"I am 3 weeks post op with saline filled to 440cc implants from a cup. I have waited 10 long years for these and couldn’t express more to my PS that I wanted d cups with multiple photos to show him! I have heard of dropping and fluffing, but is this really true? It seems the swelling is gone and no more pain but they still can feel a little tight. I just really don’t want to be unhappy with these as I have waited so long to get them and don’t have more money to get them done again to go bigger."


DR. POUSTI: Breast Implants Get “Bigger” with Time?

Thank you for the question.

In my experience, breasts do seem larger as the breast implants “drop and fluff”. I see this phenomenon on a daily basis in the office. I would suggest continued patience and follow-up with your plastic surgeon. Don’t be surprised if you’re pleased with the results of surgery 3 to 6 months from now. Don’t base your satisfaction with the results of surgery on a specific cup size.

Best wishes.

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