I decided to leave everything up to him. He was on the same page as me of what look I was going for and I said to do whatever he feels is best for my body to get me to my goal. Currently I am only 3 days post-op, and I have to say Dr. Pousti 110% exceeded my expectations. I almost feel normal today, I’m off of all my pain meds and I don’t have any bruising at all. Even though my dressings are still on, I am ecstatic about my size and shape of my new breasts, and I’m already in love with my new body. I cannot wait for them to drop and heal to see the final result. All in all, I give Dr. Pousti and his staff all the stars in the world. I had the best experience here, and I’m so glad I chose him as my surgeon. If you are serious about getting a breast augmentation look no further, Dr. Pousti is really top notch!!
Testimonial: We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit.”- Aristotle. Dr. Pousti and his Staff are excellent, every day, all day, no matter who you talk to or what time you call or visit. They will never cease to amaze or to treat you with the most care and love possible. My fiancé is a Registered Nurse and I am one in training, therefore we are extra picky when it comes to selecting medical professionals. We understand that not all surgeons, doctors, or medical staff are created equally. When looking for a surgeon we looked for someone who provided comprehensive care, and that is Pousti Plastic Surgery. Dr. Pousti himself will deliver the results you desire with a warm heart. His love, care, and mastery of his craft is evident once you meet him, especially on surgery day. He comes in on top of his game. This is someone who is internally motivated to be great. He delivers at every opportunity. I went into surgery with pictures of what I desired, from there Dr. Pousti and I had a rough estimate of the amount of CCs we would go with, but I did let him know that I would rather be on the larger side of results than smaller because I had read that going to small was most people’s biggest regret. Honestly now I am barely at 3 weeks and my results are amazing! Complication free and looking better every day! It’s truly fantastic to see the results coming along so quick! Just be a good patient and listen to Dr.Pousti and his staff and you are going to be great. Along with himself the staff he has hand-picked is tremendously wonderful. They are an amazing addition to your home support team. You will always be happy with their care for you. They answer all your questions and if they don’t know they find out for you asap. I don’t know how they do it but they manage to make everyone top priority. Special shout-out to Vanessa, she answered my crying phone call late night on her cell phone my second night home from surgery. Daisy was also exceptionally supportive of me. She took the time to talk to me about different ways to deal with my family. Taylor and Helen have also been wonderful. If you are considering a cosmetic procedure you owe it to yourself to go with Dr. Pousti, that’s what I have told all the people closest to me that I love dearly since the procedure and will continue to do so. 32 A/B and as of now I am a 34 C/ 32 D, Victoria Secret Bras Implants: Mentor smooth, round, high profile silicone 375 CCs Weight before procedure- 107/108 Weight now-110/111
Testimonial: I got my breast augmentation in February 9th, 2016 a little bit more than a month before my 23rd Birthday. Growing up I was always the last one of my friends to develop physically. I was always waiting for my breast to grow but eventually realized that I just wasn’t going to get there. As time passed by I became very self-conscious about my body and didn’t have much confidence. I desired to have bigger breasts so much and always had the intent to eventually get breast augmentation. Throughout my teenage years I began to work on becoming more confident and when I started developing physically and got more curves in me I started to be very satisfied with my body. There were periods in my life when I was very happy with my body and I was actually happy to have smaller breasts because I came to embrace the positive aspects of having small breasts. I am thankful to have worked on self-confidence and to have achieved it all on my own without needing others compliments to build it. As time passed by I began to consider breast augmentation again, but this time with a better perspective and being more mature allowed me to decide on getting the procedure for the right reasons. I was definitely already very confident in myself, but I wanted to fit nicely into dresses and bikinis and knowing how accessible it was for me to get this procedure I decided to go forward with the process. I trusted myself in making this decision and I felt very confident that it was going to be a great thing. After doing some research and asking others that had done the procedure where they had gone I decided to get a consultation with Dr. Pousti. The consultation went perfectly and they all made me feel very comfortable and taken care of. I was very surprised of how nicely I was handling this process and I know it had a lot to do with how Dr. Pousti and his assistants made me feel; I felt very assured that the procedure was going to be a success. Sure enough the day of the procedure came and it went better than I expected. The pain was very bearable and I recovered very well. It has now been almost two months since the procedure and I feel great! I was an A cup before the surgery and ended up getting 375 ccs with a moderate plus profile, which makes me a full C cup now. I am extremely happy with the size and I feel like it’s very proportional to my body. Dr. Pousti did an amazing job and if I had to do it all over again I would definitely go with Dr. Pousti with no doubt! My new girls are looking great and I am looking forward to them settling all the way:)
Testimonial: I had thought about getting a breast augmentation for quite some time and I can’t believe I finally went through with it! I am exactly one week today and I feel great (besides the fact that I’m still getting use to having something there) . I wanted to have a full C or D whatever my body can hold! Unsure of what I have yet… Dr. Pousti was amazing and continues to be! Such a great doctor and man! He is very professional and his work is amazing. I left most of my decision up to him as I knew he was the one with experience and knows what my body can handle and what would look good with what I described to him.
Testimonial: I am so happy I went with Dr. Pousti. I can’t say enough good things about this doctor. He is really caring and professional. I would recommend him to anyone, and I traveled to him from Texas. Honest and upfront did consulting via email answered any and all questions I had. Surgery went great, recovery is going great off pain meds under a week. He has an amazing staff of women they no doubt assist in his success thanks to all of his support I appreciate it very much.
Testimonial: For over 20 years my daughters have heard me call my breasts “the curse” …huge since I was in high school and they got bigger as the years went by especially after having 5 children. I am only 5 ‘1” and wearing a 38 FF bra. I was visiting my youngest daughter in CA recently who had just had a breast reduction. She convinced me to just go to Dr. Tom Pousti for a consultation. I figured once and for all I would see if is was possible at this age or if he would just tell me to live with it. Well, it was love at first sight. This man is a genius in what he does, a gentleman who treated me with the utmost respect, didn’t think I was nuts to think about this operation at age 78, told me every precaution for safety that he would take since I have high blood pressure. It was amazing. I wanted him to do the operation right then and there. Miraculously all my medical paperwork came in from N.J. without a problem. My doctor signed a release. It all happened so quickly and efficiently . One week later it was done. I am as happy as a teenager. In two weeks my drains were removed and I flew home to N.J. still bandaged and healing but I already feel lighter, look younger and smaller and am beaming from ear to ear. I have had very little pain or discomfort. Dr. Pousti used dissolvable stitches so I don’t have to see a doctor here in N.J. My bandages will get changed as directed by my daughter in law who is a nurse and I should be home free in just four more weeks. Now everything in my closet looks inviting to wear instead of dreaded. Thankyou Dr. Pousti for making me feel so good about myself. God bless You.
Testimonial: Pousti and his team were above & beyond. I’ve been thinking about getting a BA for years and after my consult I was in love. I work in customer service and they went above and beyond. I gave Pousti creative freedom and it came out perfect. the recovery process was a breeze, they called everyday for two weeks to check on me and I was able ask questions whenever I had them. I honestly couldn’t be more please with the process, I was never anxious and was kept well educated.
Testimonial: I had my surgery on January 12 and I am extremely happy with my results this far. I experienced very little pain after surgery and felt normal after a week. The ladies at the Dr. Pousti’s office called me everyday for two weeks to make sure everything was okay and answer any questions I had. I was a 32A, I got 425cc and I think they are the perfect size for my body. Before surgery, I was scared they would look too big and make me look heavy because I am short, but my boobs look even better than I hoped. I 100% recommend Dr. Pousti if you’re looking to get a breast augmentation.
Testimonial: Dr. Pousti is a real artist – his results are beautiful. Also very professional and his patient bed side manner is second to none . To top it off his staff is incredible- responsive, and friendly. I highly recommended such an amazing doctor and beautiful staff. Dr. Tom Pousti makes sure that at all times I was his priority and nothing else mattered it was this type of treatment that convinced me I was glad he was my surgeon. Thank you dr. Pousti Very kind, gentle he answered all of my questions and made sure to address any of my concerns. Dr. Pousti makes you feel real comfortable, I was lucky to have found him
Testimonial: I am 25 years old and have been considering breast augmentation since I was 18. I have always been fairly satisfied with the shape of my breasts, but I hoped and prayed for years that they would somehow magically get fuller. I am thankful for the body I was born with, and have been blessed with good health, so I figured, why risk it? Why put my body through an “unnecessary” surgery? Over the last year and a half, I REALLY started considering breast augmentation. I keep seeing pictures of women with fantastic bodies and full breasts, and I feel somewhat inadequate. Like no matter how tan, or thin, or toned I can make my body, they’re always going to win because they’ve got great boobs. Despite my efforts to eat well and work out hard, my breasts are the one part of my body I cannot shape the way I want. With these thoughts constantly running through my mind, I began to realize: Breast augmentation may not be a “necessary” surgery in terms of life and death, but it is necessary in order for me to be the happiest, most confident “me” I can be. I called Dr Pousti’s office the first week of December 2015 to schedule my consultation. My mom and I drove down to La Mesa on January 4th, 2016 for my afternoon appointment. My mom has been the perfect support system for me in this process, not only because she is my best friend, but because she really is there just to support me. She isn’t swaying my decision one way or the other, and I think that’s really important if you choose to bring someone along with you in this journey. You should be getting this surgery for YOU, and you should be getting the size and shape that YOU want. So, I finally decided I was going to get the breast augmentation I had considered for years. I began the search for my surgeon by Googling “plastic surgeons in SoCal” (I didn’t know where else to start). There were several names of doctors and surgery centers that came up. But the name “Dr. Pousti” stood out, and sounded so familiar for some reason (turns out I have 2 friends who are also patients of his, and their breasts look AMAZING). I clicked on the link for his website and saw just how many before and after pictures there were, and was thrilled. I wanted a doctor with A LOT of experience, but I also wanted a doctor that I felt I could trust. I have never had surgery, never broken a bone, and never had stitches. I am putting a HUGE amount of confidence and faith into whoever I choose to perform my surgery. So it was EXTREMELY important to me that I find a doctor that I was comfortable with. I read such wonderful reviews and testimonials about Dr Pousti and the ladies who work in his office, and I can tell you first hand, all of them are true. They really make you feel like a priority. No question is overlooked or unanswered, or considered “dumb” (and I had a fairly long list of questions). Much of my consultation was spent with Cindy, who is absolutely amazing. She is so sweet, and really helped me envision the results I want. And seeing myself with different sized implants using the Vectra 3D imaging was really exciting. When I made my appointment for my consultation, I was already 99% sure that Dr Pousti was going to be my surgeon. After my consultation, I was 1,000% certain. This is the best way I can describe my decision in choosing Dr Pousti as my surgeon: I think there are some doctors out there, who’s brains are so analytical, that their personalities can come accross as less-than-personable. Dr Pousti is NOT one of these doctors. It was encouraging to find that Dr Pousti is not only very experienced and knowledgeable, but that he really cares about his patients. He was more focused on making sure that I find the right doctor for me, rather than just trying to sell me on choosing him. My consultation was such a fun, positive experience, that I booked my surgery the next day when Cindy called to follow-up with me. I am now 5 days from my surgery date, and I can’t wait to see my results 🙂
Testimonial: I’m the sister with no boobs always have been. since I was a teenager I have been interested in getting a breast augmentation. Anyway as soon as I had the $$ I made an appointment for a consultation with two doctors one being Dr. Tom Pousti. All it took was the consultation and I was sold!! I ended up canceling my other appointment with my second doctor. He is just a down to earth respectable guy and omg the staff is simply amazing. I can’t stress how important customer service is to me and they nailed it! Dr. Pousti had me make a board with all of my expectations “yay and nays” it was actually pretty fun ! During my pre opp appointment we went over everything and what range I was going. The days leading up up to my surgery I got several calls even one from dr Pousti ensuring I was doing good and ready to go! It was very comforting. Today was my surgery day!!! Wow I was so nervous but everything went well from the checking and process to the discharging. Dr. Pousti once again asked me what my expectations were and I told him I trusted in him and man I am already in love with my boobs! Seriously I have NO REGRETS whatsoever! I will be posting updates if u have any questions I am totally open to answering them for now I’m exhausted !! Lol I will upload better photos once I’m not high on these drugs lol I am very picky and hard to impress But Dr. Pousti is simply amazing. Him and his staff made me so comfortable I am still feeling good at home after my surgery. He was open to speak to me anytime I called in with my silly questions lol if the staff couldn’t answer he had no problem taking my call the communication was awesome! Just backtracking a little even before I had a consultation I emailed the office with pictures and a question AND HE RESPONDED!! I didn’t expect that he was very detailed in answering my questions and told me to take my time and choose the right doctor for me. I sure did ! Lol again any questions please ask.
Testimonial: I only have great things to say about my experience, Dr. Pousti and his staff. As with most people before cosmetic surgery, I was so scared! Of the results, the procedure, etc. I can honestly say that it all turned out better than expected and my life has only gotten better I couldn’t be happier! Dr. Pousti is thorough yet very easy going and comfortable. Not all all will you feel like you weren’t cared for or just a number. He really does take the time to make sure you are well taken care of. You will not be disappointed! His staff is amazing also! You will love them!
Testimonial: I had surgery with Dr. Pousti and couldn’t be happier! My results came out way better than I could have imagined and are so much better than I expected. The prep before surgery is one of a kind and makes a huge difference in how he and his staff handle your needs. After surgery care was top notch and I was so well taken care of. His staff is super sweet and professional. Everyone remembers you when you come back and it feels so nice. They really do take very good care of you. He’s the right choice I guarantee you will love him and your experience. He’s very personable so you feel very comfortable when with him. Not only that, he’s an excellent Doctor so you are in good hands
Testimonial: I have always had average size breasts (34B), and I was pretty happy with them until around the time I turned 30. As I got older, my weight fluctuated, things started to be less perky and kind of deflated. When I stopped taking birth control pills last year I really noticed a change in size. So I decided to go for breast augmentation. I chose my surgeon very carefully, and after a lot of research decided to go with silicone gel, sub muscular, 450 cc. I am still pretty fresh post op, but I have to say I am already so glad I made this decision. There’s still a bit of swelling and discomfort but I can already see my new breasts taking shape and I’m loving them! Best decision I ever made 🙂 I had contemplated getting breast augmentation surgery since I turned 30, I just wasn’t happy with how they looked anymore. I had no idea where to start, there are so many surgeons out there, so I started looking around online and found Dr. Pousti. He got rave reviews from patients, and after seeing his before and after photos I decided I wanted him to do the surgery. I live in Canada and his office is in San Diego so this was a big leap of faith for me to fly down there for this, I was so nervous. But the moment I arrived at his office, the way he and his staff treated me, and how amazing they all were, I knew I made the right decision. Dr. Pousti was very caring, and very thorough with our pre op planning. He made sure he knew exactly what I wanted my final look to be, and on the day of surgery we talked about it again. He reassured me going into the OR that he would take good care of me, and that’s exactly what he did. Not only am I SO happy with my breasts already, and it’s only been 10 days, but I love that I can call or email Dr. Pousti anytime with questions or concerns. He also has his staff do daily phone calls to follow up on my post op progress. I couldn’t recommend Dr. Pousti and his staff more highly, amazing. 🙂
Testimonial: Dr. Pousti and his team are absolutely incredible. I took a long time to decide to get breast augmentation, and one of the motivating factors for choosing Dr. Pousti was how well he listened and interpreted what I am looking for. The most daunting part about this surgery was the unknowns–not knowing how it would look or exactly what recovery would be like. Dr. Pousti and his team were able to answer all of my questions and more, making the experience much less scary. If you are considering breast augmentation, absolutely set up a consultation with Dr. Pousti and him and his staff will show you first hand how wonderful they are!
Testimonial: I had my original breast augmentation in 2009; where I decided to go with saline implants. The implants ended up bottoming out which caused my nipples to peek-a-boo out of most bras and swimsuit tops. My implants also sat far apart which caused me to still wear padded bras to bring them together. I decided to book my consultation with Dr. Pousti because I thought his work looked fantastic. I originally went to Dr. Pousti just for the bottoming out but when he told me he could fix my cleavage, it was a plus. He was very sweet and assured me post surgery they would look great. The night before the surgery I received a phone call from Dr. Pousti; reassuring me that the surgery would go great. He definitely goes above and beyond. The morning of the surgery went very smooth and the doctor did an excellent job of listening to what I wanted and providing his advice. I was glad he provided his thoughts as I felt he would have a better idea about what size implants would work with my small frame. I provided pictures of (Do’s and Dont’s) and I feel the results are spot on. The surgery consisted of removing my saline implants(450cc) and replacing them with silicone(590cc). I also had internal sutures to repair the bottoming out and bring my cleavage together. The surgery went great as well as the post care. Everybody throughout the entire experience has been very nice and professional. I am now 24 days post op and my results are looking awesome as they heal more. I would encourage anybody contemplating breast augmentation to contact Dr. Pousti. Dr. Pousti has been awesome throughout the entire process. He is very sweet and reassuring. He has been very professional and helpful.
Testimonial: I was very nervous to take the first step in my decision to have breast augmentation but because of the amazing referrals I received I decided to book a consultation with Dr. Pousti. From the moment I walked into the office, I felt calm and confident that this was the right team for me. Dr. Pousti introduced himself and asked me about my interest in breast augmentation and how long I’ve been thinking about it. We then moved to the Vectra Imaging machine so I could get an idea of what different sizes would look like on my body. After viewing three different sizes, I of course chose the largest size. Dr. Pousti came in and discussed what that would mean for me – how that would affect my daily life and my activity level. He suggested I go a bit smaller to match my body size (I’m 5’9” and around 140 lbs) and to ensure I wasn’t just “boobs” when I walked into the room. I was also able to meet with a woman who had just had her surgery 4 days prior. It was extremely helpful to hear about her experience, both with Dr. Pousti and his team as well as the surgery in general. I decided to book my surgery, and was so excited for the big day. During the pre-op appointment, the nurse went through everything and anything that I needed to know for the operation. I thought I had come prepared with a ton of questions for them to answer, but by the time she had gone through all of the forms I really only had one or two left. I felt the entire experience was very thorough and left me confident and ready for my surgery. On the day of surgery, I was a mess of nerves. When I arrived at the surgery center, the nursing staff was amazing and very calming. They were all so excited for me, and it really heightened my excitement. They had me change into a gown and the nurse, anesthesiologist, and Dr. Pousti all came in one after the other to discuss the surgery. I had prepared pictures of what I was looking for, and both Dr. Pousti and the nurse discussed my expectations and what I could expect. Dr. Pousti marked me up and sat me back down to wait for the anesthesiologist to take me back. I think the most intimidating part was walking back to the surgery room as you are literally placing yourself on the bed where the surgery will be performed. It was also a bit comforting to know where you’ll be and who will be in the room with you. I laid down and the nurse asked a question and then I was out. The recovery was about 10 times easier than I could have ever imagined. For the first two days I mostly slept and ate. I took my pain medication for the first two days (the day of the surgery, and the day after the surgery), but after that some Motrin and my muscle relaxer was all I needed. My first check in came faster than I expected, and I was able to get a sneak peak at the new additions. I will say, at first I had what I later learned is deemed the “boobie blues,” and thought they were too small for what I wanted. But as they began to settle, I realized they were absolutely PERFECT. I’m still only about a month post-surgery, so I am excited to see how they consider to settle, but so far I am extremely happy with the outcome. Dr. Pousti and his staff are hands down the only team I could have trusted to do this surgery. They were extremely supportive and were spot on with the results I was looking for. Dr. Pousti makes you feel comfortable and safe at all times. He has an incredible way of understanding what you are looking for, and on top of that he is able to execute it to create wonderful results. I look forward to maintaining my relationship with Dr. Pousti and his team and to recommending his work to anyone interested in breast augmentation.
Testimonial: It took me six months to feel ready to write this… partly, because it took me a while to process the experience. I compare it to having my first baby. I had always wanted to have him, but had very unrealistic expectations so the difficult parts threw me off (scarring, recovery time, finished results taking months not instant desired shape… feeling natural vs “fake”). But with my next three babies, I enjoyed the process so much more because I knew what to expect and I knew myself better. So, I’m yet to have the next “baby” aka procedure but I know I have learned a lot from this one and wouldn’t change it even though it wasn’t easy. Dr. Pousti has impressed me from the first appointment, all the way through to my six month follow up today… I had concerns and I wasn’t sure if they would be received. He not only received them, but I felt that he really heard me and cared about me. Then offered excellent advice. I’m so glad I chose him for such an important procedure.
Testimonial: I’ve always been a small chested girl, never really bothered me, I knew some girls had less than me and some more. Plus I had parts of my body where I felt really blessed about. about a year ago I started wearing push up bras, not the add 2 cups, but just nice push ups from Victoria’s secret. And whenever I was in a push up I felt way better. More proportioned. So I started researching.. then I found the solution, fat transfer added half cup up to a full cup. Then I actually saw reviews on real self, and how dissapointing it was, 70 % we’re not really sure it was worth it and some lost most the fat. That really discouraged me because I didn’t want something unnatural inside my body. Regardless I started seeing reviews for implants, and found some great doctors near me with great reviews. I ended up following my favorite one. And that happened to be Dr. Pousti in la mesa. The months after that I would browse new review or look at old. And then browse for different doctors. After a few months I knew I wanted a breast augmentation with implant. What type, silicone, cause the other one didnt seem to compare, sorry saline. But I needed to save up and I needed a consultation. I ended up starting to save and had about 2k. But with all the birthdays and events I never saved more. Then I saw options on Dr. Pousti’s website, oh wow a loan. Hmm I wonder if I even qualify. I thought. I really knew I wanted this, so I thought let me just try and see what happens, cause I had never applied for one, except for my student loan. Like a day later I got the news, approved! all I needed was to add my bank info and it would deposit in 36 hrs. The thing was I hadn’t even got a consultation.. hmm.. OK so I booked one with the first doctor that impressed me on here. Dr. Pousti. They had an appointment a few weeks in. So I booked it. And waited for the day to arrive. Around Nov. I went and this really nice girl, took me to a room and asked me to wait and to put on the robe, on backward so it opened forward. Then the doctor came in and looked to see what my current stage was and asked me a few questions. Then he left and the girl went over all the options and showed me pictures of past surgeries. Then also took a picture with a special camera and made then bigger to show me a visual. :$ .. they also had me to try a bra and let me put implants inside so I could see myself in the mirror. :D.. It was all kinda scary because I didn’t know what I wanted when she talked about high medium or low profile and side boob and cleavage, I guess I hadn’t looked into that I just wanted my boobs but bigger.. anyways I was impressed, I didn’t want to go anywhere else. I was confident in this doctor and his staff. They asked me what I though after they gave me a estimate and info. And I said when can we book this! 🙂 They gave me a post date appointment and let me select the soonest surgery date: Dec 23 ! My homework was to gather some dream/ goal boob pictures. They told me their website was great for that or real self. 😉 good cause I didn’t know where else to look without it being a creepy web search O_o I ended up looking at boobs on my insta, and just looking at his website and real self. I saw Emily ratajkowski and decided she was my goal pics, and overall I wanted something keep them guessing, perky natural. :D! Went in and they answered any questions I had, gave them goal pics, then they took before pics, and gave me my prescription for the medicine. And a bunch of papers with info. More to read yay! Lol The day before surgery I was so scared.. I wasn’t sure what to do after telling my sister I had not told anybody else because I had been scared of the reactions. So I had the courage to tell me mom, then finally the rest of my family. And 2 close friends. I was still freaking out so I couldn’t sleep and watched lost up YouTube videos, some scared me more cause it seemed Luke some girls would be fine but others we’re not.. and my surgery day was a day before x-mas Eve! Boo! I had family events x-mas Eve and X’mas day.. :0 Anyways I went to my surgery, had my good friend take me. Went in waited, then they had me change into the robe, compression socks and tights, and you can leave your panties on Lol. They went over everything once more, and Dr pousti, said he knew what I wanted and that he would do his best to meet my goals, they can’t really tell you what size, but he said the smallest most likely to achieve the look. 😮 After hooking me up to iv and they had me go to the surgery room and I fell asleep, everyone was so nice there too, I fell asleep in like 30 seconds and my hands we’re freezing and I remember somebody holding my hand throughout the coldness, that was really nice, until I fell deep into sleep.. zzz Then I woke up, my friend took me home and rest time, took my pain meds as directed and took care. I am now 20 days post up, went last Thursday, 4 days ago to teach me the massages, exercises. And I need to wear this surgical bra for a bit longer. I would recommend buying 2 if you can. But I would wash mine and slip into a sport bra in the meantime. I like them so far, and I can go hiking and on long walks now! Yay. I took a picture 19 days post up. They still need to settle though.. but I’ll keep you guys updated. :p Really nice, and I felt like he was trustworthy and talented.
Testimonial: I had always wanted to have bigger boobs. When I got engaged, I started to do my research and went to different consultations. I wanted to have enough time for my boobs to drop and fluff for the wedding. At the end, I decided to go with Dr. Pousti. It was the best decision I ever made. Everyone in the office was very helpful and answered all my questions before and after the procedure. Recovery was easy to follow. Dr. Pousti is a great plastic surgeon. He is always willing to answer any questions no matter how silly you think they are. He knows what he is doing. He knows how to take what we want and make it real.
Testimonial: I have always wanted to get this procedure done for years. When I moved down and settled in San Diego I knew it was the right time. I searched and reviewed different doctors and I came across Dr. Pousti (triple board certified doctor) and I knew I had to go in for a consult. I made the leap, called and scheduled an appointment. It was the best decision ever. The staff at the facility was really sweet, nice and genuine. Once Dr. Pousti came in and answered all my questions I knew he was the one 🙂 I $100 deposit to save my date (that goes toward your total) and now it was the waiting game Prior to surgery they will give you a list of do’s and dont’s and make sure to pick up your scrips early. Day of surgery I was actually more excited than nervous. You will need a designated driver because you will still be under the anesthesia to be able to drive. You fill out more documents when you get to the surgery facility and you will change and speak with nurses, board certified anesthesiologist and Dr. Pousti. Dr. Pousti will finalize your size and mark you up. I was excited that he could do the size that I really wanted which was 475 silicon 🙂 Once I was done being marked up I get wheeled away to the operating room. Dr. Pousti was such a sweetheart and held my hand and in 2 seconds I was knocked out and woke up in the recovery room with my family member. I didn’t feel any pain surprisingly, I was bandaged up so I couldn’t take any peaks darn!! lol. The nurse came in to check on me and provided me with juice and crackers. Next in was Dr. Pousti and he spoke with my family to reiterate the instructions and told me to eat, rest up and take my medication. Once I got home I ate, took my meds and relaxed. Dr. Pousti and his staff were amazing, they followed up with me and my family member constantly. They are genuinely there for you and want you to have the best overall experience and outcome. You will have multiple post opt appointments. You will have the opportunity to shower 2 weeks after your procedure. Let me tell you..once you take off the surgical bra and release the twins they will feel like bowling bowls on your chest..was not prepared for all that lol . However the shower felt AMAZING!! Now I am almost 3 months post opt in about 2 1/2 weeks and I am very happy with my results and I know my breast will continue to settle more and more. I cannot express how great Dr. Pousti and his staff are. He will take the time to answer any questions or concerns you may have and make sure you are comfortable. Definitely check he and his team out!! Oh and he gave me flowers and his infamous tank top on my last visit (super sweet!!)
Testimonial: It’s been 6 months since the surgery and I am back in the gym regularly. A couple weeks ago my muscles started to feel exactly the way they did before the surgery. I haven’t attempted a pull up yet, but it’s only a matter of time. Hanging from the bar doesn’t hurt and I can do leg lifts from the bar for abs. A few weeks after the surgery I was hiking again, but my upper body workouts had stopped for awhile. My motorcycle sat for over a month, but I was riding again before 2 months elapsed. I took my bicycle out for rides too. Having the surgery slowed me down for a bit, but I’m back. The first month is the frustrating part. Not being able to lift the first 2 weeks and not being able to sit up from laying down the first few days was not fun, but it was worth it. Little by little, I was able to do more. My upperbody isn’t as strong as it was, but it will get there. I’m extremely happy with the results. They’re symmetrical and look phenomenal. Dr. Pousti does amazing work!
Testimonial: Let’ talk about tits. I’m assuming, if you’re reading this, that at some point you’ve looked down on yourself, literally, and been unhappy. And you know what? That’s ok. The hardest part of this experience for me, was feeling like I should have been satisfied with what I had already. I spent so much time worrying about what the next person would say about me wanting to have a “boob job”. Well the next person can’t even tell they’re fake, so forget them. What matters is that I’m happy – ecstatic even. I just wanted my upper half to be proportionate to the rest of my body haha. And they are perfect in every way (and they haven’t even settled yet). I will continue to update this with pictures at time goes on 🙂
Testimonial: Breast augmentation is something I have wanted to do for years. After all this time researching and feeling self conscious about my flat chest I decided to take action. I had a consult with a plastic surgeon in the area and after that visit I never went any further with it. Then almost a year later I heard about Dr. Pousti from 3 different co-workers of mine and so I did my research and scheduled for a consult with him. After that initial visit my mind was made up, I felt certain I wanted to do this and that Dr. Pousti was the surgeon for me. I felt complete trust in him and his staff. From the moment you walk in the door you feel so welcome! It’s truly a wonderful environment. I am now 4 weeks post-op and could not be happier. Dr. Pousti has made me feel complete and like a woman! I have a very petite frame and was always nervous about implants not looking right for my body but I knew he would help me reach my goal and give me the natural but full look I was wanting for so long. Only 4 weeks out and can’t wait to see the progress! Thank you Dr. Pousti and staff for changing my life, I appreciate all your check up calls and the beautiful flowers. You are the best!
Testimonial: I’ve never had an issue with my B, sometimes C boobs, (depending on my weight.) After having my son, that all changed and my boobs ended up resembling saggy, small tube socks. I have always wanted breast augmentation and I finally got the opportunity this year; I’m now in my 40’s. I researched doctors and I made my consultation appointment with Dr. Pousti because my mom spoke highly of him. She was a patient of his now retired father. Vanessa was the first to greet me and she was so warm and welcoming. I was anxious before my appointment but she eased my anxiety and made me feel so comfortable. We discussed my goals- stay on the smaller side, but with added fullness. I didn’t want to look like I had a BA. I wanted to look as natural as possible. Then I met Dr. Pousti and I instantly knew he would be my doctor. He was so down to earth yet professional. My surgery was performed a few months after my consultation because he’s so busy. I wanted it sooner but I took that as a great sign that he’s in high demand. I love my new boobs!!! They are exactly the size and shape that I want. Dr. Poutsti went with 275 cc. They look natural and I’m a full B, exactly what I wanted. After the surgery, Daisy called to check on me every day for 2 weeks. How amazing is that! The entire process from consultation, surgery, to post op was better than I expected. Thank you Dr. Pousti, Vanessa, Daisy, and Cindy for everything! Dr. Poutsti and his staff (Vanessa, Cindy, and Daisy) are so professional, sweet, helpful, supportive, and down to earth. They all made me feel comfortable with the entire process.
