5 Reasons to Consider Labia Reduction Surgery

Labiaplasty is quickly becoming a procedure that more women are requesting. You may choose to undergo labia reduction for several reasons that may include cosmetic or practical reasons. The surgery is designed to correct issues with oversized vaginal lips. If you’re experiencing discomfort from a labia that twists or gets caught in your undergarments, a labiaplasty could be the solution. Additionally, if you’re concerned or embarrassed about recent changes to your genital area, this is also a good reason to elect this type of procedure. 

Whatever the reason you may have for considering labia reduction surgery, Dr. Pousti and his dedicated staff at Pousti Plastic Surgery located in San Diego, California, are prepared to deliver high-quality medical services that will provide guaranteed results you're sure to love. 

What is an oversized labia?

Your labia majora and labia minora are designed to protect your reproductive and urinary systems. These two sets of tissue, also known as vaginal lips, are located around your urinary orifice and clitoris. When the labia minora has too much tissue, it can cause irritation, itching, difficulty with hygiene, twisting of the labia while riding a bike, or wearing tight clothing. 

If your labia has expanded because of pregnancy or if you have a naturally large labia, this could create issues when wearing clothes where tissue escapes or mounds are visible. There is no standard length for either the labia minora or labia majora. In fact, there is an incredible amount of diversity in the shape and size of a woman’s labia. When labiaplasty is considered, the inner lips tend to be longer than the outer lips. 

What is labiaplasty?

Dr. Pousti will begin a labiaplasty by first evaluating if you are in good physical health. The procedure is performed as an outpatient procedure and is relatively simple. The process involves reducing the size of your labia by removing excess tissue after a local or general anesthesia is administered. Dr. Pousti may also recommend the wedge procedure, which involves removing a wedge-shaped piece of tissue to tighten the area and reduce the length of your labia minora. 

Practical reasons why women consider labia reduction 

When your labia minora is too long, it could cause physical discomfort. It might even prevent you from riding a bike, engaging in sexual intercourse, or doing a number of other physical activities. When the skin rubs together, this could lead to chronic irritation and create hygiene issues, threatening the area with infection. Removing excess skin will help you avoid problems like trapped moisture that causes odor, yeast infections, or recurring urinary tract disorders. 

Changes in your genital area could give you back the confidence to comfortably wear bathing suit bottoms and tight workout clothing. It could also help improve intimacy between you and your partner. Vaginal lips that protrude can be painful and affect your ability to achieve an orgasm. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Pousti if you’d like to address problems associated with a long labia. 

Cosmetic reasons to consider a labiaplasty 

The way you feel about your body and genitalia is essential and can have long-term consequences on your self-esteem. If your labia hangs below your underwear or is misshapen, these are valid reasons for considering a labiaplasty. You shouldn’t have to be embarrassed about wearing your favorite swimsuit or avoid intimate situations because of a longer labia. Labia reduction surgery can improve your confidence, allowing you to live a life free from restrictions. 

Risks, recovery, and results of a labiaplasty 

Some risks associated with labiaplasty include bleeding, hematoma, possible infection, chronic dryness, and painful sensations near the vaginal opening. 

After the procedure, you will be free to return home with recovery instructions that can help speed up the healing process. Consider taking some time off work for at least a week to avoid aggravating the surgical site. You can reduce swelling by placing an ice pack over your underpants for about 20 minutes. Lying with your bottom elevated can also reduce swelling and postoperative pain. 

Each patient’s recovery is different, but you should be able to wear tampons and resume sexual intercourse in four to six weeks. The labia should be fully healed at the end of eight weeks. Results from a labiaplasty leave patients with a shorter labia majora and relief from symptoms associated with having a larger labia. 

If you’re interested in how labia education could help you improve your life, contact our office, or book an appointment online today.

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