"Surgery 1-27-11, Silicone Gel Submuscular 450cc.Singular for 2.25 mos for firm right breast – breast are equally soft now. Vit E @1000mg taken daily w/singular 10mg. Will my breast drop down, or is this a pocket issue?Massage several times day & implant moves, almost as well as the left.Note the side photos show the upper pole fullness in the right breast & the “side” fullness of the left.Is the right needing to drop, or the left needing to be lifted? Recovery time of a revision? Thanks!"


DR. POUSTI: Breast Implant “dropping” into the pocket.

I ask patient to give it at least 12 months for the settling of the implants into the pocket. I have seen changes up to that time frame with very aggressive massage. I would tell you to continue with aggressive massage of the right breast to assist it in dropping into the pocket. IF after 12 months it does not settle any further, you can discuss revisionary surgerywith your surgeon – but I agree with the other surgeon’s who state that you need to understand that no surgery can guarantee perfection and there may always be some symmetry. As for your questions re: should the right implant be lowered or the left implant raised? IF you decide to proceed with revisionary surgery, it’s up to you as to what “look” you like better – the fullness on top or the implant settled down.

Each procedure has it’s own potential risks / complications so make sure your surgeon has the experience and you have clear communication with him/her.

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