Why Labia Reduction Surgery has Radically Increased in Popularity

labia reduction

The number of women having labia reduction surgery was too small to report before 2015. By the end of 2016, the number had increased by 39%, and it has been included in the annual report of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons every year since then.

As more women request labia reduction surgery, and as they’re increasingly comfortable talking about it, it’s safe to say that there are two general reasons why they want the procedure: practical and cosmetic.  

One reason isn’t better than the other; each woman has her own personal reason for choosing to have labia reduction surgery or labiaplasty. Here at Pousti Plastic Surgery, our goal is to make sure that every woman is comfortable with her decision, so we take the time to talk with you about why you want labiaplasty.

Here’s a rundown of the main reasons why labia reduction has increased in popularity.

Differences in the size and shape of women’s labia

The labia are part of women’s external genitalia. They’re the two fleshy folds of tissue that surround your vagina, which is why they’re often called vaginal lips. The outer fold, called the labia majora, is normally larger than the inner lips, the labia minora, which are next to the vaginal opening.

The truth is that there’s incredible diversity in the size and shape of women’s labia. One inner or outer lip may be longer, thicker, or thinner than the other. When women consider labiaplasty, it’s most often because the inner lips are substantially longer than the outer lips.

Practical reasons women want labia reduction surgery

Many women (and men) don’t realize that labia reduction could be anything other than a cosmetic choice, but when the labia minora is too long, it can cause physical problems and embarrassment. In some women, the inner lips can hang below the outer lips by an inch or more, which can be downright uncomfortable.

A long labia minora can end up being twisted, pulled, or chafed during many activities such as riding a bike and having sexual intercourse. Many women say they’re too self-conscious to have sex or they can’t enjoy sex because their labia minora gets in the way.

Cosmetic reasons women want labia reduction surgery

Cosmetic reasons for wanting to undergo labiaplasty are just as valid as the practical problems. While some people are tempted to discount cosmetic labiaplasty as an unnecessary fad, the way women feel about their external genitalia most often comes from their own concern, shame, and self-consciousness about the appearance of a long or misshapen labium.

Many women have a valid reason for wanting to change the appearance of their labia. Here’s one of the most common: an unusually long labia minora can hang below your underwear.

You might be able to ignore the problem if you mostly wear jeans or loose clothing, but the excess tissue becomes very visible with many of today’s fashions, from leggings and dance leotards to thongs and swimsuits. No woman should ever feel embarrassed to go to an exercise class or get into a swimsuit because of her labia.

No matter what reason you have for considering labia reduction surgery — and regardless of whether the procedure goes up or down in popularity — plastic surgery comes down to you doing it for yourself to improve your comfort or confidence.

If you have questions about labia reduction surgery, call us at Pousti Plastic Surgery or use the online booking feature to schedule a consultation.

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