Testimonial: My journey….I had always had large breasts. DDD before kids. My breasts were a GG while pregnant and nursing. After my second child I still had large breasts but they were saggy and dense. I had no fullness. If you asked me years ago if I thought I would have had a lift with implants I would have laughed. A reduction…maybe…implants never. That being said once I started researching and meeting with doctors I realized this was the right option for me. I just needed to find the right doctor. I met with 6 doctors. I am not one who wants to flaunt my breasts but look good in clothes especially my workout clothes as I am a SAHM and that is pretty much my “uniform”. My last consult was with Dr. POUSTI….I first met him 11 years ago when he did another simple procedure for me but sort of forgot since I moved out of the immediate area. Well…one visit and I remembered why I had liked him so long ago. I booked my apt that day. He called me the day before my surgery to see if I had any questions and discuss any concerns. The day of the surgery we once again talked size and procedure. I did not want large implants as I already had large saggy breasts and after years of being so big and covering up o did not want to go thru that again. I now have moderate plus silicone implants 255 and 275. I am thrilled! I am now 4 weeks out and back to most activities. No weights yet but happy to be doing most other things. My husband really liked Dr. POUSTI ‘ S bedside manner and listened to his suggestions for the surgery and the recovery. The entire staff is fantastic. They call you daily to check in on you and your progress. I am happy to talk to anyone if you have questions. I sure did! Thank you Dr. POUSTI! I am thrilled
Testimonial: Dr. Pousti is amazing!! He is an artist in what he does!!! He removed 8 1/2 pounds of skin and fat from my wrist! He did a extended tummy tuck,lipo , and a Breast lift!! I’m going back for a arm lift and stage 2 breast implants in January! It was worth the fly to San Diego! I’m from Iowa! My experience was awesome!! Everything went as planned!! From start to finish it was great!! Dr. Pousti is amazing!! That’s why I’m flying back in January!! I live in Iowa! If your looking for a doctor that really cares for his patients, you need to go to him!!
Testimonial: Before getting such a major surgery done, I was nervous and scared. But once meeting with Dr.Pousti I never felt more sure about the procedure. He made me feel comfortable and ready to make such a life changing step. He was helpful and knew exactly what and how I wanted them to look. I am so happy with my results, he is so detail orientated it made the procedure that much better. He wants them to look perfect, as do I. The fact that he takes the time to get to know you and your lifestyle makes it that much of an enjoyable visit and you know you are getting exactly what you want out of the experience. Thank Dr. Pousti for everything, you have changed my life! Everyone in this office is so kind, sweet and they generally care about you. They called every day to see how I was feeling and when I went in for my appointments they answered all my questions and then some. Such an amazing group of people and Dr.Pousti is awesome! I have absolutely nothing bad to say about this doctor and all the amazing work that they do. He gave me exactly what I wanted and exactly how I wanted them, I couldn’t be more pleased with my results.
Testimonial: Hi! Back in April of this year I had a breast lift. I now have had the second stage, breast augmentation. I also needed a large hernia repaired so I went ahead and had a full tummy tuck done also, since I had muscle separation as well. I have not had children, but what I needed done is pretty much the mommy makeover procedures. I believe the muscle separation was due to trauma to my stomach when I was hit by a car while on my bicycle and landed face down in the street. My Dr is double board certified so I was thrilled to be able to have him do both procedures! Dr. Pousti and his amazing surgical team have worked with each other for many many years, and his staff is top notch! They have been so kind to me and have gotten me through the ups and downs involved with multiple surgeries. Daisy, Heather, Vanessa, and all the girls in the office are wonderful and they check on me regularly to see how I am doing. Dr. Pousti even came to visit me at home during the first few days post-op. I highly recommend Dr Pousti and his excellent staff to anyone. I am two weeks po stop, so have a ways to go, but so far I am having a great recovery. Dr Pousti is the calmest, kindest, most reassuring man! He makes you feel so welcome and entrusted in his hands I was never nervous on either day of surgery. I still have many bandages and tape on, so will update as my new look is revealed.
Testimonial: Whelp I must say my Dr is a patient man and his staff is wonderful!!! It took 2 years to decide on my tummy tuck and he was informative and welcoming throughout that course of me get to know him first. Now 1 year 1month post op I’m ready for a breast augmentation. I love my breast do t get me wrong. I’ve enjoyed my chest and embraced them as I should have and now am ready to enhance them to MY desires. I’m not doing this for anyone else but me. Keep that in mind ladies and gents. Don’t change yourself because your significant other is dissatisfied with your already beautiful body. Don’t change yourself because you hate your body. You will be unhappy even after the change. Make sure it’s you that wants the change for happy reasons okay ???? So I’ve been contemplating the 700cc saline implants because of my size. I’m 5’8″ 200 lbs you’d be surprised because people don’t think that’s true when they see me. I don’t plan to stay 200. My problem areas consist of the wings and the inner thighs outside of that I love my curves. Any way it’s hard to tell just by the implant size if you’re going to get the results you want. Every woman is built different. So looks are deceiving. Just be sure to go in for a consultation bring pictures of your desired size. Your breast shape won’t change it will just enhance of course. You can’t expect to look exactly like your boobie Crush girl. So be realistic ladies. If your girl crush has 400cc implants and is 5’4″ and you’re 5’9″ and want the same size it may take a 600 to get you there or a 300 just depends on your breast tissue height width weight etc… Great luck on your journey. I’ll include my pre op photo now and of course update you with post op photos as well. LOVE HIM AND THE GIRLS
Testimonial: I chose Dr. Pousti after researching quite a few PS in my area. On the day of my consult (which turned into my actual pre-op appointment) I was greeted by a very friendly staff! After being introduced to the Dr. himself the staff came in to explain the procedure to me, allow me to feel and touch implants, as well as try them on. During this time several women came in and out to talk to me about they’re experiences with the procedure (this was something I loved!). After this one of his staff took a photo of me with the 3D machine, this enabled me to see myself from all different angles with different sizes and shapes! This was extremely helpful; when I tried on the implants I wanted one size and after actually seeing that size from all angels I changed my mind! The Dr. explained to me his different “looks” we could achieve. I decided to go with “keep them guessing” because it is a natural look that “keeps them guessing” on whether my breasts are “real” or not. We decided to do my surgery about 6 days from this pre-op appointment. Dr Pousti explained to me that he would actually first place empty saline implants behind the muscle and fill them to the desired look and about size we discussed. Once that look was achieved he would then remove them and place that CC of silicone (my choice of material) under the muscle. I went with 400CC in one breast and 375 in the other and a periareolar incision. They are very close to the same size now, Dr. Pousti will remind you that they are “sisters not twins”! The Dr. also has you make a “dream” board with different breasts that you like/don’t like and why. He places this board in the operating room during surgery. I really liked this because it helps to reach the desired look and not just the desired size! After my surgery. I returned 3 days later for a post op, and then again at 2 weeks, and I return again soon for my two month post op! Overall the healing process has not been a difficult one! I was in bed for the first day, and able to move a little on the second. I did fly to a wedding 4 days after the surgery with no complications! My scars are healing well and quickly. I have recently been cleared to work out, which was a major relief to me! I can do almost everything except pectoral work, which is to be expected since the implants are below the muscle. I look forward to my continued healing with Dr. Pousti and his team!
Testimonial: May I say that whatever it might be that you’d like to enhance on your body, do your diligent research, get other consultations but in the end you’ll find yourself with Dr. Pousti and his highly professional staff. I did and have been over the top elated with the results. This decision was one tough one to make due to fear but this team lifted me up and I had faith and confidence in them from the first consultation! Do it!
Testimonial: I breast fed two kids and both breasts were deflated. My breasts were very much deflated after the second child. I waited almost four years to even think about having breast augmentation and when I finally did just to see how or what the procedures are, meeting the staff and Dr. Pousti made me feel very comfortable! I never made a decision that quick. I planned to get a second opinion from another doctor but I didn’t need to. I love Dr. Pousti!!! Words cannot describe how happy I am with my results. Overall experience… AWESOME!!!!! Making a decision on my first consultation says it all. Besides being a GREAT doctor, Dr. Pousti is very compassionate and caring person. BEST doctor in U.S.
Testimonial: Im 5’5, 108 pounds, very slim athletic build. I was a 32 B and I got 405cc HP silicone implants through the areola now im a 32 D!!! Ive always wanted a Breast Augmentation, and this year I finally did it and I couldnt be happier!!!!!! Dr. Pousti is the best, If you are thinking of having a breast augmentation you have to go to him!! I went and had a consult with another doctor before Dr Pousti, and it just left me feeling so unsure and I just had a bad feeling. I went to my consult with Dr. Pousti and it was amazing I was there for about 2 hours. All the ladies that work there are wonderful. I got to meet 2 different patients, one who was about 3 years post op and someone who was just 10 days post op. I tried on sizes and liked the 350-400 range. Dr Pousti was very sweet and professional and made me feel so comfortable. I wanted big breasts that still looked very natural since im so small. I didnt want a huge gap or for them to just look stuck on my body. He told me he likes to use “the keep them guessing look” and that I should have a very nice outcome. I was a little nervous because he doesnt promise a certain size or profile because he wants to see what looks good on my body in the operating room. (which now makes total since because certain ccs and profiles will look different on different people). He asked me to make a poster board of what I wanted and what I didnt want so he could get me the look I desired. My surgery day came and I was so excited, a bit nervous because I know I get sick when I get put under. I woke up nauseous and threw up lol but the “pain” wasnt bad AT ALL. I just felt sore maybe a 3/4 out of 10. My sister helped me the first 2 days, I couldnt pull my pants up or down and she needed to help me off the couch. Dr Pousti and staff called me everyday the first 2 weeks. I went back to work after 8 days. I just felt sore after a long day of work. Around the 2 weeks I got really upset I thought they were way to big and that I made a mistake. I did alot of research before hand and knew that alot of patients either thought they were to small or to big and I just need to get use to them and have them settle. I talked to Dr Pousti about how I was feeling and he said the same thing and that of his patients the ones who felt they were to big were very happy later on, and that I just have to be patient and wait for them to drop and the swelling to go down. He made me feel alot better. About a week later the swelling went down and I fell in love!! They are perfect and just keep getting better everyday. Im 3 months post op now and they are so squishy and soft. They move around and can be squished together. My scars are healing very nicely. I am so so so thankful that Dr Pousti listened to what I wanted and gave me all that and more! He is an amazing surgeon and has fantastic bed side manner.
Testimonial: One week until surgery, super excited yet nervous about going under and pain to follow. I am putting all my trust in Dr. Pousti.I have been given good advice on how to prevent the nausea tho. Daisy has been wonderful getting me sized and helping me with my poster board so the doctor can see what I want.
Testimonial: I never imagined that I would have breasts augmentation. Before having my children and getting into a fitness lifestyle, my breasts were great! Also, my husband always commented on that he always prefers natural breasts over enhanced-no matter what size they are. Honestly, I was shocked at how my breasts looked after I finished breastfeeding my second child and I must admit was very torn because I was always judgmental about people with noticeable breast augmentation. We are familiar with many plastic surgeons in San Diego area due to my husbands being in the medical profession and decided to consult Dr. Pousti because of his impeccable reputation as a surgeon. He is an incredible listener and is extremely focused on the results his patients are looking for. I did not think the natural look I needed is even realistic. Basically I did not want anyone ever even think I got breast augmentation. No upper fullness, little bit of drop to be expected at my age, perfectly proportionate with my body shape, perfect natural distance between them etc. Dr. Pousti delivered that and more. The consultations were very detailed; he put my husband and me at ease. Surgery and recovery went very well and Dr. Pousti set realistic expectations with me. His follow up service is incredible! Dr. Pousti’s whole staff and especially his office manager Vanessa is incredible. The office called daily to make sure I am OK. My breasts look like they did before I had my children-actually they look better! Not one person beside my husband know I got this done and they will never figure it out, LOL Do yourself a favor and go see him. I will post pics shortly! Dr. Pousti, his whole staff and especially his office manager Vanessa are incredible
Testimonial: Even at proper weight, always have a large bulge below sternum and larger bulge above navel. Excercise making no difference. Always feel very full and look few months pregnant. Buttoning pants is very uncomfortable so can’t wait for all of that to change!!! At this stage in my life I am being proactive and determined to look and feel better in the years ahead!
Testimonial: Dr. Tom Pousti and his staff is my “Dream Team!” I had my breast augmentation a month ago and loving it. I’m very, very happy with my result. I highly recommend Dr. Pousti because of his Professionalism and Patriotism (Military discount). I had an Outstanding care before and after surgery. He thoroughly explained the procedure and what to expect. And his staff made sure I understood everything before I left the clinic. You truly will receive an Utmost care from the clinic. The staff was able to set my consultation and surgery within one week. I want to personally acknowledge his Superb staff, Vanessa. She was wonderful and genuinely caring person. If you are searching for a great TEAM– look no more–Dr Tom Pousti and his staff is what you are looking for. You will receive first class treatment from day one till indefinitely…. Tess Serrano
Testimonial: I had NOTHING to work with. I have curves and because I had no boobs I was so uncomfortable all the time. I would spend $70 on the most padded bras I could find at VS and would just wear those. I got 550 CC’s in both boobs (I was very hesitant because I wanted them to look more natural) but I’m now 3 weeks post up, and amazing so far. SO happy with Dr. Pousti and SO happy with my results. He made them look exactly how I wanted them all while him and his staff made me always feel like I was perfect even without them. Best experience. Most amazing surgeon with the most amazing staff hands down.
Testimonial: First off, I must say that this review is overdue. Well, more like way overdue! I’ve been meaning to write this since the day I first walked into Dr. Pousti’s office. The staff was exceptional. Attentive, caring and kind. When I arrived for my consultation, I was very nervous. I had never had any sort of surgery in my LIFE, and they put my mind to ease. I think one of the best things is Dr. Pousti’s humor. For most of my life I was 5’8″ and 115 pounds. But after I had my daughter I went to 138lbs. Which I am quite happy with, except for the fact that my boobs decided to stay the same size. No growth there. So for the last 9 years, I felt very un-porportional, and have been thinking of getting a breast augmentation. When I walked into the office, being proportional was the #1 item that I stressed as wanting to accomplish with this surgery. And it was fully delivered. I wish I would have gotten it done sooner. The recovery was not bad, I was off meds by day three, and now I am about 6 weeks out.. You can barely notice the scaring. You have to keep those steri-strips dry ladies… its worth it. I couldn’t be happier and my husband, who liked me for how I was… is now super giddy every time he sees my new breasts ;). I think this is the first time in years that I can’t wait for bikini season! Thank you Dr Pousti and staff, I can’t even express how truly grateful I am for this experience. Overall Fantastic! I would trust no other Dr. Dr Pousti Understood perfectly what I needed and fully delivered. I couldn’t be happier. Everyone in the office is extremely attentive and caring, and get to know you personally.
Testimonial: Whenever I go in for a follow up, they always remind me to write a review here, so here I go. I always hated my flat chest. I am very petite and felt like I had a little kid body. Being in my early 30s I felt like it was time to do something about it. I believe I was an AA, soo much room in my padded bra. I always wore these strapless padded bra and having nothing to fill it out, sometimes they would slip down and would look like my boobs were low, which could be embarrassing and i avoided wearing low cut v neck shirts. I was really nervous getting m boobs done, just having something in my body for years freaked me out. So for the hell of it, I went for a consultation just to see, with Dr Pousti. It was 100 bucks for the consultation which kinda sucked thinking I wouldnt go through with it. During the consultation, the assistant (not sure her exact title) took a few pics of my boobs and put it on a screen where you can see what you look like augmented. I was really scared looking too big or fake, looking at a lot of Dr Pousti’s patients, a lot seemed to get massive boobs which i didnt want on my petite frame. I tried on 250ccs and I thought wow these are big and was so weird seeing me with boobs but I like how it looked in the bra they gave me to put on. And on the Vector 3D, they looked big. I think because I had nothing to begin with, anything looked huge ha. The woman said that would put me at a big b/ small c which is what I wanted. She then gave me 50ccs more to try to bump me to 300cc but at the time i was set on the 250 because they seemed big enough. From the beginning I was only set on being a big B, but looking back I wish I had gone a little bigger, to a bigger C, maybe another 50-75ccs more. I have measured my boobs and I am 28 ribcage and 32 bust which i think technically puts me at a C but when I look in the mirror, they look small to me, almost like a big A. Let me say that from what I had, they are a lot bigger and I like having boobs, any boobs, and it was worth it because I can ditch my huge padded bras. I tried on C bras in VS and they seem to fit but i still have more upper pole fullness and not really any lower pole, still waiting for the whole drop and fluff and hopefully they will look more fuller, so the bras have a tad space on the bottom. I’ve only been wearing sports bras now though. I am hoping that they project more as they fluff but being that I had no breast tissue and tight pectoral muscles, it will probably take me longer. Anyway, this review isn’t really organized. Backk to the actual procedure. Surgery went smooth. I was scared going under anethesia but the anethesian has been with Dr Pousti over 20 years or something and I felt comfortable. I woke up not in too much pain, just felt my chest was very tight and was hard to talk. The next few days were the hardest, it was very painful and uncomfortable. I knew i was going to be slightly immobile but i really could not do anything without being in pain, thank god for the painkillers and valium. After a week, I felt better, I still couldnt lift my arms, even turning my steering wheel in my car was hard but I was able to go back to my desk job. It has now been about 2 month and I feel almost completely normal, though when I use certain muscles by my armpit, it still feels weird, not painful just like i did a lot of push up or something. Oh and nipples hurt a lot too for the first month but now I don’t have any pain. I’ve been doing massages to help them drop more. Overall it was a great experience with Dr Pousti and his staff and I would recommend him for sure. In the future I might want to go bigger I would go to him again but hopefully will be happy with the size once they fully heal
Testimonial: I went to a consultation at another office before I found Dr. Pousti and his staff. Immediately, the atmosphere was more positive, upbeat, and everything I was looking for. The staff was awesome and really got me excited, I felt super comfortable with them. Dr. Pousti answered all of my questions and put me at easy, everything felt right. Surgery went smoothly; I got to the surgery center at 7:15 and went home around 12. The first couple of days my chest felt very sore and moving my arms was a little hard, but it wasn’t too bad. I’m 6 days post op and have been off my pain meds for 2 days now and was doing small things (even going on a boat ride) on day 3 after surgery. I’m so happy with my results of my natural looking 300cc silicone implants and couldn’t have picked a better, more caring doctor. He gave me all the information up front, answered all of my questions, and did everything a good doctor should. He was very caring and expressed interest in not only me as a patient, but me as a person. I told Dr. Pousti what I wanted, and he did everything he could to give me a spectacular result. Overall great doctor and really cares about the patient.
Testimonial: I had a breast augmentation by Dr Pousti almost 10 years ago, 2 kids later it’s time for a refresh! I had such an amazing experience with Dr Pousti the previous time I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else! I had my consultation today and he is still great as ever! His staff is as fantastic as they were 10 years ago! Dr Pousti has done the majority of my family, my aunt, sister and cousin, every one of us have been so pleased with our results. I’m super excited for my surgery in February!!
Testimonial: Dr Pousti had done my breast implants several years ago. I went from a Large A to a Small C. Incisions are negligible, breasts are centered and perfectly proportionate to my body build. As a result, 6 of my friends used him for either Breast Aug, Breast Reduction, or Breast Reconstruction and everyone is still happy. I visited Dr Pousti again recently to see if it was time to re-do my Breast Augmentation from a medical standpoint. He recommended against it. He said of course there are Dr’s who will do it but I should wait 2 more years and check again. He said they look amazing are don’t touch them. He does not make money with this recommendation but it is a clear indication of his honesty and expertise. Dr Pousti can be thoroughly trusted as a plastic surgeon.
Testimonial: I have very usual story about my breast: after breastfeeding 2 boys,my breast list fullness and 1 cup:( After watching Instagram photos of beautiful ladies wearing swim wear with nice breast, I decide that I need to have my breast done asap. I always was against any implants inside my body,but now I getting older and want to feel woman more,not like teenager with flat breast. So,I decide to search for best Sergeon,not even in San Diego area,but also LA and Beverly Hills. After reading many reviews,checking photos before and after, I decide to meet Dr.Pousti. He has very good personality. His experience is very high(400 surgeries per year,if I correct). So I decide to go with him for my breast augmentation. On the day of surgery we had final conversation about size and my wishes) I didn’t want to have a huge/fake looking breast, I wanted natural slope and good proportions. So I gave Dr.Pousti right to decide on size during surgery himself. I mentioned it my be beetween 250-300cc,I even wasn’t sure myself what size I want,because it’s so individual. In the surgery he hold my hand and I woke up with my new breast. Later I knew that Doctor used 255cc,as he said 275cc looked little to big for my thin body frame. Now 10 days after sergery and I feel very good, first 3 days was very hard to get out of the bed,muscles had big pain (I had under muscle my implants). Yesterday got couple wireless bra from Victoria’s Secret. Thank you Dr.Pousti for making my breast look beautifull, feel myself more woman,happy person.
Testimonial: Dr.Pousti has a great personality and very experienced and professional hands, he is very busy person I can tell because many ladies choosing him as great surgeon. All what I remember : our final conversation,surgery room, he hold my hand and I wake up with new body;) what is Amazing experience;))) haha I’am 10 days after my surgery and very happy with result, Victoria Secret got big client today:) I would recommend him to my friends, Big thank you to his team and special thank you for those beautiful flowers I got in first appointment after surgery;) 5*
Testimonial: After getting very into fitness and losing weight, I also lost any bit of boob I had. I started looking into breast augmentation and had two people highly recommend Dr. Pousti so after further researching him and reading his reviews I scheduled my consultation. By the end of my consultation I was positive that he would be the right doctor for me and I scheduled my surgery that day. Throughout the entire experience him and his staff were extremely accommodating and answered any questions I had. On the day of surgery I had anticipated getting a 350/400 cc hoping for a large C/small D, but I ended up receiving a 495cc. Dr. Pousti knew the look I was going for and I could not be happier with the results. One month post op (under the muscle) I am feeling great and they are healing wonderfully. I am so happy that I did the surgery and Dr. Pousti and his staff were absolutely the best choice I could have made. Dr. Pousti was extremely knowledgeable and I felt very comfortable in his abilities to preform my breast augmentation. He had me laughing during each of my visits and was very comforting prior to surgery when I got pretty nervous. I supplied him with multiple pictures of my desired look and he could not have matched that any better, I am so pleased with the results of my surgery and I couldn’t have been any happier. He had advised me that often people have regrets of going to small, which I did not want to happen, therefore I am so happy he chose to use the 495cc which I most likely would not have picked initially. I highly recommend him to anyone looking into breast augmentation!
Testimonial: I have been wanting to get a breast augmentation ever since I turned 18. I even went to a few consultations, but I decided to wait until after having kids. This was the best decision I could have made. After nursing my three children, my breasts were like a couple of deflated balloons. They were much smaller than before I had children, and the combination of them being so much smaller and deflated was very difficult for me emotionally, psychologically, and physically. Once my husband and I decided that we were not having anymore children, we began doing our research as to who we wanted to get consultation appointments from. Dr. Pousti came highly recommended from a friend. We created a list of five different doctors that we wanted consults with, but once we met with Dr. Pousti we immediately cancelled all other consults. From the very beginning this was an amazing and wonderful experience. The consult was very interactive with the doctor and his staff. Everyone was so friendly and helpful and genuinely cared about me as a person and didn’t treat me as just another patient. Dr. Pousti was very attentive, explained everything, weighed all options, and gave me a realistic expectation of what he could do for me. For Dr. Pousti safety comes first. And that was important to me. He wasn’t going to do anything that would put me or my body in harms way. We talked a lot about size, and how big we could go, while always keeping my safety and well being in mind. In the end Dr. Pousti delivered amazing results! He went as big as he safely could, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I now have full, large breasts that I feel confident with. I cannot recommend Dr. Pousti enough!! You will not be sorry if you go with Dr. Pousti. Dr. Pousti is a wonderful doctor. He is very professional, kind, respectful, and his bedside manner is amazing. He held my hand until I was fully asleep because I was very nervous about being sedated for the procedure. Even while I was in recovery he stopped by before leaving to make sure I was doing ok, and took the time to talk to my husband and keep him informed on how everything went with my breast augmentation. I couldn’t have asked for a better doctor than Dr. Pousti!
Testimonial: I have always been insecure with my body type. I am very athletic with a broad back very muscular no boobs. I got 465CC silicone under the muscle. I am 8 weeks out and still a little sore in one side. I just started running again this week so I think I babied it a little too much. I wish I could have gone bigger but with my structure I could not have gone any bigger without complications. Pousti Plastic Surgery Dr. Pousti was an amazing/ nicest surgeon ever. He makes you feel very comfortable and is trustworthy. He gives his honest opinion on what will work best for you. His office workers were just as amazing always calling to check on me every day after my surgery for two weeks or so. Daisy was the best!!! I highly recommend Dr. Pousti the minute I met him I knew he was the surgeon I was going with.
Testimonial: I have never felt like my breasts were beautiful until after my breast augmentation. Now I feel so sexy, no matter what I’m wearing. I’m also a webcam model and the larger breasts were GREAT for business! I recieve so many compliments from my friends and customers. I feel great! I have returned to my full exercise routines and have discovered a whole new world of “underwire sports bras” … these are a miracle. I never thought it would be comfortable to run or do burpees etc. but the sports bras available (namely Panache brand) make this possible. The funny thing about going from being small breasted to very large breasted literally from one day to the next is that my perception of myself took time to catch up with the world’s perspective of me. Even in my surgical bra, when I was still in pain from the surgery, it’s like men could sense my large breasts. I turned heads where I felt invisible before. Right away. It’s amazing. It’s powerful. My husband and I were prepared to fly from across the country to visit Dr. Pousti, and had been planning to do this for years. He is held in very high esteem among “large breast” surgeons, nationwide, and for good reason. He is amazing. Luckily my husband and I ended up living in San Diego by the time we were financially ready to visit with Dr. Pousti. We could not have been happier with his staff and with his personality. They are just all around great people. I wish I could hang out in their office with them all the time! They really make me feel welcome and special. I cannot stress enough how sweet this doctor is. Dr. Pousti is an incredible guy, and equally amazing as a surgeon. I could not have asked for better bedside manner! He was so genuine and kind to me from the moment I met him, the morning of the surgery, and in every single interaction I’ve had with him. When I met him, he was very candid; he was frank enough to tell me that he was not comfortable going the full 800CC that I had originally requested. He said that going this large off the bat could cause complications such as “bottoming out”. He told me 550cc would be the maximum that my body could handle at that time. He didn’t know exactly the size of implant he could use until I was actually in surgery, but he did it! Gave me two very amazing 550cc implants. I learned that my breasts were “constricted” the morning of my consultation. Constricted breasts are breasts that have not “dropped” as much as they should have, the crease underneath is higher than it could be. This is something that made my surgery a bit more complicated, but he shifted the crease down and made it look amazing. The morning of my surgery, he said something I’ll never forget; “I want to make you into my masterpiece.” He says this is a goal he has with every surgery. I was floored by his thoughtfulness and genuine concern for my comfort. He is truly and simply an expert. He held my hand as I fell asleep for surgery. These are just examples of how loving he is. My post-op appointment was equally comforting. I’m not going to lie; I was in so much pain! He comforted me and everybody assured me they looked great, even if I felt that they looked a little strange at that time. He gave me a gorgeous bouquet of flowers that morning! How sweet!!
Testimonial: Realistic boobs. Nothing too big. // I’ve always wanted bigger boobs even when I was around the age of 10 I knew I wanted big boobs. I can’t believe I’m finally doing it now! So exciting yet so nerve wrecking. As long as they look natural and aren’t too big for my body I’ll be content. I am 5’6 / 134 lbs.
Testimonial: I would highly recommend Dr Pousti! The list of amazing reasons would be far too long for one review. I have absolutely nothing negative to say about my entire experience! I am 4 weeks out from my silicone breast implant procedure & couldn’t be happier with my results. Dr Pousti & his wonderful staff had so much patience with me while I was trying to decide exactly what I wanted. Everyone showed sincere care & interest in my personal story which made me feel so special, not just another patient. Dr Pousti made me feel 100% comfortable & was so genuine during each visit before AND after surgery. I loved how honest he was when explaining what my body could and couldn’t handle. This was so important when it came to having a positive & safe outcome. Which is exactly what I got. I am so extremely happy with my results. I am proudly recommending him to all my friends & family. I am so confident that anyone would be more than happy by choosing him for any procedure!
