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Indiana Testimonial: A few years ago I found Dr. Pousti through a beautiful girl with a Body by Pousti t-shirt. This was right after I went to my first consult with a surgeon in Indianapolis. I wasn’t too satisfied with the consult, so I decided to pursue a consultation with Dr. Pousti. Being a double-board certified plastic surgeon definitely helped me make the decision. I began the process by emailing current photos along with my goal photos, and detailing what I hoped to achieve with the surgery. I received a response from the Doctor himself the very next day. I received pricing information and decided to move forward with the surgery. After arriving to San Diego, I met with the doctor and his staff in his office. My pre-operative visit was great. I declined trying on the sizers as I had already done that before. Not many surgeons have the vectra imaging so that was cool to see. The staff gave me all of my out of town patient information, as far as hotels and after care information which was great. Paula Weddle from Reliable Recovery was amazing! I just had my first post-op visit today. I feel greater than expected. There is some tightness which is expected. Had I not come to this surgeon, I would have never found out I had a ruptured implant, despite having two mammograms. I can’t wait to see my final outcome!    

  Testimonial: Dr. Pousti, I am so glad I finally found a doctor who knew exactly what I needed and to achieve the look I wanted! I had come a long way, but it was well worth it! Everyone back home are asking “Oh my gosh, who did your breast augmentation?” and I tell them “Dr. Pousti in San Diego, California!” I sure wish I could of come to you first before I had my previous 2 surgeries — but we can’t change hind site. Dr. Pousti, you are the best! and your staff is wonderful and very professional, friendly and all are very beautiful! I knew from the moment that I stepped into the door of your office that you were “the doctor for me”. I am extremely happy and satisfied with my results and I will send pictures soon by e-mail. Thank you again, for making my long distance travel worth it! 1 year follow up: In I am writing you to give you a update on my B/A. It’s been 1 year as of this month, and I am still so very happy with them. They have settled and softened up some what, but I would say there where they need to be. They are definetily not droppy,saggy,uneven, and not all the extra skin anymore, and etc. You were exactly right. I just needed a larger implant than what I had and no where around here can you get larger implants. The Doctors just won’t or don’t want to do it, and I went to 4 of them.They wanted to give me a lift and I did not want that, or did I need a lift.I just needed you.I believe you have a very special gift and you know what women want and need to achieve the look they are wanting and looking for.I am just so glad I found you and your wonderful staff. Again it was well worth the long trip from Indiana to California, and I am very happy with my results.I will send you updated pictures soon.

Testimonial: My experience with Dr. Pousti?s office was and is phenomenal. The staff is very friendly and professional. Dr. Pousti is very passionate and by far the best surgeon I have ever been to. I will definitely be back for any cosmetic procedure in the future. My breasts are exactly what I wanted. Thanks to all of you! N. M. Indiana UPDATE from patient 1 1/2 years later.... Hi, This is Nila Miller from Ft. Wayne, Indiana. First of all sorry it has taken me so long to get back with you after the message you left me to see how I am doing. Still love my results. Like I mentioned wish I would of came to doctor Pousti in the very beginning for my first surgery. Can’t change hind sight though, but am just glad I did alot of research and found doctor Pousti to give me the results I was looking for and needed. I will still try to send you some pictures of me since it has been a 1 1/2 years now. Your the BEST!!!!!! and again Thank-you all so much,

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