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Dr. Tom Pousti always appreciates feedback from his valued patients. To date, we’re thrilled to have collected 39 reviews with an average rating of 4.97 out of 5 stars. Please read what others are saying about Dr. Tom Pousti below, and as always, we would love to collect your feedback.

Amy A.
Submitted 02/08/19
I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Tom Pousti and his office staff. I have had 2 surgeries with Dr. Pousti, and his skill cannot be matched. From the office to the operating room, Dr. Pousti has a very calm, comforting presence while simultaneously exuding the confidence needed to make the patient comfortable. Never have I seen a doctor and his staff with such impeccable bedside manners. They certainly know how to make their clients feel at ease during a time which can feel awkward and uncertain otherwise. No question is treated as silly, and the care and attention at follow-up appointments could not be better. I would recommend no other surgeon than Dr. Tom Pousti.
Nicole C.
Submitted 01/30/19
I, seriously, could go on and on about my experience. But to make it sweet and short, having the explantation or breast implant removal was one of the best decision I've ever made. I had personal reasons why I wanted my 10 year old implants removed. Among the reasons, I wanted to be smaller again. I personally felt that plunging necklines and small chests were so attractive and I wanted that back. Tired of wearing two shirts to cover my chest, feeling like a larger girl (even though I'm petite), and adjusting my workouts at the gym to suit my chest. The procedure was so quick. My husband saw me to the operating room, left for breakfast at a place nearby and received a call that I was out of surgery before he had finished eating. I felt good immediately after waking, demanded we go out for food (again). And went home to rest. I preferred not to take my pain meds as I didn't really need them. I wore drains for a few days. I actually walked around Hollywood the very next day with drains under my flannel. Fast forward to nearly 2 years ago and I'm loving my smaller chest. I feel really good. I feel petite. I got back all the things that implants had taken from me. My husband approves 150%. I had amazing results. I'm not sure if they are typical for someone who has no children, had implants for 10 years, and went up an entire cup size.... but I went back to exactly like what I looked like before and needed no lift. However you feel, however you decide, trust that Dr. Pousti's office will take really good care of you. Guaranteed. Good luck to you.
Deanna L.
Submitted 01/28/19
I had a previous breast augmentation surgery that I was happy with, but it had been several years since that one, and it was time to get them redone. I also was unhappy with the flabby extra skin on my upper arms after a good amount of weight loss. I interviewed or consulted with several surgeons, wanting to have both surgeries done at the same time if possible. While the surgeons I met with were all highly qualified, Dr. Pousti was the surgeon that I chose. Why? He was the only surgeon who took the time to talk with my husband and me about what I wanted. He was frank and honest about what the results would be, and honest about the possibility of not being able to do everything at once. He didn't seem to be rushed, or wanting to get the consultation over with quickly. We told him about a complication I had with my last surgery, which changed the way he would approach this surgery. I woke up after the surgery with both my arms and breasts completed. At my after visit, Dr. Pousti stated that my surgery couldn't have gone any better, in fact it was a text book surgery, that he could use as a teaching case. I couldn't be happier with my results. My arms fit in the size clothes I now wear, the sleeves are no longer too tight! My breasts are natural looking, soft, and big, which is what I wanted. His staff is excellent at follow up with the after care. I was an out of town patient, and they never left me feeling like I was out of town. They called daily, answered my questions quickly, and were so patient and kind. I would never go to another surgeon for plastic surgery. I highly recommend Dr. Pousti for his caring bedside manner, attentive staff, and amazing results.
Alisa M.
Submitted 01/25/19
I am absolutely thrilled with my results. Dr. Pousti actually wanted to do my surgery in a two stage process because I was removing old implants and needing a lift. Once my incisions were healed I was going to go back in for new implants. However, the lift he gave me was absolutely perfect for my lifestyle. I am into fitness and prefer my athletic physique, which includes perfectly proportionate breasts that are lifted and perky. I decided not to go in and have the implants put back in. I'm so happy I made this decision. Most plastic surgeons would have encouraged me to get the implants. Dr. Pousti listened and encouraged me to make the best decision that was right for me. He is so kind and polite, and so are his entire staff. They truly make you feel like family. I would highly recommend using them for your plastic surgery needs. Thank you again for everything!
