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Louisiana Testimonial: Dr. Pousti & Staff Thanks so much for all of the support and dedication you provided before, during and after my surgery! It has now been almost 5 months and I am thrilled about my breast augmentation!!!! I still wake up every day and I’m like”Yes I have perfect boobs!” it’s really a great way to start the day haha! Dr. Pousti you picked the perfect size for my frame- I am so glad I trusted your opinion and went with a size a little bigger than originally planned! Everyone always says, “Don’t go bigger doctors always say that”, but in this case it really was the best choice for my body frame. I can now wear cuter clothes; I can buy clothes online that have the same size top and bottom (no more buying large bottoms and small tops which was almost impossible online). I even look in the mirror and think man I could have still gone a tiny bit bigger and it would still look good on me-, which just goes to show how glad I am that I got the size Dr. Pousti recommended for my shape! My friends, family, and coworkers are amazed at the awesome job you did. I am quick to tell them the flight and travel time out to SD was well worth it and I encourage them to research you and your staff – besides why would you get them done in any other place besides California???!!! I have a few people ask me if they are real or not because some girls truly can’t tell- and I am actually proud to say nope they are fake I had an awesome doctor and they were well worth every single penny! My confidence has boosted and I have a much better self-esteem! It has just made me confident overall in all aspects of my everyday life! I hope you are still doing work 10 years from now if I end up needing a lift by then (haha). Thanks to your staff for making me feel welcome and comfortable- I have never met a prettier, nicer group of girls that were so willing to help and be so patient during the process of flipping through hundreds of pictures to pick the right shape and size! And thanks so much for my pretty birthday card I just received in the mail! I will definitely stop by to say “hi” next time I am in Southern California (hopefully next summer)! A.S.

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