Frustrated With Your Post-Baby Body? A Mommy Makeover Can Help

Postpartum blues aren’t only psychological and emotional issues; they also apply to the physical state of your body. From hair loss and dry skin to increased shoe size and decreased sex drive, you’ve changed. Sure, once your hormones get back on track, you’ll enjoy lovemaking again, but will you ever get your body back? Some changes seem irreversible, like your unrecognizable breasts and abdomen.

At Pousti Plastic Surgery in San Diego, we can give you hope. Tom Pousti, MD, FACS, is known for his expert mommy makeover, which helps mothers throughout Southern California reclaim their pre-pregnancy bodies from top to bottom. 

His impressive credentials include being double-board certified in general and plastic and reconstructive surgery, so you know you’re in the best hands. Whether you need just a single procedure or a combination of them to treat multiple body issues, Dr. Pousti can guide you through your options. 

Get your breasts back

You may have noticed that during your pregnancy and especially while nursing, your breasts were the biggest they’ve ever been — round, plump, full, and voluptuous. But then you weaned your kid and your bosom went downhill, literally. 

Some women opt out of breastfeeding thinking they’ll save their breasts from the ravages of suckling a child for months. But that’s a myth. Whether you nurse or not, your breasts are no match for gravity. Either way, you can expect to lose a cup size after delivery. In fact, the larger your breasts were before your pregnancy, the more they’re at risk for shrinkage later.

The breast augmentation part of Dr. Pousti’s mommy makeover restores your youthful breasts and helps you fill out your bra again. Just make sure you wait until your body has recovered properly — three to six months after delivery or nursing. 

Dr. Pousti can also perform a breast lift, which acts as an anti-gravity force to pull your breasts back up where they belong.

Banishing your abominable abs

When you think about what a baby does to your body, it’s not surprising that you still see the effects up to a year later. Your abdomen has been stretched to its max for months. Your uterus may take a year to shrink back to its normal size (especially if you had twins), and your skin with all it’s new stretch marks, may never recover on its own.

That’s why Dr. Pousti is so popular. He understands the frustration you feel when you look in the mirror. It’s not vanity to simply want to look like yourself again. 

With the tummy tuck portion of the mommy makeover, he removes the stubborn folds of skin and fat that seem to scream, “I just had a baby!” While he’s at it, he also repairs damaged muscle tissue and gets rid of some of those unsightly stretch marks.

Sucking out the fat

Sometimes, exercise and diet don’t make a bit of difference, no matter how hard you try. These resistant pockets of fat can pop up anywhere on your body: your thighs, buttocks, love handles, arms, or tummy. When faced with postpartum pockets of pudge, liposuction may be your best bet. 

Dr. Pousti vacuums the persistent fat from wherever it may be. If you’re extremely overweight or obese, it’s better to use diet and exercise to get close to your ideal weight first. Liposuction is meant to smooth and contour your shape rather than serve as a major weight-loss technique. 

When you lose weight naturally, your fat cells shrink, but they stay in your body. With lipo, your fat cells are removed, and they won’t return, but if you stop eating well and exercising, you could gain new weight.

Liposuction is a great part of a mommy makeover, and Dr. Pousti often uses it in conjunction with a tummy tuck and breast augmentation.

Whether you need one or all of the mommy makeover procedures, Dr. Pousti is the right doctor for this time in your life. You deserve to love your body again. Call us today to schedule a consultation or book one online.

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