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Montana Testimonial: Dear Dr. Pousti and Staff, I want to first off say Thank You for all of the excellent care you provided me. I have been thoroughly impressed with everyone in your office from the first time I contacted you. My testimonial of experience with Dr. Pousti and Staff: I am an athletic person who WAS comfortable with my body even on the beach. I had always been pleased with my body until having 4 children. Pre-motherhood I had quite large breasts for my body. I often hoped for smaller breasts since they made my sporty life a little difficult. Enter motherhood and 2 years of breast feeding times 4 children. Yes, 8+ years of nursing. Don’t get me wrong, I am very glad that I breastfed. The benefits for my children and myself are undeniable. The only negative was that I was left with a lot of empty skin. I became so self conscious about my chest. My breasts now left me feeling incomplete and uncomfortable with my body. After my 3rd child I began researching breast augmentation. My friends that had breast augmentation did it locally. I met with one local plastic surgeon and thought I would keep looking. I have darker skin and a tendency to scar easily so I wanted a surgeon who had a lot of experience with different skin tones. This was not easy to find in the northwest. I was also concerned about how much skin I had. I did not want to have a lift, but I wanted to have manageable sized breasts. After I stopped nursing my 4th child I began to contemplate surgery again. I began researching breast augmentation via the internet. After months of research Dr. Pousti and a couple of surgeons in the NW caught my eye. The number of patient reviews and before/after pics. Dr. Pousti listed were impressive. His patients looked to have great results, with excellent symmetry. This type of surgery is an art and his patients’ results showed artistry. There wasn’t another surgeon who offered even close to the same. I decided to contact the office to ask some ?’s. Margie quickly responded to my email and I was called to set up a time to talk with a nurse. I did so and asked for some patients’ #s. They were professional about protecting clients’ personal information and willing to share other clients’ stories and experiences so that I could get their thoughts on Dr. Pousti and the procedure 1st hand. I talked with Dr. Pousti and immediately felt at ease. His demeanor and patience (even over the phone) impressed me. I was going to be in San Diego in a few weeks. I asked if I could see the Dr. and get a consult. My husband nudged me to ask if they could possibly fit my surgery in at that time too. From that moment on, I cannot begin to tell you how unbelievably accomodating Dr. Pousti’s staff has been. They rearranged other patients and surgeries so I was not only able to meet with the Dr. and see actual patients in office, but I was able to HAVE my surgery on that same trip. I was blown away. It couldn’t have been any easier. Dr. Pousti and his staff are amazing. They care about their patients and are willing to bend over backwards to answer ?’s and work around your schedule. Talk about being catered to! At my consult Dr. Pousti was competent, calm, and caring. Daisy and Shoshan were wonderfully patient with all of my ?’s. I met patients who were weeks to years post surgery. I was so happy with what I saw, with Dr. Pousti, and his staff. They really make you feel at home from the get go. After surgery, they checked on me often to make sure things were okay. I felt comfortable calling about any concerns. I was especially nervous about returning home days after surgery, but after my follow-up and a couple days of rest I was at ease. Recovery time was shorter than I expected. I was back in the gym in a couple of weeks. Not long after, I began running and swimming again. I am so very HAPPY with my results. The biggest complement I have for Dr. Pousti is that no one can tell I had breast augmentation. Unless I have told them, no one has noticed. Keep in mind that I am now a DD. For me that is the sign of a great surgeon! I am glad I chose to have my surgery with Dr. Pousti. He and his staff are wonderful. They will exceed your expectations. With sincere gratitude, K

Testimonial: Please let everyone know that I am VERY HAPPY with my results thus far. Of course, the swelling could go down, but I have to take that up with my own body. I am astonished at how well my breasts look. The incision that Dr. Pousti made is healing up very nicely – hardly noticeable. And the sizing is PERFECT. Not too big, not too small – just right for my body frame. How does he do it? My tummy is healing very nicely as well, and is 1000 times better then where I started from. In all honesty, I am amazed at what I see. I could almost get away with a bikini. I could never say that before. Thanks so much to all of you, especially you, Anna, Daisy, (I think it was Kelso at the recovery center – she is totally awesome) and of course, Dr. Pousti. A big hug from Montana. D.P

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