Testimonial: I got my BA done on June 11th by Dr. Pousti, and it has been great!!! I’m in my 3 month post-op now, and everything is perfect and no regrets! after years of research, I visited 2 other offices, one in Beverly Hills and one in Orange County, prior to meet Dr. Pousti and his staff, and I am SOOOOO glad I made a right decision by choosing the best surgeon in town. The moment I met Dr. Pousti and Vanessa I knew I’m finally getting my BA done after contemplating for such a long time. Dr. Pousti is very professional, caring, and humorous. I know this because of my previous experience with other surgeons’ initial consultation. I do regret driving such a long distance to other offices and wasted a lot of time and money, whereas Dr. Pousti was only 30 minutes away from my house. Despite the fact, I’m glad I had visited other offices before meeting Dr. Pousti though because I’ve learned to appreciate him and his staff even more. =) His staff is amazing!!! My initial consultation was a full HOUR and a half long which is unheard of. I’ve been to the offices where their consultation lasted 15 minutes…Really. I felt rushed. Vanessa was very helpful. She gave me an idea how I would be like after surgery by taking 3D pictures. His staff pretty much walked through my BA journey together. Now that I reminiscent the first month post op…..I wouldn’t have been able to get this done without his staff. The girls are knowledgeable and genuine. They called my EVERY DAY post op. Yeah. EVERY DAY!!! and made sure I was doing okay. I go see him and his staff periodically, and that is another reason I really appreciate Dr. Pousti’s office. THE AFTERCARE. My outcome is amazing just the way I wanted them to be. Dr. Pousti is a very skillful surgeon, which I have no doubt about that, but what I appreciate him the most is his communication skill with his patient. He informed me to study, search, and gather pictures of my ideal breast that I want to achieve after surgery. He mentioned that everyone has different views and different ways to describe things, so in order for us (doctor-patient) to be on the same page, a thorough communication is must. I agreed 100% with him on that. Before I met him, I was all about the cup sizes and what kind of cc I should get. We studied a lot of pictures together before the surgery and agreed on Yes’s and No’s. All in all, my experience with Dr. Pousti is phenomenon!! I highly recommend Dr. Pousti and his staff to anyone who is looking for a best surgeon in town. I’m very happy with my result! =) Dr. Tom Pousti is the best surgeon! =)
Testimonial: Four and a half years later and people STILL don’t realize they’re implants. Best surgeon. EVER!! Thanks Dr Pousti!! I’ll keep sending people to you for the rest of my days. Couldn’t be happier. Never had a doubt about the size or anything. You’re the BEST
Testimonial: First off, if you’re against plastic surgery then just gtfo this page because I made this decision for myself and not for you. Secondly, if you are mirin’ my new look then thank my daddy (my husband). He has been my biggest support throughout my journey and he has been the sexiest shirtless nurse a girl could ask for. I could not have done this without him and he is definitely going to be forever reaping the benefits 0:-) For those of you who have been following my BA journey via Yelp, I am happy to say that my ~big~ day has finally come. It’s been almost a year since my consultation and I’ve had to reschedule several times due to being a naughty little girl. That’s all over now and I just have to wait for the sisters to settle in so here’s an overview of my experience for now: Consultation: It’s $100 to see the doctor and that $$$ goes towards the procedure if you decide to follow through. I suggest that if you have been thinking about it then just DO IT! My biggest regret was not doing it sooner. I also suggest that you see a doctor that is certified and that you are comfortable with. During the consultation with Pousti, I discussed goals, tried on sizers (this is fun and you should bring a supportive friend), I took/edited digital pictures of my own girls, I got a quote, asked/answered questions, and met with the friendliest staff ever. More importantly, I met with the game changer, Dr. Pousti. We have been A1 since day 1. I would recommend him to anyone considering BA. Seriously! Check out his reviews on RealSelf.com! Procedure: I arrived at the hospital 2 hours prior to the procedure. I filled out some papers and waited until they called me into the pre-op room. I got to meet with a couple of nurses and the anesthesiologist. I got dressed into a hospital gown, I got an IV, and Dr. Pousti came in to draw all over my naked body. Shortly after, they called me into the operating room to take the best nap ever. I woke up in the recovery room and my husband picked me up. My incisions were though the nipple. I went partial submuscular and I went with silicon implants. I have 465 CC’s on both sides. Keep in mind that this is MY boob job and if you are considering then it is likely that the amount of CC’s will not be the same for you. If you type Tom Pousti into YouTube you will be able to view videos of the actual procedure in the operating room. It’s pretty rad. Recovery: Not bad at all!!!! This is day two and the most difficult thing I am experiencing is getting up from laying down because it seriously feels like I’m attempting to bench press 150 lbs and I just dropped the bar on my chest because I gave up. It feels soooo heavy. It feels so heavy that I keep feeling like my boobs are going to fall off when I stand up too. Fortunately, this is normal! Besides this, I feel great! I nap a lot with my cat and I can’t wait to give another update a few months from now. Tips: +GET A WEDGE PILLOW OFF AMAZON +DON’T GET SURGERY BECAUSE SOMEONE ELSE WANTS YOU TO +GET NETFLIX +USE BENDY STRAWS +BE PREPARED TO SPEND $5,000+ I want to marry him. He is amazing, like I said, he was A1 from day one. I saw another doctor before him and I probably would have stuck with Pousti if I had seen him first. He and his staff are so friendly and professional. It warms my heart because they truly care about your entire journey. They called me every single day up until my post-op appointment and I really appreciated that.
Testimonial: I’m 21 years old, and since I was 15 I was ashamed of my boobs shape. This year I decided to have a surgery so I started looking for a specialist to correct tubular breasts. I found Dr.Pousti who is an awesome surgeon and now I couldn’t be happier with the results. I had tubular breast correction and areola reduction 6 weeks ago. I got 330cc high profile silicone on the left side and 350cc on the right side. Now I am very happy about my new appereance, they look great! STATS: 5’7” 120 lbs Pre BA: 36A
Testimonial: Well I’m new here, but I just wanted to thank all you ladies for the help you have provided me. So I figured I should do the same, who knows someone might have the same stats as me! Here are my stats: 5’1 109-116lbs (I’m a yoyo when it comes to my weight) I’m a 34b according to Victoria’s Secret, but really I feel like a 36A. I’m hoping to be a small D // full C Aerola incision// under the muscle Oh and my nipples, I don’t know if they’re inverted or somewhat inverted, but I hate them. I’m hoping with this surgery it can fix that problem!! Where to begin ! I’ve never liked my boobs. I’ve been wanting to do this procedure for a quite some time now, but never actually pulled the trigger until now! Growing up I never had boobs. And I never liked mine. Ever. I’m just not comfortable with them at all. I’ve wore padded bras my whole life, the bombshell from Victoria’s Secret was my best friend. Not to mention I was a false advertisement. Haha I’m married, and my husband was not a fan of me doing this at first, but he’s come around and just wants me happy. Hey happy wife happy life ???? jk. I don’t pull that card haha.. His only concern is that I come out of surgery alive and well. And also going too big.. as to me, my concern is going too big or too small.. ???? I am a mother of 4, that’s when I actually grew temporary boobs!! Like most women on here, we all wanted those milk boobies to stay, but that didn’t last long for me (womp womp womp) I can’t say I boobiefed (I say “boob” cuz I don’t like the word “breast” ) I tried to boobie feed but it just never worked out for me. I was a full C when I was preggo. And it was nice while it lasted. I made 450 cc rice sizers at home before any of my consults. I’d rather know what I’m trying to get than be like umm yea I just want boobs. Although it is like I just want boobs. But my perfect boobs!!! But I also know rice sizers aren’t accurate. I’m looking into the 425-450 cc range. But idk if that’s too big now. I’ve read that if you do go under the muscle you lose 25cc. So I figured if I do 450, I’d be at 425cc. I’m not positive that I’m correct I’m just putting two and two together. Anywho! I had 3 consultations. One with a Dr. From upland ca don’t recall his name, but I do know that I wasn’t comfortable with him at all. I really felt that he was only in it for the money. I didn’t feel that patient/dr connection. That your suppose to feel.. My second consultation was with Dr. Pousti and the last consult was with Dr. Bruce Kadz. I went to my consultation with Dr. Pousti on my bday, And let me tell you, it was AHHHMAAZING! I know most women say about their Drs but he is truly great. From the moment you walk you feel that welcoming feeling.. It was a fantastic first experience. The patient coordinator her name was Vanessa, she is soo wonderful, helpful, pretty, sweet and kind! I spent most of my time with her and I didn’t mind, she seemed very knowledgeable at what she was talking about. In fact all the ladies do. Dr Pousti is amazing, he was thorough, honest, kind. He seems like a real genuine man. He answered most of questions, I only say that cuz it was the questions that I had at the time. At my consult I tried on sizers. Oh! And they also have this cool machine where they take your picture and you can play around with the sizes and shapes and profiles. It was like a 3d machine. It’s called “vectra something” . It was cool. Back to my sizers I tried on the 350cc and I didn’t like it all. No offense to the ladies that got that size it just wasn’t for me. I told them get me out of the 300cc range, again no offense. After that we tried on 450cc and I loved it! Once again I know it’s not accurate, but it gives you an idea. After that we tried the 500cc, I loved it too, BUT I know that might too big for my stats. I don’t want to be unbalanced with everything else on my body. I don’t mind the fake look because realistically anything is going to look fake because I started off with nothing! But I don’t want it to look too fake. They gave me my quote and I went home to think about everything.. With all that being said, it’s obvious I went with Dr.pousti! Why wouldn’t I. Is it bad that I only went to 2 consults? I mean I know your suppose to keep your options open but I know I found the right Dr. Oh and before booking my consult with him I read all his reviews and not one negative one. Or at least none that bothered me. It wasn’t about his art work . it was over something dumb. That I find very interesting and helpful!!! & I also found him on this website! My pre-op is sept 1st, not too far away. I’m guessing we will talk more about sizes, pay my dues, get my prescriptions and what not. I’m super excited and anxious! HECK I’m all sorts of emotions!! ???? I’m just scared of going to small or too big. I’ve read a lot about boob greed, but honestly I’m just thankful for having the chance to get some boobs. But seriously that dilemma bites you in the butt. So if any of you ladies have any suggestions let me know! Please and thank you! Until then ??????
Testimonial: I am so happy with my results!!! I had lost 60lbs in two years, and my breast were a size A. It took me a long time to make the decision to go through with the procedure, but I am so happy that I did. Dr. Pousti is an amazing doctor and his staff is wonderful. They check on you everyday post surgery for two weeks. It was a wonderful experience and I couldn’t be happier with my results. Thank You Dr. Pousti !! Dr. Pousti is a awesome doctor. He answered all my questions and was completely professional. He was there holding my hand before my procedure and when I woke up. He even call to check up on me over then weekend, after my surgery, when his office was closed. He is a great doctor!!!
Testimonial: Soooooooo I usually don’t do reviews but I couldn’t help myself and wanted to give the biggest shout out to Dr. Pousti and his staff for their overwhelming professionalism, before & after care, incredible vision, and most importantly their lovely upbeat hospitality. The day I met Dr. Pousti and Vanessa we made a connection, we hit it off instantly and I knew I was in the best hands. After consulting with my auntie on my decision, I made a second appointment so my auntie could meet Dr. Pousti. The appointment went great, lots of laughs, questioning, and Dr. Poustis amazing vision for me. I scheduled my surgery a month out, although nervous, I was so anxious and had full trust in Dr, pousti that my outcome was going to be dramatic, life-changing and absolutely stunning! After surgery there were some trials and tribulations but Dr. Pousti and his staff kept a close eye on me. Vanessa called, texted, and followed up daily. I am now 6 months out of surgery, feeling amazing and in love with my perfect breasts. I can’t thank Dr. Pousti, Vanessa, and the rest of his team for my incredible gift….it is truly life changing. Thank you so much. Keep up the wonderful work
Testimonial: I was an 18 year old fit girl on scholarship to play vb at a University….first time all on my own. I went slightly overboard on food and alcohol and ended up gained about 30 pounds my freshman year, first semester. The pro: glorious, full C cup breasts. The remainder of my college years consisted of attempting to lose the tire around my waist. Once I finally lost the weight, I was back to a small B cup with some pretty significant sagging due to loss of skin elasticity. My breasts looked fine in clothing, but once I was in my birthday suit I was unhappy with the way I looked….kind of a big deal for a 23 year old. Over the next few years, I researched doctors for breast augmentation and began saving money. I met a couple girlfriends who’d had their glorious boobs done by the same physician. I set up a consultation and fell in love! Dr. Pousti is amazing. My boyfriend had come with me to the appt and said, “If you’re going to do the surgery, please have him do it!” He made you believe that he was 100% confident he could give you exactly what you wanted…as long as your desires were realistic. 2 years later and I regret nothing. My breasts are truly EXACLTY what I had asked for and envisioned! I will be returning to Dr. Pousti in a few years for my lift after my future children (& gravity) cause my breasts to reach my waist! Anyone considering this surgery would do themselves a favor by looking into this surgeon! He’s truly one of a kind…(his office staff isn’t too shabby, either!) Phenomenal. He holds your hand in surgery as you go under anesthesia… The office called every single day for a month following my surgery and then once a month for a year. I refer him to EVERYone!
Testimonial: Dr Pousti and his staff are amazing. He is so nice that i think at first you think it’s not sincere, but he really is. I had a consultation with him and it was wonderful. He is honest, and he cares about what you want. I saw his for a breast augmentation consultation and he understands women’s needs. I really enjoyed meeting his staff. And i defintley am going to book my procedure with him and am very excited!
Testimonial: I am not one to write reviews but found the many reviews I read to be extremely helpful so I am paying it forward. I have always been dissatisfied with my breast size. My mom and sister both have large breasts so I thought it was just a waiting game but still at age 20 I had hardly a 34b. I considered breast augmentation but never even met with a plastic surgeon because I thought it was too expensive and I felt ashamed. By age 25 and 2 kids later, breastfeeding has left my breasts asymmetrical and deflated. I talked to my husband about it and he was supportive about my idea. I live in southern California with access to unlimited plastic surgeons, after much reasearch I scheduled a consultation with dr poutsi, though it was a 1.5 hour commute, it was well worth it. Him and his staff were amazing, I was very nervous and I felt instantly at ease when Daisy checked me in and went over everything. While I waited to see Dr poutsi I read his certifications (double board certified) and felt even better after meeting him. He is extremely experienced with 20+ years and performs hundreds (well over the average) of breast augmentation procedures a year. The next day I scheduled my surgery & pre op and put a 500$ deposit down. I am confident he will deliver my desired look, I liked the 450cc sizers, I am going with silicone. My pre op is in a couple days so I will know in more detail about what he will go with to achieve my desired look. I am so excited! Three more weeks until BA day!
Testimonial: Dr Pousti is honestly amazing. Even at six months post op he always answers all of my questions and makes time to see me if the office for questions. I am always worrying about something, it is in my nature, so I ask a lot of questions! Appointments are also always available which is awesome. Thank you doctor!! The doctor and everyone in the office is welcoming and reassuring.
Testimonial: I am a 25 year old who has lived with insecurity and a horrifying feeling about the way my breast looked. I always felt as though my breast were a “weird” shape, but I ignored my judgie thoughts and choose to believe that they were just the way breast were suppose to look. Not only did my breast shape look like snoopy the dogs snout but my nipples were oversized, my breast pointed outward, I had the largest gap in the cleavage area and my breast were a size AA. At the age of 17 I looked into breast augmentations, during this time I confirmed my worst fear. I had far from normal body parts I could only understand that my breast were deformed. I learned about Tuberous and constricted breast I felt worse knowing that I was not an average woman, in a way I felt ashamed and ultimately embarrassed. Over the course of 8 years I debated cosmetic surgery because I was afraid of my high standards, I was afraid of being disappointed, I was afraid of all the negative complications. It took all of 4 different consultations and a recommendation to Dr. Pousti before I decided to just trust that there was a possibility to live a more comfortable life. Dr. Pousti is a charismatic, insightful and courteous surgeon. He was able to look past convincing me to follow through with the surgery but painted the bigger picture. He made sure to explain the pros and cons and everything in between during the consultation. I felt comfortable and well taken care of. Along with Dr. Pousti are his caring staff Daisy, Vanessa, Lauren and Helen, the anesthesiologist and OR nurse who all helped with the entire process by answering questions and providing reassurance of the procedure. It is early to tell my final results but overall I feel confident that I will love the results.
Testimonial: I am currently only 3 weeks post-op, but I know already that this is the look I want. I didn’t know going in what I would be getting exactly (profile and cc’s), but I communicated well with Dr. Pousti and his staff and made a poster. I personally wasn’t too nervous about the procedure, but that’s just me. I was more concerned about what I would look like afterwards, but Dr. Pousti and his staff really listened to me and reassured me. The procedure went smoothly and I got calls from the staff (and Dr. Pousti!) before and every day after the surgery to make sure everything was going smoothly and to answer any questions I have. I totally trusted Dr. Pousti and am loving the results so far! When it was time to get serious about getting a BA and finding a surgeon, I knew in my heart I would pick Dr. Pousti even before I met him. Even still, I went to 2 other surgeons just so that I can say I didn’t make a rash decision, and he is 2+ hours away from me. From the beginning to even now, the process has been amazing. His staff is so accommodating, Dr. Pousti is an experienced surgeon, who knows what he is doing, and will give you the results you want, in the safest and best technology available. He is sweet and knows what your desires are. He cares about his practice and patients. Highly recommended. As someone once told me who got her BA done several years ago, “He is the best of the best!”
Testimonial: I don’t even know where to start.. Dr.Pousti and his staff are beyond amazing and caring… They made me feel so comfortable from the day of my consultation and till today I can’t say I have any complains at all… The procedure was easier than I thought it would be.. I was only on pain meds for 5 days… My results exceeded my expectations… I’m so happy I did it.. If you’re looking to have a breast augmentation Dr. Pousti is the Dr to see.. Super chill.. Tells you everything you want to know.. Amazing!
Testimonial: I could not even fit into a kids bra and wanted to have confidence and feel like a woman plus have my clothes fit nicely! I have a small frame so I wanted boobs that fit my body frame and I wanted them to look natural! I feel like he really listened to what I wanted but also gave his expertise (which made me go larger). I’m glad I trusted him and took his advice they turned out exactly how I had pictured them! I got silicone implants and one is 350cc and the other is 375cc! I was a little lopsided ???? Dr. Pousti and his staff are all really friendly and welcoming. I felt like he really listened to what I wanted and also gave his expertise to get me to the wonderful outcome I have today!
Testimonial: Dr. Pousti & staff took excellent care of me when I had my tummy tuck, breast augmentation & liposuction procedures done back in 2008. After two pregnancies, breastfeeding, gaining 100lbs and then drastically losing weight, my body needed LOTS of help. Thankfully, I found Dr. Pousti through a referral from good friend of mine who had her breast augmentation done with him & was extremely happy with her results. I had seen numerous plastic surgeons but for some reason it didn’t feel right (it’s kind of like the feeling you get when shopping for a wedding dress). So I thought I’d give this surgeon a try. However, I was hesitant at first because it was a T-H-R-E=E hour drive for me. But, after the first visit with Dr. Pousti I knew THIS was the one! Vanessa was especially caring and attentive to my concerns. She was always pleasant to talk to & did her very best to accommodate me. Most importantly, she always made me feel welcomed Love that girl! Dr. Pousti is also very charming, honest and genuinely wants the best outcome for his patients. I’m extremely pleased with my results. I went from an A to a full C, my tummy is flat (kangaroo pouch is gone!) and most importantly my confidence level & self-esteem is off the charts! …7 years later I still feel and look great thanks to Dr. Pousti! Thank you Dr. Pousti, Vanessa & staff for making this an extraordinary experience!
Testimonial: My goals for this surgery is to have a fuller figure. While dating a German man who insists he is a butt guy, I have always been self conscious about my tiny breasts. Currently I am a 34A or a 34B on a good day, while my lower end can fit into a size 2 jeans. Though I have a tiny frame, it would mean the world to me to utilize the V neck T-shirts every once in a while, or to be able to fill out the dresses as shown on the mannequin. It has always been hard for me to accept that my breasts were going to remain small, as I have been the same cup size since I was 15… I was a late bloomer in that department and was doomed from the beginning. I have always wanted bigger breasts to feel more confidant, and to feel like i can bring a theatrical aspect to things in the bedroom. I often feel more secure in the dark, wearing a t-shirt, or under a blanket, but I have confidence that these new additions will help me come out of my shell. I am tired of having to wear 4 bras just to be comfortable in public, or to feel evened out. I have had quite a few friends go for help in this department to Dr.Pousti and have since had amazing results. Now that it’s my turn I am beyond excited. After surgery nothing will hold me back anymore! So far Dr. Pousti has been very honest and up front with me about expectations on my procedure. The girls that work there are very nice and the lady that will be assisting Dr.Pousti in the surgery broke everything down for me in a way that was easy to understand. After all of my consultations so far I am no longer worried about surgery. I will be getting a max of 400CC Silicone High Profile Breast implants, and will be updating my reviews after surgery as well.
Testimonial: My second child was born with a heart defect that resulted in 3 open heart surgeries so far, because of that I had to use a pump so she was able to be feed through her feeding tube. Needless to say it was brutal to my breasts. They looked deflated and saggy skin. I talked with a friend who had used Dr. Pousti for her breast augmentation and I immediately called for a consultation. As soon as I walked into the office I was greeted with such a friendly staff! They made me feel so comfortable. Dr. Pousti and his nurse sat with me and went over size and shape in intricate detail. They surgery itself was quick and so far recovery has been good. I am one week post op and am loving the daily calls from his office checking in on how I am doing and there for any questions! Dr. Pousti is so amazing! He makes you feel so special and comfortable. He is very professional, and I love how much detail he gives and goes over, making sure you get exactly what you want.
Testimonial: Just updating my one year after my surgery! Everything is perfect! It has gone so smooth. this is still the best decision of my life and would recommend this exact surgeon to anyone! The girls in the office also ease the process.. Especially Vanessa! She is a sweetheart and always greats you with a warm smile. Since my surgery I’ve had 3 of my friends go get BAs and they also all love Dr Pousti and his staff!
Testimonial: I can’t believe tomorrow is the big day!! I have been waiting for 15+ years. I have always had a extra small bust (unless I was pregnant or nursing) and noticed that my chest wall really sinks in compared to most people. I remember the first time I told my mom I wanted a BA ( I think I was 16 maybe 17) and she told me to wait until I was older and had all my children. Well a husband and 4 kids later here I am. During my consultation I tried on 350cc sizers and thought those looked really nice. I was set on that size BUT then (here comes the boob greed) I started shopping and looking at the pic my husband had taken with the sizers and found myself wanting more. So during my pre-op I tried 400cc and love loved them. Here is what I know….I can have boob greed all I want but that doesn’t mean it is going to have the keep them guessing look I. No matter what size I end up with it will be better than what I have always had and they will be much similar in size. I am so excited and can not wait until I can have a itty bitty titty committee bra burning party!!! I am so lucky to have been referred to Dr. Pousti. He is amazing and compassionate. During my consultation I broke down crying due to the self esteem issues I have with my breasts and it was very nerve wracking for me to go through the consultation. My husband was their to hold my hand and so was Dr. Pousti and his staff. All my worries and concerns were listened to and addressed. My pre op was so smooth and I was much more confident knowing the staff was there to catch me if I had an emotional fall again.
Testimonial: Dr. Pousti did an amazing job on my constricted breast augmentation. I couldn’t be happier with the result. He is always very kind and informative and his staff is just wonderful. I found that there was a lot of information made available for me such as videos and pamphlets to help answer all of my questions, as well as prepare me for what to expect. I would definitely recommend Dr. Pousti if you have constricted, under developed, or tuberous breasts.
Testimonial: I am 23 years old and I know I am young to have wanted this surgery. I did this for me and to feel proportional for once in my life. It is 3 days post surgery and I am still very sore and trying to think pain is temporary. I am so far pleased with my results and it will definitely take my body some time to get used to the surgery. Dr. Pousti is a gift from God. He was meant to do this job and help the thousands of people he has. He is an awesome man with a huge heart to want to make people feel confident and beautiful about themselves. His staff goes above and beyond anyone I have ever been around. Within the first visit I was hooked. I had been to a couple other doctors but never felt that connection or satisfaction as I did in his office. Daisy was the first to make me feel so comfortable and she just goes above and beyond an employee. All the staff is amazing. During surgery he was there the entire time and made me feel safe and comfortable since this was my first surgery. He held my hand and reassured me that everything was going to be fine. I would recommend him to anyone who wants a doctor who truly cares, who meets the needs that you want as a patient, and who is there every step of the way. Dr. Pousti and his staff are beyond amazing and go above and beyond what I had ever expected.
Testimonial: So I’m 27 years old I breast-fed one child I am 5’5″ and 138 pounds I’m currently a B cup and I would like to go to a large C . My surgery is in four days and I am extremely nervous about anesthesia and the surgery itself . I’m still really confused about the size I’m going to go . My doctor suggest 375 cc but everybody keeps telling me I’m going to have huge boobs if I do that people think I’ll be a DD ! I know it’s different on everyone but I’m not that big of a person . So I’m concerned and wondering if I should tell the doctor I want to be smaller maybe 350 cc . I’m getting under the nipple incision and under the muscle also I’m doing silicone . So far I have gone my prescriptions filled and gone my house and things ready I’m just thinking if there’s anything else I can possibly do to prepare myself I’m so excited but I’m still pretty nervous about a few things! Is anybody else a friend of anesthesia and does anyone have an input on this size the doctor recommends for my body type ? So far my doctor has team amazing he’s been really kind and so has his staff .
Testimonial: I had gone to many consultations and none seem to address my real issues. I hated how my implants would seem to go into my armpits when I laid on my back. I also wanted them closer together. I had gotten my first pair when I was only 19. Now being 36 and two kids later I knew I needed a great doctor. I kept seeing Dr Tom Pousti’s work all over the net. I knew I wanted him to be my dr. (Even though that meant traveling). I trusted my gut and knew within five minutes of meeting him that I made the right choice. He had me bring pictures of what I like and don’t like. He said he was going to repair my breast pockets so the implants would remain close together in the right position. He’d choose the actual implant size during surgery to see what looks closest to my desired look. When I woke from surgery He said “don’t be worried but I did 655 cc high profiles” I remember thinking “wow that sounds big!” ???? but I trusted him completely, and couldn’t be happier. They look gorgeous. I get tons of compliments on them. They are full, close together and very soft. Dr. Pousti is an amazing dr! He’s a very intelligent and kind Dr. Couldn’t be happier with him.
Testimonial: I’m 36 yrs old and had small (Cup A) Tubular Breasts and I wanted to correct for a more natural, fuller look. I found Dr Pousti through online reviews and I would absolutely recommend him and his staff. I came to Dr Pousti with a basic list of wants – I wanted to address my constrictive breasts issue and a achieve a more rounded shape. And although I was looking to increase the breast size, I did not want to over do it. Living in CA, you find too often surgeons pushing their own aesthetics on their patients so that was definitely a concern I had walking into any doctor’s office but Dr Pousti was not like at all – he listened, answered my questions, gave his recommendations, but in the end was respectful of my decisions. I felt like there was always an open dialogue with the surgical approach. For example, he recommended a sub-muscular placement and silicon implants for tubular breasts since the implant would need to sit partially outside the pocket to create a rounded shape. Therefore, the implant would be felt through the skin so Silicon would provide a more natural feel. However, I have personal reservations about silicon and I opted on Saline instead. Dr. Pousti never pushed his own agenda and made me comfortable with my decision. His staff was excellent, courteous, kind, helpful and reassuring. They were very kind pre and post-op. He has really surrounded himself with wonderful people. In all my appointments I felt he devoted so much time to answering my questions and being genuine. Its been 6 months post-op and I absolutely love the results! I have no regrets – not even the saline! 🙂 Thank you again Dr. Pousti!
Testimonial: I just got my breast lift and augmentation and Lipo on my arms and this is my 4 th day post op I feel good just a little sore but meds are helping a lot … Dr Pousti and his team are just so GREAT nice and caring just wonderful all around …I was a little nervous but more excited then anything …I gave Dr Pousti all my trust and he answered all my questions before surgery … I also gave him my goal pictures on a poster and I trusted him so much that I told him to make me look like the pictures as much as he could and I would let him decide on how much cc’s I would need ….He’s a great Dr I have lotts of friends that want to get surgery and Ive already recommended Dr pousti …it’s been an amazing experience thanks to Cindy for recommending Dr Pousti and thank u Daisy for calling me everyday to see how I was doing everything u told me to try helped …I couldn’t be happier and I can’t wait for Monday to maybe take a look at them I still haven’t took a peek ???????????? I love it that he’s there and he pays attention to what u want and hold your hand at bedside …made me feel secure
Testimonial: I had my surgery this past Tuesday. Everything went great the day of surgery. The pain commenced soon after I woke up from the anesthesia. Day 1 was the worst pain day, but everyday has gotten a little better. My only fear at this point is that I did not go big enough. I have an appointment tomorrow, so maybe I’ll get a sneak peek at them. I tried on sizers 450cc during my office visits, but during the procedure he ended up 360 cc on the right and 385 cc on the left. Dr. Pousti was great in calming me down before the procedure began. His office staff has been very attentive on checking in on me for the past 2 days.
Testimonial: I’m 35 and have always wanted to enhance my breast size, but was always nervous about getting this type of surgery done. I finally decided to explore my options. I narrowed my search down to three local plastic surgeons. After my first consultation with Dr Pousti, I knew he was the perfect fit for me. He is very knowledgeable, professional, and caring. Most important to me though was seeing the before and after photos of his work. They looked very natural which is what I was most concerned with. I went to a couple more pre-op appointments where we discussed all my concerns, expectations, and I brought photos of results I was hoping for. The surgery and recovery have been a lot easier and much less painful than I thought. I felt very supported through this process. Dr. Pousti, Heather, Daisy, and pretty much all staff have been amazing, very sweet, and caring. I got daily calls post surgery to make sure I was ok. Two weeks after surgery, I LOVE my results. I know that I am still pretty swollen still, but I can only imagine how great they are going to look once fully recovered. I highly recommend Dr Pousti to anyone considering breast augmentation ? Amazing. He really cares about his patients. He listens and makes sure he understands your goals and concerns, then makes professional suggestions. He is very professional and just an amazing person all the way around.
Testimonial: Wow. Just wow. Im living in dubai and i flew to london first for a consultation and walked out knowing something didnt feel right. So i kept researching and came across dr. Pousti. And what a god send he was. So so happy I kept looking. From the pre op session with daisy who was amazing and gave me so much info and made me feel so comfortable. Plus they let me talk to someone who was back in after 10 days for a check up. Was so great to talk to someone who jusy went through it. The communication was on point considering i was in dubai and its been amazing ever since with constant check ups from the nurses as they found my number at the hotel. They literally go the extra mile. Im only 2 days post op it does hurt and i am in a little pain but the pills prescribed really help and put you to sleep so you sleep well. Cannot be more happier. Honestly. 10/10. Thank you a million dr. Pousti and team. Will keep posting further down the track for those who would like to know more. Xx
Testimonial: Thank you for everything you have done for me! I never thought I would have the opportunity to have surgery, things haven’t always been easy for us. This year, 2015 has been such a monumental and positive year for our family. I want you to know I so appreciate your time and care, you and your staff are so kind and it means a lot to me and my family. Thank you again
Testimonial: 5 star results and service! Deciding to get breast augmentation surgery is a big decision, and I wanted a professional. From calling to book my consultation to all of my post op appointments I’ve received the best care from Dr. Pousti and his staff. I couldn’t have chosen a better plastic surgeon for my Breast Augmentation! The consultation process was fun and informative. The whole appointment isn’t with Dr. Pousti himself but I wasn’t disappointed by how well informed and helpful Daisy was! He made suggestions based on images I brought in and I made a board showcasing my likes/dislikes that I brought to my pre-op appointment. Dr. Pousti promised to get me as close to my dream within safety (Let’s just say I didn’t want to regret not going bigger). I love that safety is always his number one concern. My surgery was performed on May 29th 2015. The scheduling for time had changed some since originally booking which was stressful at first since we had a babysitter who had a time schedule that day. Helen was very sweet and reworked the schedule to work with mine. (Thank you so much!) I know that things change and don’t always go as predicted so I wasn’t upset for any following changes. My surgery was delayed a few hours, but I was completely calm and excited while waiting. The surgery center is used by several surgeons and sometimes schedules get thrown off. Not all surgeries go as predicted. Life doesn’t go as predicted . Dr. Pousti came in to talk with me and my husband prior to surgery, apologized for the delay and thanked me for my patience, discussed any other concerns or last minute questions, discussed sizes and safety and made his markings. He excused himself to prepare for my surgery and once I was back in the room I started to get nervous. Dr. Pousti kindly held my hand as I was put under anesthesia. ‘ Upon waking up, my husband was brought back almost immediately. They made sure I was awake enough before sending me off. I’m just over a month out from surgery and I have to thank Dr. Pousti and his staff for answering all questions and concerns I’ve had while healing. I will admit I cried the first time I saw my breasts. I didn’t sneak peeks at all. They were absolutely what I was hoping for. They are still perfect and I couldn’t be happier! I look forward to all appointments and am so happy I did my research on board certified plastic surgeons before deciding to see Dr. Pousti! I get asked a lot who my surgeon was and always give his information out!