Jordyn C.
Submitted 01/24/19
If there's one thing I wish I could go back and change, it would be going to Dr. Pousti sooner! I spent my entire life being self conscious of how small my breasts were. I always felt uncomfortable in a bathing suit, and many other articles of clothing. I thought long and hard about this procedure, as I was financing it myself and I knew it would be life changing. I let myself consider it daily for a year and after 12 full months of wanting to finally have some confidence and self-esteem, I finally made the call. My first visit into the Pousti office cemented my feelings. Every single person that spoke to me, or even looked at me, was so kind and helpful. Many of the girls themselves have had breast augmentations and could easily and quickly answer silly questions that I had been storing in my brain. When I met the Dr. he genuinely spoke to me. I never felt that he was rushed or had other patients to get to (even though he surely did because that office is always busy!). He listened to my desires, he asked me questions that helped steer my thoughts in the direction about specifics in cup size and which type of implant. After my first visit I was sold. I had been speaking to other offices about possible consultations, but I didn't see any need. Dr. Pousti was the one for me. Fast forward through the process where we tried on the bra with different cup sizes, to where I came in and brought my "dream boobs board", and finally to my surgery day. They had brought my board with them from the office and into the surgery room so Dr. Pousti could truly put my dream images directly into my chest. He made me feel so at ease and comfortable - I really never felt nervous at all! I am now a year and a half post op and my boobs are PERFECT. I have had my shirt off in front of plenty of people (hey, I haven't had boobs my whole life - let me live a little!) and not a single person can ever guess or believe me that they are fake. They are TRULY PERFECT. I let people touch them and they are astounded that they are fake. They fit my body and make me finally look like the woman I feel that I was meant to be. I can never thank Dr. Pousti and his amazing staff enough. All I can do is RECOMMEND RECOMMEND RECOMMEND. The pricing was amazing, the service was amazing, and the outcome was nothing short of spectacular. If you've been on the fence, you really just need to ask yourself if this is something you've been wanting for a long time. And if it has, I suggest you don't wait a second longer. I wish I had done this years ago!
Linae E.
Submitted 01/24/19
I searched for 10years to find the right surgeon for my augmentation and Dr.Pousti and his staff won me over immediately! He has THE BEST bedside manner and is so determine and capable of giving you exactly what you are hoping for with your body corrections. Definitely top notch and I'd say best in the country as I have lived from coast to coast and never met a surgeon as great as Pousti! His staff is so well trained and so caring, they follow up on you like a friend would and they can help you with just about any pre and post op care and advice! Love them all! Dr. Pousti and his team have changed my life and it's only gotten better every day. LOVE YOU GUYS! keep up the great work and keep bettering lives<3
Catherine M.
Submitted 01/23/19
Dr. Pousti examined me and introduced me to his assistants, who measured me and showed me what results are possible. It inspired great confidence and eagerness for the actual surgery date. My thanks to all who made me feel so at home there.
Daren A.
Submitted 01/23/19
I can never find the right words to describe how extremely happy and privileged i am to have found Dr. Pousti and his wonderful team. Dr. Pousti have helped me the first time in 2013 when i flew from outside the country to his office after my first surgery has terribly failed and caused me so much emotional and phyisphy pain. I have had a second surgery with Dr. Pousti in Nov 2018 to enhance my looks and over the years i have nothing but amazing things to say about this doctor and his unique skills. Excellent professional and experienced MD, artistic Plastic Surgeon and a sweet caring person. His team are the best and they follow up regularly with patients to make sure all goes well with recovery. Very responsive when i called twice about some concerns. Simply the best experience ever!
G R.
Submitted 01/22/19
My augmentation was a revision as my first augmentation wasn’t as big as I wanted . I researched and found doctor pousti . Also has a girlfriends referral and had remembered how great hers were . I went in with doctor pousti on my birthday . I healed so fast and my results are exactly what I wanted ! Dr. Pousti and his staff took great care of me , I requested XXL and I got 32E and the DDD bras fit great. I have full breasts with lower and upper pole fullness. the nipple centered perfectly and lots of cleavage !!! was in minimal pain and felt great even the first week after coming home from surgery. The girls in the office check up regularly and gave specific aftercare instructions and Dr follow up appointments all went according to plan and now one year later everything is wonderful ! I feel comfortable in my skin and look amazing in pics and cute outfits . Thanks doctor pousti for making dreams come true and the exact result I was looking for ! A thousand thank Yous ! Highly recommend this doctor !!!!!
