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Wisconsin: Testimonial: First of all I was really nervous at first about having to fly all the way from Wisconsin to San Diego for my surgery. I was concerned about not being close to my surgion with out any knowledge other then what I had researched on poustiplasticsurgery.com and from the testimony of other patients. I first started out with some emails. My husband had also spoke with the staff to gather information and to get an idea on what we were to expect. I had complete confidence that my outcome was going to be a postive outcome. One thing that impressed me the most was the schedue and how flexible it was. I could only be away for one week we had to do this the right way the first time. Dr. Pousti’s staff made it very clear that they would work around our schedule because we were flying in from out of state. The compassion and care that was portrayed was unbelievable. We flew in monday morning and had the pre-op appointment that afternoon. Don’t worry if your flight is late, the appointment can be changed. Its that flexible. The greatest thing that put my mind at ease was at the pre-op I was given the opportunity to spend some time with a patient that was in for her 1 year post op appointment. I felt very comfortable from that point on. I was able to ask my questions to someone who had just experienced it. What better deal can you get? lol The day of my surgery went very well and actually didn’t take as long as I expected. Dr. Pousti knows what he’s doing and he does it well. He knew the best route for incision, placement, and size. He is full of knowledge and can make great decisions but also listens to his patients wishes. He’s all ears and his personality makes you feel at ease and very relaxed. Thats what I needed and thats what I got. My recover was so mush better then previous surgeries that I had from a different doctor. The day after my surgery my husband took me out to dinner and I felt fine. I had a post op appointment on Friday and we flew out on saturday. Since I have been back in Wisconsin I have continued to email pictures to Dr. Pousti and his staff and have kept in regular contact with them. They call to check up on me as well. I loved his staff. The staff at the office are more then just staff. They are all friends that happen to work together. Thats the atmosphere. I feel great now. I have 800cc silicone mod+ under the muscle. I have the greatest look I could ever imagine. I’m now a 32F and I love it. If you want a great outcome, a great experience, loving and caring staff and surgion, then you definately need the Pousti Experience! Thank you so very much Dr. Pousti and all your staff for such a great job!

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