Testimonial: I had a recent breast augmentation and lift by Dr. Pousti. I am very happy with my procedure…this doctor and his staff are absolutely amazing. I wanted to send a special Acknowledgement to Heather. She is amazing!!! She is always smiling and has a incredibly positive attitude. She goes the extra mile to make you feel comfortable. She truly cares and it shows. I am always excited to go to my appointments and see Dr. Pousti, Heather and the rest of the staff…I am very very glad I chose this doctor for my procedure. Absolutely amazing. An incredible doctor and staff who really cares.
Testimonial: I have always been large-chested but very slender (34C/D). Exercise, aging, the birth of 4 babies, and breastfeeding have all taken their toll on my breasts. My issues were sagging, deflation, and loss of volume as well as stretched areolas. After the birth of my fourth child in 2013, I became increasingly self conscious of this. After much research, I made the decision that breast augmentation with a donut mastopexy was the right choice for me. I am thrilled with my result. I got 415cc silicone implants. My breasts are full but feel very natural. I have more confidence and love the way that my clothing is fitting me. Most importantly, I still feel like myself, only better. I just wanted to add that I am 5’6″, 116 pounds and got 415. Cc silicone high profile implants. I could not be more thrilled with my choice in a doctor. Dr. Pousti was so patient, kind, and caring. He is a master of the trade. He went the extra mile to make me feel comfortable. His office staff is very professional. They give each and every one of their patients first class treatment! I am so grateful and appreciative of them every step of my journey.
Testimonial: At first I was very nervous about a surgery that’s this big, I’ve never had any cosmetic surgeries before and wasn’t sure what’s the outcome, I’ve looked up so many cosmetic surgeons and especially for Breast Augmentation. Dr. Pousti came across my search and I was very impressed with his experience with his work and patients after result and their reviews about his work. I made my consultation, after the first visit with him, I was much more confident about my surgery, he made me understand the different views, the pros and cons of the surgery. I paid my fee to hold a surgery date for me that very first visit I had with him. Before the surgery I was nervous, during the surgery day it went really well, I didn’t feel much pain at all during my whole post op, I took my medication on time and followed the doctor’s instruction for aftercare. After the Surgery, his staff was calling me every single day for the first three weeks to check up on me and my after care. I had my first postop appointment a week after my surgery and second one two weeks after and third and fourth. until today, after my two months post op, he is still seeing me to see how I’m doing and how are my breast settled. I want to thank all of his staff, especially Vanessa for answering most of my questions and Dr. Pousti who did a fantastic “art work” on my breast and now they’re looking better than ever! and I’m only two months out, I can’t wait to see how my breast will look six month from now
Testimonial: I have been blessed enjoying being active my whole life & also blessed w/ good genes to help keep me thin. Breast size used to be no issue for me up until about 3 years ago… Maybe because I’m getting older, or maybe I’ve lost more body fat who knows? Over the last three years I’ve been bothered by not filling out my clothes and feeling sexy like a woman instead of like a fit young girl with a boyish figure. After taking the time to think if it was what I really wanted I decided I need to just do it! And luckily I have a supportive husband who said just do it! I didn’t want really large breasts- just as natural looking as possible, mostly proportionate to my body frame (slightly a little bit was ok with me) 🙂 and Dr. Pousti came highly recommended from three different people. One of my coworkers and then randomly two girls that I asked who they saw because I loved their results! Even though one of them had much larger breasts than I desired- they still looked amazing and as natural as they could being big boobies 🙂 here is my journey of pictures….. I’m 4 days post op and have zero complaints!!!!! Follow the doctor’s orders, eat healthy, rest, take your pain meds ALWAYS WITH FOOD, and recovery is a breeze! First day is the most sore— like working out really hard and having a sore muscle/rib cage, but suck it up buttercup it’s not that bad AT ALL!!!!!! Everyone involved with Dr. Pousti’s practice is so kind, genuine, knowledgeable, and all the ladies are so pretty!!!!! Thank you for making me even more excited about doing this procedure and encouraging me to really try to explain through pictures and descriptions about what I wanted… More importantly thank you Dr. Pousti for listening! Best quality a man can have! xxoo
Testimonial: I cannot say enough good about my experience with Dr.Pousti and his staff. I have always been in the IBTC (itty-bitty-titty-committee) and for 8 years i wanted to resign from it! Financially, it seemed crazy to pay $6000 or more for a pair of boobs, so that ended up stopping me from doing the augmentation for 8 years. This post will be full of TMI and embarassing facts but to really let you know how inconfident of my body i was, my husband did not see my pre-augmentation boobs until WELL AFTER we were married and pregnant because they finally grew a little (i dont know if i should pity him or applause him!). Looking back one week after surgery, i regret the time i lost these years where i could have been more confident in myself, and i wish i did them sooner. The money was worth it already. I am so pleased with my body now. I had a baby 9 months ago and any other mother knows how much your body changes and how it negatively affects your confidence and (sorry to be blunt but,) sex life with the hubs! Even though i was flatter than a pancake, my husband was always telling me “your body is perfect! Dont change a thing !”. My advice ladies?… Your husband will (AND SHOULD) always tell you “that meatloaf was better than my moms” even when it was burnt to ashes. Dont listen to them lol. Yes, im happy my husband found perfection in my no-boobed chest, but i can see the distinct change in his affection now that i look more like a woman lol. All jokes aside, Dr.Pousti and his staff had excellent customer service that went above and beyond any business ive ever delt with. I work in the medical field and to personally recieve a call from your doctor to check up on you pre and post op is a very rare and appreciated thing. Every day after surgery i recieved a call from either Dr. Pousti himself or his staff to see how i was doing or answer any questions. 4 days after surgery i had a post op visit and i recieved beautiful roses from Pousti and his staff which really made me smile. The surgery was a breeze. The only downfall was the two hour wait before the appointment, but its understandable. The only flaw with my experience that i would like to share is the parking situation. They only accept cash and the office never has validation stickers to validate your pass. I dont mind paying 3$ to park, but i dont always come with cash. For my Post-surgery check up, the parking attendent made me get back out of the car and walk over to get cash from the coffee shop (not a tremendous thing to ask but sucks when youre in pain). Overall, 10/10; Would do it again if my boobies werent already perfect! 🙂 THANK YOU Pousti and staff. amazingly professional and talented
Testimonial: Just had my breast augmentation surgery on Tues (June 23) and I am feeling great! Every single person that helped arrange this procedure has been wonderful! You can tell they all love working for Dr. Pousti and after meeting him I can see why. He is so kind hearted and genuine. He has your best interest in mind and wants to make sure he has the clearest picture in his head of what your wants and desires are so try your very best to show him pictures and explain in detail what you want! He is there for YOU! I heard his name for the first time from a co worker of mine and I looooooved her results. She saw Dr. Pousti 10 years ago and said he was amazing and her breasts looked amazing! She gave me his card and I saved it for about 3 years until I was ready to really consider having this elective surgery done. I am a dental hygienist and one of our most favorite patients came in to the office one day and announced to myself and two other girls that she had had her breasts done and she was soooo happy! I loved her results and asked who she saw and she said Dr. Pousti…. Hmmmm… This guy must know his boobies 🙂 Then my husband and I were at the OTL tournament with a bunch of other guys- I think I was the only girl. They wanted to get girls to flash them (stupid boys) and there was this one sweet girl that started talking to me and asked her if she had her boobs done and she said yes. I said they look amazing- who did them? She says Dr. Pousti!!! Coincidence….?! I would highly highly recommend him to anyone considering having this procedure done and please don’t be scared!!!!! If you’ve ever worked out and gotten pretty sore- that’s what the day of and day after surgery feel like, but no worse than that! Pressure and tightness! And it’s SO worth it! Dr. Pousti and his staff are truly there for you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking care of me and listening to what I wanted along with offering your highly expert opinion! I trusted you whole heartedly not only because of the other three girls who had great results, but also because I can tell you sincerely love what you do and want to take care of your patients. XXOO TO ALL POUSTI STAFF!
Testimonial: Dr. Pousti and his staff are amazing. He informed me of the risks associated with the surgery and answered my questions. Cindi walked me through the initial consultation and answered my questions. Daisy checked in with me everyday after my surgery. The staff cared immensely about my recovery. My surgery was on Wednesday. My chest looked like city plans had been drawn on it to give Dr. Pousti a reference to place the implants. He did a phenomenal job, therefore, scrubbing off the city plans was easily forgiven. I was off the pain meds on Friday, 48 hours later. I hate being on medication and the meds made me feel slow as well as made me constipated (sorry, TMI, but it was awful). Pick up fiber/iron pills, Colase, milk of magnesia, or something of the sort to help. I left the surgery center with my sexy grandma support bra that I wear day and night for the next few weeks. I washed it on day 4 and the 40 mins I had the compression bra off, I put on a bikini top. My breasts felt like bowling balls hanging from my chest with no support. It is frustrating to be limited to lift only 5 lbs the first couple weeks. My laptop is over 5 lbs and my chest muscles contracted often after I made the mistake of lifting it. Definitely, take it easy for 2 weeks after the surgery; no lifting. The first few nights, I slept sitting up. On the first night, I stood on my own and was thankful a friend stayed with me. I didn’t know my limitations and having a friend help me out the first night after surgery was wonderful. My chest is tight. I take deep breaths and put my shoulders back to help alleviate my back, which is tight from hunching forward & sleeping ackwardly. I recommend Dr. Pousti to anyone contemplating breast augmentation. He asked me to bring in pictures of the look I wanted to achieve. His office has a computer aided design machine that takes pictures of you and can be modified to give you an idea of how your breasts will look. I am extremely happy with the results and my surgery was 8 short days ago. I’m active, previously I competed in bodybuilding and I had a very modest to flat chest. Now, my chest is propotional to my body. Dr. Pousti is an amazing doctor and his staff is extremely caring, knowledgable, and kind.
Testimonial: I had a recent breast augmentation and lift by Dr. Pousti. I am very happy with my procedure…this doctor and his staff are absolutely amazing. I wanted to send a special Acknowledgement to Heather. She is amazing!!! She is always smiling and has a incredibly positive attitude. She goes the extra mile to make you feel comfortable. She truly cares and it shows. I am always excited to go to my appointments and see Dr. Pousti, Heather and the rest of the staff…I am very very glad I chose this doctor for my procedure. Absolutely amazing. An incredible doctor and staff who really cares.
Testimonial: I am 39 years old, 5’3″ and about 116 lbs. I am extremely petite, only about 29″ around below my breasts, and wear a 32A. I have been dissatisfied with my lack of chest development since I was in high school, and have always been a little self-conscious about it. Everywhere else I have been able to sculpt curves with weight training– I’m pretty proud of my muscular development and especially my booty, but nothing I can do will ever increase my breast size except surgery. When I was about 24 I had a consultation with a plastic surgeon in Eugene, OR for breast implants. My biggest concern has always been the effect that cutting through the muscle to put the implants underneath (I have far too little breast tissue to go over the muscle) would have on my ability to continue weight training. I am not huge muscularly, by any means, but it’s something that makes me feel strong and powerful, and it’s important to me. The doctor– I honestly can’t remember his name at this point– basically laughed at me, and said condescendingly that it sure didn’t look like I was a weight lifter. I was so stunned by his lack of professionalism, especially considering that I went to him because I already have certain insecurities about my body, and he only succeeded in making me feel worse. I put the thought of surgery out of my mind, and did not decide to pursue it again until a little over a year ago. I eventually convinced myself that I should wait until after I had kids, because I didn’t want anything to interfere with breastfeeding. But here I am, staring down 40, and I still haven’t gotten married or had any kids. I decided it was time to stop waiting for things that might never happen, and at least finally do something that I’ve wanted for years. I saw a doctor in Beverly Hills whom one of my friends had recommended. He seemed perfectly capable and actually listened to me without mocking me, which, sadly, was already quite a step up from my previous experience, but he was far more expensive than I had anticipated, and I still didn’t feel that “ah-ha” moment with him. I went on a military deployment, saved up enough money to have the surgery done, and then discovered this site several months ago. I have been completely obsessed. I started following a few doctors based on their patients’ feedback, and eventually came across Dr Pousti, who just happens to be a 15 minute drive from me here in San Diego. When I saw that he also offers a military discount, I had to make the consultation. I had no idea the consultation would take so long. In both of my prior experiences, I was in and out within about 20-30 minutes. I was at Dr. Pousti’s office for 3 hours! But it was great– I got to meet and talk to 3 of his current patients, who were in various stages of recovery, and even felt a couple of their results! Everyone in his office was so helpful and open. I was really shocked that they just let me feel their boobs! But it’s also brilliant marketing! I tried on sizers and narrowed it down to 300-350 CCs. I also had questions about lipo, since I’ve always had a bit of a “pot belly,” which doesn’t go away no matter how hard I work out. Both Dr. Pousti and a member of his staff, who had also had the procedure done, recommended I wait if I think I might be having kids in the next 5 years. I knew I was ready to schedule my surgery then. If they care enough about their patients to talk them OUT of procedures, as well as being completely transparent about the work done in the practice, I knew this was the place for me. And it turns out Dr. Pousti doesn’t even cut through the chest muscles- he somehow slips the implant in-between the muscles. I felt like, finally, most of my fears had been put to rest. I asked to schedule as soon as possible, and was told that a spot had opened up in 2 1/2 weeks, June 26th. I whipped out my wallet and put down the deposit. I’ve waited long enough for this. The 26th can’t come soon enough.
Testimonial: I had the best experience with Dr. Pousti; he is a master of this craft and the absolute BEST in San Diego! I went from a small size B to a full D and couldn’t be happier; they look perfect and I am now more comfortable with my breasts. I would highly recommend Tom for any surgery due to his patience, dedication to getting the job done right and high levels of confidence throughout the entire process. I did get a small rash post-surgery that lasted a few miserable days, but this was not at the fault of Dr. Pousti, but just a reaction to the anesthetics. Once that went away with a light ointment, I can honestly say that it was well worth it Great!
Testimonial: All I can say is I’m very happy with dr. Pousti . I’m in love with how great he knows his stuff! He really shows he cares and his work speaks volumes. He is really the best doctor in this planet! Vanessa his MA is wonderful and so professional , heather is just so amazing and caring. I can’t wait for my BA in September !!! Love this dr. He really is the best! Words can’t express how amazing he is !
Testimonial: I was thinking about getting a breast augmentation for the last couple years. I finally decided it was time. I did my researcher a while and for the look and larger size that I was looking for. I knew Dr. Pousti was the ONLY doctor that could achieve my goals. I went in for my consult and immediately knew he was the plastic surgeon for me. I scheduled my surgery that same day! The staff is wonderful and Dr. Pousti’s bedside manner was exactly what I was looking for(the BEST). From beginning to end everyone made me feel so comfortable. The consult, pre-op, surgery and follow up after care was amazing. I am now 7 weeks post op and couldn’t be happier with the results. I can go on & on but honestly No words nor great reviews can describe what an amazing experience this was. I can never thank Dr. Pousti and his staff enough.
Testimonial: I was referred to Dr. Pousti by Vanessa. She and the staff were very professional and knowledgeable. I got my appts immediately. My mind was put at easy about any concerns. All my questions were answered promptly. There were many visual choices. Vanessa’s soft touch with removing the stitches was painless. And she continues to call me for any special notices, THANK YOU! Dr. Pousti made me comfortable and at easy. He informed me about everything breast augmentation. I trusted his judegment on size for a natural look. Recovery and follow up appt went well. I continue to recieve compliments. I have referred Dr. Pousti to others, thank you!
Testimonial: I always had asymmetry between my breast, there was a full cup difference between them and I wanted to correct as much as possible that problem. I met Dr. Pousti via a friend that had her breast augmentation with him. I absolutely loved him. The first time I went I was a bit scared, so I had my boyfriend come with me, but I felt extremely comfortable with him. He is very professional and you can tell he is very knowlegable. I had previously taken to 2 plastic surgeons but I was never comfortable enough to pull the trigger. He is a great listener, and will give you exactly what you want if you have realistic expectations. The day of the surgery I decided to also do a lift on my left breast, but not a nipple reduction, now in retrospect, I wish I would have listen to Dr. Pousti and just let him do the nipple reduction. He never suggests anything unnecessary and he is not pushy, he will only make suggestions if he believes he can give you a better service, that will make you happier with the outcome, so if you have asymmetry listen to him!!!! He is great, he makes you take pictures of what you want so he can see your aesthetics, so take your time picking those, it is important. Also one cannot forget about Dr. Pousti’s wonderful team. Everyone in there tried as much as possible to make you feel comfortable, and attend to your every need, and answer every question you could possibly have. They will call you daily at fist to check on you post surgery, which is great, because it makes you feel safe, and it takes away any worries you could have if you have any discomfort post surgery. They also schedule plenty of checkups, and if you feel anything that could be abnormal, they will immediately schedule you for an appointment. The location for the surgery is great, it makes you feel safe, and you can see the quality of care there is amazing. The nurses there are patient and very kind. I absolutely recommend him!!! If I ever get any plastic surgery procedure I am going to go with him. All his patients love him, Dr. Pousti and his staff are truly an amazing group, with the best costumer service of any medical group I have ever seen! Dr. Pousti is absolutely wonderful, he is professional, knowledgeable and very kind. He takes his time with every patient to get to know them, and listens to what the patient wants. I also love his honesty, he makes sure his patients know the most they can about the procedure, and the realistic expectations of the results. He will answer every question you have, and he is very easy to contact if you encounter any problems, or have any questions.
Testimonial: Let’s start with the outcome: 1 week, 2 days post surgery and I’m in love with my new “girls!!” Overview: 33 year old female, 5’5″ height, 115-120 lbs (after losing 20 lbs) 32A cup with all the padding in the world. Before I lost weight I wore a 34C Modest, happy, happy person Always a little insecure with my breast size/fullness, surgery always in the back of my mind, but I was ok using push up bras $6000 vs $60- you do the math. Motivation: My weight and breast size have fluctuated over the last 10 years, not by much. Some days I loved my body, some days I didn’t. About 2 years ago I made life behavior changes and am now at my healthiest and strongest, physically and mentally. So let’s talk boobs!!- As expected the more weight I lost/muscle gained (yay!!), the more breast size I lost as well (aww). After successfully living a healthier lifestyle and working on transforming my body (inside and out) to where I love it, there was one part of my body that I wanted to enhance but unable to do on my own, my breasts! I decided this getting a breast augmentation was something I wanted to do for myself, to treat myself for all the hard work I had done. It was like the cherry on top for my accomplishments. So at 1 week post surgery: Pros: -I have boobs!!! -World class people giving you world class service, taking care of you throughout the entire process -Surge in confidence (even though they’re strapped down everyday while recovering) -Very fast procedure -Recovery gets better and easier everyday Cons: -I miss life’s little luxuries of taking showers and stretching! (you can wash, bottom down) -Surgery is scary and there are risks! (Dr. Pousti and his staff help you through all the fears and deliver excellent service, risks are minimal with this team!!) -Surgery costs money (but you can save for it or finance it or win the lottery!) -Recovery can be painful (the medication helps and in the grand scheme of things it’s only temporary -Recovery does take time (again in the big picture, years later this will seem like it was a blink of an eye All of my star ratings are true, this team is top notch. All questions answered, never rushed. Dr. Pousti takes extreme care with his patients, end results, health throughout the process. Daisy calls me everyday to make sure things are going well with recovery. Dr. Pousti and his staff are amazing. Special shout out to Vanessa, Daisy, Bri and Estefania the girls that I’ve met and have been taking care of me at the office. Heather that took care of me right before surgery, answered any last questions. Dr. Hinkleman, the anesthesiologist, she was amazing as well, explained what would happened, put me at ease. The staff Dr. Pousti works with at the surgery center are amazing. (from the front desk, Susan the nurse during pre-op and Michael the nurse during post-op). And those were only the people that I’ve met, I know there are more people that have played a huge role in making my surgery a success.
Testimonial: I am so excited for my surgery tomorrow with Dr. Pousti. I absolutely love the staff and the Dr. They are real people who care and have made me feel very comfortable about my upcoming surgery. I feel relieved to know I am great hands going into this! I was hesitant deciding on this procedure until I had a friend go to Dr. Pousti and her experience and results were absolutely wonderful. I had one consult and decided it was time and I found the right doctor for the best results! I will be posting updates throughout the journey after tomorrow! The Dr. and staff have been extremely informative and comforting in preparation for my surgery tomorrow! I am so excited to see my results and feel so happy to have chosen Dr. Pousti for this big improvement!
Testimonial: countless internet searches led me to finally trust my instinct and make a consultation with Dr. Pousti, of Pousti Plastic Surgery in the San Diego area of California. I was motivated to make the call due to his expansive knowledge in Breast Augmentation, XL Breast Augmentation and countless Breast Augmentation Revisions. I liked the look of his work, how much obtainable information there was on the surgeon, and how informative his website was. I made the call to what I had a feeling was going to be my ONLY consultation. Dr. Pousti has an amazing staff and the Doctor himself is a man of miracles! I have my dream body and I couldn’t have done it without entrusting myself to him! This man will give you the body of your dreams! I can’t recommend him enough! I was a little apprehensive going into my appointment, it was a big decision and I’m big on vibes. I know that not everyone is for everyone and we can’t like everyone we meet. I knew the moment I checked into my consultation that I loved his staff and when he stepped through the door and I got to meet Dr. Pousti, I knew right away, he would be doing my surgery! He is such a caring and humble man. Not only does he respect family but safety is his number one concern. He promised to do everything he could within the safety of giving me my dream breasts and he delivered! I LOVED that he wanted to see a visual of what you were seeing in your head. I made a dream board full of breasts that I did and did not like and he was able to verbalize exactly what I was hoping for! I look forward to my appointments and daily calls from his staff to check in on me and answer questions! Hands down the best! Thank you Dr. Pousti! I LOVE my new breasts!
Testimonial: I first met Dr. Pousti in 2009 after doing some research on plastic surgeons for my daughter (26) who was wanting a breast augmentation. We immediately knew after meeting with him that he was our choice. My daughter could not be happier with her results & highly recommends him to all of her friends. I wanted a Mommy/Granny makeover for myself. My breasts are saggy (look like deflated balloons),my stomach has loose skin with stretch marks below my belly button (although I work out) I’m just not comfortable with the way I look naked. I desperately wanted to look & feel better in my own skin…I decided on Silicone Breast Augmentation (for fullness), Mastopexy III (breast lift), Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) I already knew that Dr. Pousti was my choice after he had done my daughters surgery !! I had my consultation & immediately the process was rolling…pre-op scheduled, surgery scheduled & because of my age (51) I had to get an EKG (for safety purposes) Dr. Pousti even recommended a fantastic cardiologist (in the same building, which was nice & convenient) I booked a hotel for the night before surgery & day of surgery (I highly recommend if you don’t live nearby-I’m approx. 2 hrs away) Dr. Pousti recommended a hotel near surgery center & I even received a referral discount. My pre-op appt was May 19 & at that time I had all of the markings done & had the pleasure of meeting Heather (Dr. Pousti’s assistant in surgery) I was getting anxious/nervous & she calmed me explaining every detail about surgery & assured me that she will be by my side the entire time. The next morning is surgery day & the first happy face I see is Heather & of course I was nervous. She sat with me the entire time in prepping process & definitely calmed my nerves because when Dr. Pousti arrived I was so relaxed & ready…Thank-you Heather !! The surgery went FANTASTIC & Dr. Pousti even came to check on me at the hotel that evening after surgery (Great bedside manner). I am now 21 days post-op & I feel amazing already for such a short time. I do realize it is still a long road ahead for healing, but I am so excited to see my end result. The most difficult part for me is not being able to be as active as I would like to be. Walking with a walker & staying hunched over is critical in healing (although can give back pain) I do short walks around my house & backyard. All of Dr. Pousti’s staff are amazing & check on me daily (Thank-You Daisy). I have been to his office several times so far since surgery to get drainage tubes removed, change dressing & check healing process. I barely get comfy in the waiting area & they’re already calling me back…love it !! Every visit has been with Heather (surgery assistant)…she is so friendly, professional & caring. She explained the process of what she was doing & answered all of my questions. It’s a GREAT feeling when I see Dr. Pousti & Heather walk in the door & to know I’m getting the best care possible !! Dr. Pousti is “The Best of the Best” & he has the most caring & professional assistant…Heather is Awesome !! If you want a “5 Star” Dr./Assistant…I strongly recommend Dr. Pousti, Heather & his Staff !!
Testimonial: Dr. Pousti, there are no words that can express the gratitude I feel in my heart and soul for all the care and work you have done on me. Finding out that Dr. Pousti’s middle name was Jesus and he was born on Christmas Day, my heart lit up. First thing that came to mind was that our almighty creator had blessed his hands and the Angels delivered him to earth as a gift to all of us with our spirits broken, so that he can restore it. So thank you for the uplifted confidence and restored spirit which to me was the real transformation, my body was just a plus. I am glad that I chose you as my plastic surgeon. I could not be any happier. My surgery and recovery went off without any complication. The home visit and the beautiful vase of flowers was not expected, so thank you for that. My results although I can not tell you at the moment because I am only 13 days post op but, as confident as you are in your work is as confident as I am in my results I am yet to see and so far everything is looking fantastic. Thank you with all of my heart. I hope that you continue to be humble, kind and that you heal a thousand more broken souls. Thank you Daisy for the warm welcoming and belonging feeling you made me feel whenever I entered the office. The time you took to answer our concerns and questions was unbelievably patient of you. Despite all the same repeated questions, you always remained kind and understanding to our need of comfort and reassurance. With your gentle hands, the removal of my sutures and drain tubes was easy and painless. Thank you again for your patience and kindness.
Testimonial: Prior to visiting Dr.Pousti I was not aware of what Tuberous Breast was. I just thought my breast didn’t fully develop and that was why they were not round and were so small. Dr.Pousti and his staff are super friendly and professional. After my consultation I googled Tuberous/ Constricted Breasts and sure enough I found pictures of other women who had breasts that looked like mine. Fast forward to today I am three weeks post op and I am super happy with the results I am seeing so far! I have round breasts and I feel really good about myself even though I am currently still wearing the post op sports bra. I wish I had done this procedure sooner. Very professional and talented!
Testimonial: So I have always wanted a breast augmentation but at first I was a little unsure if I would actually ever go through with it, so my husband and I researched high and low for a good Doctor. When we ran across Dr. Pousti, we saw his great reviews and thought why not go for at least a consultation. So I wanted to schedule a consultation but never ended up doing it because I was moving. When my husband left on deployment I thought what a perfect suppose for him to come home to and in March I was coming out to San Diego for spring break so I decided to schedule a consultation. As soon as I got to the office I have never been treated so kindly by everyone in the office and the girls behind the scenes like Vanessa and Cindy were awesome. .. They answered every question I had and what I loved about it was that they had real people there who had the same procedure done giving you a one on one testimonial just on how great Dr. Pousti is.. So I scheduled my augumentation right then and there based on the great experience I had at my consultation.. Well they were correct, Dr. Pousti is amazing. He gave me exactly what I wanted. He went as big as he could based on what was surgically safe for my body which I appreciated and It looked great from the fourth day out when I took the surgical bra off to now.. I am very pleased with my results.. I recommend Dr. Pousti to anyone.. Dr. Pousti and his staff are the most professional, friendly staff and really work to achieve your goals and dreams.. So if your thinking of doing it, Go For it.. Dr. Pousti is absolutely the best.. I traveled clear from Utah just for him to do my breast augumentation and it looks amazing.. He is professional and kind and I would recommend him and his staff to everyone..
Testimonial: Always wished for boobs that could fill in clothing. After having 3 kids decided to do something for myself! No regrets! Went from an A to small C. I looked up several different doctors and narrowed it down to a few. Ultimately decided to go with Dr. Pousti due to his credentials and reviews. Couldn’t be happier with my decision! Great experience! If you are looking for a “Hollywood” Dr. then Dr. Pousti is not for you. If you are looking to get from point A to point B safe and get the results you truly ask for then Dr.Pousti is your man!! He and his staff are wonderful from your first apt to your last. I can’t say enough positive things about him. Integrity and honesty to the max! I felt completely comfortable speaking with him. Vanessa and Daisy are outstanding! Very caring and personable. I look forward to my followup apts. No regrets and love my results! I got exactly what I asked for and couldn’t be happier!!
Testimonial: I initially wanted a BA before kids- I’m naturally small. I waited till after kids and still wanted the procedure done but I wanted to wait until I was over my self-loathing; I wanted to accept myself and not care what other people at the nude beach thought. Two years ago I came to that point. I scheduled three consults, but didn’t act. I did a 180 and decided I liked my boobs as-is, no surgery. I am back to considering a BA (we will have to put off buying a house for a few MORE years…). I am happy with myself, I have figured out what I’d like to achieve with a BA- 1) I would like my breasts full enough to support my nipples. As it is now they fold in/over when covered by bra or bikini. 2) I would like to fix the empty baggie look when I bend over. My husband found Dr. Pousti through RealSelf and the consult is scheduled. Review after Consult: Dr. Pousti and Vanessa were quite helpful. Obviously Dr. Pousti is a professional, but talking with him and interacting with him proved it on a deeper level. He is gentle, but not in a way that is pussyfooting and awkward. Just from the consult I was assured that he knows his business, he cares about his work and were I to commit to a BA I would have his full undivided attention. Dr. Pousti was able to answer the questions I had (why he prefers an incision at the aureola v breast crease, if one would be better in the long-term if I had medical issues, etc), he was complimentary, made easy small talk, included my husband very naturally in the discussion- this is his thing and he wants the results to please his patient and show his skill. I have a bit of a hernia at the naval that he noticed and just as an FYI told me the different ways it could be repaired and issues that may arise in the future. I have gone to consults when I was considering a full Mommy-Makeover and none of the other three PSs made me feel comfortable with the hernia fix, they didn’t explain any where near as completely or compassionately as Dr. Pousti did in just 3 minutes, and I wasn’t even there for that! When I’m in a position to tackle the mid-section I’ll be back to talk with Dr. Pousti. Vanessa listens really well, explains what to expect, thinks ahead to questions I may want answered (but just have no experience to even think to ask- totally appreciated) and brought in two example ‘dream boards’ which gave me some major inspiration and guidance.
Testimonial: I went today to Dr. Pousti for my 3 year check up. I cannot begin to say how pleased I am with my results. My husband was waiting when my surgery was finished and Dr. Pousti came out and explained in detail the procedure. Dr Pousti has always been very professional and his bedside manner is impeccable. I have an will continue to recommend him to anyone who might want this procedure. Dr. Pousti is an amazing surgeon! I would recommend him to anyone Needing his service. His staff is also some of the greatest women I have ever been around!