Gabriella T.
Submitted 01/21/19
Dr. Pousti & staff is amazing. I had 6 consultations and Dr. Pousti won me over immediately. He made me feel so comfortable from the first initial visit. He and his staff took such great care of me throughout the entire process. And my results are simply amazing! He will always be my go to Doctor for any future procedures. Thank you all again for being so amazing at what you do!
Shanei C.
Submitted 01/21/19
Dr. Pousti and his staff are top notch. They take great care of you and always make you feel welcome. Excellent service.
Toni B.
Submitted 01/21/19
I found Dr. Pousti via Realself when I was searching to find answers to the issues I was having due to a previous Breast Augmentation and revisions. My previous surgeon danced around my complications at each check up(tenting and uneven breasts) and after I discovered (thanks to Realself) that I had tenting after my second revision I went back and asked the surgeon if this is what I had. He shrugged and replied "Yes but that's what you get when you want big boobs!". When I asked if there was anything that could be done he told me that it was too complicated and that I would just end up with more complications and it's a very difficult surgery that wouldn't be worth it. I felt dismissed and perhaps an annoyance. I spent two years in high necked shirts and turtleneck sweaters trying to hide my uniboob until I got tired of hiding. I decided to do more research to find people who had had their tenting issues dealt with and every positive outcome came from one doctor..... Dr Tom Pousti. I booked my consultation in February 2018 and scheduled my surgery for mid November. Dr Pousti and his staff were very professional and educated me on what a realistic outcome would be. I work freelance so the end of the year was best for my schedule and gave me plenty of time to get my "dream breast board" together for Dr Pousti to have visuals on hand of what my idea of pretty breasts was which included an implant size decrease. Between the date of my pre op and the date of my surgery I received a phone call from Dr Pousti to discuss an underlying health issue. I had received clearance for surgery from my Cardiologist and I understood that my risks for complications while under anesthesia were increased but hadn't given it too much thought. Dr Pousti changed that for me. He was very gentle yet direct in explaining to me that this being my 4th surgery and 3rd revision not only do the risks rise due to my heart condition but putting in another set of implants could bring more complications and leave me needing another surgery/revision that my body may not be able to cope with. He left me informed and asked me to reconsider the surgery all together but that if I chose to go ahead the smartest choice would be to take the implants out, do a lift and to not go ahead with another choice of implants. Dr Pousti suggested I discuss my options with my two daughters and let him know my decision the next day. Today I am free of implants and free of complications. My breasts are small and perky and I consider myself incredibly lucky to have found a doctor with morals who was not just happy to take my money and grant me all of my wishes without educating me fully on the possibility of further complications. I wish I had known Dr Pousti when I initially decided to delve into the world of breast augmentation or any cosmetic surgery for that matter. From the consultation to the surgery day to the weeks following surgery he has been nothing other than polite, respectful, thoughtful and has treated me as his equal. He was always happy to answer my questions and concerns and sat patiently with me during emotional moments. I have two daughters both in their early 20's. After the complications that I have dealt with I would not be so quick to agree to them having an augmentation of their own but if the time were to come that they would want the procedure I would drive them straight to Dr Pousti knowing that they would be in the best hands possible. I would also like to thank each and every employee that works in Dr Poustis' office. The words gentle and kind describe them all accurately not to mention polite, professional and well informed but to me gentle and kind is what I will remember and always be thankful for. Toni
Hieu N.
Submitted 01/21/19
I’m one year and three months having these amazing breast. I can not describe how amazing Dr.Pousti and the staff are. Since the day I decided to get my surgery and now, they been following up and made sure I am well. This has been the best caring Doctor and staff I ever met. My surgery went surprisingly amazing! Also, my recover was quick. They made my whole experience went really well. I can’t thanks Dr. Pousti and his staff enough <3 it changed my life.
Cindi M.
