"A follow up to my original question for advice on options available, I would like to have my still intact implant deflated, while I decide what to do. What is the price range for having saline implant over muscle deflated?"


DR. POUSTI: How much does it cost approximately to have a saline implant over muscle deflated?

Thank you for the question and pictures. Cost will likely vary; in our practice, in office depletion procedures typically range from 700-1000 dollars.

Generally speaking, in office deflation of saline breast implants is an option for some patients. For example, if a patient wishes to downsize breast implants and/or undergo breast lifting surgery, it may be in her best interests to have an in office deflation performed; doing so has the advantage of allowing the skin to “bounce back” slowly. Both the patient and her plastic surgeon will be able to determine more accurately, what will be in her best interests with subsequent surgery. Planning of additional surgery, such as breast lifting, may also be and easier and more accurate proceeding in this fashion.

In office deflation may be a good idea for patients trying to decide whether to undergo breast implant removal altogether or downsizing of breast implants; this will give them a good idea of what their breasts will look like without implants. For example, patients and their plastic surgeons will be able to accurately evaluate breast appearance and position and determine whether or not breast lifting (and/or other maneuvers) will be indicated.

Obviously, in office deflation does commit patients to additional surgery (at the very least, breast implant shell removal). Sometimes as breast implants deflate, patients report discomfort as a breast implant edges irritate the surrounding tissues.

I hope this, and the attached link, helps.

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