Testimonial: I was referred to dr. Pousti by a friend, not only did she love the Doctor but could not say enough wonderful things about thee entire staff. When I went in for my consult for breast lift and augmentation I had and felt the same experience as my friend did. CINDY was so nice and professional and took the time to answer my questions and along with the Doc put me at ease and comfort in helping me with my up coming procedure. Thank you cindy!
Testimonial: First off this review is way over due!! But better late then never. Dr. Pousti and his staff fall nothing short of amazing. I booked my initial consultation with him back in May of 2013. Going in I knew that I would need a lift along with implants because I lost around 30 lbs. Dr. Pousti told me all the pros and cons of going on with the procedure the day of my consultation. The difference between saline and silicone, under the muscle vs over etc etc. he made me feel that everything was going to go smooth but yet also said there is always a percentage of something going wrong because it was a lift and implants. After thorough research I went ahead with the procedure. I decided to to medium moderate profile with 425 cc under the muscle. At first everything was healing fine but as time went on I got a cc on my left breast. I want to say it was about six months out. Not Dr. Pousti fault but with his impeccable care and attention to detail as well bedside manner he caught this and I had a second surgery performed. I haven’t had any problems since! I’m currently 2 years post op and I’m very pleased with the work that he’s done! Dr. Pousti is simply the best. From the moment you walk in his office all his staff greet you with such grace and a smile doesn’t hurt that their all gorgeous as well!! Vanessa and Anna are the sweetest! From beginning to end Dr. Pousti and his staff will answer any and all questions that you have, and he will even personally call you to check on you even months after surgery. I’m so happy and pleased that I picked him to do my BA.
Testimonial: I have been wanting a breast augmentation for the past couple of years. And most recently they have made me feel more self conscious about my body. I requested some information online from Dr. Pousti’s website. Later that day I had received a phone call from one of receptionists in his office. They had happened to have a cancelation the next day and offered me the appointment. Upon arriving to the office I noticed his office was full of patients. This was a good sign to me, and also being in the medical field that says a lot about someone’s practice. They got me in on time and myself as well as my mom and boyfriend were greeted by Daisy. She started out asking what brought me there today and what I was most unhappy about with my breasts. Once she finished her initial intake with me she went to get Dr Pousti. He was very friendly and you could tell how passionate about his job he was. He told me what I would benefit from and went over all questions I had as well as ask my mom and boyfriend their concerns. After his consultation was done Daisy came back into the exam room and set me up in front of the 3D vectra machine which allowed us to see before and after pictures of my breasts, and possible sizes. I also was able to try on a sizer bra with possible sizes. Dr. Pousti later entered the room to check in and to let me know one of his patients who was 1 week post op was willing to let me see her after work. Hers were amazing looking!!! This type of customer service is what has made me feel comfortable with his practice. And I will be re writing this review after my sx date =) Thank you Pousti Plastic Surgery for making the experience 100% comfortable
Testimonial: Hola! Hace 8 semanas tuve mi aumento de senos con dr tom pousti! Desde que busque informacion sobre el me llamo la atencion. Mi esposo es militar y nos movimos a california. Siempre pense en el como doctor y me siento super contenta y feliz! Volveria siempre con el! Doctor muy atento y en la oficina muy serviciales y siempre con una sonrisa. He is the best ! Thanks pousti
Testimonial: Hey everyone! So I’m super excited because tomorrow is my surgery date!! This whole thing is so surreal, I can’t believe it’s happening! I wanted to take some time to write out my journey through this whole thing since I know I really appreciated reading all of your guys’ stories. Thank you all! 🙂 My stats: I’m about 5’1″ – big B or small C cup – pretty petite, but not too much since I’m kind of a couch potato (that’s just me being completely honest!) I’ve wanted bigger boobs ever since I was younger. Over the years it has been on my mind, and my financial situation finally allowed me to really get serious about getting them done. I came across Dr. Pousti a while back actually (when I wasn’t seriously looking for a breast augmentation). I was looking up doctors for fun back when I was in high school, and I remembered his name when I went back to actually search again for real! I researched his work thoroughly and looked at other doctors’ work as well. But to me, it seemed that Dr. Pousti really knew his stuff and had amazing results! So I went in for a consultation, and I spoke with Daisy, who is super sweet, and answered all of my questions. I even got to speak with one of Dr. Pousti’s patients too! When I spoke with Dr. Pousti, he felt genuine and even told me that it’s not a necessity for me to have them done. I felt no pressure to go through with it, but I set up my appointment that day anyways! 😀 Now here I am, and tomorrow is MY date! Yay! I really should be going to sleep now, so I will hopefully be updating soon. I will attempt to upload photos as well right now that way you guys can see what I’m workin with! My boobs aren’t bad. I actually like my boobs, I just want them to be BIGGER. p.s. it is now 12:10am so I’m not able to select my procedure date as 06/05/2015…. so it says 06/06/2015. but really it’s June 5th!!!!
Testimonial: After lots of research I consulted with Dr. Pousti about the breast augmentation procedure. His staff was very welcoming and one of his assistants Cindi made me feel comfortable right away. Not to mention he did her breast augmentation and she looks fabulous! I waited about 6 months thinking about it and decided to go back for another consultation and ask more questions. Dr. Pousti and Cindi both answered my questions and I met with a few lady patients that had their augmentations done and was able to get feedback about their experiences. I scheduled my surgery and Dr. Pousti gave me breasts that look so natural that people are shocked when they find out I wasn’t born this way. 🙂 Thanks to Dr. Pousti, Cindi and the rest of the staff for a great experience
Testimonial: I have never had any cosmetic surgery until May 1st. I had heard great things about Dr.Pousti so of course I booked my consultation! I came in to a very caring and professional staff. I can’t say enough good things about Vanessa. She helped me make such an important decision that would change my appearance. We chatted for quite some time during my consultation and also had the opportunity to talk everything through with Dr.Pousti. He is super caring and at the same time gave me his professional opinion on what was going to give me the result that I wanted. I had an awesome experience at the surgery center as well. The whole process was explained thoroughly and I had the pleasure of having Dr. Pousti by my side when I was put to sleep. How many doctors do that??!! I would recommend my doctor and his practice to anyone that is looking into getting any cosmetic procedure done. Thank you to Dr. Pousti and his wonderful staff for all the support during my experience! Dr. Pousti is a super knowledgeable and professional doctor! I had an amazing experience and if down the line I decided to see him again….I would!!! No doubt!!
Testimonial: I knew since I had my daughter that I was going to need/want a lift and implants. After I had my son I was finally ready to go through with the procedure. I was nervous about the recovery time because my husband had to leave soon after my procedure. That was pretty much my only concern with getting this procedure done. I’m now 1 week post-op and I have to keep reminding myself to be cautious because I forget that I just had surgery! Dr. Pousti is absolutely AMAZING! I had scheduled my surgery with another doctor previously and chickened out. When I finally decided to go through with it and schedule my surgery, they never returned my calls and I am SOOO thankful they didn’t, or else I would have never ended up at Dr Pousti’s office. I’ve never had a long wait in the office and he has always made me feel extremely comfortable. The most important thing I appreciated about Dr. Pousti was he didn’t promise results that were identical to the pictures I had in mind. He was realistic, and described in simple detail that it all depends on my body and how many cc’s my breasts would allow with a lift. I felt like that was very important because he was honest. My results have turned out exactly like I wanted, and are hands down a thousand times better than what I had imagined. Not to mention, there is not a single person in the office that I would give anything under 5 stars. They check on me daily and are there for any questions or concerns you have 24/7.
Testimonial: I have had such a good experience with Dr. Pousti and his staff, they are all very welcoming and make you feel so comfortable, like you are family. Both Dr. Pousti and his staff are so professional. I knew right then and there he was the one! Dr, Pousti was so informing on what he thought and did not rush any of my appointments. I had my post OP appointment on 1st of June and couldn’t be more excited. My surgery date is on the 18th of June, I will be getting a donut lift with a breast augmentation. My boobs became saggy and deflated after I had my child. I am currently a small D with no fullness on top. I will be getting 550 cc’s high profile under the muscle. I have absolutely no worries about surgery because I know no matter what Dr. Pousti will take care of me and put in his 100 percent effort on anything and everything he does to make a woman look and feel good again!! I will be uploading before and after pictures so please keep an eye out!!!
Testimonial: I recently had a breast augmentation performed by Dr. Pousti and the service provided by he and his staff has exceeded my expectations in every way. Dr Pousti is extremely knowledgeable, honest, polite, and attentive to his patients. Likewise, his staff have contacted me almost daily to check up on me during the first two weeks following my surgery. Given the quality of his work and his reputation I also feel his prices and extremely fair. If you are considering a breast augmentation or another plastic surgery procedure you should definitely put him at the top of your list.
Testimonial: My Personal Decision: I’ve contemplated having this surgery for years. Now in my mid 20’s and loving who I am becoming, I decided to treat myself well and have the courage to change the things I can! As I am able to invest more love and care in myself, I will be able to radiate and share even more love and care to others. Decision on the Physician: From all my research it was apparent, one physician kept coming up: Pousti Plastic Surgery. With Dr. Pousti’s extensive and impressive portfolio with numerous positive reviews via Real Self, You Tube, and his website (and beyond with Pinterest, Twitter), the Pousti Team’s practice was portrayed to be caring, knowledgable, and professional. From what I found, many of Dr. Pousti’s team members have been working with him for many years, which suggests the strength of the team and it’s leader. Ultimately I knew, if I were to undergo any type of surgery or medical procedure, I would only choose a reputable and trusted physician, no matter the distance. Outcome (as of 5/23/2015): Completely satisfied with the care and service of the Pousti Team! Responsive, knowledgable, professional, and they truly care for their patients and team members! As for my results, everything has gone well! There have been times I have questioned if I chose the right size for me. Then I recall the main reason I chose Dr. Pousti and his team is because they are the experts and I trust them to have my best interests in mind. For my goal photos, his portfolio was filled with excellent outcomes and I was able to compile my preferred photos together in a pdf file to send to them. Either way, this experience was great! The Pousti Team have been very kind. Personally, this is a reminder to myself, I am capable of anything and I deserve the best! …and so do you! Do your due diligence and research enough to satisfy your standards and choose the best physician for you! All the happiness to you! From the first contact via the phone all the way through the surgery and even now, Dr. Pousti and his team has shown great kindness! Dr. Pousti is a great model in interpersonal skills. He displayed kind interactions, spoke highly of each person on his team as well as his patients. When he introduced me to some of his team and patients, he gave short introductions highlighting the individual and how valuable they are. In his manner in which he spoke, it alluded to his professionalism and expertise. He was able to establish rapport and was very respectful. Even prior to officially meeting with him, my mother (whom accompanied me) and I, while sitting in the waiting room he would pass by and mentioned how he was appreciative of our patience. Furthermore, a woman entered his office and appeared to be looking for another practitioner. He informed her where she was looking to go and even went to open the door for her and stepped out to offer directions. As for testimonials (aside from the numerous ones posted online), the Pousti Team offered, if I wished, to connect with past patients I may receive their contact info. Also, while at the office I had the opportunity to meet with other patients. In fact, they encouraged it! Once they obtained permission from the patient, Dr. Pousti (or a team member) would offer a quick introduction and then would allow the patient, my mother and myself to speak freely and independent of any Pousti representative. Following the surgery for about 2 weeks or so, Daisy (an excellent team member), checked in via a daily phone call to ensure all was well and if I had any questions. She also was very kind and when questions would arise, was well informed. From my observation and conversations with him, his team, and his patients, it truly reinforces how Dr. Pousti and his team are passionate about their patients, their happiness and wellbeing. Wishing the Pousti Team continued success!! Thank you, I am grateful for the positive experience! Thank you for your kindness!
Testimonial: I’m a 35 year old mother of a beautiful seven year old son and have been considering breast augmentation for a long time. Not only did the girls take a hit from breast feeding my son for 6 months but they have never really been proportionate with my body which has always fluctuated between a curvy size 8 and a curvier size 12. My boyfriend and I began researching doctors in San Diego where we live and we immediately agreed that Dr. Pousti was both of our top pics to do the job. His reviews were amazing as was his track record. I love the look of his work from previous patients. Before long I had my initial consult where I discovered not only was he a very gifted surgeon but also had a very warm demeanor. He gave me options, spoke frankly about what would work best for my body. Before I left the office that day I booked my surgery. I’m one week post op now and still very swollen but I am certain that within a couple months they are gonna look AMAZING! I’ll post more pics as my progress moves along but I highly recommend Dr. Pousti. You would be hard pressed to find a more gifted surgeon to perform this procedure. Dr. Pousti was amazing. He was warm, friendly, a good listener and very attentive. His staff is great as well. They checked on me frequently and answered all my questions in a timely manner. He’s a great doc running a great practice and best of all he makes beautiful breasts 🙂
Testimonial: Since I was a child, I’ve wanted boobs. I heard from grownups that my boobies will arrive “when you’re a grown up!” Throughout the years, I waited for my boobies to develop. But they never did. As a 22 year old today, I think it is fair to say that I am now a full grown adult. I am an adult who has worn push up bras since the sixth grade. I think it is also fair to say that my boobies won’t be coming. My chest is so flat, I can do homework assignments on my chest if I really needed a flat surface. For the past year, I’ve been doing obsessive research. I’ve come to the conclusion that I am going get my boobies done this summer. I’m giving myself something that I’ve wanted since I was a little girl. I’m terrified, I’m confused, but I’m very excited. I really cannot wait. I don’t care how much pain it’ll be when I wake up after operation. I don’t even care about the infamous Day 3 post-op, which is said to be the most painful day of recovery. I’m even swallowing my fears about the scary warning of a 10% of capsular contraction along with the additional thousand$ that it may cost, in the case that a capsulectomy or revision is needed. Needless to say, I just want my boobs already. Thank you for reading this rather lengthy story. Reading everyone’s stories have been an enormous help through my research. I’m really glad to be here to have and share the support through this milestone of my life. I’ve only met him once so far. It was during my pre-op appointment because our consultation was via email. When I met Dr. Pousti, I think he was able to tell that I was a bit nervous. He cracked some jokes and did a fine job with easing some stress. His demeanor was very relaxed, confident, and he also answered a few questions I had: Q: During surgery, do you use electro cautery, or blunt dissection method? A: Electro cautery for a speedier recovery. Q: What are the first signs of Capsular contraction? And when will I know if I have it? A: By the second month, if both breasts do not drop at the same time, or if one becomes very firm, I’ll diagnose any existing CC. There is only a 1-2% chance of it happening. Q: What about uniboob / symmastia? A: This occurs from over dissection of the pocket, or when girls with smaller frames chooses an implant that was too large. Q: What if I were to develop capsular contraction? What can I do from there? A: If any complications arise within the first 10 years, the implant company offers a $3,600 insurance. My surgery date is set for 5/29/15. I’ll journal my experience here, and hopefully be able to reach out to someone who is considering a breast augmentation. We don’t have to feel alone through this!
Testimonial: SUPER pleased with my results! I’ll refer anyone and I plan to return for future procedures! I got a breast lift with implants and I am so in love with my boobs now! I can’t wait until these incisions fully heal and I can shop for some new bras and shop for some new cute tops and dresses! Totally feel a confidence boost! I had always half joked that I was going to get a boob job one day. I was never happy with the way my breasts looked. I never had full perky boobs- even before kids. I breastfed my 3 children (each for at least a yr) and grew from a 34B to a 36C/D. After breastfeeding my breasts were truly a sad state of affairs. I felt like I always had to wear a bra and was very limited in tops and dresses that I would have liked to wear. February 2015 I had finally decided that I was going to get a lift- and implants. I scoured the net for reviews and kept coming to Dr Pousti. I couldn’t believe how many high reviews and raves he received. Since this was a major procedure and big deal for me (never had surgery) I wanted to consult with more than one plastic surgeon. I also didn’t want to fall for the hype of what I read online. So I went on 2 consults only. Dr Pousti was my second consult. Let me just say BELIEVE the hype!!! It is so real. My first consult and I was thoroughly pleased, impressed and put at ease. I really can’t say enough words. All of the staff there (Cindy, Daisy, Vanessa, Bree- sorry if I forgot anyone!) are amazing and just awesome people. I booked a second consult that day and on my second consult I booked my surgery. That’s how sure I was. I started to freak out and get nervous a few weeks before the surgery. I was able to see Dr Pousti 6 days before the procedure and he and his staff once again reassured me that I would be safe. I’m sure it was the same questions being asked yet again but they were all patient with me. Safety is a major, top priority for Dr Pousti. Let me just say that he and his staff were patient with me and very honest about what to expect, considering my own individual anatomy. He did express concerns about going to big as I was getting a lift and said that I may require a 2 stage procedure (which I did not want). So I did not have to get 2 surgeries! I was very happy about that. And at first I felt disappointed because I’d only got 375 cc (I’m 5’7″, 157lbs) and I had hoped to at least be in the 400s. But today at 1 month post op, I can say I feel that these are pretty huge on me- and I’m very happy! The day of the surgery I was super nervous but excited. I was concerned about “going under” but again Dr P and his awesome staff reassured me. I was worried I’d be too nervous to be put to sleep. Dr Pousti said “oh you will go to sleep” LOL. And it’s true. I checked in, completed paperwork got hooked up to an IV with antibiotics. Things seemed to happen pretty quickly after that. I was already in a gown, compression socks and booties. There was this really cool thing that I could control that blew warm air into my gown. They’d inserted an IV and had some antibiotics going. I spoke to the anesthesiologist and I was feeling good. ..very comfortable.I was then walked over to the OR and assisted on to the table. I really don’t remember much after that aside from someone holding my hand and saying to have a good dream. I felt this quick warm feeling take over me and I was out! I was so groggy afterwards. And in pain! I think they have me something twice and then said that was all that they could give me. I was already wearing a surgical bra (don’t remember any of that) and was assisted into my hoodie. The first week was sheer torture for me. I’m not going to lie. I was on so much pain. The percocet was a joke. I couldn’t keep anything down. ..the little that I did attempt to eat. After a while I was basically puking out my guts and then the meds. So I was hurting bad! I wanted to cry. I couldn’t keep anything down and if I wasn’t even keeping down small amounts to help the meds I was feeling worse! The stupid patch was pretty much useless. I mad my hubby take it off. I really don’t remember when the nausea and vomiting stopped but I do think the Zofran helped. I called the office and they told me to take the zofran and drink Gatorade as too much eater may make it worse. It did get better once the nausea was gone and I actually took my meds on schedule instead of waiting for the pain to strike (DON’T do that btw!) Week 2 I still had some discomfort but much better. Now at week 4 I’m feeling much better. I still struggle sleeping comfortably and I get muscle spasms still but all in all I’m very pleased. I am very glad that I chose Dr Pousti and have already referred him to 2 other women. I freaking love his staff and I look forward to my appointments mostly just to “see” them. Dr Pousti has an amazing bedside manner, he’s funny, he puts you at ease and you feel absolutely no pressure from anyone there! I was able to meet a patient prior to my surgery and saw what her results were like from a breast lift with implants. I’ve talked to 2 prospective patients and I hope that I’ve helped them make the right choice. I know I did. I had/have total 100% confidence in Dr. Pousti and his staff. I do regret a single thing- except that I did not do this sooner! I hope he doesn’t plan on retiring within the next 5 years because I most likely will return for a tummy tuck (if my fitness doesn’t get me the results I want) and maybe go for a revision to go a bit bigger.
Testimonial: I had been looking to do breast augmentation for a long time I was referred to Dr. Pousti from 3 of my coworkers . From beginning of the process Dr. Pousti and he’s staff displayed absolute professionalism and were a pleasure to deal with. My procedure went great I was an “a” cup with constructive tuberous breast and wanted to be a full “d” cup . He did a nipple areola lift with 700 cc silicone gel implant and everything was just looks great as I would have expected.. He has excellent bedside manner and made me feel very comfortable
Testimonial: Surgery scheduled for this Friday, 22 May with Dr. Pousti. I’m really scared the closer the day nears, but I trust in in good hands. Dr. Pousti and his staff have been nothing but wonderful, understanding, and patient with me. I’m really nervous about the healing process. I’m active duty military, really active and love working out. I just want to get back to my normal routine as quickly as possible. This week my goal is to stay calm and not overthink the process. Wish me luck! 🙂 It’s Monday morning, and I am feeling anxiety about my upcoming procedure. I have some feelings of guilt because I’m healthy, so why put myself through the pain? Seeing other women’s results on this site has really helped. This is something I’ve wanted for a long time and decided to just go for it. I’m not getting any younger, right? 🙂 what helped some of you ladies stay calm before going under? Dr. Pousti is very understanding and patient. I never felt rushed and felt like he understood my concerns to want results that will not impose on my active lifestyle. His staff is wonderful especially Vanessa. She took a lot of time talking with me explaining what to expect following surgery. She was very patient and understanding. So far, a very positive experience!
Testimonial: I had meant to start writing about my journey earlier but now that I am drugged up and recooperating in bed I figured there’s no time like the present. About a year ago I really got serious about looking for a doctor that I could really entrust to fix my breasts. I developed at a young age, I was already a b cup in 4th grade. I was surrounded by brothers and grew up a tomboy playing every sport under the sun. I think the years of that and so much running without a good sports bra set me on the path of having droopy breasts. I continued to develop into a 36 D and everyone always complimented me on my boobs but they had no idea that I had to holster them up into a nice push up bra to have them look good. The most irritating parts of life were how tight my bra straps had to be to get them to sit up high. Especially when it came to wearing a bikini, I would have to tie the strings around my neck so tight to have them look perky that my neck would be raw and in pain with the indentations. I figured one day I’d get them fixed but that I would hold out until maybe having a family and breastfeeding first. I had these feelings probably about 12 or so years ago. Well as life unfolded I had to care for my family members that weren’t doing well and lost any kind of priority on my own personal vanity. About 6 years ago I made a best friend who then became my lover and husband. We had made the choice after having to help care for so much family over the years that we were happy just to be the two of us without and children. My husband knew how I felt about my breasts however, so he told me he loved me just the way I was but if it would make me happier then he fully supported me getting a breast augmentation. And thus began my search for the right doctor. I live in LA with the Beverly Hills plastic surgeon community right next door. There’s a million boob docs there at one’s disposal but I had seen several of my girlfriend’s that had their breasts done there and I wasn’t a fan of their work. I thought to myself that I would just keep searching and cross referencing sites and reviews until a doctor stood out above the rest even if that meant that I would have to travel out of town to find the right one for me. It was finally on this website that I thought maybe I had found the one. I was reading the journey of a lady that was so ocd and picky but her doctor worked with her through every detail until she felt comfortable. This doctor was doctor Pousti. As I continued to read more and more journeys that various women have posted that had used him it became clear that this was the doctor for me. Since we live in LA my husband took time off work to go to San Diego to meet him for a consultation. Some people may have an issue with paying the $100 consultation fee but it goes towards your surgery once booked and when someone is that skilled at their profession they do not do consultations for free. Cindy was our first assistant there that really took her time to understand our likes and dislikes. We went through a lot of pictures together to fine tune what look we were trying to achieve. Dr. Pousti asks that you create a vision board of pictures for goal photos on one side, and photos of what you don’t like on the other. During this same appointment we met two of his clients that had recently had their augmentation and showed us his work and answered any questions we had. From there we were confident that he was the right doctor for us. We booked our surgery for the following month and that just happened yesterday morning. His team of ladies were sweet and comforting, Dr. Hinckleman (sp?) was the anesthesiologist and she was great. When I came to in the recovery room I had Crystal helping me and she was an angel. Best bed side manner ever. She was actually going to fly out that night to Guatemala to volunteer in helping those with cleft chins. I told her she was my hero. So now it’s been a full day, I’m not going to lie the pain is substantial. it is very difficult to sit and sleep in the same upright position. I am taking my medicine very regularly. My follow up appointment is in two days. I will share more later… 48 hrs. after surgery: Just had another call from the doctor… He spoke with my husband to check in on me. It is very thoughtful of him to put personal attention into his patients and I really appreciate him. Today is the day to start the colace laxatives…. Apparently all the pain meds keep you backed up so you definitely need the laxative assistance. Since we live about two hours away we just decided to stay locally to the doctors office that they have a special corporate deal with. Room was reasonably priced, here for 4 nights. Staying at the Handlery hotel, room is ample size, includes a mini fridge and a ton of pillows. I brought a hot pot for boiling water to make some instant food and snacks. The first day though I only felt like nibbling saltiness crackers and drinking ginger ale. I would recommend packing lots of fluids and little snacks in a cooler to prevent having to run around town for food. Also. I have learned the hard way that it would have been very smart to bring a airplane neck pillow!! When you’re sleeping upright the neck tends to roll down uncomfortably. My husband rolled a large towel and wrapped it around my shoulders and neck which helped so much for when I’d intermittently passed out. Also thank goodness for Netflix, brought our laptop… So much nicer than changing through channels and commercials on tv. Our sleep schedules are totally out of whack though, since we are spacing out all the meds I keep waking my husband every hour or two through the night so we end up on and off snoozing throughout the day. Tomorrow morning is my follow up appointment…. Hopefully my drainage tubes can come out and we can head home. I have no idea what my breasts look like, doc says I’m going to love them and I believe him. I think I’m supposed to be fully bandaged for a month before I get to see them. Oh also I don’t think I specified what my procedure was but I had an anchor lift and implants done. The anchor lift is the most severe surgery for a lift so I think that’s why the pain originally has been very strong. I am super excited to see what my new girls look like!!
Testimonial: All I ever wanted was to be able to fill out a bathing suit, wear a strapless shirt or a V-neck top with out looking like a 15 year old boy. I have always worn padded bras & bathing suit tops in order to create some sort of breasts. Remember the waterbra? Lol I remember after having my daughter and my milk came in how excited I was to have big breasts (even if was only temporary); I ran and put on my lowest cut tank top and danced in front of the mirror (post pregnancy belly be damned). I have tons of self confidence and felt that the only thing missing was boobs. When I went for my consultation I was surprised to hear that I needed a breast lift as well. I was scared about the scarring and recovery of a lift! Because I was so small breasted I didn’t need a huge lift. Dr. Pousti was wonderful when I expressed that I did not want an anchor lift. He explained that it was going to be a minor lift with the incision around my areola; and that as I healed the scars would blend in & be barely noticeable. Dr. Pousti also said he could reduce the size of my areola; amazing!! I always felt they were too round! I had my surgery only a week ago and can already see how much I am going to LOVE LOVE LOVE my new breasts. I still have the surgical bra and padding on but feel so beautiful & excited to wear anything with confidence. When I got see the post surgery pictures I can already see that the scarring is going to be minimal and my nipples are going to look GREAT! 10 days post op: Feeling great! No more pain meds, I have occasional soreness but nothing a little Advil can’t take care of. I go tomorrow for removal of the original surgical bandages. I can’t wait to see how I look! Will post full pics after. Dr. Pousti is AMAZING! He immediately made me feel at ease during my consultation. He answered all my questions and listened to what I wanted and didn’t want. I was impressed that the day before my surgery he made sure to speak with me on the phone to reassure me that everything was going to be great! His office staff are so incredible! They called to check on my recovery within just a few hours of my coming home. They have called to check on me everyday since my surgery & was even given the Dr.’s cell number in case of emergency over the weekend. When I went for my first follow up I was given flowers!! WOW! I am truly impressed with the amount of attention to my comfort and recovery. Dr. Pousti and his team make you feel like you are their only patient and are so kind and caring! If I decide in the future that I would like any other improvements I would only choose Dr. Pousti!
Testimonial: Dr Pousti and his staff have made my experience well worth it! The girls at the office are all extremely friendly and helpful which is always a plus! Dr Pousti listened to my concerns and made sure he had the perfect idea of what I wanted. I am overly happy with how the results from my breast augmentation have come out!
Testimonial: I cannot say enough good about my experience with Dr.Pousti and his staff. I have always been in the IBTC (itty-bitty-titty-committee) and for 8 years i wanted to resign from it! Financially, it seemed crazy to pay $6000 or more for a pair of boobs, so that ended up stopping me from doing the augmentation for 8 years. This post will be full of TMI and embarassing facts but to really let you know how inconfident of my body i was, my husband did not see my pre-augmentation boobs until WELL AFTER we were married and pregnant because they finally grew a little (i dont know if i should pity him or applause him!). Looking back one week after surgery, i regret the time i lost these years where i could have been more confident in myself, and i wish i did them sooner. The money was worth it already. I am so pleased with my body now. I had a baby 9 months ago and any other mother knows how much your body changes and how it negatively affects your confidence and (sorry to be blunt but,) sex life with the hubs! Even though i was flatter than a pancake, my husband was always telling me “your body is perfect! Dont change a thing !”. My advice ladies?… Your husband will (AND SHOULD) always tell you “that meatloaf was better than my moms” even when it was burnt to ashes. Dont listen to them lol. Yes, im happy my husband found perfection in my no-boobed chest, but i can see the distinct change in his affection now that i look more like a woman lol. All jokes aside, Dr.Pousti and his staff had excellent customer service that went above and beyond any business ive ever delt with. I work in the medical field and to personally reviece a call from your doctor to check up on you pre and post op is a very rare and appreciated thing. Every day after surgery i recieved a call from either Dr. Pousti himself or his staff to see how i was doing or answer any questions. 4 days after surgery i had a post op visit and i recieved beautiful roses from Pousti and his staff which really made me smile. The surgery was a breeze. The only downfall was the two hour wait before the appointment, but its understandable. Overall, 10/10; Would do it again if my boobies werent already perfect! 🙂 THANK YOU Pousti and staff.
Testimonial: I had been contemplating undergoing breast augmentation surgery for years. I met with several surgeons, looking for someone qualified, highly trained, an most importantly honest when it came assisting me in choosing the perfect implant to achieve my goals. Dr. Pousti and his staff far exceeded my expectations! Dr. Pousti is absolutely meticulous in his work. Him and his staff truly care and go out of their way to make their patients feel comfortable and special. I couldn’t be more pleased with my results!
Testimonial: I’ve pondered what to say in this review for about a month now, because words really can’t describe Dr. Pousti and his team. Hands down some of the best people I’ve ever met in my entire life, everyone is so friendly and so willing to help you out with whatever you need. I drove from northern Orange County to see him, so about 110 miles, which isn’t as bad as some patients, but not an easy drive to make multiple times. But well worth it every single time. Even if it’s just for a 10 minute follow up appointment. I had my consultation appointment March 2 2015, I don’t want to write a novel here, so I won’t go into great detail, but Daisy is hands down, a wonderful person. Sweetest, most caring girl ever! I set my surgery date for April 8 2015! I knew right away that Dr Pousti was going to do my breast augmentation! I had my pre op appointment 2 weeks before surgery and got all of my questions answered, all of my paperwork filled out, and all of my prescriptions, I was definitely more than ready to go into the operating room with this amazing staff! The night before surgery Dr called me personally to check up on me and make sure I was okay, and that I wasn’t too nervous, I thought this was great! Dr Pousti has an AMAZING bed side manner! He does all of his surgeries at the Alvarado surgery center, it’s not too far from his office, very easily accessible. Day of surgery was great, very easy. His nurses are fantastic, made me feel at ease going into surgery. Because I live far away we stayed in San Diego for a few nights and I had my first post op appointment a few days after surgery, we arrived very very early to my appointment (due to other reasons) the staff was so very nice and they let me rest in one of the rooms with the lights off while I waited for my appointment to roll around (which was hours away) Dr Poustis staff calls you every day for the first 2 weeks to make sure everything is going good, and to check up on you. I think this is such a great thing that they do! Anyways, all and all I’ve had nothing but an amazing experience with Dr Pousti! I’m one month post op from my breast augmentation and I’m in love with my new twins! I definitely recommend him to anyone who is considering any plastic surgery! Him and his team go above and beyond to satisfy their patients! Dr Pousti is an amazing man. Takes time out of his clearly very busy day to make sure everything is taken care of and to make sure you feel safe and at ease. I have literally zero negative things to say about him and would do my surgery over again in a heartbeat if I needed to!
