"My breast are caved in after removal. I want to be implant free if possible. Will time heal this? Will they fluff up? Will a lift fix it? Thanks to all you who reply."


Thank you for the question and pictures. Your concern is understandable after viewing the picture. Although you do not say how far out of surgery you are currently, the incisions do appear relatively fresh. Therefore, you should have some peace of mind that the appearance of the breasts will likely improve to some degree over the course of the next few months and even up to one year after surgery. Exactly how much skin contraction and “bounce back” will occur is impossible to predict.

Although easier said than done, I would suggest continued patience; do not rush into any type of surgery in the near future. Again, allow several additional months to pass before making a judgment. You may find that massage of the breasts skin may be helpful. If in the long term, if the degree of skin retraction is not satisfactory, some skin excision (mastopexy) may be necessary/helpful.

I hope this helps.

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