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Dr. Tom Pousti always appreciates feedback from his valued patients. To date, we’re thrilled to have collected 34 reviews with an average rating of 5 out of 5 stars. Please read what others are saying about Dr. Tom Pousti below, and as always, we would love to collect your feedback.

Cara Y.
Submitted 06/10/19
I went in for a consultation with my sister and the staff was great! So knowledgeable, extremely friendly, just a joy to be around! Dr.Pousti and his staff makes you feel comfortable and is completely honest with you. My surgery is coming up and I can’t wait! Also shoutout to Vanessa, for walking us through the process and answering a 1,000 questions, thanks again Pousti team!
Carrie H.
Submitted 06/06/19
Starting with the scheduling gal, everyone in Dr. Pousti’s office was attentive, warm, sincere, and professional. Under stressful and emotional circumstances for me, Dr. Pousti and his team were perfect. Dr. Pousti gave me all the time I needed to ask questions, he even came back to explain again. The most extraordinary part of my experience was to meet a surgeon that believes in Breast Implant Illness! And very obviously cares about helping women navigate through the “explant” process.
Brittany T.
Submitted 06/06/19
I had such an amazing consult. Vanessa my MA was know kind and knowledge. I enjoyed seeing Maggie’s tummy tuck. I felt so comfortable with Dr. Pousti.. This was my first consult and will be my last.
Amanda W.
Submitted 05/25/19
I have always been very self-conscious about my boobs because they were very asymmetrical and constricted. I was so ashamed of my body that I had only let my boyfriend(of 2 years) see them maybe a handful of times, which was definitely a big problem. I found out about Dr. Pousti from an adult entertainer/friend (Reya Sunshine) from Florida. She had told me to check him out because he is the best in the boob biz. I looked into his work and was very pleased with what I had found. I sent in an inquiry about scheduling a consultation and he replied to me personally and I thought that was awesome. I made an appointment for a consultation and Dr. Pousti and his entire staff were extremely sweet and made me feel right at home. This was my first breast augmentation consultation so I also wanted to check out at least one more surgeon. I went for a consultation for another surgeon and did not feel very comfortable and I knew from the moment I met that other doctor, that I was DEFINITELY sticking with Dr. Pousti. When scheduling my surgery day, it had to be a very small window because I wanted to do it the day after my school semester ended so I would have enough time to heal for when summer school starts about 2 weeks later. They worked with me to figure out the soonest available appointment and they actually scheduled me on a day that Dr. Pousti is usually not doing surgeries, but they made this accommodation for me and I was sooo thankful. During my post-op appointment, I was given thorough instructions and guidelines to follow before my surgery. I was assured that I would be in good hands and I believed that completely. The day of my surgery, I was taken care of very well by the nurses at the surgery center and they helped calm my nerves. When it was finally time for me to go to the operating room, I started getting a little nervous again. When I was placed on the table/bed thing, the anesthesiologist was getting me ready and Dr. Pousti was on one side of me holding/rubbing my hand while a nurse was doing the same thing on my other side until I fell asleep. This made me so relaxed and cared for. When I woke up, I did not feel any pain at all, but of course everybody is different. They watched very closely after me and gave me snacks and lots of water/juice. When I was feeling good enough to leave, the nurse wheeled me to the car and made sure that I was good to go. I can honestly say that the worst part of the surgery day was the morning before because I couldn’t drink water and I was sooooo thirsty. Everything went so perfect, I wanted to cry because I was so happy/surprised about how amazing everybody was with me. Today, I went for my 1-week post op appointment and was able to see my new boobs completely and I am SO pleased. I was at a loss for words because I have never felt comfortable before and now I feel so confident and sexy. They're PERFECT! I could not be happier with the decision that I made with Dr. Pousti. I've been telling all of my friends about him and they were telling me that they want to go to him next..even my mom and sister who had gotten their breasts done by a different doctor. I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend Dr. Pousti to anybody! I'm definitely his #1 fan lol Pros: amazing surgeon, amazing staff, beautiful boobs Cons: can't drink water before the procedure (obviously) Implant type and size: Mentor Smooth High-Profile Silicon 325 (left breast) and 375 (right breast)
Danielle K.