Testimonial: To Doctor Pousti and his quality staff (with a special shout out to my girl Vanessa), Thank you thank you thank you thank you. There simply aren’t enough word combinations I could string together that would adequately describe how I feel about this whole experience. If I had to sum it up in one word though I suppose I would chose grateful. I am truly grateful to have met all of you. I have wanted a breast augmentation for over 10 years. Now at 26, with once perky Cs deflated to -As thanks to 2 beautiful breastfed babies, it was finally time! After a year of extensive internet research I found 3 doctors I was willing to consult with. I have Leiden Factor V, a blood clotting condition that leaves me at a higher risk for clots so I wanted to make sure I was meeting with only the best. Doctor Pousti was my first (and last) consult. Upon arriving for my initial consult each and every staff member was friendly and welcoming. Vanessa was the first to bring me back and go over my situation. We jumped right into saline vs silicone, over the muscle vs sub muscular, incision site, her own experience with breast augmentation by Doctor P and anything and everything breast related that I can think of. By the time Doctor Pousti came in to meet me I was well informed and excited! Doctor Pousti did not fail to impress. He was kind, genuinely listened to what I wanted, spoke knowledgably and still managed to be relatable. He promised to consult with his peers and do further research into my blood condition and what that might mean for me pre and post surgery which was the biggest thing that put me at ease. Within 15 minutes of meeting I knew 100% that I could trust this person with my vision and my body. We decided to go 550-600cc max but I left the final decision up to the Doctor, creative license if you will. The office called me multiple times a week in the 4 weeks leading up to my surgery to check in and see if I had any more questions. I didn’t but the fact that they left that door wide open was a huge comfort. Surgery day went smoother than I ever could have imagined. The staff at the surgery center were equally as friendly and accommodating as the staff at his office. I was led back into a room and dressed to the nines in an awesome purple frock. This thing even had a warm air tube connected to me to keep me comfortable. Nurses checked on me from the moment I entered the room, even nurses not assigned to me, way to make a gal feel special! I have never been treated so well at a hospital facility. I was hooked to an IV drip by a gentle handed nurse who proceeded to introduce me to my soft spoken anesthesiologist who would be in my OR. She walked me through the entire process of what would happen, how the anesthesia would feel like going up my arm (cold) and explained that I would be out in 10 seconds. She left and Dr Pousti came in and re addressed all the aspects of my procedure and marked me up. At this point my husband who was able to be with me this whole time was sent to the waiting room. A sweet nurse Lydia who would also be in the room walked me back to the OR where I was greeted by a smiling Dr Pousti, the anesthesiologist and two other nurses. Lydia and Doctor P held my hands and gave the word for the anesthesia, then it was nap time for me. I woke up to minimal pain and an AWESOME nurse Soli who did me a solid and got my pain meds going through the IV immediately. For the next 45 minutes I was taken just as good care of as I had been prior. My husband was sent back and I was sent home. I am now 7 days post op with 550cc breasts and I couldn’t be happier. For aesthetic and safety purposes Doctor Pousti made the executive decision to go smaller than the 600cc max out we talked about. It blew me away that he cared enough about me to not overfill simply because he COULD. This speaks volumes about his character as a person, not just a PS. Before this plastic surgery adventure I just assumed plastic surgeons were in the business for a quick pay day, Dr Pousti changed my mind. He treated me as a valued person and not just a “patient” or “client”. Vanessa and Daisy have called me everyday since surgery to check on me and send well wishes. You really all are the best!! Even after all my post op appointments are said and done, I still plan on dropping in and saying hi to these lovely people. Bottom line: I would recommend anyone to Dr Pousti. Wish I could give 10 stars! This post ran much longer than intended but Pousti Plastic Surgery is worth it and I hope any of you on the fence feel a little closer to making the right decision!! Side note: Everybody’s pain tolerance is different but as far as my pain management I am a firm believer in positive thought yields positive results. I have experienced very minor pain because of this. I also used a holistic healing technique called reiki before and after surgery. Hope this helps you on your journey 🙂
Testimonial: My experience: I’m 22 years old and have been considering a breast augmentation for a little over two years after power lifting and a military lifestyle had affected the appearance of my chest. The experience was beyond amazing. The staff was extremely welcoming and comforting. With this being my first plastic surgery consult I was extremely nervous about all of this. The staff made me feel so comforatble, most of his staff are patients as well so they can relate to and your needs! Dr.pousti is a professional! He will help you understand your options such and if the procedure is even right for you! He makes you feel important and not like a number! I was able to meet woman who were post op at my consultation to tell me about their experience and what t ok expect, how awesome is that? I was able to try a sizer bra to show what.differnt implants looked like on me, as well as use their state of the art equipment to upload a picture of myself and show how I would look with different implant sizes too! Very helpful! I wish everyone could get it right the first time and come to dr.pousti and meet himself along with his professional and comforting staff! I am so looking forward to my procedure in two weeks! Thank you Dr. Pousti!!!! Dr. Pousti a day his staff are beyond amazing! I was so nervous about my consultation for a breast augmentation, but the moment you walk into his office it’s good vibes and professionalism! I was able to meet a few of his staff who are also his patients so they told my their experiences which was super comforting. once I met with dr.pousti he was so Profesional! I knew right then and there he was going to be my doctor.Right now I am scheduled for 450ccs for may 26th! With a benelli lift as well! Weightlifting has really taken a toll on my breats… 🙁 , I’m ready to have thesee babies back!
Testimonial: If there was a 10 star selection, that still wouldn’t be enough to rate my experience with Dr. Pousti and his staff. From the initial consultation, which lasted an hour an a half, I felt beyond comfortable and excited to have Dr. Pousti perform my surgery. In my case, I needed to have a lift in my left breast, and my major concern was uneven scarring. Because Dr. Pousti performs his surgery by cutting around the areola to create the lift, I was not going to have one scar different from my other breast, which made me extremely happy. On my 3 week pre-op appointment, again, I was comfortable, excited, and all of my questions were answered fully. Day of surgery was a great experience for me. I went in excited and not nervous at all. Once you meet Dr. Pousti, you will see what a calm, even keeled doctor he is, which gives even more reassurance. The procedure was about an hour and a half, I was up and gone an hour later. Every day since my surgery I have received calls from Dr. Pousti and his staff, talk about world class service. I can not say enough great things about my entire experience, and would recommend him to anyone. I am only 10 days out of surgery and I am already so happy with my results. I can not thank Dr. Pousti and his staff enough!
Testimonial: I’ve pondered what to say in this review for about a month now, because words really can’t describe Dr. Pousti and his team. Hands down some of the best people I’ve ever met in my entire life, everyone is so friendly and so willing to help you out with whatever you need. I drove from northern Orange County to see him, so about 110 miles, which isn’t as bad as some patients, but not an easy drive to make multiple times. But well worth it every single time. Even if it’s just for a 10 minute follow up appointment. I had my consultation appointment March 2 2015, I don’t want to write a novel here, so I won’t go into great detail, but Daisy is hands down, a wonderful person. Sweetest, most caring girl ever! I set my surgery date for April 8 2015! I knew right away that Dr Pousti was going to do my breast augmentation! I had my pre op appointment 2 weeks before surgery and got all of my questions answered, all of my paperwork filled out, and all of my prescriptions, I was definitely more than ready to go into the operating room with this amazing staff! The night before surgery Dr called me personally to check up on me and make sure I was okay, and that I wasn’t too nervous, I thought this was great! Dr Pousti has an AMAZING bed side manner! He does all of his surgeries at the Alvarado surgery center, it’s not too far from his office, very easily accessible. Day of surgery was great, very easy. His nurses are fantastic, made me feel at ease going into surgery. Because I live far away we stayed in San Diego for a few nights and I had my first post op appointment a few days after surgery, we arrived very very early to my appointment (due to other reasons) the staff was so very nice and they let me rest in one of the rooms with the lights off while I waited for my appointment to roll around (which was hours away) Dr Poustis staff calls you every day for the first 2 weeks to make sure everything is going good, and to check up on you. I think this is such a great thing that they do! Anyways, all and all I’ve had nothing but an amazing experience with Dr Pousti! I’m one month post op from my breast augmentation and I’m in love with my new twins! I definitely recommend him to anyone who is considering any plastic surgery! Him and his team go above and beyond to satisfy their patients!
Testimonial: I searched for a doctor for my breast augmentation for a couple of years. Once I met Dr. Pousti and his stuff, I knew I found the right doctor. Dr. Pousti was very educational, thorough and upfront with me. He took the time to answer any questions and concerns that I had and put me at ease and explained every step of the procedure including what to expect after the surgery. The surgery and results were tremendous. I can’t be more happy with the results. The after surgery care it was just as exceptional. Either Dr. Pousti himself or one of his assistants called me every day after the surgery for a week, including over the weekend, to make sure I was doing OK and comfortable. I would highly recommend Dr.Pousti for anyone who is looking to improve their body through surgery. The quality of work and the amount of carrying the entire staff showed was remarkable.
Testimonial: My name is Yesenia and just had surgery by THE most amazing doctor!!! His staff is so awesome!!!Vanessa made me feel so comfortable and walked me through the whole process and what I was going to be looking forward to. I knew at my consultation that Dr. Pousti was going to be MY doctor! He was recommended by one of my good friends that had previously had her breast augmentation by him and has also recommended 4 other friends that enjoyed their experience! I would recommend Dr. Pousti to anyone looking to have any cosmetic work done!!! #ILoveMyDoctor #PoustiSurgery #BreastAugmentation #Pousti’sBreastAugmentation
Testimonial: I am definitely one to do my research before making any decisions. I also tend to be somewhat skeptical and worry a bit, it’s in my nature-so earning my trust can be a challenge. Especially with something as important as finding the right surgeon. But after various consultations with PS in my area, Dr. Pousti and his staff won my trust. I work in the medical field, and having worked in the OR in the past, I felt that certain things that I had seen increased my worries. You know the saying “ignorance is bliss” definitely would have applied to me. In addition, this was my first surgery ever! But Dr. Pousti & his staff were all very reassuring- they answered all of my questions (trust me, I had tons), and Dr. Pousti even invited me to sit in on one of his procedures so that I could for myself how the procedure would go and make me feel more comfortable. The whole process-consultation, pre-op, operation, and post-op-Dr.Pousti and his staff have all been very supportive and attentive to my needs as a patient. In addition, Dr. Pousti and his staff really make you feel heard as far as what results you’re looking for. They would make recommendations, but never tell me what size or shape I should go for. I wanted to stick on the smaller size for my implants since I am a very active person and don’t want them to get in my way. I found pictures of what results I liked and didn’t like,and Dr. Pousti and I made an agreement that my implant size would range from 200-275 cc. I liked this because I know you can’t really set on one size until you actually get into OR, and I trusted Dr. Pousti’s medical opinion to choose the right size for me. I also like that Dr. Pousti uses the funnel method for his BA-I feel like he stays up to date on current procedures to stay competitive in his field. It’s been one week post-op and I’m feeling great. Other than feeling a bit tired,swollen and sore-nothing intolerable-the pain is minimal. I was able to get off the prescription medications after day 3. What I really liked was that Dr. Pousti himself called me once I got home from my procedure (it’s rare that I’ve seen surgeons do this). Also, his staff have been on top of their follow-up calls. I’ve received a call almost everyday just to make sure I’m doing well (again, it is rare that I’ve seen this in surgery centers). Thank you Dr. Pousti and staff! You guys have definitely made my experience as smooth as possible. I love my results and know they will only get better with time as the swelling subsides. I am posting my one week post op picture (the bandage is my own doing as I needed a water proof seal for bathing-post op you are left with steri strips right under the areola and nothing more). I am looking for my pre-procedure pictures-once I find them I will upload them for comparison. Dr. Pousti is great! He is skilled, knowledgeable, professional, reassuring and definitely an artist. Not only is he a great surgeon, but he did all he could to make me feel assured and comfortable -I love that he takes the time to answer all my questions. He listened to what I wanted as far as results and he did not disappoint. He also makes sure to treat each person as an individual and personalizes things your needs-my best examples are that he remembered that I was disappointed I wasn’t the first morning case (I wanted him to be “fresh” during my procedure) but he assured me as soon as he saw me in pre-op that he is always on his A game. And my favorite example is that he called to check on me once I got home from the procedure to make sure I was okay 🙂 I am only one week post-op, but love my results so far, and I know they will only get better! I definitely recommend Dr. Pousti if you’re looking for a PS for BA!
Testimonial: Dr. Pousti definitely knows what he is doing. I am a very cautious person, and especially paranoid when it comes down to procedures like this one. I had breast aug. back in March 2015, and I almost 2 months post-op and I am super happy that I decided to have my procedure done by Dr. Pousti. I visited 4 other offices aside from his and he definitely makes you feel as if you are his only patient (while he has plenty because his work is that good). But he listens to you, communicates with you, and answers your questions and still in the end encourages his patient if they have any following questions. The consultation went great, I spoke to one of his nurses for a while as she explained the basics to me, then dr. P entered and asked me more questions. At first my time with him felt very short and I do remember wishing he would have spent a little more time with me, but when I decided that he gave me a good gut feeling and his work sounded great, I decided to follow up on another visit and then of course this was more in depth about what I wanted and what I wanted him to achieve. He also encourages photos, and I AM TELLING YOU, Do this step. Find your pictures of what you want to look like and communicate with him and he will do his best to give you that look! he’s been doing this for a lot of years now and you can trust his say in what would look good on you or not. He is HONEST, CARING, AND FUNNY & LAST BUT NOT LEAST A VERY RESPECTFUL MAN. I felt at ease with him. I just felt nervous of undergoing this procedure, but he made me believe he would take care of me as he would do for his kids. On the day of the surgery, of course I was nervous but the hospital staff was awesome, and he met with me and we communicated more about my look, and how I felt and he asked if I had any final questions. Once I came out I seriously thought my breast were huge, and that he had gone way too big than what I had expected. But i was swollen, and freshly out of surgery so of course I appeared like that. On my following visit I told him how I felt and he said I was going to look fine, that I needed to give myself time to see results. And no lie, he gave me the look I was looking for exactly. So trust him, and communicate effectively, as well as providing him your best images for final look. Thank you Dr. Pousti! We seriously need more surgeons like him that actually care for his patients and perform their job as a passion rather than just trying to get patients money. So thank you once again, I would not hesitate to recommend this man to anyone who wants to undergo BA. And shoutout to Vanessa, whom works with Dr. P. She is awesome! and very knowledgable. Very sweet and willing to help with concerns and questions.
Testimonial: Growing up I have always struggled to maintain a weight that I was comfortable with, however now that I am finally there my breasts are a lot smaller and droopy due to my weight loss. So over the last two years I have considered getting a breast augmentation and about six months ago I finally pulled the trigger and started asking around and asking some of my friends who had gotten theirs done, about their experiences and that’s when I was referred to doctor Pousti. Prior to my consultation I did a ton of research and I even created my own “rice bag implants” in which I cut that bottom of some old panty hose off and filled them with 1 and 3/4 cups of rice each which equates to 420CC. Then to compensate for being in your body it says to add 20% which comes out to a 504CC Implant. So i went to several different stores and tried these rice implants on with all different types of bras and clothing and took pictures of myself until I was positive that this was my desired size. I also looked up and gathered several pictures of my desired outcome to bring to my consultation. The morning of my consultation I was extremely nervous and had very low expectations. I was sort of expecting to be disappointed and wasn’t super confident that i could find a surgeon who would make me feel comfortable and confident that I could get the look that I am going for (which is pretty big for my petite frame, round, and very perky). However the second I walked into Dr. Pousti’s office, I was so impressed with the kindness of his staff and the welcoming feel that his office has. (They also had snacks which totally had me sold on the spot!) Dr. Pousti’s staff was so helpful in answering all of my questions and I was so impressed with the information that they gave me about the procedure and how they really took their time with me and didn’t make me feel rushed at all! I even got to speak with someone who had just gotten her breast augmentation and got to pick her brain and ask her tons of questions, which brought a ton of comfort to me! Then I got to meet Dr. Pousti and he was so personable and approachable and I was very impressed with his qualifications and the wonderful reputation that he has because of the amazing work that he does. He also reassured me that he could give me my desired look and that he had done it several times before. After speaking to him, I just knew that I needed to book my surgery and so I did and now I am anxiously awaiting May 19th! Dr. Pousti was absolutely wonderful! He answered all of my questions and didn’t make me feel rushed at all. He reassured me that he can give me my desired look and I have all the confidence that he and his staff will take great care of me!
Testimonial: I went to my pre-opt visit today and I feel even more ready and confident with Dr. Pousti. I am so glad that I went to several other doctors before making my decision. Because, it made me realize that I am in great hands. I wanted a doctor that would have an anesthesiologist in the room the whole time of my surgery and Dr. Pousti reassured me she would be; and they have been working together for 15 years. One of the other doctors I visited could not provide that service. That is really important for me. I really liked how Vanessa got me in to get my surgery asap. I have to get back to work and recovery before a trip I have to take in July. So, when I explained this she quickly said “let me see what we can do for you.” I like how she was able to work with me. So, far I can say my experience has been awesome. I will check in and update you as the time gets closer to my surgery. Dr. Pousti is amazing. He really clicked with my twin sister, husband, and myself well. He is interested in my questions and concerns. I feel confident in his ability to get me the results I’m looking for. He didn’t rush me and kept saying “do you have anymore questions for me.” I am so ready for my surgery and to see what a great job he will do 🙂
Testimonial: I am so glad I met with Dr. Pousti 3 months ago for my BA consultation. I am thrilled with my result and the new me! From the beginning Dr. Pousti and his staff have always made me feel so welcome, through all the phone calls and follow up appointments. Dr. Pousti is such a genuine surgeon, very caring, knowledgeable and understanding. I’ve had nothing but positive experiences with him and his staff. Highly recommended!
Testimonial: My experience with Dr. Pousti was amazing! He and his whole staff were so attentive to my needs and to my “story.” They were all on board to give me the results I wanted. I had previous breast augmentation with another surgeon about 2 years ago to create lift and fuller breasts. I have kids and breastfed both of them, and my breasts had become quite deflated! And so with the new implants, I of course had the larger, fuller breasts, but they were not as ascemetric as I envisioned, and I had a large gap between my breasts and significant under arm “boobage.” I aired my concerns to Dr. Pousti and he knew exactly what needed to be done. He performed the procedure to stitch up my pocket underneath my armpit so my implants would not be able to settle there. Also, he created an internal bra which would help my breasts stay upward and inward. And lastly he increased my CC’s from 340 to 505 which would also bring my breasts closer together. An additional note is I am an athlete and compete in fitness competitions, which means I have very little body fat, and lots of muscle, which can add a challenge to the surgery and recovery. Once again, Dr. Pousti was well aware of my body’s needs, and made sure the surgery and recovery program worked the best for my situation. So I want to say thank you so much for giving me the breasts I’ve always wanted. Dr. Pousti has an excellent bedside manner. Very patient, polite, funny. He put me at ease right from the beginning.
Testimonial: After having drastic weight loss a few years ago I had a major abdominoplasty done at a military hospital by a general surgeon, and although I was happy to have almost 6 pounds of skin removed, the results were not so pretty. After moving to San Diego 4 years ago I began to research plastic surgeons to finish and fix the work I’d already had done as well as to get a breast augmentation to fill my empty skin from the weight loss. Dr. Pousti was the one surgeon I kept coming back to look at every time I’d really start getting into it again. After 3 years I finally went in and it was the best decision I made for myself….Dr Pousti is amazing and his humor is such a pleasant bonus. My experience has been nothing but spectacular from day one and I’m now 2 weeks post-op from an entire lower body lift, liposuction and saline breast augmentation. The entire team at the surgery center treated me so kindly and consistently calmed my fears of anesthesia and Dr Pousti went above and beyond when it came to my care. I get calls from the office every day to check on me and I’m healing beautifully! My former scars are now straight and even, my breasts are already beautiful as well as my flanks and booty. I’m finally happy to live in this body I call home. I showed Dr. Pousti and staff members pictures of where I began 5 years ago, over 100 pounds heavier, and we all teared up at this transformation. I could never have found a better Dr and staff, and to them I am eternally thankful.
Testimonial: I had my first breast augmentation surgery in 2009 with a plastic surgeon in the Washington, D.C. area. My breast sizes after the surgery were 480cc and 450cc. I had my second breast augmentation surgery in 2011 and my breast sizes were increased to 850cc and 830cc. While both surgeries went well, I was not completely satisfied with the results. My breasts were not as full and round as I had expected. I did research online and found Dr. Pousti and I saw that he helped a lot of patients achieve their goals. Most plastic surgeons do not specialize in extra large breast augmentations, but Dr. Pousti does. I saw several examples of surgeries performed by Dr. Pousti that resulted in fuller and rounder breasts. I visited Dr. Pousti for a consultation in February, 2014 and noticed the questions on the questionnaire were very detailed and I feel he places patients’ needs and safety as a top priority. Vanessa, Cindi, Daisey and the rest of Dr. Pousti’s staff were very friendly and helpful. I felt that I was in the right hands. I made an appointment for a surgery date. My husband and I flew to San Diego and I had a pre-surgery checkup and consultation. Dr. Pousti confirmed my goals, which were 1800cc. My size at the time was around 850cc and Dr. Pousti was concerned 1800cc may be too big of a jump at one time. Dr. Pousti said he would try his best, keeping safety in mind as his top priority. I sent pictures to Dr.Pousti of my desired shape and size, which he used as a goal to be followed during the surgery. On the day of my surgery, April 2014, Dr. Pousti printed out the picture of my desired shape and size and put it in the surgery room to view. Dr. Pousti told me what to expect regarding the shape, size, and cleavage of my breasts after the surgery. The nurse and anesthesiologist were very helpful before the surgery as well. My breast sizes after the surgery are 1680cc and 1730cc. Daisy and Dr. Pousti called me every day after the surgery to see how I was doing. They gave me feedback and called me everyday for the first two weeks. I sent them pictures of my recovery and progress over several months. The recovery time for extra large breasts takes longer but after a few months I started to feel better. I’m very pleased with with the shape and size of my breasts. They are very round and much fuller than my previous surgeries. The cleavage is very full and beautiful. Also, the scars are almost invisible now. I’m very happy with the results. Dr. Pousti is a very talented surgeon and all of his staff worked together to achieve my goals. Dr. Pousti and his staff were very attentive and responsive to my questions and concerns.
Testimonial: I decided to write on here because I know how much it can benefit others to read about someone else in your same situation. Since my teens I had asymmetrical breasts and knew one day I would want to get them fixed. After each pregnancy it got worse since I produced more milk on my left therefore it stretched out more. I was almost a C cup on my left and an A cup on my right. Wearing fitted shirts was always rough. I was very self conscious about it. Especially with gym attire and bathing suits. So finally this year I decided it was time to correct this issue and insecurity and found Dr. Pousti who is amazing. I wanted a full natural look (big D cup). However he wasn’t sure how big I could go on my right because of the little amount of tissue I had. I just had my BA yesterday and he was able to put in 560cc on each side! I was very happy to hear that. I also had a lift on my left. I woke up extremely sore from the anesthesia and they gave me pain medication however it didn’t seem to help much until I got home and took the muscle relaxer and then the Percocet a couple hours later. I can’t wait to see the outcome! Caring, funny, and very knowledgeable.
Testimonial: I just had my surgery yesterday April 21st 2015. I wanted a BA since high school but didn’t really have the resources to do so. On the day of my surgery I thought I was going to be a nervous wreck but I was very calm. I 100% trust my doctor and love how he is all about safety first. So I’m now post op day 1 and I’m not gonna lie I am in some pain. I got the OK to up my dosage and it helped so much. I will update more tomorrow on my first post op appointment. Day 2 post op and I have morning boob so painful. I just took a muscle relaxer hoping it helps. Also I have before pics saved in my phone but it’s not letting me upload then so if any of you ladies can help that would be great. TIA Dr. Pousti is a very kind gentleman. I Remember on my consultation the first thing he said was he loves what he does. His website as well as his YouTube channel explains everything so well. I also love that his office is kid friendly and the fact that he said mine were so well behaved. I will definitely refer him to others. He has a lovely staff.
Testimonial: I am in LOVE with my new boobies! I had a breast augmentation back in January and am now 3 months post op. I had researched for a while on where to get them done, but everywhere near by was so expensive and I didn’t really like the results, but luckily I found Dr Pousti. I’m about 120 miles away from his location in La Mesa, but it was seriously worth the drive. I get so many compliments on how real they feel and how great they look! I don’t like round fake looking boobs so I showed him some pictures I liked, such as Kate Upton and Brooklyn Decker. They have natural large breasts and I wanted mine to look like that, just maybe not as extreme. I went from a size 34 B to a 34 DD and it looks so natural! He made me feel so comfortable during the surgery and throughout all my visits, flowers were given, many check up phone calls and just all around worth the money spent! I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a breast augmentation!
Testimonial: All I can say is that I am so happy I finally went through with a breast augmentation. I wanted it done for the longest time. I can even remember asking my mother for a breast augmentation as a high school graduation present. Of course she wasn’t having it. I was always the girl with the very petite frame and what I liked to call the body of a 12 year old boy. My breast were small and It didn’t exactly help that one was slightly bigger than the other. At 23 I became pregnant and boy did my boobs grow. I would say to at least a C cup. After I had my child however, I nursed for about 8 months and my breast became deflated and slightly saggy. Fast forward five years and I finally went through with the procedure. I took my time doing research but ultimately found my PS through two of my girlfriends that had previously gone to him. Like any other person I was nervous about surgery and even felt as though I was being a bad mother by considering spending so much money on myself when it could easily be spent on my child. To make a long story short. This was by far one of the best decisions I ever made in regards to doing some I received my breast lift with Implants on the 17th of April. Let me just tell you, Dr. Pousti is an amazing Dr. Leading up to my surgery as well as the day of he always made sure that all of my questions and concerns were answered. The day of my surgery we went over sizing again because I still wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to get. I brought in pictures to give him an idea and from there he worked his magic. What I really loved was that he told me what I needed to hear and not what I wanted to here. Some Doctors will give you exactly what you want knowing that it’s not right for your body type. Dr. Pousti explained to me what would look great for my petite frame. I truly believe he achieved exactly what I wanted and I can’t wait until my post-op appointment. Since my surgery he and his staff have called everyday to check on my which I think is absolutely amazing. As time goes on I will come back and update and post more pictures to share with everyone. thing for myself. I will continue to update especially after I see the outcome. I’m still bandaged up.
Testimonial: THE SEARCH FOR A PS: I started my journey for a breast augmentation over 3 years ago. I was looking for a very natural BA, I work in a professional environment where I sit at a table with a lot of executive and wanted to keep my presence focused on my work ethic and not my breasts! I did my research and found a couple reputable surgeons in my area that I consulted with. After my visits I had decided on one and put down my deposit, not a month later did I get cold feet and canceled my procedure! I couldn’t get the thought out of my head that I wouldn’t end up with something I did not want (too big) and be stuck with these huge breasts! Not only did the surgeon at the time not even bother to convince me that it wouldn’t happen he happily cancels my case as if I was just another number! So for another 2 1/2 years I went with out my BA. assuming I would never find someone who I would trust to give me what I was looking for! Until I met Dr. Pousti!! He had just fining giving my friend a “mommy makeover”, and although she opted for larger breasts his work ethic and attention to detail (and cleanliness) impressed me!! He tends to hold the reputation of performing XL BA so that frightening me a little but during in my initial consultation the way he listened and took me step by step on just how he could achieve my goal I knew he would be my PS! Now don’t get me wrong I still worried (I’m a natural control freak) and each time I did he offered me the opportunity to come in and talk with him which I took! Each visit was as amazing as the first, he never contradicted himself and didn’t just say what I wanted to hear; cause he would never promise me what cc I would get (since that depended on my chest wall and other factors) but would guarantee he could get me the look i wanted!! I pushed and pushed for 300-325cc after trying on the testers and seeing myself on the virtual TV but again he said focus more on the look!! That was hard to get away from for me cause I just had to know what exactly was going in me before hand…let me tell you I put him through it with questions, reassurance and so on…. He was a trooper!! I did take the advise of his staff and my girlfriend and make a poster board of what I was looking for and what I dreaded! Let me take a minute and talk about his staff; Not only are they all HOT!! But they are a great group on women; professional, accommodating and on top of it!! You can tell they take there job seriously and are the back bone of his office and they all work so well together! DAY OF SURGERY: I showed up at the surgery center about 2 hours before my procedure! The location was clean and professional very much like his office however it is not managed my Dr. P! The preop process went smoothly… Everyone was very sweet and ensure they had the right patient with the right procedure! Working in a medical facility I know the importance of that! I met with the Anesthesiologist who too was amazing! Dr. P met with me about 20 mins or so before my procedure to mark me up and go over my “wishes” again!! And it was smooth sailing from there…they walked me back to the OR strapped me in and I woke up with new boobies!!! The first thing I did was ask HOW MANY CC’s?? With the great humor about Dr P was he wrote it right on my chest knowing I would ask I’m sure!! I went home about an hour after recovery that was the hardest part. I never do well on anesthesia so I had my typical nausea and vomiting but I used the meds I got from Dr. P and most of day one post procedure was a blur. DAY 2-3: I started to come too on the second day… Stayed on my meds to keep the pain tolerable even though it wasn’t so bad! So my second day I spent in and out of sleep on a 4 hour cycle. On day 3 I decided to get off pain meds as I’m not a fan. I began to run a fever mid day; I called his office to inform them and they stayed on top of it from there calling and checking on me the throughout the day making sure I was taking my deep breaths and walking around. Thankfully I had an appointment the next day so I wasn’t really worried. All and all the pain was tolerable and I stayed comfortable! DAY 4 – THE REVEAL My first post op appointment. I was super excited to see the new boobies. I was good about not taking off my bra so I didn’t get a peek. I have to say on the exterior I knew they weren’t too big cause I didn’t nearly full out my surgical bra but it was still nerve racking. Once the gauze was off and I got a look I was beyond happy. They looked great, even with the swelling and them not falling into their pocket yet the size was nice!! I can’t wait to see them at their final stage!! Dr. Pousti gave me just what I was looking for a nice,natural, proportional breast to fit my body!! I couldn’t be happier!! I’m sure he is known for his big boobies and does those well too but if ur looking for a natural breast he is amazing at those too!! AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING!!! I could have picked a better PS. Not only did he give me the exact look I desired but his professionalism and personality made the experience even better!!
