"I had breast implants inserted under the muscle 11 days ago and now I’m having sharp pains In my right breast under the incision, it hurts to move I’m cretin positions and I am also waking up every night with dead arms which then turn into pins and needles. Are these symptoms to be expected?"


DR. POUSTI: Breast Augmentation Post operative Pain

Thank you for the question. What you have described is quite common during the first 2 months after breast augmentation surgery. It is likely due to musculoskeletal strain and/or irritation of nerves after the body altering surgery. It tends to happen periodically and is self resolving. It can be related to positional changes, over activity, or may occur without provocation at rest.
Occasionally anti-inflammatories may be helpful. If persistence and/or is accompanied by other findings (such as increased swelling and or firmness of the breasts) the patient should seek follow-up with her plastic surgeon ASAP.

I hope this helps.

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