Submitted 05/16/19
Tom J Pousti is incredible! I went to him to implant AND explant. Here is a little bit about my journey from getting my implants to my recent explant procedure 2.5 weeks ago. I had silicone implants for 11 years. I got them when I was 18 years old. I thought that getting boobs was going to dramatically change my life, give me confidence, and make me “love myself.” Immaturity at its finest. The Danielle 11 years ago was a completely different person than the Danielle I am today. Over the past decade, I have done A LOT of deep work on confidence building and loving myself. I chose to explant because having implants did not feel authentic to who I am today. By nourishing myself with quality foods, working on my mental health with mantras, and setting daily intentions, I’ve embraced my natural beauty. Having toxin-filled bags in my body no longer felt right to me. That is not who I am or what I’m about NOW. I’m not here to point fingers or make anyone feel bad for having implants at all. I believe it is a personal decision. YOU DO YOU. I know a lot of incredible women who have implants and love them, but, for me, it is no longer in alignment with my truth. 3 months prior to my actual explant surgery, I started feeling “off.” I didn’t know quite what it was, but my left implant didn’t feel right anymore. I booked a check-up with Dr. Pousti regarding my concerns about my left implant giving me discomfort and he agreed it had definitely shifted out of place; a lateral displacement. I also had a gut feeling that it ruptured, but from the outside we could not tell. So, he wrote me a note to go get an MRI to see if it had ruptured. I did not go get the MRI because I had already made my mind up about having the explant surgery. I booked the surgery that day and decided to get the full Capsulectomy removal as well. I don’t believe I had breast implant illness, but I decided I wanted everything out! Dr. Pousti has always been professional. He made me feel important and confident in my decision. I completely trust him and have recommended him to many women who want to have the explant surgery. I felt completely taken care for; he called me the day before surgery, the day after surgery, and his AMAZING staff also checked in with many almost every day after my procedure. I am so happy with my experience to explant!! I wish I decided to do it earlier. Especially since, on surgery day, I found out my left implant was ruptured. If you’re thinking about explanting, I would definitely make an appointment with Dr. Pousti. You’ll feel amazing after they’re out!
Toni J.
Submitted 05/03/19
I had very large breast implants. I had been diagnosed with several autoimmune disorders. I began reading that implants could be the cause. To be on the safe side, I contacted Dr Pousti’s office. I went in and we talked about my needs. He respected my thoughts and my needs and we proceeded on the journey to explant. My procedure was March 19,2019. I have been seeing Dr Pousti for my implant maintenance for 9 years. He is caring and is really concerned with my overall health and my safety first before any procedure. The explant surgery was successful. I have nice breasts. The incisions are thin and are healing beautifully. Dr. Pousti and the staff are amazing at follow up. I have been called by the team and Dr. as well to assure I was well and healing. I have had several appointments all scheduled at my convenience and they are quick to serve.you just don’t sit forever waiting to be seen. I have always had an amazing experience dealing with Dr. Pousti and his team. I wouldn’t have gone anywhere else for my explant surgery. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for any type of cosmetic updates. And, it’s not as though they are down the street from me, I drive 60 miles to get there. It’s worth it to me. It’s always a positive experience. Thank you Dr. Pousti and Team! You ROCK!!
Moriah B.
Submitted 04/18/19
Dr. Pousti was incredible. Made me feel so comfortable and addressed any concerns I had. The staff was amazing!! They let me talk with other patients who were there for post-op check ups and it really made me feel at ease about the whole process. I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about Dr. Pousti and I can understand why. He’s the best of the best. I’ve only had a consult so far but I will be booking my surgery with him in a few days.
Summer L.
Submitted 04/10/19
Absolutely Amazing!!! The staff is friendly & sweet Dr. Pousti is phenomenal, I couldn’t be happier with my breast augmentation. I will definitely recommend to ALL my friends. Thank you for giving me exactly what I wanted. ❤️
Lizeeth B.
