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Breast asymmetry occurs when one breast has a different size, volume, or position from the other. Patients may start with different sized breasts before surgery (most patients are not perfectly symmetrical). Some cases of breast asymmetry are more severe than others, but there are several surgical options to promote better symmetry. Different types of implants may be used, different volumes may be used to fill up the breast implants, or changes in the pocket dissection may be used to help achieve as much symmetry as possible. Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Pousti takes his time in the operating room to make sure he achieves the patient’s goals. Dr. Pousti will determine which procedure will benefit each individual patient based on her concerns.

Breast asymmetry is very common and affects more than half of all women. There are many reasons why a woman’s breasts can change in size or volume, including puberty, and hormonal changes.

It’s common for two breasts to be different sizes, but they’re usually similar in density and structure. If changes between the breasts occur, best to be examined by your doctor and undergo mammogram testing.

Breast asymmetry can be addressed with breast surgery sometimes involving breast lifting of one or both breasts and the use of breasts implants (sometimes different sizes and/ or profiles). No surgeon can guarantee perfect symmetry but can improve symmetry with these methods.

Before & After: Breast Correction Surgery – Breast Asymmetry



This 44 year old patient from Chico California flew into San Diego California to have Dr. Tom Pousti perform her revisionary breast surgery. She had done a lot of research on who was the best plastic surgeon for revisionary breast surgery and found Dr. Pousti. She had capsular contracture of the left breast. When breast implants (or any foreign object) are placed into the body, the body forms a lining around it. This lining, or capsule, is formed by your own living tissue. Many people refer to this lining as the “capsule”, “tissue capsule”, or “scar capsule”, although it is not exactly the same as scar tissue. This is the body’s natural response. It is normal, and to be expected.

Capsule contracture, the most common complication of breast augmentation surgery, can happen at any time, but seems to be more common in the first several months after surgery. At the time of the initial surgery, a pocket is made for the implant. During the healing process, a capsule forms, which is comprised of fibrous tissue. The body is genetically programmed to shrink scar tissue somewhat. Under normal conditions, the pocket remains open, thus allowing the implant to look and feel natural. However, in some people, the capsule will tighten, and squeeze the implant. This makes the breast implant feel hard, and distorts the appearance of the breast.

This patient experienced breast asymmetry and was addressed with breast implants (different sized), and in the patient’s case, also had a Benelli lift on the right side as well.

The Surgical Procedure
For correction of asymmetry, the procedure can take up to 1-2 hours depending on the amount of work involved to make the breasts as symmetrical as possible. Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Pousti takes his time in the operating room to make sure he achieves the patient’s goals. If the patient doesn’t currently have breast implants and has asymmetric breasts, Dr. Pousti will use temporary sizers in the operating room and possibly use different size implants to achieve symmetry. If the patient currently has breast implant, usually an internal suturing technique is used to correct the pocket and therefore the implant placement on the chest. A breast lift or breast reduction can also be performed to achieve better symmetry.

Before Breast Augmentation/ Right Side Benelli Breast Lift

Markings are performed prior to surgery and the surgical plan is mapped out in detail.

Sizer implants are used to determine the appropriate implant size needed to correct the breast asymmetry.

Immediately After Breast Augmentation/ Right Side Benelli Breast Lift

A benelli lift was performed on the left breast and a slightly larger implant was used on the right breast to achieve better symmetry.

What To Expect After Surgery
For patients getting breast implants for the first time (as well as correcting the asymmetry) they will be in bed for 5-7 days with no driving or heavy lifting for 1-2 weeks. For patients who are removing breast implants and replacing them with new implants, since the pectoral muscles have already been stretched and there is an existing pocket, there is very little pain or discomfort. Patients experience very minimal pain and there is less recovery time.

Patient Testimonial: (From Before & After Photo)

Dr. Pousti and Staff,
Thank you, thank you, thank you! My entire experience with you and your staff was amazing from start to finish. For 25 years I lived with what would be best described as a car accident on my chest. When I was 19 yrs old, I had breast augmentation surgery and the surgeon was local. Needless to say, he was not very skilled and placed implants in my chest that were later recalled. At the time of the recall, I couldn’t afford to have the implants replaced, so I did nothing. Breast reconstructive surgery is not cheap. If you go to someone who is skilled, it costs around $10,000. For years I lived with being self-conscious in a bathing suit, knowing that if anyone looked closely, they would realize that one breast was much higher than the other and that they were very lop-sided. I kept saying, “Someday I will be able to afford ‘new ones’”
Then, after researching and looking at site after site on the web, I found Dr. Pousti. He has thousands of before and after pictures of every imaginable procedure. He is a Harvard grad with a double certification in both Plastic Surgery and General Surgery. I definitely knew I had found the surgeon for me.
I do not live locally, so I had to fly in for about a week for the surgery and fly back for my post-op appts. Dr. Pousti’s staff helped me coordinate everything. They definitely have the system down. They called several times to confirm every appt., they called twice a day for the first week following my surgery, and have called intermittently called in-between appts. to check on me. They even billed my insurance, so that I could be reimbursed for the removal of my ruptured implants.
I have already recommended Dr. Pousti to acquaintances and friends and will continue doing so for many years to come. I am very happy with my results and can now wear an exercise bra to work out in, instead of a padded bra. And, I can wear a bathing suit with confidence for the first time in 25 years!!
Thanks again for everything and God Bless!

Patient Testimonial: (From Benelli Lift Procedure)

“I have just recently had my breast augmentation with Dr. Pousti and his wonderful staff and it has by far exceeded my every expectation and more. My whole life, I had dealt with asymmetric breasts and it was incredibly hard for me. I couldn’t wear a lot of shirts, bathing suits were a joke and I couldn’t go to the gym without wearing 3 shirts comfortably. I had been battling this since childhood and learned to hide it pretty well, but it was so frustrating being so young, in my early 20’s, and being so active. I didn’t ever feel comfortable in my own skin… until I made the decision to go ahead with my surgery.

I had one consultation with another doctor who seemed nice, but I wasn’t confident he could perform the exact surgery that I needed because of the complications in the lift and correcting the size factor. After I had done all of my research, I met with Dr. Pousti and his staff. After my first visit, I was completely confident in him. He was so kind hearted and easy to talk to; plus it was so easy to see how incredibly experienced he was in this type of surgery. The staff was so knowledgeable in answering all of my questions and I always felt and knew I was in good hands. It was from that point on that changed my whole outlook of myself. From A to Z, Dr. Pousti and his staff made this surgery for me absolutely remarkable.

The surgery day was a breeze and the recovery was so much easier than I imagined. I was up and back to my normal self in no time. The most amazing and unforgettable day was when I had my bandages removed on my first post-op appointment. I hadn’t been able to really see the results yet when Kara removed everything and I got to see everything, I just broke down. Not only was my asymmetry corrected, but also they were absolutely amazing looking! I finally felt like a young woman and I was so happy. Dr. Pousti is truly an artist and is such an amazing surgeon; I wouldn’t recommend any other physician after my experience there. I owe all the gratitude in the world to Dr. Pousti for his amazing work and literally could not be happier; he did exactly what I asked for and more.


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