Submitted 01/21/19
As a long time patient of Dr. Pousti’s, I will be the first to say I’m beyond excited with my results. I had breast augmentation surgery back in 2009, after breastfeeding two children. I was left with deflated, sad looking breast. I did my “homework” prior to meeting Dr. Pousti & staff, I was highly impressed & instantly felt comfortable with his bedside manner. Also knowing that Dr. Pousti is double board certified gave me more confidence in making my decision to more forward. Almost, ten years later I am still grateful for a genuine doctor, that truly took the time in hearing my request and overdelivering in my results. Thank YOU Dr. Pousti!
Alex G.
Submitted 01/21/19
I cannot express enough how positive this experience has been for me. Dr Pousti and his entire staff have been nothing short of amazing. Professional, comforting, fantastic bedside manner are just a few of the ways I would describe my experience with this office and Dr. Pousti himself. The staff is so helpful in answering questions to make sure you are comfortable, and they understand this might be your first procedure and treat it as such. Dr Pousti has been so kind and professional and my results are EXACTLY what I wanted. Thank you all for such a fantastic experience and results I really can’t thank you enough. 20/10 recommend Dr Pousti!
Sabrina B.
Submitted 01/21/19
I visited Dr. Pousti in 2015 after losing 100 pounds with RNY Gastric Bypass. Although I was much healthier, I was not happy with all the loose skin on my arms and breasts. My first consult with Dr.Pousti was amazing. His sincerity and true concern for my happiness and well being was evident. His staff is second to none. Every time I visited the office, I was treated like a queen. Never rushed, all my questions answered, and of course a nice visit with Dr. Pousti. I’ve had 3 procedures with Dr. Pousti, arm lift, breast lift, and subsequent breast augmentation a year later. Dr. Pousti and his staff helped me understand expectations & outcomes of my procedures, and I can honestly say, Dr. Pousti’s expericence and talent far exceeded my expectations! It’s been 3 years now (2 for the augmentation), and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I still can’t believe how amazing I look AND feel!
Kirah G.
Submitted 01/21/19
I recently had surgery with dr. Pousti. This was my third BA and I needed some serious help. I am into fitness and competed for sometime. I lost a lot of my breast tissue and had no volume uptop, the pockets were not how they use to be and they had bottomed out. I went to Dr. Pousti because 1. I wanted all that fixed that my last dr. didn't do and 2. I wanted to go bigger(much bigger). I am tiny but also have a wide stance so I needed a large implant, of which my last surgeon would not help me, and did not give me the look I desired. I went from 600 Silicone high profile to 1000CC saline overfilled, with an internal bra and reconstruction of the pockets. The recovery is long, and often I get frustrated because I am ready to get back to normal... however, listening to dr. pousti is the best thing I have done. My breasts look AMAZING, like beyond amazing! I still have another 4-6 months of healing but you know what? it's worth it! long story short, research your dr. DONT RUSH, LISTEN to the instructions, take your TIME... in the end it's so worth it, and you don't want to ruin your investment! Thank you dr. pousti for being here every step of the way and for helping me feel beautiful and feminine again!!
Jolie B.
Submitted 01/21/19
I waited, researched and thought about getting a breast augmentation and lift for over 3 years. As we all know, we are given only one body in this life and of course, we want the best of the best when treating our bodies right. Well, that being true, I was dead set on having Dr. Pousti in La Mesa be my surgeon. I live in Bakersfield, I am one of his many out of town patients. Dr. Pousti and his office staff (Cindi, Vanessa, Daisy, Marge, Helen, etc) are worth all the miles driven and money spent. My review is just one out of a million (read for yourself on Yelp, realself.com). From my first visit meeting him with my mom and immediately finding comfort at his office and in his care, to my surgery day where he not only made my wishes a reality in the operating room and checked up on me at my hotel room with flowers in hand; but from my daily calls to assure I am the happiest patient with zero concerns, to my follow up(s) where he makes sure my needs are always put first and are always his highest priority.... If you are thinking about plastic surgery, overlook anything and everything that may stand in your way and go with the BEST in the field. GO WITH DR. POUSTI!
Submitted 01/16/19
Dr. Pousti and his team are absolutely amazing! My level of care has also been amazing! Not only is he a fantastic doctor and person, but he is a true artist. I couldn't be happier! What a life changing experience it has been for me! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!