Submitted 03/27/19
Very professional and helpful in answering all of my concerns.
Kathleen P.
Submitted 03/25/19
Susan V.
Submitted 03/21/19
Very nice warm doctor and staff
Stacy W.
Submitted 03/07/19
Awesome experience:-)
Lisa H.
Submitted 03/05/19
Phenomenal. Not only is he brilliant, he is kind and patient. I made the appointment for my husband after much research to remove a sizable growth that needed to be expertly managed and cosmetically sound. Dr. Pousti was very patient with all of my questions and very reassuring. He even personally called me after the procedure to let me know my husband was recovering and doing well. Not only is he an incredible doctor, he is a father of 5 so he understood my concerns as a wife and mother, guiding us through a seamless and successful recovery. Thank you so much Dr. Pousti!
Carmelina G.
Submitted 02/20/19
The people in the office were very nice and kind and they helped me a lot
Renata Z.
Submitted 02/12/19
An amazingly compassionate and skilled surgeon! Hi Everyone! If someone ever needs breast revision surgery, Dr. Pousti is the one who can fix it perfectly! After my two botched surgeries in Miami, the implant had fallen and cause great pain for over three years. After contacting ten PS, no one was able to help me, until I met this fantastic surgeon, Dr. Pousti! From the first moment, I knew he was the one I could put my trust into his hands. Dr. Pousti is extremely professional and trustworthy with a comforting manner and a great sense of humor. He is the best skilled surgeon and truly an artist! Now, after three months following my OP, my breast and nipples are even and I achieved the look I was longing for. I like fullness on the top accented with a great cleavage. My implants will need a bit more time to settle but it is just fine because it is well worth the wait. Dr. Pousti is passionately dedicated to his job! He is the best of the best!! Thank you Dr. Pousti!! His staff is very supportive and lovely. Thanks to all the sweet girls in the office.
Amy A.
Submitted 02/08/19
I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Tom Pousti and his office staff. I have had 2 surgeries with Dr. Pousti, and his skill cannot be matched. From the office to the operating room, Dr. Pousti has a very calm, comforting presence while simultaneously exuding the confidence needed to make the patient comfortable. Never have I seen a doctor and his staff with such impeccable bedside manners. They certainly know how to make their clients feel at ease during a time which can feel awkward and uncertain otherwise. No question is treated as silly, and the care and attention at follow-up appointments could not be better. I would recommend no other surgeon than Dr. Tom Pousti.
Nicole C.
Submitted 01/30/19
I, seriously, could go on and on about my experience. But to make it sweet and short, having the explantation or breast implant removal was one of the best decision I've ever made. I had personal reasons why I wanted my 10 year old implants removed. Among the reasons, I wanted to be smaller again. I personally felt that plunging necklines and small chests were so attractive and I wanted that back. Tired of wearing two shirts to cover my chest, feeling like a larger girl (even though I'm petite), and adjusting my workouts at the gym to suit my chest. The procedure was so quick. My husband saw me to the operating room, left for breakfast at a place nearby and received a call that I was out of surgery before he had finished eating. I felt good immediately after waking, demanded we go out for food (again). And went home to rest. I preferred not to take my pain meds as I didn't really need them. I wore drains for a few days. I actually walked around Hollywood the very next day with drains under my flannel. Fast forward to nearly 2 years ago and I'm loving my smaller chest. I feel really good. I feel petite. I got back all the things that implants had taken from me. My husband approves 150%. I had amazing results. I'm not sure if they are typical for someone who has no children, had implants for 10 years, and went up an entire cup size.... but I went back to exactly like what I looked like before and needed no lift. However you feel, however you decide, trust that Dr. Pousti's office will take really good care of you. Guaranteed. Good luck to you.
Deanna L.