Testimonial: I was never completely happy with the way I looked in a bathing suit, I was always self-conscious about going places that required me to wear one. I did my research and luckily, only after searching a few sites, found Dr. Pousti and his absolutely incredible staff. I scheduled a consultation. I searched through only a few surgeons in my location, reading reviews, looking at pictures and reading testimonials, I found some decent ones but though ” this is permanent, don’t I want more than decent?’ so the search ensued…. I found Dr Pousti’s website…. wonderful website NO negative reviews, great pictures. I watched youtube videos of previous patients of his , all were soooooo pleased and some in tears about how happy he had made them. I called and scheduled my consultation. My first office visit…. no wait, friendly staff, great office. I met the Dr and he is wonderful, such a great man, so sweet, very complimentary. He made me feel so comfortable I scheduled my pre op that same day. Pre op was wonderful he let me meet actual patients that happened to be in the office for the post op visit, where he allowed me to go in a room with them in private with just the patient and talk to them about their procedure and their opinions as well. I told the Dr I wanted as big as he could for me and he told me he WOULD NOT COMPROMISE SAFETY to give me what size I wanted. He makes his patient make a poster board of boobs, literally lol about ones they like and don’t like and bring it to him so he SEES what you want, not hears it. I cannot put into words how well the day of surgery went, he met with me again, prior to surgery went over AGAIN what I wanted and how he wanted to make me happy. Well I went under the knife, no ccs or size guaranteed, and woke up to see 580 ccs high profile written on my breasts…. I was so happy I wanted to cry! Dr Pousti and his staff called probably 10 times after surgery to check on me, which was so sweet. my post surgery appointment, I was 30 mins early, not an issue , didn’t wait more than 5 mins to see the wonderful dr. where when I did he took a look and said all was healing fine! ANNNDDD to top it off gave me flowers.. this dr is above and beyond extraordinary. If you are considering surgery, go talk to this wonderful man! I couldn’t be happier.I was stoked to finally be happy with the way my breasts looked and like most surgeons right out of surgery , he was doing routine check ups on me via phone. To this day, I receive phone calls from him and his wonderful staff checking in on me, Asking how I’m doing. I cannot say what a wonderful experience I had with this phenomenal surgeon and his staff. Dr Pousti is so friendly and welcoming he makes you feel like a friend the second he walks in the room. I look forward to my office check ups just to have the pleasure of seeing him again. I feel like my breasts look better every time I look in the mirror. I am finally comfortable in bathing suits, strapless shirts, low cut shirts. This man has forever changed my life. I cannot thank him enough. I highly recommend him , you will not be disappointed, and if you are, he will do everything in his power to change that. he keep safety in mind with all procedures and will not risk your safety to give you what you want, which I think speaks volumes about him and his professionalism. if you want an operation you will not be happy with or a surgeon who will give you what you want and compromise your safety to do it then he is not the surgeon for you.
Testimonial: I’ve always had small breasts and after 3 pregnancies, my breasts decreased in size and sagged. Along with that, I was never satisfied with the way they looked, I lacked fullness on the top of my breasts and the roundness on the bottom. I found out during my consultation that I had tuberous/constructed breasts. This type of surgery can be quite difficult if put in the hands of a non experienced surgeon. I wanted a natural looking breast and that’s what I got! I am so happy with them. I can assure you Dr. Pousti is an artist in this type of surgery. Although they are a busy office, not once did I ever feel rushed. All of our questions were answered and my husband and I felt so comfortable in knowing he is highly experienced. Dr. Pousti and his staff are very professional and welcoming. They even offered to let me speak to a couple of patients who were within a week post op (of course with the patients approval). One thing that stuck out to me the most, was how honest he was regarding the results to be expected with this type of surgery. I am now almost 6 months post op and my breasts look better than was expected! I can honestly say that I am extremely happy with my results and have no regrets in choosing Dr. Pousti.
Testimonial: Dr Pousti what can I say about the man that haven\’t already been said . He is the best in my opinion, kind ,soft spoken ,great bedside manners and cares more for his patients than money. Puts them and there health before profit., very honest . He will tell you what you need and discourage you from getting unnecessary stuff just for more business. he listens to you and takes his time to make you feel very important. Theirs little to no wait and water and snacks in the waiting room. He is a family man and cares about you and yours . He is one of the most humbled men you will ever meet and has perfected his craft. your out come and happiness is his only concern. Daisy, Vanessa, Helen, Margie ,Cindy and the rest of the staff is top notch you won\’t find a better group of ladies. I have more stuff I would like done and I will go to no one else but him as long as its in his list of things he does.
Testimonial: Dr. Pousti exceeded my expectations and I never thought perfect could be possible until I put my trust in his hands with my breast augmentation. He and his staff give the best Care that no other dr. I spoke to could have even been close to reaching. He is an amazing person and a brilliant surgeon! I highly recommend him.
Testimonial: Dr. Pousti is the best Dr. ever! He ans his staff are amazing and caring making sure I was as comfortable as possible. I’m only 2days post op and I feel great. The staff calls everyday to make sure I’m feeling good and to see if I have an questions. Best experience ever so glad I choose Dr. POUSTI!!!!
Testimonial: I had been thinking about this procedure for over ten years and was very anxious to get it done. I had been made fun of for years and remember all the humiliation I went through. I never felt like a woman and was positive this is what I wanted to do. I chose my doctor very carefully after years of researching looking at before and after pictures/ credentials. I knew during my first consultation with Dr.Pousti that he was indeed as great as the reviews had said! The staff are very welcoming and so nice ???? They make you feel very comfortable and help you decide which look and sizers are right for your body. They answer any questions you may have and also show you a picture of what you will look like after! I had no doubt in my mind and was ready to schedule immediately. We did the pre op the same day and they fit me in the following week!!! I was sooo extremely excited and thankful to have it so soon! I then made a poster board for Dr.Pousti to see my vision of good vs. bad. My goal was to have a more natural look but I still wanted them as full as possible! I also went with Dr. Pousti because mine are two different sizes like most women but they were also very small. I would say small A cup for the right and a B cup on the left. I was nervous because I wanted them as symmetrical as possible. He made me feel very comfortable and is so polite and kind every time he sees you. Best surgeon for the job!! I researched for years and drove almost two hours each direction just to have him as my surgeon! The day of surgery went very well. He marked me up and a little bit after it was time! He has done an amazing job on me and I thank him very much for what he has done for my confidence as well as the huge team in the operating room that day! They were all so nice and I was very excited to get the procedure with that team! He somehow remembers each of his patients and is very kind and observant each time he sees you. He joked with me and made me laugh at my post op when he told me how men will be going back and forth like a tennis match but from my eyes to my chest… Due to how pretty they both are! Like I said prior he’s a great surgeon and really nice ???? Overall it was a pleasant experience and I am so thankful and excited for my new additions to heal!!! I would do it all over again in a heart beat. Pick Dr. Pousti for your surgery and you cant be disappointed!
Testimonial: Dr. Pousti was only the second consultation I had…ever. I had been wanting breast augmentation for over 15 years. I knew he’d be the one to go with even before meeting him. I had constricted (tuberous) breasts and Googled “san diego plastic surgeons constricted breasts”. Dr. Pousti was the only one who popped up, really. It seemed like he knew what he was doing by the looks of his website. hA. It wasn’t until years after I had initially searched on the internet for him that I finally made an appointment for a consultation in Dec of 2014. The first available consult was for Jan 6. I met Dr. Pousti Jan. 6 and was signed up by the end of the visit with surgery scheduled for Jan 20. I had to rest for about a week before classes began so everything was an open and shut case for me as far as scheduling. It went splendidly and I made the best choice for my Self. I’m very happy with my results. I wanted them to look natural and fit my frame. I didn’t go in with a specific size in mind. I made sure to bring a variety of goal pics and basically gave Dr. Pousti the creative freedom to do as he saw fit. I had a breast lift (due to the constriction) and augmentation with areola reduction, silicone 565 CC L & R. Periaerolar.
Testimonial: I would like to take the time to thank Dr. Pousti and his staff. They were amazing from the first phone call to set up my initial consultation. I am beyond happy with my results! Dr. Pousti is an artistic genius! I am taking the time to write this review because Dr. Pousti deserves it! While doing my research I read 100’s of reviews and want to help others who might be considering Dr. Pousti for their breast lift with implants. I want to calm your nerves and tell you that you are in very capable hands! I have wanted a breast argumentation for over 10 years. I am a 33 year old mom of 3 beautiful children. But boy did they do a number on my body! Since we are done having kids we decided it was time to do something for me and make me feel better about myself. My husband and I were welcomed to my first consult with smiles and answers. Dr. Pousti was my first and last consult. I made the initial consult simply because I loved his before and after pictures on his website. Meanwhile I was looking at the realself website and kept “liking” pictures that were of Dr. Pousti’s patients. Also while talking with my friend she asked if she could recommend a Dr., and what did you know?… it was Dr. Pousti. Dr. Pousti is double board certified and has patients from all over the world. I was very nervous going in however Dr. Pousti calmed my fears right away and I knew he was the doctor for me! He was comforting, knowledgeable, caring and reassuring. My husband was also pleased with how professional everything was done. My husband liked that Dr. Pousti put my safety at the top of his list of priorities. For those of you that are military… he also gives a generous discount! It was fun to try on different sizers and to see yourself on their 3D vectra program. We booked my surgery the same appointment. They were also very accommodating when I had to reschedule my appointment a few months out. While waiting for my surgery date to arrive the office staff were very happy to answer my follow up questions I had over the phone. I had so much fun creating a goal board to show Dr. Pousti. Miscommunication can really screw up cosmetic surgery! This board is Dr. Pousti’s way of ensuring each patient with the results they are after. Fast forward to the day of surgery… I have never had any type of surgery before and was very nervous! The surgery center staff was also friendly but my nervousness was still present. The minute Dr. Pousti walked in I felt so much better and was ready to go! It seemed like 5 minutes and surgery was done! The recovery was better than I expected. The first two day were the toughest. I was never in pain but it felt like an elephant was on my chest. Nothing that the medication couldn’t handle. By day 4 I was able to take less medication and was off it completely in a week. I changed to Ibuprofen as needed. I am currently 2 weeks post op and love my results! I am the size and shape that I wanted. Dr. Pousti was able to give me exactly what I wanted. I am confident the final results will be perfection once my breasts have time to fall and fluff into their final shape. My breasts are sexy and classy! I ended up with a stage one lift with 650cc high profile silicone gel implants under the muscle and couldn’t be happier. I have already had someone stop me in the store to ask me who my Dr. was and I’m still in my post surgery recovery bra! To finish up I say this to you… Do it, do it now I promise you won’t regret it! Good luck to you!
Testimonial: After much research, I was lead to Dr. Pousti to undergo breast augmentation and my entire experience has been nothing short of excellent. Besides rave reviews and impressive credentials, Dr. Pousti truly has a God given talent in patient care in all aspects. I say from experience that he is professional, caring, supportive, and a genuinely good man. His staff is just as supportive and kind as well. They put patient care above all else, being open to all questions and concerns and providing a welcoming atmosphere. Under no circumstances did I feel pressured to make any commitments or steered in other directions. I was adamant about maintaining a natural look. After all, the BA was for me and only me- residually for my husband as well 🙂 Dr. Pousti and his staff understood this completely and I have no doubts that my results will reflect that. I was extremely nervous going into my first appointment for several reasons. For one, surgery is extremely frightening to me. It literally took me 10 seconds of undivided courage just to make consultation. I had no idea what to expect and I was honestly, more curious about the procedure than anything else. I initially came in just wanting to get informed. But… After my first meeting with one of the nurses and Dr. Pousti himself, I was absolutely certain that if I was going to get my BA, it was going to be done by him. With my husband’s blessing, I followed through with a decision I’d been pondering over for years and I couldn’t be happier. I’m only 5 days post op but I’ve gone through the hump! Self inflicted scare of surgery (which went SO smoothly), the elephant on the chest for the initial days, the bloating, the discomfort, the soreness but I have no doubt that it’s all been worth it. Thank you, Dr. Pousti and to the staff. The phone calls, the flowers, the genuine care has been much appreciated. More importantly, you’ve helped me find the confidence that I knew I had somewhere in me and I’m so eternally grateful. I’m nothing but excited for the final product. Top notch quality service from an accomplished surgeon! You can’t go wrong 🙂
Testimonial: I am a 27 year old mother of one child. Ever since I could remember I always wanted a breast augmentation. Never thought I would actually do it . One of my best friends got a breast augmentation last year and I loved the results and confident boost that came with it. I decided that this would be the year for me . I researched online for months and I came across dr pousi . His reviews were all positive so I decided to make a consultation appointment. It’s a two hour drive each way but I knew it would be worth it. Dr. Pousti and his staff are wonderful answered all my questions and made me feel very comfortable. Dr.Pousti is a very nice man and a good Doctor.
Testimonial: With this being my second time around, I had nothing but fear facing the unknown. Knowing what my breasts looked like before I walked down this path the first time was enough to make me second guess doing this again. Talking with Dr. Pousti and Vanessa about what I was about to face in the upcoming months was almost therapeutic. Having worked with me in the past, they knew me pretty well and were able to work me through my fear and show me that me emotions were just that…..emotions. The in office procedure was a smooth, quick, painless procedure where the ladies of the office were mind and actually quite funny as we said good bye to the “girls”. As the months went on and my breast went through the healing process, all the ladies in the office were so great and really very sensitive to my fears. Doctor Pousti delicately put up with my frustrations and lack of patience as we pushed through the time frame of the deflation healing and when the time was right, we scheduled the surgery date. The day of surgery was wonderful. Everyone that I came in contact with was nothing short of fantastic. Such wonderful people. My healing was and is great the second time around. There is barely any scaring and I am not even 2 months out of surgery. The Vanessa and the girls are really a great bunch. They are always bright and smiling and looking out for your best interest. Doctor Pousti himself is one of the most honest, real people I know, in and out of his practice. I found that he isn’t trying to upsell you. He wants what is right for you. I actually found him telling me that I don’t need implants. That the lift would do me just fine. I would suggest Doctor Pousti to anyone, in and outside of my circle of friends. He is a wonderful person, and amazing surgeon.
Testimonial: Dr. Pousti and his staff are amazing! Choosing him was one of the best decisions I’ve made and I couldn’t be happier. I am currently 4 weeks post silicone breast augmentation and a level 1 lift on my right breast. I have NO complaints about my pain after surgery. I’ve heard horrible pain stories from friends who’ve had their boobs done (BY OTHER Dr’s) I feel like Dr. Pousti’s experience and care has a lot to do with my pain free recovery. I shockingly felt great and was off pain meds within a few days. The hardest part is taking it easy and not doing much the first 1-2 weeks. I’ve done my best to follow the aftercare guidelines so I don’t mess anything up. From my consultation to all my follow ups, I have been very impressed with the knowledge and care I’ve received. The staff called daily for almost 2 weeks post surgery and I still hear from them. I send emails with questions/photos and I get an immediate response. The surgery center was nice and I was very impressed. All the staff was beyond friendly, everything seemed top notch and was perfectly clean. My husband and I have been so impressed with Dr. Pousti and his team. Surgery is very scary, but I was comforted by the amazing care of his surgery staff and very well taken care of. I’ve never had any other surgery, just two childbirths. But the day of surgery my husband and I were blown away with everyone. I woke up happy and pain free. Each day my boobs look better and better and my Comfort level improves as well. I am beyond happy with my decision and am so grateful for Dr. Pousti’s passion, experience, care and love for his job. Oops, I didn’t realize I posted under my husbands account.
Testimonial: I had my breast augmentation exactly one month ago and I am so happy with my results (even though i want to go bigger LOL! ) Dr. Pousti is the only doctor I had a consultation with and I knew that day he would be my doctor, It was one of the best choices I’ve ever made in my whole life! He is the most caring Dr. I have ever met, I have clinical depression and very bad anxiety so I am constantly wanting everything perfect and freaking out about EVERYTHING. My healing process wasn’t what i expected because my body didn’t like dissolvable sutures and I didn’t know that because I’ve never had surgery where i needed stitches! But Dr. Pousti calmed my nerves every time my anxiety levels went through the roof because of my stitches. His staff and him are so caring and the nicest people I have ever met, I can’t thank them enough for all they have done for me. I can go on and on about Dr. Pousti and his staff. I can’t wait to see my final results in the future! Thank you so much Dr. Pousti! If you are thinking of getting a breast augmentation or any surgery at all look no further! Dr. Pousti is the man!
Testimonial: I found Dr. Pousti through yelp and I am so glad I did! I didn’t know much about implants I didn’t know the difference between saline and silicone nor the size that I wanted for my body. All I wanted was a fuller look on myself. At the consultation, his staff as well as Dr.Pousti were nothing but kind and lovely. I didn’t feel pressured or rushed, Dr.Pousti and his staff took the time to assess my wants and needs. It was then that I knew he was the surgeon for me. My before was a 32A and now 9 months post surgery I am a 34D or 32DD (since they are sister sizes). I love love love my results. I cant stress it enough. Dr.Pousti did a wonderful job and I couldn’t be anymore happier.Dr. Pousti is very kind, sweet, and of course knowledgable. He did a wonderful job and I couldn’t be more pleased with my results!
Testimonial: So where do I start? I had my consultation a couple days ago and booked my surgery date before leaving that’s how amazing Dr. Pousti is! (His really funny too!) The thought of having surgery made me so nervous and he really put me at ease. Dr. Pousti and Daisy went above and beyond to make me feel at home. During the consultation he measuresed me, went over goals, pros and cons over the size I was choosing, tried on sizers and even used the vectra machine 🙂 A little backstory, I’m a 23 year old mother to a beautiful (sassy) 4 year old lol whom I breast fed for 2 years. I’m sure that explains it all, everything went down hill. I lost volume and and the right breast is sagging a bit more when compared to the left. Im getting round silicone implants, 600cc with my right breast getting a donut lift. I’m super nervous but have complete trust in Dr. Pousti. Im looking forward to having big beautiful boobies!! 🙂 I’ll continue to post through out my entire journey and keep you ladies updated!! Amazing!!! All the other reviews are right on! He explained pros and cons and went into great detail ! I’m looking forward to having my surgery in August and know he will do an amazing job!
Testimonial: Before kids I was I was a full C cup. After 2 kids I was now a small B. I wasn’t comfortable in my body anymore so I decided to get a breast augmentation. Went in for a consultation and I booked my surgery the same day, that’s how much I liked Dr. Pousti. He is very professional and kind, I knew he was the doctor for me right then and there. I love my results! I got just what I asked for and couldn’t be happier. Dr. Pousti is very kind and professional as well as his staff. After my surgery I received a call everyday for a week and a half checking in to see how I was doing. I would definitely recommend him to anyone thinking of having their breast done.
Testimonial: After two weeks of having breast augmentation I began to feel uncomfortable. I could feel them all the time, I could not sleep and were interfering with my daily routine. I made my decision after it triggered anxiety and don’t regret it one bit. I am in the best care now and starting to feel better with each passing day. My drains are now removed they were in for a total of 6 days. Minimal discomfort, followed post opt instructions. Slept in an upright position for one week, no shower until drains removed. Still keeping my arms by my side until the two week mark. Each time I drained I would write down how much drainage was emptied so the doctor would know my progress. I am now done with antibiotics, took a few of Percocet then moved down to Motrin. Took Colace for constipation as I did strain a little with the pain medication. I will upload more pictures in my next update. Words cannot describe Dr. Pousti, he is so caring and I am beyond happy with my decision of choosing him as my doctor. He addressed all of my concerns regarding explant and made sure that I was certain about my decision to proceed with surgery after initially having my implants done elsewhere in January. After explant, I have received over-the top post-op care from him and his lovely staff who are all wonderful and so nice! Professional, outstanding customer service. I definitely recommend Dr. Poutsi!
Testimonial: Hello! I’ll start by saying this has been the best website ever. It has helped me tons!! I’ve wanted a BA for as long as I could remember. I always wanted to be able to fill out cute, sexy tops and never have been able to. My husband and I have been together for almost 6 years now and he has never had an issue with my small boobs. It was always me complaining about them, I just wasnt happy with being flat chested. It really urked me. So I finally took the plunge and made it official! I had my surgery on march 13 so I’m currently 2 weeks post op and couldn’t be any happier!!! Before surgery I was a 34AA. I got 330cc silicone gel in my left and 350cc in my right. Due to my left being bigger thats why the 2 different sizes. I have yet to get sized at what i am now but i did put on a bra that i wore when i was pregnant (34C) just to see how it fit and it was a little small!I LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM. Recovery wasnt that bad. I was off pain pills and muscle relaxer by the third day. My husband is currently deployed so my mom flew out to take care of me and my daughter. My husband knows I got this done and is fully supportive of my decision..he hasnt seen them yet so when he returns home he will have a fun surprise waiting for him 😉 This was one of the BEST decisions I have ever made for myself and couldnt be more happy ! Completely forgot to mention that Dr. Pousti also removed a fibroadinoma. A small non cancerous tumor from my left breast. Dr. Pousti is such a brilliant and talanted surgeon. He is very smart and truly does want the best for you. He answers every question even if you asked the same one over and over again. He doesn’t make you feel awkward AT ALL. Excellent bedside manners.His staff and nurses are amazing. You walk in and it just feels like you’ve known everyone for years. So friendly. I was even given flowers at my first post op and it made me feel special! I recommend him to anyone and everyone who wants to get this procedure done. Thank you so much for giving me the boobs I always wanted and the confidence I lacked because of them!!
Testimonial: Sorry it has been so long!! My husband and I are working a lot of long busy hours. I wanted to let you know I am doing very well. Regarding the surgery everything is great. Sometimes I forget that I had surgery. Everything feels and looks very natural. Thanks for taking me as a patient. I couldn’t be happier with the results.
Testimonial: 4 more days until my breast augmentation with Dr. Pousti! I’m so excited and nervous at the same time! I’m 5’5 117 pounds and currently a 34 B. I’m hoping to become a D or double D. I was really worried at first because I didn’t want to go through the areola, but Dr. Pousti said it has the least area for scarring and the results of my desire look would be better. So, I’m trusting him. Dr. Pousti said to acheive my size, he would like to put 450cc on me and said it is perfect for me and that 500cc would be too big and could cause complication. I Actually think 450cc is perfect as well, hopefully I get to be a D or Small DD. I want the natural look, but I also want a ” is that real or fake?” Look. I want cleavage, so I’m hoping he’s able to use high profile on me. When I did my vectors, they look a pic of me and showed how it woul look with high profile and moderate plus, I did like the high profile look since I’m thin and its to ably better since it doesn’t project from the side, but since its narrow I hope it won’t be far apart. I think the moderate plus might be to full and not enough cleavage and notice also of pics of people have implants to their collarbone, which is s no no. Also, i think one of my chest wall might be slightly higher than the other, so I’m not sure if he’s able to put both of the same cc on both sides to make them even. I just hope they are even and perfect. I don’t want them to be far apart nor a uniboob where it’s touching each other and it will also look like it saggy when it’s touching each other. Here are my goal pics and my current pic before surgery! Im so afraid of the implant looking too high like above my collarbone, but I know its suppose to drop. Im trusting Dr. Pousti and hope he gives me what I’m looking for. The day has finally arrived! so nervous and excited! Hope to become a D and use about 450 cc. Hi guys been so busy and trying recover. It’s been 11 days days my surgury and I feeling much better, but a little pain still. Dr. Pousti put 440cc silicone and I love them!!! It’s still swollen and since it was under the muscle I just hope they don’t shrink much. I have a front and side view. I had my consultation and pre op already. So far my experience has been great with dr. Pousti and his staff. I’m hoping I acheive the looked I’ve been waiting for!
Testimonial: Dr. Pousti and his entire staff are awesome!! They treat you like a family member. I am so happy with the results of my BA. Vanessa and Daisy are so sweet and caring. They answer all my questions and concerns. His surgical staff at Alvarado are awesome also!. Very nice and caring. Dr. Pousti is the best plastic surgeon. He genuinely cares about all his patients. He wants to make sure you are happy with the results and he is always a phone call away if you have any concerns. Love him and his staff!!
Testimonial: So, it’s taken me over 4 months to finally write a review. I wanted to wait until I was healed and happy. Although I still have some healing to do I am finally happy with my results. I had 385cc smooth round high profile implants placed under the muscle. I had little breast tissue to start with and was in fairly good shape prior to surgery. Although 4 months is still early out, I expected to heal much faster. My rate of healing is no fault of Dr. Pousti’s at all. I think it was just the fact that I didn’t have a lot to start with and everything was pretty tight since I do not have kids. Back to Dr. Pousti. I met with four surgeons in San Diego before I made the choice to go with Dr. Pousti. One surgeon was super sketchy and performing surgery in office with the door slightly open when I went for a consult. Scary! Another I met with made everything sound way too technical and talked at me instead of with me. The other surgeon was very nice but seemed very concerned/almost scared about putting implants in/on my small frame. When I met with Dr. Pousti I felt comfortable from the second he came in. He is very personable and answered every question I had. He asked me why I was doing this, which no one else had and I appreciated that. He had a calm but confident and friendly vibe about him. Another thing that I loved was that I got to see a girl who was 5 days out from surgery. I could not believe how beautiful her breasts looked, no bruising at all! And she wasn’t in any pain. After the consult I was fairly certain that I was going to go with Dr. Pousti but I had one more consult to go. I saw it as a sign that Vanessa from Dr. Pousti’s office called me right after I left my last consultation, and with only one time slot left for my surgery date. I decided to book my surgery right then and I’m so happy I did! I was never 100% comfortable with surgery because I will never be comfortable with being cut open or knocked out! But it felt like the best choice. One thing that did scare me was the fact that it was never set in stone what size implants would be put inside of me, but I completely understand why now. He has to look at the different sizes on your body to see what gives you the look you want. Not only that, but what is safe and wont compromise your overall result. After I woke up from my surgery I felt ok given the circumstances. I did not feel the elephant sitting on my chest that people speak of at all. Really, I felt more nausea than anything once I stood up. After I was home someone from the office called every day for the first few days to check on me which was really nice too. Side note: I was in pain! I kept with the Percocet on schedule but 1 at a time did not do anything for me and really the Valium is what helped me survive that first week. It was really only horrible for the first week, after that it’s all pain that any woman (people plagued by monthly pain) can handle. It’s real surgery and healing is a bitch. You will never realize how much your chest muscles are involved in everyday movement until you shove implants inside of them. I don’t know why I thought it would be much easier. Anyway, when I finally got to see them (I think 5 days later) they were awesome swollen rectangles free of an bruising! It is truly amazing what those rectangles turned in to. Now that I am over the 4 month point they finally look like breasts and they’re even a little squishy and bouncy. I have one complaint and that is that my right incision is way more noticeable than my left but hopefully that will change with time. Overall, I feel so much more like a woman and that is all because of my amazing surgeon. Thank you Dr. Pousti!
Testimonial: I have been so pleased with my consultation and pre op appointments. I cant express how amazing Dr. Pousti and staff are. They are very professional and caring. They have been so helpful with any questions and or concerns. I also like the office because they don’t really keep you waiting. Once you are checked in, it’s not long after that you are to be call back . They also don’t keep you waiting by yourself in a room forever! I’m just happy that the office I have chose is prompt. I cannot wait for my big day! Only a week!
Testimonial: A year ago exactly, I was ready to commit to a breast augmentation procedure, or so I thought. I met with a couple of doctors, including Dr. Pousti, but still had my doubts. It took a year of contemplation and now I find myself 5 days away from my surgery date! Nervous but excited! I know that I am in great hands! I was referred to Dr. Pousti by several friends. I met with him in 2014 for a consultation in which he answered all of my questions. He even asked one of his patients, that had recently had a procedure done, to sit in my consultation to tell me about her experience. She gave such a positive testimony that made me feel at ease. However, I still found myself skeptical about the procedure for personal reasons. I had seen three other doctors around San Diego and La Jolla that made me feel very rushed about my decision; they even asked me how I wanted to pay for the procedure after the first consultation! Dr. Pousti did not rush me, nor did he make me feel like he was the only option. He specifically said that I need to do what’s best for me as far as choosing the right time and the right doctor. (Talk about integrity!) The impression that Dr. Pousti and his staff left on me was lasting. To the point where a year later, after dueling contemplation, I decided to go with Dr. Pousti. My surgery date is this Friday and I could not be any more excited and comfortable to know that I am in great hands!
Testimonial: I got 465cc on my right and 495cc on my left. I decided to get silicone (personally loved the way it felt and I had really small breasts to begin with. A cup) Sientra. I am 5’7 and 135lbs. After large C-D cup. Today is my 1 month post-op and I have not gone sports bra shopping. I will today and I am so excited! I wanted larger breasts and I was going for a natural looking/ keep them guessing look. I went to Dr. Pousti’s office after following him online for 3-4 years. I did all of my research concerning BA, even all of the bad things. I wanted to be informed and know what I was getting myself into. I finally went for a consultation in February and I decided that same day to go through with it. I was billed the $6,200 on my carecredit and it was very easy and fast. Scheduled surgery for February 18, 2015. I went to a pre-op visit where Bre (one of Dr. Pousti’s staff members) helped me and answered all of my questions. Bre was very nice and friendly, I felt very comfortable with her and she helped me decide what I wanted. She was great! she even attended my surgery and recorded it, I saw it a couple days post-op. They really encouraged me to choose pictures and to send all of the ones I had (which I did) Since Dr. Pousti utilizes them during surgery to achieve a result closest to what you desired. They also used the Vectra 3D, which took pictures of me and they can enhance my breast virtually to give me a better look of what they can look like. I also tried on sizers on different occasions and with help of Bre and Daisy, I chose what I liked. I will say I was scared on the day of surgery and all of the staff, including Dr. Pousti was very friendly and warm. They assured me that everything was going to be okay and it was. I will say that my whole experience from consultation down to post-op visits has been amazing. I received phone calls from their office in regards of how I was doing, any questions I might have, etc. for about 2 weeks after my surgery. They have always been very helpful and they always answered all of my questions. I truly recommend Dr. Pusti and all of his staff to anyone looking to have BA in San Diego. My results are amazing and every day I love the results more and more since they are slowly settling. Dr. Pousti gave me exactly what I asked for and I am very picky. I notice detail very well and I will say I have nothing bad to say about his work. My husband was scared that he was not going to like my breasts after the surgery (he liked my breasts before but I wanted them bigger). Now he loves them and loves the natural look and feel they have, as do I. I now love how my breast look in clothes and I feel great! I do have more confidence and I would recommend everyone that is looking into BA to make a consultation with Dr. Pousti. You will not regret it! Everyone made my experience amazing and I will always be grateful for Dr. Pousti and his staff. Dr. Pousti is amazing! I truly love the way him and his staff make you feel. I do want to mention that he never pressured me to get any surgery nor to go though him. He asked me if I had had other consultations (which I had not, I was very convinced about him being my surgeon since I followed his work for years) and encouraged me to look around before making a decision. He answered all of my questions and made me feel very safe and comfortable. I am very shy and was very reluctant to take off my robe, yet he was very patient with me and made me feel at ease. I believe that Dr. Pousti is a magnificent surgeon and he creates beautiful work. I will always recommend him to anyone.
