"Hi, I had a breast augmentation operation 52 days ago. Before operation we decide moderate plus anatomical (295 cc) but doctor try it And go to high profile, I am a little suspicious about it. Will it be high And big:/ I Said smaller is ok for me:/ Was it possible to make my breast down, i fell so high:/ And there is a lift in my two breast, I feel like I’m single browed, afete 2 month will it be correct? Do you think 300 cc is big for me? By the way before operation my breast width is 11 cm."


DR. POUSTI: Concerns after breast augmentation surgery.

Congratulations on having undergone breast augmentation procedure. Based on your photographs, I think that your plastic surgeon has done a very nice job for you and that you have a nice early outcome. I do not see any evidence of any type of breast implant malposition problem, including symmastia.

My best advice: follow-up with your plastic surgeon for accurate assessment and meaningful reassurance. Enjoy the outcome of the procedure performed!

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