Submitted 01/28/19
I had a previous breast augmentation surgery that I was happy with, but it had been several years since that one, and it was time to get them redone. I also was unhappy with the flabby extra skin on my upper arms after a good amount of weight loss. I interviewed or consulted with several surgeons, wanting to have both surgeries done at the same time if possible. While the surgeons I met with were all highly qualified, Dr. Pousti was the surgeon that I chose. Why? He was the only surgeon who took the time to talk with my husband and me about what I wanted. He was frank and honest about what the results would be, and honest about the possibility of not being able to do everything at once. He didn't seem to be rushed, or wanting to get the consultation over with quickly. We told him about a complication I had with my last surgery, which changed the way he would approach this surgery. I woke up after the surgery with both my arms and breasts completed. At my after visit, Dr. Pousti stated that my surgery couldn't have gone any better, in fact it was a text book surgery, that he could use as a teaching case. I couldn't be happier with my results. My arms fit in the size clothes I now wear, the sleeves are no longer too tight! My breasts are natural looking, soft, and big, which is what I wanted. His staff is excellent at follow up with the after care. I was an out of town patient, and they never left me feeling like I was out of town. They called daily, answered my questions quickly, and were so patient and kind. I would never go to another surgeon for plastic surgery. I highly recommend Dr. Pousti for his caring bedside manner, attentive staff, and amazing results.
Alisa M.
Submitted 01/25/19
I am absolutely thrilled with my results. Dr. Pousti actually wanted to do my surgery in a two stage process because I was removing old implants and needing a lift. Once my incisions were healed I was going to go back in for new implants. However, the lift he gave me was absolutely perfect for my lifestyle. I am into fitness and prefer my athletic physique, which includes perfectly proportionate breasts that are lifted and perky. I decided not to go in and have the implants put back in. I'm so happy I made this decision. Most plastic surgeons would have encouraged me to get the implants. Dr. Pousti listened and encouraged me to make the best decision that was right for me. He is so kind and polite, and so are his entire staff. They truly make you feel like family. I would highly recommend using them for your plastic surgery needs. Thank you again for everything!
Jordyn C.
Submitted 01/24/19
If there's one thing I wish I could go back and change, it would be going to Dr. Pousti sooner! I spent my entire life being self conscious of how small my breasts were. I always felt uncomfortable in a bathing suit, and many other articles of clothing. I thought long and hard about this procedure, as I was financing it myself and I knew it would be life changing. I let myself consider it daily for a year and after 12 full months of wanting to finally have some confidence and self-esteem, I finally made the call. My first visit into the Pousti office cemented my feelings. Every single person that spoke to me, or even looked at me, was so kind and helpful. Many of the girls themselves have had breast augmentations and could easily and quickly answer silly questions that I had been storing in my brain. When I met the Dr. he genuinely spoke to me. I never felt that he was rushed or had other patients to get to (even though he surely did because that office is always busy!). He listened to my desires, he asked me questions that helped steer my thoughts in the direction about specifics in cup size and which type of implant. After my first visit I was sold. I had been speaking to other offices about possible consultations, but I didn't see any need. Dr. Pousti was the one for me. Fast forward through the process where we tried on the bra with different cup sizes, to where I came in and brought my "dream boobs board", and finally to my surgery day. They had brought my board with them from the office and into the surgery room so Dr. Pousti could truly put my dream images directly into my chest. He made me feel so at ease and comfortable - I really never felt nervous at all! I am now a year and a half post op and my boobs are PERFECT. I have had my shirt off in front of plenty of people (hey, I haven't had boobs my whole life - let me live a little!) and not a single person can ever guess or believe me that they are fake. They are TRULY PERFECT. I let people touch them and they are astounded that they are fake. They fit my body and make me finally look like the woman I feel that I was meant to be. I can never thank Dr. Pousti and his amazing staff enough. All I can do is RECOMMEND RECOMMEND RECOMMEND. The pricing was amazing, the service was amazing, and the outcome was nothing short of spectacular. If you've been on the fence, you really just need to ask yourself if this is something you've been wanting for a long time. And if it has, I suggest you don't wait a second longer. I wish I had done this years ago!