Testimonial: Can’t believe it! Today is the BIG day! I’m beyond nervous and excited. I’m a 34 year old, mother of one. I’ve wanted this surgery for many years. After breast feeding my son for over a year, and noticing great loss in volume and elasticity of the surrounding breast, I was determined to change things. Dr. Pousti was recommended by a very good friend of mine…and, let me say, I am VERY thankful for the recommendation. I was at ease the minute I met Dr. Pousti. Dr. Pousti listened carefully to my thoughts and feelings as to why I wanted to undergo the surgery. He answered all of my questions and provided me with a great summary of my options. Today, I will undergo a saline breast augmentation. I chose saline after much research–despite my initial interest in silicone. I will be going into pre-op soon. I will be updating my story…so, stay tuned. 🙂
Testimonial: I’ve always known I wanted a ba ever since I was young and since a lot of the women in my family have small breast/ have opted to get a breast augmentation I kinda assumed that my breasts would never grow to a size I would be happy with. I like the shape of my breasts now but I just want them to be bigger. . I found this website in December and ever since, I’ve been obsessed with reading other people’s experiences! I’m currently an A cup and am looking to become around a C cup with under the muscle silicone implants. From looking at other women with around the same stats it seems like that would around 300-350cc and I want a “keep em’ guessing” look so I think I want mod+ profile but im not sure what will look more natural on my bwd. Either way, I’ll most likely go with whatever Dr. Pousti recommends. I’ve been emailing Dr. Pousti back and forth for a couple days now and I finally scheduled a surgery date with him! Even though I’m 18, i asked him if I could get silicone and explained to him that I knew some of the risks that were included (biggest one being no manufacturer warranty) and he sent me the prices for that and when I scheduled my surgery date for silicone the lady didn’t say that I couldn’t so I’m assuming that’s a yes. He said that he would make the incision from the nipple because the scar will blend with the nipple and that the price would be 7200 for silicone but since I’m an out of town patient, they took off 500 for me and the payment is due on full 3 weeks before the surgery. Usually they do a consultation over email or on the phone with out of town patients but I might be in San Diego for a couple days in spring break and plan to stop by for a consultation in person because I think it will benefit me a lot to go there and experience it and meet Dr. Pousti and his staff beforehand. Today I finally scheduled my surgery over the phone and made a $500 deposit. My surgery is still a couple months away but I’m so excited!! This is kinda related but I got my nipples pierced today! I have inverted nipples so I got them pierced to fix them and I also think they are cute…I would say the pain level is a 9/10 because I now have 10 piercings and my nipples were by far the most painful. However, it is still the first day and I have heard that afterwards it just feel sore. i would definitely recommend having SOMEONE ELSE drive you after your piercing because I found it hard to concentrate after. I don’t regret it but if I had to do it again I probably wouldn’t just because I don’t know if I could handle the pain again. I asked Dr. Pousti about the piercings and he said I could bring in plastic retainers to put in the piercings during the surgery and that they would be fine, there is still a risk of infection but he said it was low. If all else fails, I mainly got the piercings to fix the invertedness and they should be okay to take out by then. BUT I do love the look of them for now 🙂 Will post photos another time. I am going to be in San Diego for 1 day this month and last time i called they said it would be good if i could come in for a consultation. I also thought it would be more helpful to both me and dr. Pousti to see my breasts in person before the procedure. This way, i can also try on sizers, do tbe vectra imaging and ask him any more questions i have on person. Anyways, i called in to book a consultation and they only day I can come in is April 11, Saturday. At first the lady ( i forgot her name, sorry!!) said they don’t see patients on weekends and for a second i panicked but then she said oh wait let me check something.. She came back a couple seconds later and told me since they’ve beeb really busy lately, they could squeeze me in at 9am! I felt so relieved and grateful after that. The receptionists at dr. Pousti’s office are all very helpful and are very sweet. Everything is playing out and I can’t believe this all actually happening!!! By the way, no charge for the consultation!
Testimonial: First off I have to say that I love Dr. Pousti and his staff! They are so good to you and make you feel so comfortable through the process! I’m a 24 year old mother of a seven year old boy. I have always thought about getting my breasts done because after having my son I got to experience having bigger boobs then them going back to being small after breast feeding and just wasn’t happy with the way they looked. My mom actually had her breasts done by Dr.Pousti in 2008 I believe and they look so good so I knew eventually he would be the one I would go too one day! Well I decided 2015 was my year and it was going to happen . I believe I went in on Feb 12th for my consultation and booked it that day and had my pre op on Feb 27th and had my procedure done march 19th. I was a size 32 a by Victoria secret but could wear a 34b at other places. I wanted to be at least a D or small DD but didn’t want stripper looking boobs or big balls on chest. Dr. Pousti has you show him pictures of what you like and don’t like and he will go over it with you a few times even up until your surgery date! I love how he would decide what was best Once I was in the OR. I ended up with 415cc and they look great so far even though I’ll get to see them fully today since today is my post op! They don’t look too big and don’t look like u paid 6000 for nothing! I was fine after in woke up from anesthesia and just laid around the house on Friday after surgery but by Saturday I was up and about and by Sunday I was off my meds. I was never really in pain just felt like someone was sitting on my chest. Today I had my post op and boy oh boy am I happy about my results so far. At first I didn’t think they would look as big as I wanted but they Def are! And I can’t wait until they are dropped and in place! I even got to talk to a few girls who are considering the procedure and got to share my experience. I’ll be back in a week for another appointment ! Best decision ever got to love Dr.Pousti and his staff! Today marks a week since I had my surgery and I’m feeling great. The only thing is I feel so uncomfortable at night since I love laying on my back. I have been off my meds for a few days. I feel pain here and there since he went through my nipple but that’s about it. I took my first shower the other day obviously with my moms help which was a challenge. Thank god for my seven year old who helps me as much as he can as well. One thing I off have to say is I’m over this bra thing ! It’s so hard to find clothes in closet that will cover it and it Def makes my boobs a little itchy! I’m patiently waiting for them to drop and to see the final outcome ! I returned to work yesterday and started driving again and it was actually a lil painful. I could feel like my chest getting tight or something is that normal ??? I have another appointment tomorrow with my surgeon so I’ll prob talk about it to him then. I’m still trying to get the marker off which seems to not want to come off ! He was the best through the whole procedure ! He made me feel so comfortable and I knew I could trust him once I was under and knew he would make me very happy with the outcome! He explained everything that he would do in the OR room and you get to meet everyone that will be with you in the room before you to in. I definitely recommend Dr.Pousti
Testimonial: I’ve always liked the idea of having a nicer cleavage and bigger bust to fill in my bikini tops. It’s been over a month from surgery, and so far a great experience. Dr. Pousti did a wonderful job, is professional, and makes you feel comfortable. The girls in his office are very knowledgeable and spend time answering questions and teaching post-op care. I would recommend for anyone who is considering breast augmentation to go with Dr. Pousti to get the best results. Thank you!!
Testimonial: I’ve been wanting to get my breast done since I was 18. I was a late bloomer compared to my friends who have grown quite faster than me. I told myself, wait till you’re 23 because my body is still developing and maybe I will be able to grow more. Well I’m finally 23 and I have finally grown into my womanly body except for my breast. I felt like I had a 12 year olds chest. I hated it! All my friends are over here filling up there bikini tops and I’m here having to buy the VS bombshells just to get on there level. It’s so embarrassing. I don’t want to waste $80 on bikini tops and bras all the time just to gain the confidence. PLUS, I live in beautiful sunny San Diego which is summer 350 days out of the year. It’s crop top, bikini, dresses all day, everyday. Its hard to disguise my small breast. So I saved up for my procedure and I finally gave in. It’s time to make myself happy! I worked my butt off and it’s time to reward myself! So since I was 18, I slowly started doing some research about the procedure. Looked at multiple doctors, reviews, pros and cons, cost, you name it, I’ve researched EVERYTHING and those 5 years I’ve been researching, I kept coming back to this one particular doctor. And that was Dr. Pousti. His website just gave the MOST detail in everything he’s done. He’s got 20+ years and have all the requirments. I’ve seen multiple reviews on the guy and his staff. I just couldn’t pin point any red flag. Plus he has done a couple of my friends breasts and they came out amazing! My boyfriend, has been so supportive and I love the fact that he truly believes that I don’t need to get this BA done but if it makes me happy, he’s up for it. So I finally called and got my consultation on Feb 17. I was freaking out because I couldn’t believe I’m actually doing it!
Testimonial: I can’t say enough amazing things about Dr. Pousti and his entrie staff. From beginning to end I was at ease, happy and beyond comfortable. I love you all. Love love love you!
Testimonial: I had been wanting to get a breast augmentation for a few years now and finally got the courage to go through with it a couple months ago. I could not be any happier with the results and it’s only been 6 weeks, I can’t wait to see how they look months from now. Dr. Pousti is great! He made me feel so comfortable. He and his staff were so caring and helpful. I felt right at home. Thank you Dr. Pousti!
Testimonial: I heard great things about Dr Pousti and felt very comfortable after meeting him and his staff. I’ve wanted to get this procedure done for quite sometime. I was extremely happy with the result. I was also impressed with how the staff looks after you after the procedure and makes sure you are feeling okay. I even received a phone call from the doctor! Very caring and thoughtful. I would recommend Dr. Pousti to anyone of my family and friends. The staff and Dr. Pousti were always outstanding. They always have great attitudes and make you feel comfortable in an uncomfortable situation. With each visit and each phone call that never changed. It made my experience enjoyable.
Testimonial: Soooooooo I usually don’t do reviews but I couldn’t help myself and wanted to give the biggest shout out to Dr. Pousti and his staff for their overwhelming professionalism, before & after care, incredible vision, and most importantly their lovely upbeat hospitality. The day I met Dr. Pousti and Vanessa we made a connection, we hit it off instantly and I knew I was in the best hands. After consulting with my auntie on my decision, I made a second appointment so my auntie could meet Dr. Pousti. The appointment went great, lots of laughs, questioning, and Dr. Poustis amazing vision for me. I scheduled my surgery a month out, although nervous, I was so anxious and had full trust in Dr, pousti that my outcome was going to be dramatic, life-changing and absolutely stunning! After surgery there were some trials and tribulations but Dr. Pousti and his staff kept a close eye on me. Vanessa called, texted, and followed up daily. I am now 2 weeks out of surgery, feeling amazing and in love with my perfect breasts. I can’t thank Dr. Pousti, Vanessa, and the rest of his team for my incredible gift….it is truly life changing. Thank you so much. Keep up the wonderful work
Testimonial: Knowledgeable. Proficient. Professional. Empathetic. Genuine. These are only a few descriptor words that immediately come to mind about Dr. Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS and his amazing management, and nursing staff!! After reading and researching countless articles, reviews, case scenarios, and professional work done by Dr. POUSTI, I set up a consultation to meet this phenom of a plastic surgeon. Let me tell you, the reviews and all the positive feedback you find regarding he and his practice online and in research articles, is 100% true! Meeting him was an experience that I honestly never expected would go so wonderfully. He is an upright gentlemen, whom listens intently, exudes professionalism, and eloquently delivers the knowledge-base he holds on his expertise in the Plastic Surgery world. From start to finish, my consultation was a “10/10”. The process was delivered with ease, like a well-oiled machine without feeling robotic, only organic and natural. The office staff, the manager, the nurses, and Dr. Pousti worked efficiently together and made me feel comfortable and right at home…the epitome of a perfect doctor’s office visit. I am no one special to right this review, just an ordinary woman whom was treated just as everyone in this world should be treated, exceptionally well, especially in the high-paced medical and social society in which we exist. If you are considering any type of plastic surgery or cosmetic procedure, please place Dr. Pousti and his team at the TOP of your list! You will not be let down, you will leave feeling respected, and most of all, trusted with decision you will/or may decide upon. I am elated with my own personal results from Dr. Pousti and will continue to follow-up with reviews as my final results unfold. Thank you for reading this review. I truly hope this helps you, as a highly important and smart consumer, to make the right decision for you! Good luck and take care!
Testimonial: I will recommend anyone who is thinking about getting their breast done to go for it, but be sure to go to the right doctor who does it for you and not for the money. Mine was done by Dr. Pousti in La Mesa, CA. and never regret my decision to go with him. Its been 10 yrs and I am still loving them. Very caring, professional yet loving doctor who doesn’t rush you to make the right decision. Dr. Pousti is an amazing Doctor who not only passionate with his job but also towards his patients. I love Dr. Pousti!! He did a beautiful job on my breast and it has been 10 years now that it still looks perky 🙂 Thank you Dr. for making all you have done and I highly recommend this doctor to everyone. He will not suggest something you don’t need, hard to find an honest doctor these days. Go see him, he offers free consultation and I guarantee you that you will love him as much as I do!
Testimonial: Being a tall, slim girl I never felt proportional with my size small B breasts. Going to Dr. Pousti I was looking to become more proportional and confident in my own skin. I had my Surgery this Friday the 20th and I’m sure they will be all I expect them to be. I was looking to become a full D and being tall knew I could pull off bigger. After pictures are to follow. Dr. Pousti is one of the most kind, genuine, selfless surgeons I’ve ever met. He reassured me time and time again that we would achieve whatever I desired. He let me know he was here for me and that was very important. I feel blessed to have been recommend to him by many friends and their families.
Testimonial: After wanting to get my boobs done since I was a teen, I finally booked an appt. for a consult with Dr. Pousti on 2/23/15. My friend referred me as she had her BA performed by Dr. Pousti a few years ago. Everyone at the office was great and made me feel totally comfortable. They let me try on different sizes to get an idea on what different cc’s will look like. Still unsure on how big to go. They recommended anywhere between 350-450cc silicone gel. I want a natural look and my hubby doesn’t want me to go too big. I work as a personal trainer and fitness coach and I am starting to worry about how going under the muscle will restrict me from lifting in the future. I don’t want the implants to shift. I felt extremely comfortable with Dr. Pousti and went forward with booking my surgery date. I go in for my pre-op on 3/16 and surgery is scheduled for 4/3. I am so excited and looking forward to seeing his amazing work! Dr. Pousti makes you feel extremely comfortable when discussing your desired results. He lets you know from his experience what would work best for your body type. He puts no pressure on you to move forward with surgery and suggest you find the best surgeon for you; as that is the only way you will get your desired results. Looking forward to seeing his magic!
Testimonial: I’m 3 weeks away from a breast augmentation and I’m so excited! I’ve read blogs, reviews, video blogs and talked to friends and I feel very prepared and ready for this. My doctor and his staff have covered every area of possible concern. I feel very confident that my PS knows exactly what I want and I know he has the skill to make it happen. I just went in for pre-op appointment and the excitement has kicked in. My husband will take care of me for the first 10 days and then after that I will be mostly alone with my 3 young children during the day. My youngest child is only 2 so I am concerned how she’ll react to me not being able to pick her up for a few weeks. I know this is the right choice for me. I have very realistic expectations. I had size D breasts before nursing and I’ve lost so much fullness after I stipped nursing my last child. My expectations are to get back what I had (and maybe a little more for good measure! 😉 ) I was referred to Dr Pousti by a friend who was very satisfied with her results. I researched him and found that he not only has amazing credentials and does multiple surgeries a week but he is a very focused man who is healthy and family orientated. I know this might not mean much to some, but for me it did, as my husband is also a physician and your lifestyle choices affect your professional life..and ultimately your client. My first appointment with Dr Pousti I felt comfortable with him and his staff. He is personable and listened well and understood very clearly what my goals and expectations were. He read me very well even before I said much about myself and he even suggested that I didn’t go larger than a D because of my body type and lifestyle. In he weeks that followed my first visit his staff has answered all of my calls and emails with such care and consideration that I have always felt I am the only patient they are looking after (and obviously they are very busy all the time). When I met for my last pre op appointment I had no questions and felt very confident that this was the right choice for me.
Testimonial: I chose to get a breast augmentation because after having two breast fed babies, I just wasn’t happy with my breasts anymore. They just felt deflated and sad. I was not comfortable in low cut shirts or even a bikini anymore. I was very nervous but decided this procedure was what would make me happy. The pain was nowhere near as bad as I psyched myself out to thinking it would be. I have two little children who depend on me and I was up and moving by day 4 after surgery. The outcome was better than I could have imagined. My doctor achieved the exact look I wanted. I wanted them to look natural and just back to their old self again. I did not want the “fake” look or the “it’s so obvious she had a boob job” look. Granted I still have months before the completely settle, I could not be happier with my outcome. I would recommend Dr. Pousti to anyone I know or meet. Not only is he wonderful, his staff is magnificent! They make you feel at home and not just “another patient.” After my surgery they called me every single day just to see how I was doing and if I needed anything. During my pre op appointments they never rushed me and answered all my questions. They were very professional and very sweet. Dr. Pousti is one of the sweetest Dr.’s I have met to this day. He takes his time with you and makes sure that you do not feel obligated in any way to use him and your surgeon. I had my surgery recently but the results are outstanding! I was very nervous leading up to the surgery but him and his staff took excellent care of me! He achieved exactly what I asked of him! I would recommend him again and again!
Testimonial: My husband and I spoke for awhile about getting a breast augmentation so we ginally buckled down and did extensive reaserch on doctors in the San Diego area and we cane across Dr. Pousti whom had the top reviews and was considered the highest qualified in the area. Which of course caught our eye as it would anyone looking into surgery. We had a consult with the doctor and his staff, they wre incredibly knowledgeable and welcoming. Definitely answered any and all questions we had and put our minds at ease and made our decision much easier. We went ahead and scheduled the surgery. It was definitely a first class operation, was my first and only surgery and it went so smoothly and they were very consistent with keeping.i. touch after the surgery for any concerns or questions we had and just to check in and see how we were holding up. Highly recommend this doctor and the staff of ladies!!!
Testimonial: I had my consultation with Dr. Pousti about 2 weeks ago and I immediately knew he was the surgeon for me. His staff is so friendly and relaxed. They are easy to talk to and make you feel very comfortable. I met with Dr. Pousti and we discussed my goals of wanting to correct my asymmetry and enlarge my breasts. I am currently a 34/36 B and I would like to be somewhere in the D to DD cup size. After trying on sizers and taking photos showing what 495cc would look like, I made the decision to book my surgery. I was told to find goal photos to make a board for Dr. Pousti to have as a visual aid during surgery. In the time between my original consult and now I have realized I would like to be bigger than what 495cc would put me at. This was so important for me to realize and I don’t know how I would have without going through and getting goal pictures together. I never understood how many different types of breasts there are. His staff instructed me to look at shape, size, gap between breasts, side boob, slope, placement on chest etc. These are all things I never realized I had a preference on. I had my pre op yesterday and went in being a little nervous about the difference between what was originally talked about and what the pictures are reflecting. Dr. Pousti and his staff immediately made me feel at ease and assured me that as long as I bring in goal photos he will do his best to create it! I feel so comfortable, I feel like I am with the best plastic surgeon. He is an artist and I cannot wait to have him operate on me and give me the proportional body I have always wanted! I am so ready to do this!! Tick tock tick tock!!! Getting really excited. 9 days and counting. I still have moments of panic hoping I am doing the right thing. I want them 100% but I won’t fully understand all the changes until they are done and settled. I hope I am communicating enough to my ps on my goals. I have collected about 30 goal photos some showing gap, size, side boob, and overall shape. Others are what I don’t want to look like. I plan on making my board tonight so I can show some friends and family this weekend. I am slowly buying some front open tops that are not just a button up men’s shirt. I have to be back taking kids to school and such a week after and I don’t want to just be in a button up or hoodie all the time. I’m also going to keep it all together at the end and sell it on here or eBay. I have noticed there are not a lot of stylish options out there which is annoying! I would love to be able to pass on what I have found through hours of searching lol! I’m also still curious about wether to have additional post op bras already purchased or wait and see what size I will need after. I’m hoping to go from 34b/c to 34DD so I’m not sure what size to buy. I’m not really too nervous about pain, I have breastfed and birthed 2 children both with episiotomy’s so I feel pretty prepared for what pain is and how to manage it. I have Percocet, Valium and Zofran. not too familiar with Percocet but I’m hoping it will work for me. I am stocking up on baby food pouches of pears, prunes and peaches to be easily tossed into smoothies or yogurt. I am going to purchase some enzymes as suggested by another BA patient which are supposed to help. I’m so thankful for my wonderful friend who has offered to take me to her home for 4 days to recover in peace while hubby stays with my 4 and 3 year olds. I’m really looking forward to 4 days of sleep, drugs and more sleep and maybe some champagne 😉 – sounds bad but it’s true lol!!!
Testimonial: As a registered nurse, I know firsthand the importance of choosing a doctor who is not only the best at what he or she does, but has excellent bedside manner and cares for his or her patients. During my breast augmentation journey, I learned that Dr. Pousti is just that: an excellent surgeon who exudes professionalism, provides amazing results, and has a highly patient-centered practice. I’ve thought about the possibility of breast augmentation since I was in high school, as my breasts never grew beyond an A cup. Over time, I accepted my appearance but never completely rid of the longing for a womanly figure. In October of 2014 a friend of mine underwent breast augmentation surgery with Dr. Pousti. Her praises of both the surgeon and his practice sparked my curiosity, and I decided to schedule a consultation. Honestly, I went into the appointment a little skeptical thinking that the doctor might not live up to his hype. My nervous energy and uncertainty about undergoing major surgery (my first) must have been obvious. Upon entering the room, Dr. Pousti immediately made me feel at ease: introduced himself, made eye contact, made me laugh, and best of all made me feel like I was his one and only concern. I relaxed and Dr. Pousti questioned my reasons for seeking his services. During this time I stressed that I wanted breast augmentation with a very natural look including mild upper pole fullness, a 45 degree breast slope, and a full lower pole. My biggest fear was to come out of surgery, have everyone look at me and immediately suspect that I had breast implants. At 5’ 6” and 111 lbs I am rather thin and the bones of my chest are rather prominent. Because of this, Dr. Pousti confidently recommended an implant in the range of 250cc – 300cc. He proceeded to provide me with realistic expectations of what my results would look like based on my body type, and let me know exactly what to expect while under his care. He even delved further to give details about himself and his personal life, assuring that he takes the utmost care of himself so that he can return the favor for his patients. As the consultation progressed I was able to try on sizers and see images of what I would potentially look like with Dr. Pousti’s recommended size implants via Vectra 3D imaging. Dr. Pousti encouraged me to go home and think about the options that were offered, as well as the surgery in general. I was not pressured to make a decision on the spot and did not feel pressured by the doctor or his staff at any time. I did receive a quote for the procedure as well as available days the procedure could be performed should I choose to follow through. After leaving the appointment, I had no desire to meet with any other surgeons and actually cancelled a consultation that I had previously scheduled. I knew that Dr. Pousti was my doctor. My surgery was February 27th, 2015. I met with Dr. Pousti two more times before surgery to discuss size, expectations, and concerns. Patients are normally only required to meet for the pre-op appointment, but due to my unease surgery and indecision on size, Dr. Pousti recommended I meet with him the day prior to surgery. Each time I met with him he made a clear effort to remember not only my name, but who I am, what I do for a living, and other personal facts that came up in conversation. Yes, despite his busy schedule, Dr. Pousti actually takes the time to engage in conversation with his patients! I left each visit feeling more confident in his abilities and my fears about an unsatisfactory outcome and undergoing anesthesia lessened. The day of surgery was exciting and scary at the same time, but Dr. Pousti and his team made sure to let me know that I was the sole focus and priority while under their care. The surgery center staff were wonderful as well, and my overall experience was top notch. Just prior to going into the operating room I was able to review my goals, goal photos, and preferred size with Dr. Pousti once more, knowing that he would ultimately decide the final amount of cc’s to provide the results I desired as communicated. It is now 6 weeks and 4 follow-up visits later, and I couldn’t be happier. Based on my communicated desires and goal photos, Dr. Pousti selected 270cc round, moderate profile sientra implants and they fit my body perfectly! The incisions are minimal and I am excited to see my results as time progresses. Thus far, my breasts are exactly what I asked for: me but beautifully enhanced. Dr. Pousti’s staff called daily during the initial the two weeks following my surgery to check in, and Dr. Pousti himself called me the night of to see that I was doing well after returning home from the surgery center. Dr. Pousti and his staff continue to be willing to answer any questions I have and address any concerns as they arise. (I had some concerns about swelling post op day 2 which were addressed within 30 minutes of my original phone call and photo email. I also had worries about a strange sensation when performing routine massages and was scheduled an appointment for the non-urgent matter within two business days.) I can honestly say that he has provided the best care I have ever experienced. I look forward to going to my post-op appointments and always feel comfortable calling with any question or concerns. My advice to anyone considering breast augmentation or any other physical enhancement surgery is to book a consultation with Dr. Pousti. You will quickly see that all of his great reviews aren’t just hype and should you choose to use him as your surgeon, will receive excellent results. I thought I would post additional details about my results to help anyone who may have a similar body type. During each of my pre-op visits Dr. Pousti re-iterated realistic goals for my final result, letting me know that due to my low body fat, minimal existing breast tissue, prominent sternum, and natural position of my breasts, I would not likely receive breasts that were as close as I would prefer and could not tolerate a large implant. He did assure me that he would do his best to provide cleavage when placing the implants, but not at the risk of creating ripples or by displacing my areolas to an off-center position. I will admit that I was a little disappointed when I peaked at my breasts in recovery and saw that only 270cc had been placed; I had really been hoping he would go with 300cc because I liked the look of these sizers and 3D images best. Dr. Pousti re-assured me that during surgery he tried a range of 250cc – 325cc sizers and the 270cc ultimately matched my goal photos and communicated results best. I trusted him and was certainly not disappointed at my one-week follow up appointment when I saw my breasts for the first time… they looked huge! Now that the swelling has gone down and my steri-strips finally removed, I can definitely see that he was 100% correct. I do have some days when I wish they were a bit larger, but I think this is a completely normal occurrence from what I’ve read on this site thus far. I also have days when I feel that they are very large. In terms of cup-size, I was hoping for a large B to small C, but after being measured was informed that I am now a 32D! This was shocking to me, as I don’t feel that they look like a D cup at all! I’m aware that once the implants have fully settled into the pocket Dr. Pousti created, or “fluffed”, they will look slightly larger than they do now, and I am patiently awaiting the final result. I very much trust Dr. Pousti’s judgment of size and know that had he gone any larger, I would look like I had “bolt-on” breasts instead of the perfectly natural look that I have now. I’m so appreciative that Dr. Pousti gave me the results I desired!
Testimonial: 2015 I choose it to be MY year. I was going to be a little selfish since I’m always doing for others and so I finally after 21 years of wanting to have breast augmentation I DID IT! What made me more determined was the doctor I choose. Dr. Pousti. I had about 4 different consults with other docs at other offices and Dr. Pousti was my last to meet with. My friend had the same procedure w/ him a year or so prior so I thought what the heck just go talk to him. Immediately I clicked with him. I had so many feelings going inside of me once I decided to go ahead w/ the surgery but I KNEW this is what I had to do for myself. I had family & friends totally behind me. Unfortunately my husband doesn’t agree with any type of plastic surgery but he said “You’re a big girl do what you want” so I did!!!! I honestly think he thought I was trying to look like a porn star and that wasn’t why I was doing it. I wanted to feel like a woman …which I told Dr. Pousti my fears and goals and he did exactly what I envisioned and I couldn’t be more happy with my decision AND my husband is completely happy w/ it too once he saw the work. I’m only 5 weeks this coming Wed but doc said I’m healing up very nicely. I gotta tell ya I can’t WAIT to wear a bathing suit this year & wear a normal bra. Dr. Pousti is amazing! He made me feel comfortable from the minute he walked into the room to meet me. All of his staff was really personable as well. Dr. really listened to me at my pre op appt and made my dream come true of feeling like a woman. I couldn’t be more excited that I did this at the age of 41. They have such great follow through as well …checking in w/ you after surgery day off, days and weeks after too. If you have any questions at any time you feel comfortable enough to call or even email them questions. To them no question is silly.
Testimonial: Knowledgeable. Proficient. Professional. Empathetic. Genuine. These are only a few descriptor words that immediately come to mind about Dr. Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS and his amazing management, and nursing staff!! After reading and researching countless articles, reviews, case scenarios, and professional work done by Dr. POUSTI, I set up a consultation to meet this phenom of a plastic surgeon. Let me tell you, the reviews and all the positive feedback you find regarding he and his practice online and in research articles, is 100% true! Meeting him was an experience that I honestly never expected would go so wonderfully. He is an upright gentlemen, whom listens intently, exudes professionalism, and eloquently delivers the knowledge-base he holds on his expertise in the Plastic Surgery world. From start to finish, my consultation was a “10/10”. The process was delivered with ease, like a well-oiled machine without feeling robotic, only organic and natural. The office staff, the manager, the nurses, and Dr. Pousti worked efficiently together and made me feel comfortable and right at home…the epitome of a perfect doctor’s office visit. I am no one special to right this review, just an ordinary woman whom was treated just as everyone in this world should be treated, exceptionally well, especially in the high-paced medical and social society in which we exist. If you are considering any type of plastic surgery or cosmetic procedure, please place Dr. Pousti and his team at the TOP of your list! You will not be let down, you will leave feeling respected, and most of all, trusted with decision you will/or may decide upon. I am elated with my own personal results from Dr. Pousti and will continue to follow-up with reviews as my final results unfold. Thank you for reading this review. I truly hope this helps you, as a highly important and smart consumer, to make the right decision for you! Good luck and take care!
Testimonial: I’ve always wanted to get breast augmentation since my natural breast were un-proportional to my size and stature which made my body shape seem off. When I gained some weight after having two kids, my breast started shrinking and droop; very unflattering. This ultimately led to my decision to finally take a step forward and get my breast augmentation. Dr. Pousti is just wonderful! A family man who understands and made me feel very welcomed and comfortable. I trust him and his skills and never had a doubt. Highly, highly recommend!
Testimonial: It has been two years since I’ve had my BA with Dr. Pousti. I have been very happy and have had no complications. I’m glad I went through the procedure and if I had to do it again I would. Dr. Pousti is a great, caring doctor and is very competent in his field. His staff is friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend Dr. Pousti if you are looking at getting a BA. He also does other procedures if you check out his website. Thank-you again Dr. Pousti! See you again at my 3 year follow up.

Medically reviewed by Tom Pousti, MD, FACS, and written by The Pousti Plastic Surgery Team.

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