Will Pregnancy Ruin My Breast Implants?

Pregnant Woman with Breast Implants

Pregnancy is a blessing and may affect the woman's body positively or negatively. Unfortunately, breast augmentation surgery does not guarantee permanent results. Pregnancy and nursing can effect the look of the breasts. Changes may vary between many women.

Timing of the breast augmentation is a very personal decision.  In general I advise patients if they are  planning on having  children in the near future (this is open to interpretation)  to wait on the breast augmentation procedure. Doing it this way will  potentially minimize  the number of operations  that the patient will undergo.

After pregnancy and nursing, some patients (who have breast implants) find that there are minimal changes and so revisionary breast surgery is not necessary while other patients need some sort of breast revision surgery

Some of the breast augmentation revision procedures that may be needed after pregnancy are mastopexy (breast lifting surgery), changing breast implant size (larger or smaller) or correcting breast implant mal-position (Bottoming out / lateral displacement) with the internal bra procedure.

Visit with a well experienced plastic surgeon for the most precise advice.

Tom Pousti MD

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